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Finch Kawasaki


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a character in “Welcome to the Afterlife!”, as played by Averagebear




Name: Akiko Finch Kawasaki
Nickname: Finch. Akiko is a girl's name so he prefers to go by his middle name, though both are kind of silly. He was ridiculed incessantly in grade school because of his name. He is moderately embarrassed of it.
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Finch stands at an intimidating 5'5" if you happen to be intimdated by young boys on the shorter side of the spectrum. He's a scrawny little thing, no more than skin and bones, his knobby knees, protruding clavicle, and rib cage not at all veiled by the thin layer of his pale, milky skin. He wears many layers to hide his fragile stature as well as to warm the constantly cold, anemic child. Still, he's not unattractive. He reads rather cute, actually, if you're into that sort of thing. He's got a dazzling smile, complete with pronounced dimples and chubby cheeks. His brown eyes always seem to sparkle with a certain lightness that he possesses, his best trait (his genuineness and sincerity) there in plain view for the whole world to see. His locks of brown hair lay on his head messily and without much care but it doesn't seem to matter when he's grinning from ear to ear at you.

While Finch was in the gifted program and always came home with shining As, he can come off as rather... well... dim witted. The boy lacks common sense. He is oblivious to the darker side of existence, all innocent and pert despite glaring errors staring him in the face. He's painfully positive, refusing to acknowledge how shitty everything and everyone around him really is. That said, he's unbelievably friendly to the point of it being quite annoying to a certain type of people. Even worse, he's a persistent little bugger. Once he's found someone he's drawn to, he latches on and refuses to let go no matter how many times they tell him to leave them alone like a helpless little puppy dog following someone home. He makes silly observations at inconvient times. IE: "Finch, you've really disappointed me. You said you'd be home last night and you neve-" "Hey, mom, have you ever noticed how fluffy the cat's tail is? Feel this!" He's also very, very clumsy, able to trip on absolutely nothing. He's got a horrible blush that makes him turn tomato red and, with how stupid he can be, it's on his face rather often. He's one of those people who can tire you out, but is so compassionate and good of heart that it's heart to stay mad at him. He really does want the best for everyone and will bend over backwards to appease literally anyone, stranger or enemy alike. He'd been scolded by his parents constantly for meddling with the "wrong crowd" but his eye doesn't see the indicators of "bad eggs" like everyone else's. If he sees true evil happening, though, he will fight back fiercely. Essentially, he's the type to chat up with a guy in a mugger's outfit until he sees him mugging an old lady in which he will yell at said mugger and possibly get the snot beaten out of him. He trusts until shown wrong- sincerely adhering to the mentality of innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of how perky the young lad is, there's a darkness lingering inside him. He is very deeply traumatized by his past; he just hasn't unlocked it yet. He covers up his real feelings with positive thinking, rejecting any confrontational thinking on his part. Ignorance is bliss, after all.

everybody getting along, people, math, literature, sweets, baking, pies, sunshine

insults, when he falls over something, injustice, pain

Finch has got gravity nullification, something that allows the boy to, ironically enough considering his name, fly for short periods of time. Furthermore, used right, it can cause everyone in a room to begin floating and can put the enemy off guard and vulnerable whilst drifting through the air. While he doesn't use this, it can go the other way around. He could, for example, crush a person under the weight of tons of gravity. He realized this after he'd accidentally smashed a mouse after a painful memory came to him. He cried for the little thing and gave it a funeral. He has vowed never to use it. Unfortunately, his power seems to be in sync with his emotions. If, for some crazy reason, you were able to get him angry, it could unleash the darker side to his power. Luckily, Finch doesn't really get angry, now does he?

He's good at comforting people and at talking, but that's more of a part of his personality than a skill. He's very smart and is good at writing poetry and the such but has never shared any of his works. He's also a great baker!

Brief History:
Ah, Finch doesn't remember. Hopefully he never will, either. His life was a happy, promising one. The only real hiccup came with the discovery of his sexuality, but he had a strong support system and understanding parents for that. Then, about last year, the perfect student, wonderful child, and loving boyfriend was kidnapped. There was no conspiracy or secretive lives his parents had lead. He was simply a statistic- an unfortunate victim to a mentally derranged man. He had stayed in the man's attic for about a week, sexually assaulted several times but otherwise unharmed. They caught the man and rescued the boy. It seemed a dream come true. However, he was left mentally scarred. When they first asked him what had happened, he insisted that he couldn't remember. As they began to prod, he had a mental breakdown and suddenly he was suffering from post traumatic amnesia. He couldn't remember anything- his parents, his boyfriend, his name. He went into a panic, was sedated, and then brought home. When he awoke in his own bed with his parents by his side, they tried to explain but he was too overwhelmed to listen. Chaos followed, as he was running out the room, then tumbling down the stairs where he would suffer from traumatic brain injury, go comatose, and eventually, a year and a half later, have been let on to the after life. He was a tragic hero, mourned by the entire city, even an icon to the state and country. He was a fallen hero- a celebrity in his death. He awoke once more to see that girl who kicked him in the head in this strange academy. His original kind, happy-go-lucky, friendly persona came back to him first and he was aware of his own identity. His memories, however, are still an enigma to him. He keeps getting fragments of memories back that prove painful seeing as how they're glimpses into a past he can never go back to. He deals with it well, but there's a sadness inside him. At this point, he remembers his old school, most of his child hood, and the fondness of his parents. He remembers nothing of high school, of his past boyfriend, or of his kidnapping.

