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Shaelynn Ashford

I am the Ringmaster. You answer to me. If you have a problem with me, then come to me. I don't allow weakness. You give every performance everything you have. I answer only to the Ticketmaster.

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a character in “Welcome To The Family Cirque”, originally authored by Reianna, as played by RolePlayGateway


Please Welcome To The Stage: Shae Lyn!
I was born as Shaelynn R.. Ashford but, you can call me Shae.
I was born on January, 1st and in the year 2012 I’ll be 25.
I really love performing, crowds, and being respected and revered.
I can’t stand weakness, people questioning me, and when the Ticketmaster gets upset.
I’ll never tell anyone but what really sends me into a panic is heights. Just looking at the acrobats makes me cringe..
Don’t get me wrong I like you and everything but I’m straight, I hope you’re okay with that.
Some say that when they look into my eyes they see
confindence but, all I see is gray.
My long hair makes rainbows cry with its blondeness.
I got into the cirque because
well, to be honest, I'm not exactly sure. I grew up on the streets, and when I was only eleven I stumbled into the Cirque, and decided to stay. I was raised by magicians, clowns, acrobats, animal trainers...and the Ticketmaster. He's been the only constant in my life. I hardly ever see him, or talk to him, but I can sense his presence. Anyway, I grew up in the Cirque, and I won't ever leave. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't, I'm bound to it. It is my only future.. So, now I’m the Ringmaster

So begins...

Shaelynn Ashford's Story


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Ian had closed his large eyes, almost finding himself falling asleep, but when he heard the jangle of keys his ears perked up, pointing towards where the sound originated.
Gradually he opened his eyes, but they flew open fully when he saw that it was Shae. He watched her carefully, following her as she unlatched the door and opened up the cage door for him.
I wonder what she wants...
He picked himself up, all the while listening to her advice. He was about to turn into his human form in order to reply to her, but then she advised that he go at it again. Her idea seemed logical enough, and because she was interested in seeing him, it made him want to try again even more. He especially wanted to impress her and he hoped she had not seen him screw up before.
Making his way out of the cage, he nodded to her, then nuzzled her side in a token of gratitude that she had attempted to help him. Now he was going to put her words into action.
Dezi had been tracing the lines of her palm before she looked up. Seeing Shaelynn arrive she immediately stood straight up, eyeing her specifically as she went to Ian's cage. The angel tilted her head, watching her closely and she was filled with greatfullness that she had let him out. She couldn't hear what she was saying, but hearing Ian's thoughts completed the puzzle for her.
I hope her idea works. I really cannot mess up again in front of. Even this far away she could hear her brother's loud sigh exhaling from his much larger lungs. I must be perfect. He scolded himself, as Dezerra came nearer to him. He was almost to the stage and she let her hand graze his fur, making him turn around to look down at his sister.
"Don't be so hard on yourself. It would not be the end of the world, even if you were not successful. Just concentrate, and do what she said. It will work." She assured him. The beast nodded to her then found himself standing on the same platform he had vacated previously.
He took a deep breath then let it out before clearing the bound from one platform to the other. He had done the jump as he had before, but that was the easy part. Now came the challenge.
He looked down at the ball, erasing all worry and stress that had been on his mind before and focused like Shae had said before he was atop the ball again. Steadily he rolled himself back over to the other platform and landed it perfectly, making him snort and give a sort of wolf-grin.
They still had not come up with the ending to his performance because he had struggled with the ball for so long, but he felt like he had won and hopped off of the stand, going over to his sister who had been applauding after he had completed the stunt.
"That was great!" He let her wrap her arms around his muzzle, his head pressed against her. When she let go, he trotted over to Shae and barked sharply while wagging his tail. If it had not been for her, he felt like it would not have gone so smoothly so she deserved a thanks.
He licked her cheek before trotting back over to his cage, standing at the door as if waiting for someone to open it for him.
Dezi basically skipped then ran to his side, opening the door for her brother, allowing him entrance.
Ian stopped in the middle of the cage and started howling in agony. His bones began shrinking and his fur was being sucked back through his pores like a burning flame. His bones cracked and shifted and his tail came back into his body. His teeth pulled back into his gums and reformed as his snout caved in and he was soon a human, ending the change with him screaming.
He dropped to his knees, his breaths were ragged and desperate, as if he couldn't get the oxygen into his body fast enough, but soon he simmered down, picking himself up to his full height. He was bare, and although he was not modest, he felt like it was necessary to cover himself, especially since the ringmaster was present. Inside his cage were neatly stacked clothes that he sifted through then pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans and throwing a black Killswitch Engage t-shirt over his shoulders. The tee portrayed a picture of a blue bear that looked like it was in the middle of roaring, its paw outstretched exposing its claws and it looked slightly terrifying. It was one of his favorite band shirts. He grasped two bars in either hand, looking out from between the two out at his sister who was closing the cage door. It was clear in his purple eyes that he was disheartened by the fact that he would have to be in here alone and miserable.


