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Amelie Chevalier

"Alright. Where are they?"

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a character in “Welcome to the Circus”, as played by AdmireAtStuff


ImageName || Amelie Chevalier
Stage Name || Arrow
Age || 22
Gender || Female
Role || Enterntainer, acrobat

Eye Color || Blue
Hair Color || Black
Dressing Style ||
Comfortable casual clothes. Amelie prefers modest clothing that doesn't bring too much attention to her appearance and doesn't restrict her movements even when she's not training. While not usually elegant, her clothing is neat and simple, consisting mostly single coloured shirts, hoodies, jeans or jumpers.
Height || 5'3''
Weight || 52 kg
Features ||
Amelie's pale face shows mostly a serious expression. Her sharp bright blue eyes are always alert and focused. Her mouth is usually relaxed and rarely stretched in a smile. Her long black waves give a contrast to her fair skin.
ImagePersonality || Amelie takes her work seriously and puts great physical and psychical effort in it. She expects everyone else to do the same and would put an instant end of any kind of slacking off. She puts on a serious down-to-earth no-nonesense attitude. Amelie isn't mean or harsh, but rather cold. Even if she's not in charge, she wouldn't hesitate to tackle the problem as a leader. Amelie would shun you off when you try to help her despite telling you otherwise, yet wouldn't hesitate to interfere if she thinks you do something wrong. Still, she wouldn't do the entire work instead of you. Amelie is visibly irritated or distressed when something goes wrong, but manages to stay in self control so she can solve the problem. She behaves as a strict and cold parent that raises you to be strong and responsible and puts your character growth before your happiness.

However, Amelie has a kind and caring side. She easily feels empathy for other people. Seeing someone suffer is devestating to her, but she would most likely tell you to be strong. Her mind is screaming and her heart is pounding when someone gets injured. Even though she tries to hide her worries, they can be clearly visible.

Likes ||
- When everything goes as planned, without complications and need for improvisations in the last second.
- Training with the rest. Progress in collarboration is very important.
- Fireworks.
- Books.
Dislikes ||
- Act of irresponsibility that can put something important in jeopardy.
- Unexpected problems, need for improvisations in the last second.
- Loud chaos.
- Shouting.
Flaws ||
Amelie is horrible at expressing her emotions, especially if they are positive. She is so used to cold attitude, it takes her great effort to show sentiment. People who don't know her well aren't aware of her caring side. She can be very socially awkward when someone needs comfort, or when it comes to romance. However, once she smiles, the amount of her happiness or satisfaction is clear, especially if you know her well.

ImageSkills ||As an acrobat, Amelie has high strength, agility, speed and balance, anything needed to pull off complicated and dangerous maneuvers. Her hard work paid off for the ability to be a good aerialist. She hardly has any problems with walking on a rope, swinging on the trapeze, jumping high with or without trampoline and getting into her stage role.



So begins...

Amelie Chevalier's Story

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It has been four years ever since Amelie joined the circus. For that time she would put her mind, hopes and effort for the sake of flawless acting. That's what people came to see - perfect and joyful enterntainment. Amelie was good and useful at that, so this was her goal. Compared to many of the workers, Amelie was fairly new. She was a high school graduate when she joined. An acrobat at a night circus was her job, her future. She would better do it right.

Tonight's performance was getting closer. Dressed and ready for rehersal, she went inside the tent.

"There you are!" Amelie spoke to Okami in a quiet, yet clear voice. "I hope you haven't forgotten about our act. Good evening to you too, Spade. I wish you luck with your performance." Her eye flinched slightly at his wounds. "I hope you put yourself together and do it properly, without any serious injuries."

She turned back to Okami.
"Okay, Okami. You remember every single step of our act, right?" Amelie looked into his eyes. "We should do a rehersal before the show. Then you can help Spade with his performance."

Amelie was glad Okami took his job seriously. There were no complications, they got along most of the time, just straight cooperation for the audience's sake. However, for four years she barely interacted with him properly outside of work.

