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Kyle Spencer

"The dead speak just as loud as words."

0 · 399 views · located in New Orleans

a character in “Welcome to the Academy”, as played by McPainty


Kyle Spencer

[Voice. ] Evan Peters
[Theme Song. ] Forward Motion ~ Relient K

▌▌ █ █ █ THE BASICSImage
"The dead speak just as
loud as words."

Image [Name. ] Kyle Spencer

[Gender. ] Male.

[Nickname. ] Zombie Boy

[Age. ] 21

[Schedule. ]

8:00 AM: Adjustment 101
2:00 PM: History
7:00 PM: House Clean up
9:00 PM: Greenhouse Upkeep

7:00 AM: Kinesis Study
11:00 AM: Botany
7:00 PM: House Clean up
9:00 PM: Greenhouse Upkeep

11:00 AM: House Clean up
1:00 PM: Greenhouse Upkeep
6:00 PM: Ceremony Prep
7:00 PM: Ceremony

7:00 AM: Kinesis Study
1:00 PM: Adjustment 101
7:00 PM: House Clean up
9:00 PM: Greenhouse Upkeep

Friday- Sunday:
7:00 PM: House Clean up
9:00 PM: Greenhouse Upkeep

ImageAPPEARANCE █ █ █ ▌▌
"Through sickness and
in health. And death."


[Face Claim. ] Evan Peters

[Height. ] 5'7

[Weight/Build. ] Kyle appears to be an average guy with an average build and weight, setting aside some of his different pigments and eye colours, but actually, Kyle's weight various much more than a normal persons. Kyle has no pulse, and thus, blood doesn't flow through his body evenly (or at all), and thus, he usually is bottom heavy. Walking, sitting, standing, etc makes what little blood he has pool in his legs and feet. If he hands upside down, or lays down, it pools into his head or his side. His blood runs freely with gravity, and thus, different parts of him may be heavier or lighter than they should. However, Kyle is actually lighter than a normal person in general because of the loss of blood form his accident which was never replaced due to the lack of need.

[Hair. ] Kyle's hair is practically one of the only normal things about him. is dirty blonde hair grows, reacts, and remains constant much like his life before death. However, it's usually an unruly lock, seeing as it curls and frays and he doesn't take much time to make it look nice. Messy, but normal.

[Eye Colour. ] Kyle has two different eye colours, but it isn't a huge difference, hue wise. His left eye is actually his own eye, which is Hazel, however, due to death and the potassium release in the eyes, his eye is rather foggy and looks much lighter. His right eye is actually a replacement, and it's a shade of brown, and since it never had the potassium released to it, it isn't foggy unlike his other eye.

[Scars/Piercings/Tattoos. ] Kyle is notorious for his Frankinsteinian appearance. Because of his dismemberment during his accident, Kyle is made up of numerous other parts. And with reattachment of limbs comes scars. His left arm is actually is darker pigment than his normal, fair skin. It's noticeably tanned and although both his arms are the same length, his elbow on his left is actually up "higher" than the other, making his forearm longer than the other and his upper arm shorter. His right arm is actually his own, and although it's far from perfect, having several long scratches and obvious puncture scars in them, he's still glad it was able to survive.At the base of his shoulder on his left arm there is a thick scar, representing when it was replaced and sewn on to the young man.

His fingers on the other hand, weren't so lucky, and as a result, some of his fingers are disproportional to the others. His thumb is abnormally long on his right hand, and so is his pinky, but his pointer is actually shorter than it obviously should be. And at the base of all of his fingers, there is a thin band to show they were sewn on, much like his shoulder.

His legs are probably the most noticeable scar one could see without actually seeing the scar itself. His legs are different lengths entirely, his right leg being several centimeters shorter, giving him a right side limp. If you saw his hip, you would see the wide scar that shows where it was attached. And his feet are different sizes as well, making shoe shopping difficult, but he tries to keep his shoes as wear and tear free as possible, only wearing them when necessary, such as class or ceremony.

But other than his limbs and discoloured skin, Kyle has countless scares all over his torso, shoulders, and any limb he has that was originally his to begin with, including his face. Scratches, holes that had been healed up, you could see each and every one of them clearly and he does not attempt to hide them in every way.

Kyle has no piercings, seeing as he's not a fan of mutilating himself anymore, but Kyle does have tattoos he can't really explain, not remembering when he had got them. One of which is on the back of his neck, resembling a sparrow bird. In this case, he actually doesn't know it's there because Kyle isn't a fan of looking in the mirror. Or trying to look at the back of his neck. The other tattoo is a small sharock on his right ankle.

