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Rowe McDermott

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." ~E.A.P

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a character in “Welcome to the Academy”, as played by Izzyvamp



"I'm not a dangerous person. I'm a slightly unstable individual with efficient means of ending a life."

Name: Rowe

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Abilities: Concilium and "Mind Butchering"

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 148 lb

Sexuality: Bisexual

FC: Dylan O'Brien
Rowe isn't exactly a quiet person, he talks often and acts confident around people, but he rarely actually says anything. Not in the sense that he never says words, but you can find yourself having an hour long conversation with him and still know nearly nothing about him. He's the opposite of someone who wears their heart on their sleeve- in fact, he'd probably bury his heart five feet under in a coffin. He's not heartless by any means, but its easy for him to come off that way since his intentions are rarely clear. He is easy to anger, but he doesn't express anger by yelling or seeming upset. When he gets angry, he gets calmer. Really, this is more of a self-imposed trait, since his anger has gotten him into more problems than its worth.
Rowe is also a very studious person and loves to read books on any subject. He doesn't like to listen to people much, especially people who act like they know more than him (even if they do), but is willing to listen if they are saying something he hasn't already learned. It doesn't matter if it has nothing to do with his interests, he simply does not like not knowing things. He's the same with puzzles and games. He will obsess with them endlessly until he understands it, and in some cases, can beat other people at it.
Despite not being the most charming person, he's by no means hateful. He has low tolerance for annoyance and isn't good with "peppy" people, but he by no means hates anyone for just being them. He only hates people who in his eyes have wronged him or wronged others unfairly. In a way, he almost hates himself for those reasons, but no one would be able to tell.
For how he talks to people he speaks carefully, sometimes sarcastically, and comes off as calm- almost too calm- in his interactions with people. Even when his life his threatened, he'll act as if he isn't bothered. On the other hand though, the fact that he forces himself to act calm wears him down so now and then he'll snap.
- Candy
-People Watching
-Being in control
-Fighting, with his actual hands

- Criticism
- Sunlight/Heat
- Birds
- The sight of his own blood
-Sleep Deprivation

Rowe isn't new to the world of schools for "different" people. His parents had quickly figured out he didn't fit in with other kids when he was younger, though he doesn't think they ever really knew why. He knew. They blamed him every time someone so much as had a head ache. He had thought they were just putting the blame on someone then because they were stupid kids and he happened to be the creepy kid who looked like he never slept, but when he got older he realized it could have been him. Well, probably was him, actually.
His parents sent him to and all boys school, one for people who were showing signs of "gifts" like his. He never did figure out if they sent him because they thought it'd be good for him or if the school itself had reached out to them. Or maybe they just wanted him gone. The latter was probably the most likely.
He never really settled in there. No one enjoyed his company, which he was used to, but now he knew why and it made him angry. Angry that people with similar "gifts" were treating him like he was the only one with a problem.
He hadn't meant to do it, he hated the sight of blood as a kid and kept telling people he'd never actually want to hurt anyone. But he was angry all the time, and one day someone in his class- a bully of his- fell over having blacked out with a bloody nose and blood dripping from his ears. He had just thrown a piece a crumpled piece of paper at Rowe. Obviously, Rowe was the one blamed. He knew it was really him this time, but kept telling them he didn't mean to do it. But the guy apparently tormented him enough for others to notice, and instead of feeling sympathetic to the bully victim who finally fought back, they acted like he was some monster who was out of control.
It was a week later when he killed someone. He didn't even lay a hand on her, but she was barely recognizable when they found her later. It was a girl from the neighboring school, she was most likely headed home when she ran into him. He'd been horrified when he calmed down enough to realize what he did, and he had carried her corpse to the closest teacher for help. She was dead, he knew that, but he was clinging to stupid hope. He'd gotten blood all over him in the process, but blood no longer bothered him. It was only himself that bothered him. They obviously expelled him, he was surprised they didn't try to dispose of him completely. In fact, he still wasn't sure why they didn't decide to lock him up right then and there. But then an academy reached out to him- one who actually knew what was going on and wanted him to join them, and so he did.
Ability Description: Rowe’s abilities allows him to cause physical harm to other people with just his mind, and the severity of his power is generally based on how angry he is. He doesn’t have great control over the power, and up until recently only was able to do slight things like cause migraines and later nosebleeds. Now however, he can straight out hurt people physically without ever actually touching them, though its rarely on purpose. He also has slight power for concillium, probably do to the fact his power is very "mind" focused to begin with.

Style: Rowe tends to stick to darker clothing choices or neutral colors, mainly because it keeps him from drawing more attention to himself then he already gets. He favors button-ups and graphic tees, though in all honesty he just wears whatever happens to be laying around and appears relatively clean.

Quirks: Rowe suffers from insomnia and often goes long periods without sleeping, creating almost permanent dark circles around his eyes. He also has a weird addiction to candy, not bad enough to hurt his health but enough that he keeps candy in his pocket most of the time.

So begins...

Rowe McDermott's Story