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Fraener's first instinct is to come up with some witty insult to throw in the face of the doctor. It's instinct, it's how they do things, they don't do this, not in public at least. In private they're slightly more agreeable to one another, and the harsh words they usually exchange become less insulting and more teasing. They've fallen into a sort of easy routine now, and very rarely do they break that and even pretend to be able to stand each other in public. Though he supposes there isn't really anyone around, so it's sort of like they're in private. It's still weird, since usually they're in Madoc's 'office' kind of thing. And Frae is also more often that not lying on or curled next to Madoc, using him as a heater. Though he was always very stubborn about it, acting as if he would rather be anywhere other than there, and generally just being obnoxious.

"Thanks," Frae mumbled, a bit uncomfortable. He wasn't sure what to say, not when Madoc was basically offering condolences, and being sort-of-nice. Were you supposed to thank someone when they apologized for someone dying? The snake averted his eyes, wishing he had Draco to distract himself with. It was much easier when they were hurling insults at one another, and they didn't have to do this serious thing. He shivered a little, feeling the warmth that came off of Madoc, the warmth that was just a little too far away for his body to actually start to adjust itself to it. The most horrible part about being a snake, always being the same temperature as your surroundings, even if that means freezing. Being that they only performed at night, even in the summer he was usually chilly. Madoc speaks again, offering a distraction to his inner rambling. "Yeah, I'd appreciate that. The sooner the better actually, they were acting odd when I left them." When it came to his babies, even he could act like an actual nice, normal person, instead of like a manipulative, lying snake.

Ryou made his appearance not long after he had spoken, and he quickly shut up about the subject. The only person he felt comfortable revealing anything about his snakes with was Madoc, and that was only because he was the vet and would find out one way or another. It wasn't like he had anything against Ryou, on the contrary, the boy was one of the few he could actually stand at the circus. Energetic, yes, but not annoying, and didn't ramble on constantly. Still, the only reply he gave to him was a shrug, which was probably considered a good reaction by most of them, since he could have just said something nasty to him in return. Catherine made her appearance shortly thereafter, but not before being incredibly obnoxious (almost his level of obnoxious) by riding her motorcycle loudly into the circus.

It was quite obvious she still wasn't comfortable around him, or at least didn't know how to act, and he didn't care very much. She didn't seem to like snakes, so he didn't seem to like her. But before Frae could offer some biting comment, he had a face full of jacket. "You could have warned me, ass." Frae grumbled, but he pulled the jacket on nonetheless. Madoc wasn't really that much bigger than him (pft, yeah he was) but the snake was practically swimming in the jacket. He didn't care, he wrapped it around him and let his body adjust to the new, warm temperature. "And I am not an awful patient, you're just scared I'll try to bite you again, you sissy." Says the boy that literally can't do anything for himself if he even gets the slightest cold.


Spade watches Okami, assuming that he's thinking things through before replying to him. This is also something odd to him, since he doesn't really think about things, he just tells people how it is. Very clinical, cold and detached, but not purposefully. People typically stayed away from him just because he wasn't very sociable, untaught in the ways of small talk. Not necessarily because they didn't like him, but perhaps some of them stayed away from him for that reason too. The doctor, Madoc, always seemed to be around and fretting over him, and Spade didn't mind that. He didn't understand it either, but since he seemed to be who Spade interacted with most, he decided that he... liked the doctor. If that was the correct term, he believes that is what you call it when you aren't bothered by another person. Might that be mutual they would be friends, he thinks.

Finally he speaks, informing Spade that he does juggle in his act. That wasn't quite the answer he was looking for, he more wanted to know if he could show him how or not. Then he gets to that part and Spade realizes that he was just answering both of the questions, but he doesn't understand that either. Would it not have been more efficient to just tell him he could show him how? That would have meant he could, so it would have answered both questions in one. He chalks it up to one word, humans, and their confusing ways. "Yes, my name is Spade. Hello Okami." Spade's eyes follow the hand as it pokes him, he doesn't feel it but at least he knows it's happened. Should he poke the other back? No, he seems to want the knives from him...