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Toan ran as fast as he could towards the pole in the center of the tent, ignoring everything and everyone around him, he had to remain focused, one false step and he could seriously hurt himself. Milliseconds before he ran into the pole he placed a foot on the vertical surface and proceeded upward, as if defying gravity.

"Higher, I'm sure I can do it," he thought to himself but knew it was no use. Just like every other time, after seven steps upward, gravity reclaimed its hold on him, forcing him to backflip gracefully, clothes billowing in the breeze and land crouched on the ground, one leg outstreched and both arms in the air.

"One of these days I'll get it," he muttered to himself, standing up and stretching his neck to the side before leaning back to place his hands on the ground, bringing his legs up till he was doing a handstand.

Before he could complete the slow flip a clown came up to him insisting that he try the high wire next. Toan's blood ran cold, he didn't mind throwing himself around like a ragdoll but the high wire was something he couldn't handle, for as long as he could remember he'd had a fear of heights, of course that wasn't something that could stop the show, countless times he'd had to push past the paralysis of his fear for the sake of the Cirque.

"Come on Twig, hurry up," said the clown as Toan completed his flip and slowly walked towards the ladder leading to the high wire.
With a deep breath he began to climb, keeping his eyes closed untill he reached the top. The ring spread out around him, he could see everything and everyone, Dezi and her brother Ian, the magician Kurt and the puppeteer, Casper. He was sure that everyone was looking at him, waiting for him to fail.

"That's a stupid thought," he whispered.

Turning his attention to the tightrope infront of him he tried to will his body forward and begin the routine.

"I can't do this!" he thought, closing his eyes and cradleing his head, "But I must."

Before he could think again he leapt into the air, landing on the tightrope, perfectly balanced. He began to walk along untill he reached halfway where he threw himself to the side, hooking his foot on the rope, allowing momentem to swing his body round in a full circle. For the next few minutes he continued to practice all of the acrobatic tricks in his routine before gladly climbing back down to earth.

"How did I do?" he asked the clown but he didn't wait to hear the answer, he was shaking from the effort it had taken to stay on the rope for that long. Silently he sat down in an empty chair and drew his knees to his chest. He hoped that nobody could see the tears streaking down his face.


She sat watching the others practice, the same two words of a song had been bouncing around her head for hours ever since Twig had shown her the dance he had learnt for it.

"Kalinka, Malinka," she sang quietly to herself. Kalinka, wasn't that the title of a russian folk song? She was sure of it.

Unbidden, the chorus burst into her mind.

Kalinka, Kalinka, Kalinka of mine,
In the garden a berry grows so sweet on the vine

Shaking her head the verses dissappeared. Things were definitely looking grim if she couldn't escape the noise even in her own mind.

"Rain, come and practice with us," said one of the other clowns, "It's meant to be a team effort remember?"

With a sigh she stood up, why did she have to be a clown, she didn't think she was that funny, he skilled didn't lie with jokes, it was with riddles.

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?" she asked of nobody in particular, quoting one of her favorite books.

"I dunno, why?" asked the clown who'd told her to join in.

"Well they're both flat of course," answered Reina, "My research showed that a ravens call is flat. Fascinating don't you think?"

"Yeah...sure" said the clown, "I didn't think that was meant to have an answer."

As the clowns began to practice their skit, Reina's thoughts began to drift again.

