The name's Ten Million Dollars

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a character in “Welcome to the Borderlands”, as played by x0xll


Pandora's most influential corporation since Hyperion.



Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him
Relationships: Best friends with Vaughn
Physical description: Rhys is very slender, with a tall build. He has light brown hair that matches the color of his right eye. His left eye is a bright orange, as he has ECHO cybernetics built in. These cybernetics are also present on his left temple and the entirety of his right arm.
Personality: Rhys is very ambitious, and likes to think of himself as very capable. Despite his many talents, he tends to screw up in front of other people, making the impression that he's clumsy and not that smart. He's very loving towards his closest friends and would give the world to ensure their safety on Pandora.
Equipment & Abilities: Along with his cybernetics, he is in control of Atlas, Pandora's current leading corporation. He has access to countless weapons, prototypes, and hundreds of workers.
Historical Background: Rhys grew up with Vaughn on Eden 5, staying with the other through high school and college. He moved on to work at Hyperion, remaining loyal to the company and it's CEO, Handsome Jack. After Jack was killed on Pandora, Hyperion became a mess, and Rhys sought to take the place of Handsome Jack. His life changed dramatically when he was demoted to "assistant vice janitor". In an attempt to get back at his boss, he and Vaughn left Helios for Pandora, preparing to steal a deal. Things didn't go as planned, and Rhys found himself searching for a lost Atlas project with a ragtag team of con artists, vault hunters, Vaughn, and the AI of Handsome Jack, who had been uploaded into his cybernetics. Upon the fall of Helios, Rhys pulled out his old cybernetics, trapping Jack's AI inside. He then collected the deeds to Atlas, and headed to one of the old facilities to build the company up from scratch.
Other: CEO/President to Atlas

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