As he's handing them to the other man, another person approaches them. Spade had not intended to see so many people today, it's both strange and exciting, because that means he gets to watch others interact to try and figure more out. She doesn't pay much attention to him at first, speaking to Okami, but this is good because he can instead watch their interaction. Then she seems to be speaking to him, and his first instinct is to correct her about what she's seemed to have gotten wrong. "My performance is getting injured. I have an accelerated healing speed though, so it's okay." Spade assures her, then gets quiet so they can continue talking. From the dialogue it seems that Okami might be otherwise occupied, which is fine with him. "I can wait, you should practice. You don't have a healing ability, falling could kill you." Well, that's not creepy at all.

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#, as written by ArielKJ

Oh my, my! Becca was already up and about by six in the evening, having spent hours to soak in her favorite tub with all the rose oil she managed to find and some luxurious bars of goat's milk and honey soap to lather her hair with. Ah, such luxuries were expensive but that's why Becca was here in the circus. The pay was fair, enough to support her lifestyle of continued wealthy experiences but it was the fact that her...condition was accepted here. See, Becca isn't just a female, she's a male as well. Two beings in one hot, slender and over-the-fucking-top clothing to make that is she. She is Becca Hozier, the circus's self-appointed momma. Today, there's a sheen of make up on the hermaphrodite and the heavy scent of floral perfume, and a fine suit of white cotton with pink silk was perfectly tailored and starched to make a high-quality impression.

Off to the tent, Becca finds a way there and nearly dances instead of walking. A beautiful person needed to stay beautiful with some sort of fuel to keep the rainbow machine on the go and that's just why she was here. Just as booted feet find a way to the dining room and kitchen, someone else exits and lo and behold, who is it? It's Ryou! Blonde hair and all, blue eyes and that to-die-for white skin. Becca nearly begins to drool at the sight of face porn, flawless was this lovely magician. Maybe, just maybe he could magic his way to her bed one night...Hehe, whoopsie. Bad momma. Yes, that's right. Becca is one bad momma sometimes. Hey, hell is warm this time of year, so why die someday without living that edge that was made to be reached? Yellow-green eyes are glued for a brief moment to the fine white skin and then onto those deep, cerulean blue eyes. They're such a light blue, it could probably calm the heart of a demon. Was she a demon? That depends.

"My, my, dear Ryou-chan..." Becca steps in front of Ryou's path and waves with that wink of her's. She's wearing pink gloves, that white top hat and the tall leather boots, looking quite out of place in the area where circus performers were not as glamourous wearing people other than in their performing outfits. This was not only a performing outfit for the transgendered woman, but also everyday clothing. Yes, Becca is so fabulous that she needs a top hat because all that awesome has to go somewhere.

"Whatever are you mumbling about, Ryou-chan? You're looking adorable as always, my little 'white magician'." There's that smug chuckle. "If you need help, Ryou-momma would be glad to help. Tell momma what's bothering you so." Carefully, does she lean forward, that wicked smile on her lips and blinks her pretty eyes just to encourage awkwardness if possible.


Amelie came and Okami's adrenaline is sent sky-high. Her appearance meant that soon he'd be back to laughing at death again tonight. She was the only he could probably ever give a trust brownie point to. He had to, in order to perform. His life was in her hands when they swing from bar to bar or platform to platform. He caught her and she did catch him on the tight-rope. Their act, as she mentioned was fairly new from the same old flying acrobat routine. It had juggling swords and daggers as well as other things. He nodded to his partner and took the knife from Spade, looking over the bloodied blade that still shone through the crimson liquid. It fascinated him to wonder, what would his body look like with a samurai sword skewered through his chest, it made him wonder if it'd be just as bloody as the knife he held but he blinks before he can continue thoughts of death.

Death, in a way fascinated the purple haired man. The acrobat dealt with death daily, each time he stood on the tight-rope and performed. One slip, and he'd fall to his death fifty feet down. Maybe this was the reason for his fascination and interest or maybe it could be something else entirely. Even the Wolf himself did not know, and nor did he even care. There were more important things to be done than think brainlessly on your feet all day. Amelie had pointed this out. They had rehearsal and he wasn't even dressed in his show clothes. He had a black decorated vest with black trousers and either black shoes or barefeet. Amelie's was a bit different since it was designed for a woman. Basically, their outfits were similar.