"Perhaps instead of being a clown I can be something else," she pondered, "I mean, my costume makes me more of a harlequin anyway, perhaps I could be a mystic or fortune teller."

She quite liked this idea, she knew she'd be able to brush up on or learn the skills for anything other than being a clown. Spotting Shaelynn from across the tent she began to make her way towards her, passing Victoria and several of the other "freaks" on the way. Freaks, what a dreadful name, calling the beings that made up the freakshow was about as wrong as calling her a clown which was to say in no way right. Finally she reached the ringmaster.

"Shaelynn, I was thinking about my role in the cirque," she said, "perhaps I could be something more than this."


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"No no! You've got it all wrong," said Quill, "It's not that she doesn't like you, she's just not that into you."

He sat for a moment, listening. To anyone watching he looked like he was deep in thought. Finally he spoke again.

"I can understand that and so does she, she said herself that she wishes there was another way," he said soothingly, "But the thing is, she just doesn't think she could get over the difference in species and..."

A roar drowned out the rest of his words. Quill sighed as the lion turned its back on him and stalked to the other end of its cage. There was just no pleasing some people, he concluded.

"I don't really know what he expected," said Quill to himself, unwrapping a lollipop "How could he expect a relationship with a zebra to work?"

Turning away from the lion and walking away he decided to go and find Dezi to tell her the situation with the lion. As he walked though, the thought almost disappeared from his head as the taste of watermelon filled his mouth.

"Watermelon!" he cried, "Yes! My favourie!"

Having candy always made him happy enough to bounce around with joy, especially lollipops. He continued on his way, skipping along and occasionally stopping to bounce around to some imaginary tune. Soon enough he found Dezi with her brother Ian and Shaelynn, the Ringmaster.

"Hello everyone," he said cheerfully, bouncing to a stop, "Dezi, I just thought I'd come and tell you why the lion has been actiong strange."

He paused for a while to enjoy his lollipop for a few seconds more.

"He has a crush on a zebra but she doesn't feel the same way, not that I can blame her," he continued, "He's kind of rude, I mean, he still hasn't told me his name. Anyway, I thought you should know."

With that he bounced off to go and see Euclid, he liked to go and talk to him to hear about the latest book he'd read and sometimes the noises he made were quite funny.

"Hey Euclid," he said, tapping his finger on the container, "What have you been reading?"