Extra: He's really forgetful, and often can't put names to faces. He forgets to eat much too often, which explains why he is so ridiculously skinny. He's always cold, and shivers very easily.

So begins...

Finch Kawasaki's Story


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Childlike laughter could be heard trickling down the halls as one Finch Kawasaki practically skipped through the new school campus. Man, this place was beautiful. He couldn't recall a more decadent education facility in his entire life, actually. He was most delighted, however, by the little lady bug alternating between buzzing down the hall in attempts to escape the boy, and landing to slowly crawl around the walls. "So cute," he murmured quietly with a big grin as he crouched down to stick his pointer finger in the way of the bug's path. Its spindly limbs tickled his skin and he resisted the urge to flick it off to, instead, bring his finger as close to his eyeball as possible as he stared at her polka dot pattern.

He was a morning person so it wasn't a problem that they asked him to be in his class room by 9 am. In fact, he'd been up and wandering since just past 6:30. He'd already crammed about his weight in some strawberry cakes he'd bought at the little campus store, and spent entirely too much money on them, too. The boy was indulgent, and after having been told he was dead and still stuck with doing work, he felt particularly gluttonous. It was a harmless way to act out and comfort himself at the same time. He could taste the strawberries on his tongue now as he thought about it.

"Oh, here we are, Lady. After you!" he cried, faking a curtsy before entering the classroom with his index finger leading. When he got in, he was genuinely surprised to see the room somewhat occupied. A boy sat in the front, and another in the back. It looked like the one with his legs to his chest had just finished talking. A tang of guilt for interrupting crossed over him, and he began to blush. "Ah, eh, sorry. Continue as you were." he said, bowing a little bit. But the boy wouldn't be able to, as at this motion, Lady buzzed off of his hand agitatedly and flew over to the front of the room where she, funnily enough, landed straight on the spectacled boy's nose. Finch barked out loud laughter at the whole scene, giggling so hard he had to double over. "I think she likes you." he said. She flew off of his nose again to position herself on the wall where she could stop being annoyed by these fleshy, moving creatures.

His laughter died down though his smile remained and he did a further inspection of the room to see a feminine bag set on a desk. So there was another one. Where could she be...? Without an immediate answer, he decided to simply bounce over to another seat, located directly in between either of his new class mates and beamed. "Er, my name is Finch. What're yours?"


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"You may..just refer to me as Juzu. Like juzu beads." said the boy. He was standoffish and rather shy; the words seemed forced and Finch felt bad, again, for making him feel uncomfortable. His face dropped for a second before the kid let out a small, "hi," and he was smiling again. "Nice to meetcha!" Finch chirped as he tilted his head a little as he smiled. Nothing else needed to be said because it was then that a stream of people came surging in through those doors.

A male with brown hair who seemed to be caught up in his own world stumbled in, then a striking girl wearing a special uniform who looked sososo self confident, then a blonde lass who seemed to take a liking to the first girl and was very friendly, then another girl who looked like she could use a hug or two but was stunning nonetheless. Finch was star struck and found his mouth literally gaping. Everyone here seemed so fresh, like a breath of air sweeping across the ocean view.

He was only vaguely aware of the eerie question Natalie had asked concerning their deaths. "Such beautiful people!" he blurted out before he realized he had. He immediately turned beet red and slunk into his chair a bit as he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. Luckily
(or unluckily depending on how you look at it) nobody could really react to his embarrassing stumble because a knife was being chucked into Juzu's shoulder by the girl who revealed herself as Mana, the creator of the world.

Finch stood hastily, making absolute ruckus as a few chairs flipped in his attempts to quickly aid the poor boy. "HEY!" he shouted lamely, brows furrowing atop his head as his hero instincts flexed. Before he could get there, though, a terrible feeling swept from his gut and bubbled up into his chest. He dropped to his knees immediatley.

"What... is this?" he asked, breaking out into a sob towards the end. Confusion, pain, angst, hurt, sorrow all boiled inside him. It was raw and new to him. Feelings that Finch had repressed for years came up to the surface and scorched him in a way he'd never felt before. He curled into a ball on the floor as he wept. Sadness........

Suddenly, a memory was returning to him. He was in a hospital bed looking into the eyes of his starry eyed boyfriend. He wanted to blurt out his name but he couldn't remember what it was. All he knew is that things could never be the same. "I'm so sorry," he had whispered, stroking his face as he cried. "So sorry." About what? What had happened to ruin what they had? Why was he in the hospital? The frustration of not knowing was almost as painful as these feelings, everything so foreign. He was a strict positivist who refused to let himself even frown. This was worse than anything he could imagine.