"If I fall.." Okami looked in Spade's eyes for a moment. "Then so be it. I welcome death." He took the knife and demonstrated on his finger how to balance the blade perfectly even. Because he touched the side of the blade and not the edge, he was not cut, but blood still dripped from the blade onto his hand and body.

"Balance is the key and the key to balance is to learn how to steady yourself. Come see me when the show is over if you still want help." With a flick of the wrist, Okami flips the blade from the side on his finger and grabbed a hold of the hilt before turning the handle back to Spade in respect. If he had faced Spade's body with the blade itself, it is a sign of disrespect and so far, Okami was giving Spade a chance. He never gives chances to anyone unless they prove to him to be trust-worthy.

He had no experience with Spade, and this the bloodied man's chance to gain his trust. It was hard to gain trust from anyone, but even more so for Okami. Just this one time, he swears will be all. This behavior is dangerous, the cause of his dilated pupils and the pounding of his heart. Adrenaline still coursed in his body and it sent every nerve into overdrive with anticipation. Adrenaline could be the culprit for this uncharacteristic behavior, or maybe...Maybe the Wolf's soul is tired of being alone.

Purple eyes glance at Amelie and he nods again. It's a confirmation that they are indeed going to rehearse. One could almost swear that there is that look of earnest and eagerness in his eye as he looks at his partner. It's almost as if Okami speaks unspoken words from his eyes. Wordless, and lost in translation-these little emotions disappear into nothingness and soon the old Okami Tsundere is back into his shell and relaxes, becoming reserved like he normally is. Balance, that's right...Balance and self-discipline was the key to everything. Without it, some will surely die.

"Let's go." He speaks in that cold tone, that rough voice he always had to everyone, but he speaks to Amelie now. He speaks, to the one person out of all performers the Wolf could dare to trust or maybe even dare call something close to being a friend.

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Amelie placed her hand on her face when Basil told her his actual act was injuring himself.
"Of course it is, of course..." she mumbled. "Don't rely too much on your fast healing." Amelie crossed her arms. "And don't forget that young children may be in the audience. Not all of them go to bed early."

Her brows twitched when Spade mentioned the obvious thing - Okami and Amelie would die if they made a mistake.
"If I fall... then so be it... I welcome death." Okami spoke.

It was disturbing, yet fascinating for Amelie to listen to both of them talk about injury and death so casually. She could understand for Basil, he was almost invincible. However, she glared at Okami for a moment when he talked about death like it was similar to missing a bus. Amelie was doing her best to dirtract her thoughts from the fact that an acrobat always had their life on stake. Performing was no joke, your thoughts must not be occupied by death no matter if it paralizes your brain with fear or not. For Amelie this was the same as looking down while hanging off a cliff. She trained her mind to consider everything as something usual she did for a living. This was her job, her life.

Despite the light discussion about death, the young woman had respect for Okami who was ready to help Basil.
"Cooperation must exist even between performers who are doing different acts. It is a good thing he is considerate about it." she thought.

And this was it - her partner was ready for rehearsal.
"Before we start, you should dress properly. We will be flying in he air, we won't be sleeping." Amelie said.

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Amelie could see a spark in Okami's eyes. She knew well that he wasn't indifferent to the stage. This is what made him a good partner.
"Alright." She spoke to Okami. "I'll do your make up. Spade. We'll be right back."

In the dressing room, both of them were in front of a mirror.
"Okami..." Amelie pulled his bangs back and started working on his make up. "Failure is the last thing you should be thinking of. Death must not come into your mind at any cost. All you should be thinking of is the show you give to the audience. This is what you've been doing in the past twenty years, haven't you? You're still here, living and preparing for another night of aerialism. You know very well that death is not an option unless you're tired, wrinkled and laying in bed. I believe you're not any of those things, are you, Okami?"

His words earlier were still in her head. Even though he had many more years of experience and he had proved to her to be trustworthy enough, her mind couldn't find peace until she told him that. Why were his words rumbling her brain so much? Amelie shouldn't be bothered by something like that.

"Done. If you like your make up, go and change your clothes. I'll be waiting."