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Dezi looked up at Shae as she told her that it was not necessary that Ian was behind bars for now. She could not help but to grin, suddenly having the urge to tackle her with a hug, but she slowly came close to her, wrapping her arms around her carefully then releasing a couple of seconds later.
"I appreciate it so much." She thanked her and Ian stepped back outside.
This is so great that she is letting me out! I am so surprised. I have to be super good.
"As do I." He added, his cool and soothing tone coming out obviously content. "It gets too lonely in there." He smiled at the Ringmaster, very grateful for her generosity.
What was he going to do with this ability? This capability of actually being out of his cage and being able to go as he pleased without having to practice. Usually that was the only time he was allowed to exit his confined space, but now he was washed of that. He laughed heartily for a moment before another character from the circus addressed Shaelynn. It was Casper, the puppeteer and after she answered him he followed his leaving figure, his eyes lingering on the male for a bit too long.
Dezi chuckled to herself and Ian glared at her, but she shrugged her shoulders innocently. It was not her fault that she was cursed to read his mind, and his alone. After she was sent back down from heaven, God had given her "The Gift" as he called it and had said to keep an eye on her brother. Apparently it was his way of saying make sure he stays out of trouble and doesn't do anything reckless like he used to.
She recalled back over his thought he had just had.
Why am I so attracted to him. I can't help it and I hate keeping it a secret...more than anything.
She could see now after his eyes softened that the lightest hint of pink was easing its way onto his cheeks, but he flipped his hair which covered most of his face, disguising his feelings.
"Thank you again Shaelynn." Ian told her again, then began walking away from the two women. He wanted to go and talk to Casper, but he seemed a bit preoccupied by whatever he was doing and he was not going to interrupt him or distract him. If there was a conversation to be held, Ian could be approached.
For now, he just enjoyed the feeling of being free. He stretched his limbs, grabbing his wrist in either hand and stretching his arms back, and above his head. He felt his shoulder pop and sighed happily, but looked down when he felt a tug on his shirt near his waist. Being six foot and three inches, most people didn't compare to his height, especially the clowns.
There, next to him, was one of the painted comedian's and Ian tilted his head curiously, wondering why he had been approached.
"Your not supposed to be out. You need to get back into your cage." His tone was authorty-like and demanding, he began pushing Ian at his thigh, trying to force him to move, but the werewolf boy didn't budge.
"I am allowed to be out right now, Shae said so and I don't really appreciate you push-"
"Yeah right, let's go, puppy."
Now, there were two things Ian could not stand. One was obviously Dezerra being hurt in any form or fashion. The other was anyone who disrespected him. The pushing he could handle and keep himself calm, not blow up about it, he had not seen this clown around so he was most likely new and probably didn't know that Ian had a spontaneous attitude. Always. And his anger was not something to bargain with. And now, this clown was for one calling him a liar, but it was the discrimination upon him that really had gotten to the core.
"I. Am. NOT. A. Dog!" Ian growled through his teeth, letting his animalistic side come forth and the growl turned into that of a wolf. It turned into a roar, almost, but he didn't let it get out of control.
Beforehand, Dezi again had thanked the Ringmaster and slightly bowed her head to show her respect and gratitude, she was not taking this for granted in the slightest.
She turned her head, looking down upon her small and adorable assistant.
"Why, hello Quill," She began, then he started speaking about the lion's apparent feelings for one of the zebras. Dezi lowered her eyebrows quizzically, trying to figure the situation out as she listened to him. It was hard to contain her composure and at that she busted out laughing. She had never heard of such a thing! A lion liking it's typical prey? That was a new one. As she settled down she nodded to him and thanked him for telling her after wiping a tear that had streamed down her cheek from laughing so hard.
She exhaled, gathering herself after her outburst. It had been a good laugh, she had not laughed that hard in some time, now.
Dezerra glanced over to see Victoria giving Ian a hellish look. It unnerved her and she tensed up. Even if it was out of her ability to stop, she wanted to do something about it, but no harm had been done so there was no point to linger on the subject. At least Ian had not noticed.
She began humming to herself, starting off for her trailer when suddenly a roar erupted through the tent. Her head snapped in the direction from where it had come from. She had completely forgotten to be listening to Ian while she was talking to Shaelynn and Quill that now she regretted it. There hardly came a time when she was not paying attention, but now she was paying for her mistakes. Just hearing certain tones in his thoughts and she could tell when his blood was starting to boil. Now she found herself sprinting over to the clown and her angered brother because she had to hurry before someone got hurt.
When she got to them she snatched Ian by the chest just as he was about to lunge for the rude clown, and he looked pissed. It was a bit unusual that somehow this small girl was able to pry this obviously much larger male away from his want to tear the clown to pieces.
"I'm so sorry!" She called to him over Ian's inhuman sounds.
"You should put that mangy mutt on a leash." The clown said, before turning his back on the two.
He did not just call me a mutt!
"I'll fucking show you a mutt!" -Ian tried to struggle out of Dezi's iron hold, but somehow she kept him back and sturdy- "Dezi, let me go! He deserves it, damn punk!" Dezi moved to the front of Ian, holding him by his shoulders as his breath became more controlled, and soon the anger was gradually flowing out of him.
"Shh, shhh, shhhhh." Her fingers ran through her hair and Ian finally met the eyes of the only one who loved him.
"He called me a puppy...and a liar, Dezi you know me, I don't do tha-"
"Shhhhhh, it's okay, baby. It's okay." She pulled him to her in a hug and was petting the back of his head. "Just don't worry about it, it's over." She pulled away from him, their blue-green eyes and violet ones locking. "You don't need to listen to what they say. They just don't understand us..." She glared at the almost nonexistent silhouette of the clown who had insulted her brother. As much as she would like to give him what for, she knew it would not do any good.
"Just go and sit in the stands, try to cool off. There are a couple of water bottles near my bag next to your cage. Grab yourself one. I'll be with Quiller if you need me. Everything is going to be alright." Ian nodded to Dezi and found himself one of the bottles then went to sit in the audience's seats and rested his head back, closing his eyes.
God! I need to get control of myself... Ian lifted up his head for a moment then let it fall again. Why do I have the feeling that I am about to get yelled at? Oh, yeah! Because if it weren't for Dezi that clown would be in pieces.
Dezi made her way over to Euclid's cubical and smiled down at the interesting creature.
"Hello to the two of you." She said smiling, as if the scene she had just kept from happening hadn't moved her in the slightest. She was quite used to having to deal with Ian's outburts, and this definitely wasn't the first one that had gotten close to going overboard. She didn't want to witness him go that crazy again, though, seeing as how the last time had almost gotten both of them killed.