[Notable Features. ] Besides the obvious, Kyle has a few features an observant eye could notice. Kyle, although alive in every way besides having a beating heart, has a lot of discolourization. Not just from different skin tones from different arms and legs, but also because Kyle typically is pale in the face yet coloured with a purplish tint in his feet and legs, and occasionally his hands. This is because of his blood pooling in those particular areas and giving them colour. His face looks very hallow because of this, and the process of Livor Mortis is what causes his hands and feet to have their purple tint.

[Preferred Clothing. ] Kyle likes various clothes, but warmer apparel is usually his favourite. He loves sweaters, jackets, scarves, gloves, ect, anything that is warm he'll love. He finds himself often times cold and thus, prefers warmer clothing.

Image▌▌ █ █ █ PERSONALITYImage
"Zombies aren't slow.
They're contemplative."

[Sexuality. ] Kyle considers himself Bisexual, despite the fact that he was Heterosexual prior to his death.

[Oddities. ] Despite being dead, Kyle is fairly knowledgeable, but in very limited subjects, and when he becomes confused, he is easily frustrated and very temperamental. He's very prone to fits of rage and wrath and isn't below outwardly expressing this when he does become frustrated. But when he understands the situation and doesn't feel out of place, Kyle is generally a very kind person. He tries to fit in, but his "dumbness" gets in the way, and he has a hard time communicating, both verbally and grammatically with others.

[Habits. ] Kyle tends to talk to himself a lot, especially when trying to figure something out. Most of what he says, however, is mostly incoherent gibberish that he believes is actual words at the time. But he also talks to plants and inanimate objects as well, and generally anything else that will listen to him. Though he has a habit of leaving his shoes in random places, usually taking them off at random points in the day when he deems them unnecessary in order to conserve them so he didn't have to go shoe shopping as often.

[Likes. ] Kyle enjoys any sort of company he gets. This includes, people, toys, plants, bugs, animal, basically anything he believes would listen to his sometimes incoherent blabber. He also loves fresh air and the feeling of grass between his toes. One of his favourite things though, which he does often when he tries to think, is hang upside down, feeling the blood rush to his head. He feels it's a sort of therapy and helps him become smarter.

[Dislikes. ] Kyle hates confusion and gets extremely frustrated when he gets confused, whether it's with himself and his feelings, or whether it's a simple order or question he doesn't understand. He also hates stretching because he's not very flexible due to Rigor Mortis.

[Fears. ] Kyle constantly fears that he won't understand things he'll need to, and he's deathly terrified of having to experience death again, seeing as he doesn't want to go through it all again.

[Hobbies. ] Kyle likes climbing trees and hanging upside down from them. He's not eh best climber, and often times hurts himself more than anything, but he liked hanging upside. But he loves Botany and will often times, if hes not in a tree himself, will work in the green house or be reading a book on plants. Or be reading a book on plants upside down in the green house. It happens.

ImageImageABILITIES █ █ █ ▌▌
"Life in death means
no pulse."

Kyle, unlike most of the residents and witches, doesn't actually have a special ability. The only things that's considered an ability or strange is that he has no pulse and typically shows an increased amount of strength, but not enough to be supernatural by any means. No one knows exactly why this is or why Kyle shows minor bursts of strength, but it's generally accepted that it's because of the bad witch work performed on him, and it is his resurrection and what comes along with it that is about the only supernatural thing about him. The only reason why Kyle is actually able to live here is because he works in the green house and is is generally the butler of the academy (cleaning things, serving food, and showing new comers around) during most of his free time as a payment for living there.

Image▌ ▌ █ █ █ HISTORY Image
"I get sick of stories
but not the truth."

[ History. ]

Kyle has a gruesome history that he hardly wishes to talk about yet has a hard time not thinking about. It's the reason he is here and it's the reason he's as odd as he is. Up until he was 19, Kyle was a normal boy who didn't grow up with any abilities or powers of any kinda. He went to school, got good grades, and hung out with friends, just as any typical young boy who loved life and everything it threw at him would.

However, Kyle, as a young 19 year old, got in a horrible accident which had left him in nothing but pieces. Kyle doesn't actually remember his accident at all, and he doesn't remember what happened before it either except very brief glimpses which usually angers him. He frequently has nightmares about the incident, however, and usually the scenario is different every time but just as terrifying. But the reason he isn't dead still is because he more or less was gathered up and spliced back together into something that resembles a human and resurrected from the dead. Kyle doesn't know the story of his resurrection either, and he doesn't know who had done it to any extent. But he is more or less looking for clues, no matter how cautious he is, slowly trying to piece the puzzle together.

Kyle is far from perfect and is hardly anything but a shadow of his former self, but still strives to be the best he can be, struggling all along the way.

So begins...

Kyle Spencer's Story