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Nilera O. Linner

"Seriously. Stop calling me Stretchy. I'm an acrobat, not a contortionist."

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a character in “Welcome To The Family Cirque”, as played by RainbowFace


Please Welcome To The Stage: The Acrobat
I was born as Nilera O. Liner but, you can call me Near.
I was born on April 7th and in the year 2012 I’ll be sixteen.
I really love night time, sweet things, and cats.
I can’t stand rap music, grapefruit, and obnoxious people.
I’ll never tell anyone but what really sends me into a panic is small spaces.
Don’t get me wrong I like you and everything but I’m Bi, I hope you’re okay with that.
Some say that when they look into my eyes they see
warmth but, all I see is Brown.
My Long hair makes rainbows cry with its redness.
I got into the cirque because
I'm a talented acrobat. So, now I’m the Stretchy girl and they wont let me leave!
What do I think about the Ringmaster? Ha! I think she’s
nice. Than again, I don't really know her.... and

So begins...

Nilera O. Linner's Story


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She blinked in surprise at Alcide's remark about her stealing the heart of the crowd, was that the way he saw her?

"I'm sure you're just making fun of me Alcide," she said, trying to keep her voice from sounding hopeful, "I don't think I could steal anybody's heart let alone the entire crowd."

What was it about him that made her want to giggle like a school girl? She had noticed his blush and could feel the colour rising to her own cheeks. Out of all the clowns, she connected with him the most, no, he connected with her. He was the only one who seemed to understand the way her mind worked, how else would he have made the perfect song for her dance? Perhaps the truth was that she was denying the simple facts that lay right infront of her.


Quil looked at Jane with wide eyes, she was nice when she wanted to be but sometimes she seemed a little scary, especially when she asked him for candy. Nervously he handed her a pack of red liquorice, hoping that it was a type of candy she liked. The way Jane talked to people sometimes wasn't very nice in his opinion, he wondered if perhaps she liked causing problems.

"One of the clowns gave it to me," he explained timidly, "People are always giving me stuff, I'm not sure why."

This was true, most of the candy he had stashed away had come fom the clowns or various other people and Quil could never work out why. His eyes widened even more as Jane began to talk about setting Arella on fire and he couldn't supress a squeak of terror at the thought. He really hoped that Jane was joking but even as a joke, it wasn't a nice thing to say.


He looked down to see Nilera performing at breakneck speed, even for trained acrobats, that sort of thing was dangerous.

"Well if she can do that then I can definitely do this" he whispered to himself before leaping into space.

He was on the wire, a vast amount of nothing beneath him, the only thing holding him on the wire was his will. With a deep breath he began to perform, cartwheeling along the rope only to swing underneath it on the last rotation and use the momentum to throw him self into the air. He was not alone, fear was right there with him, performing alongside him but he wouldn't give in, he'd keep strong untill the end of the routine. The show must go on. Finally, after a tripple somersault which he landed in a handstand, it was over. With relief he climbed down from the platform, unless he was mistaken, that marked the end of the acrobats perfomance, he definitely felt ready to take a bow so he could go backstage and collapse.


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With relief he bowed and rushed off stage, hurrying to a a seat before he collapsed. He smiled at Nilera as he passed her.

"Hey, you did a great job," he said, his voice shaking.

He blushed furiously, clearly he was still a bit scared from the highwire which was why his voice was shaking so badly, now that he had a moment to himself he could feel that his voice wasn't the only thing that was shaking. The last thing he needed was for anyone to find out how scared he got when performing on the highwire. Quickly he sat down and pulled out his MP3 player, trying to soothe himself with music. He knew that if he didn't stretch soon to warm down after the performance then he'd pay for it the next day but that would have to wait. He needed to calm his nerves first.


Friends? This was the first that Quill had heard of it, Jane certainly didn't feel like a friend but the look she gave him suggested it wouldn't be in his best interests to disagree so he said nothing. He didn't really have anything against her but some of the stuff she said made him uncomfortable, perhaps in time though they'd become friends.

"Um...I'm going to go talk to Lucian," he said nervously, "I don't want him to fall asleep during the show."

Waving goodbye to everyone he headed towards the cages. He'd certainly spent a lot of time with the lion today, he'd have to spend time with some of the other animals tomorrow so they didn't feel left out.

"Hey Lucian!" he sang out, "You ready for the show?"


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#, as written by Jeggy
If she scooted forward another centimeter, Mirie would've fallen off her chair. It was even possible that she hadn't blinked during the acrobatics act, so mesmerized by the performers and their moves. One lady tumbled so fast she could barely follow her movements, but when she recognized that boy, Toan, get up on the highwire, she really held her breath for each flip.

She was too stunned to 'Ooh' or 'Ahh', but they finally waved and ran off the stage, she felt her palms hut from clapping so hard. She blinked and sucked in a deep breath, going over their movements again and again, barely registering the Ringmistress come and present whatever the next act would be.

That was probably the most amazing thing the young girl had seen in her whole life, and the thought drifted back to her that she would be able to talk to some of them afterwards! She tried to compose herself, though it was hard to move her thoughts on to looking for Ave or Dezi.