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Quill flinched as a roar pierced through the drone of noise before going back to rocking back and forth, cheerfully sucking on his lollipop as Euclid explained the book. It sounded pretty interesting untill he started talking about women in the eighteen hundreds, that part had escaped meaning to him.

"No doubt Rain would understand," he thought to himself, "Or soon would after researching."

But that was the thing he liked about Euclid, his conversations often inspired Quill to go and look up the meanings of what he said, it was a great way to learn new things. His thoughts on what he might learn from Euclid next were interupted by Dezi coming over to greet the both of them.

"There's a man who's a square," he added as Euclid asked if she would like to hear about it too.

He couldn't help but think that being a simple shape like a square would be a very odd experience, no matter how hard he tried he simply couldn't think of what a square would do for fun. A feeling nudged at the back of his mind like an itch, there was something he was meant to be doing, he was sure of it. With a gasp he realised what it was.

"I'm really sorry Euclid but I have to go," he said guiltily, shuffling his feet and scratching the side of his arm, "I'm meant to be practicing, I just forgot when the lion asked me for help."

With his spirits down he said goodbye and turned away, dragging Dezi with him, he needed her to oversee everything and make sure he didn't screw up.

"By the way, Dezi," he said as they walked, "Is Fang ok? I heard him roar before."

Thoughts of the Animal Trainer's brother came into his mind then, Ian as the magnificent beast performing in the ring before a huge crowd, the bright lights shining down on his fur. Then there was his human form, the pale skin and the dark hair.

"It's not fair that he and any of the others have to stay in the cages," he declared, "Especially Ian, I like him, his hair is cool."

With dismay he discovered that he had finished his lollipop without having the chance to savour the last of it, it always made him upset when this happened but he was determined not to cry over something so silly infront of Dezi.


"Success!" she thought as Shaelynn finished outlining a deal, "I have a chance,"

Thanking Shaelynn she walked over to a chair pondering what she could do for her act. That was the problem, exactly what could she do that would impress the ring master? Her gaze shifted from one person to another as she took in every member of the troop. Everyone had some sort of special skill, there had to be something that she could do. Finally her gaze settled on Kurt who was talking to Arella, the magicians tricks had always fascinated her and she'd done enough research to know that his act was the real deal.

"It's not like I haven't read books on witchcraft before," she reasoned, "I'm sure I could pick it up easily."

But then another thought pushed its way into her mind, what if magic was a skill one had to be born with. She could do all the reasearch on magic in the world but if it required an ability produced by genetics then she would have no hope of performing the wonders that Kurt could.

"It couldn't hurt to ask," she said, walking towards the magician, "Perhaps he could teach me, although I wouldn't hold my breath."

As she continued on her way a story that her grandmother used to tell her swept into her mind. The tale told of how there had once been a race of people that could control the elements, they had been a very fair and gracefull people and had admired beauty above else and were well known for their unparallelled skill in art. Her grandmother had claimed that their family was descended from these people and even now the power ran through her veins. Reina had always laughed it off as something her grandmother had told her to make her feel special but now she wasn't so sure, she vaguely remembered the old woman dancing and beautiful things happening, though what she couldn't tell. Perhaps she wouldn't be lost if Kurt refused to teach her she thought as she finally reached him.

"Hello Kurtis," she said politely, butterflies swirling in her stomach, "I'm sorry to interupt but do you think it would be possible for me to learn magic? Is it a skill I could learn?"

She stood silently, eagarly awaiting a response.