Finch let out an anguished grunt in real life. This was too much. Who was this person? And he was embarrassed about his comment about everyone being beautiful. How would he feel once he realized he had a mental breakdown right in front of them?

((OOC: YAY, JOIN ME ON THE DARK SIDE THAT IS TINY FONT. I think it makes sense that Juzu's power would be a catalyst for returning Finch's bad memories to him. u______u))


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Finch found himself, after the crashing waves of emotion had turned into a mere lapping of thoughts, feeling rather hollow. Most would be accustomed to this sensation- it's how humans simply are. You build and build until you burst and let it all out and then you're empty of it all for a short while before it starts to build and build again. Finch couldn't say he understood, but nonetheless, he just kind of wanted to nap for a while. He was drained and not paying attention to how Juzu's powers affected the others in the room. That's right, Finch, the empathetic boy who would usually give anything to anyone, was too wrapped up in gnawing out his mind to notice other people's heart throbs. Apparently there was a lot of growth to be found in death.

He was snapped out of his reverie by the sound of his name. "Finch, you are an amusing fellow~" she had said, the giggle that followed like toxins running through his brain. She lifted him by his shirt collar and he found himself glaring at her. It felt foreign on his face but he couldn't help it. He felt genuine anger towards this woman who had so cruelly created this world only to torture them in it. The injustice rubbed him raw. "But I really wanna throw you out the window~" she smiled and put him back in his seat, assuring him that she'd wait for lunch to do any tossing. "I need to stay true to me..." he thought, realizing that he wasn't acting very Finch-like at all. He'd be damned if he let the cruel dictator change his character in death. He would die the same person he lived as. Firmed by this conviction, he thought of all the things that brought him joy. He focused on Lady's polka dot shell, thought of puppies and kittens, pretended he could be tasting sweet pastries on his tongue, thought of the sunshine beaming down on him. And with that, a smile slowly grew back on his face. He cleared his throat, dispelling the demons that had tried to poke and prod at his mental health, vanishing any negative thought he may have had. He wasn't exactly happy, but at least enough to feign it.

This, he reckoned, was more powerful than any attack he could have made. At least in his mind.

"When does class begin?" he chirped perkily.


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"Guys! Hey, guys!" Finch cried in his seat as everything went... well... fuckin' crazy. He helplessly perched in his chair as Juzu's neck was sliced, Natalie shot herself, the Mana girl became even more ridiculous and hard to predict than she had before, Juzu and Natalie both came back from being dead (they were told they couldn't die but it was weird having proof right in front of you) and then more fighting, that nice boy from before suddenly conjuring electricity directed at Mana. "Oh, you'll hurt her!" he peeped before realizing how foolish it was to be concerned with her well being. Still, he didn't like the idea of attacking her... It must have hurt... When glasses-boy left the room, he felt a little envious of his idea, wishing he could get away from all this confrontation. "Guuuys," he practically whined like a child. Why must they fight...? Didn't they realize that they were playing right into Mana's hands while at the same time only worsening their situation. He fidgeted with his hands.

"Why the hell did you do that you ... crazy bitch! You know I'd rather be somewhere rotting then here playing psychopathic dolls with you. Oh and by the way everybody my name is Keiko Fujiwara." the sassy dark haired girl yelled. Finally Finch had something to smile about. The girl had spunk and he himself quietly mutter "Hello Keikio..." though it'd no doubt be unnoticed under the commotion of all the fighting. Then, Juzu did another painful scream and, not wanting to repeat last time, Finch bolted. He instinctively put his hands to his ears and rocketed out of the classroom like a character in scooby doo or something of the sort. He was not going through that again, especially not right after having just gone through that. Sadness was NOT ON HIS LIST OF THINGS TO FEEL.

Once outside the classroom door, he turned to stare at the door nervously, completely torn on what he should do. He didn't want to be in that room with all those angry people, that was for sure. But wasn't class about to begin? Where was this teacher? Would he get in trouble for skipping? "I haven't skipped a day in my life!" he cried. Suddenly, he felt proud of himself. "That's right. I haven't skipped a day in my life... Hey! I remembered something neat about myself! Go team Finch!" he cheered, feeling much less anxious. Recovering memories like that didn't seem so bad. He spun around only to see that kid from before slumped against the wall in the fetal position. "Agh!" Finch cried, a shocked "o" forming on his mouth. "Hey, are you okay?" he asked innocently, not even thinking about the fact that of course he wasn't okay, he was bloody dead! He was then rummaging through his bag. "Here, have a strawberry cake. It'll make you feel better." he said, approaching him to lend out a hand offering it. "Trust me, I've already had six this morning..." he let out that part shyly, somewhat embarrassed of the fact.