Toan wiped the tears from his face and searched his pocket for the MP3 he usually carried around. Ramming the headphones in place he scrolled through the list of songs untill he found one that he knew was upbeat, Speed Over Beethoven. As the first notes began to play he willed his muscles to relax while trying to picture a scene painted by the music.

"I'd probably be a dancer if I wasn't in the Cirque," he mumbled to himself with his eyes closed, "Then again, I don't suppose I'd ever know."

To tell the truth, he didn't really miss his old life that much, the Cirque was a fun and vibrant place to be and the only thing he particularly disliked was the high wire.

"But I'd have that fear regardless of where I was," he considered, "It would be nice to have the option to leave though."

Shaking his head he scolded himself, he was letting his thoughts go dark again. Perhaps some exercise would fix that up. With a leap he jumped onto his chair.

"Hey guys!" he shouted, "Anyone feel like a break? How about a game of tag, I bet you can't catch me though."

He fell silent and froze, that had been very unlike him. He usually tried to avoid drawing attention to himself but there was no use worrying about that now, the challenge had been thrown down. He half hoped and half despaired at the thought of nobody accepting his challenge. Nervous jitters began to race through his body as he waited. Only time would tell.


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Ian's eyes shot open when Shae began to speak and he immediately fixed his posture, sitting as if he were leaning against a board, his back perfectly straight. It was obvious from the expression on his face that he was very disappointed in himself because he could tell that she definitely was. I understand, Mrs. Ashford...It won't happen again." He hund his head, his eyes full of sorrow intermingled with slight worry. It was very hard for him to restrain his anger at all. Being a wolf, it was the hardest for them. The littlest things set them off and any snide remark could force them to phase and attack whoever was in his way if he was mad enough. Now, however, it looked like he would need to be taking some sort of instruction on how to keep his cool in times like that. God knew he struggled with his emotions more than anything else. He sighed and dropped his head into his hands. He really, really hated seeing her so upset at him. He wanted to immediately prove to her that he was trustworthy, that he could be depended on. It would just take time. He would have to show her that he was able to keep calm even in the toughest times, but he needed a teacher. There was no way in hell he could do it on his own, yet Dezi was always so busy with Quiller, taming the animals and training them and himself, well, she had a full plate and she hardly got enough rest as it was. So who could he come to? He definitely didn't want Shaelynn instructing him. If it were going to be a successful teaching he would need to come over hardships and that would mean people would be ragging him and bashing him and he didn't even want to think about getting angry at her, especially not hurting her. He didn't want to hurt anyone in the Cirque, but if it came to that, Shae was one of the last people on that list.
Then he had an idea....He thought it over for a moment, then began nodding to himself, approving this thought. Kurtis seemed like a proper teacher, and if anything happened, he would be able to take care of himself, even in the worst of situations. He would have to remember to ask him about it later. If not him, he would have to find someone else to help him, and quick. The show was later that night, and he didn't want to risk anyone's neck. Although he was always pretty calm during a show, and nothing really ever bothered him all to much, at least nothing he could not handle.
Meanwhile, Dezi was looking into the glass of Euclid's tank. She nodded to the creature inside smiling. "Actually, I have read that before." She said, her lips pulling up to show her perfect teeth when she grinned.
"It's a romance of many dimensions." She joked, grinning and giggling. "Didn't they make it into a movie? I heard it wasn't half as good as the book." She shook her head. "Pity that movies cannot be as in depth as the stories they are created from. I love when the sphere comes in." She was happily talking about the novel until Quiller began tugging her away. She was still facing Euclid and waved him a goodbye.
"We can talk later, I guess. Have a wonderful day, dear!" She called before turning around and removing Quil's grasp on her arm.
"You know that I do not like to be pulled against my own will. Now, for the hundreth time, will you please not pull me around like a puppy." She halted in her words and looked back up over towards Ian, hoping he had not heard her. She saw him sitting there looking pitiful while Shaelynn stood in front of him, probably telling him what he did was wrong. Well at least she wasn't the only one who had to play "mommy" with him. She was tired of always feeling like a downer because she was forced to scold him like a child and supposedly "suck the fun out of everything".
She shut out all of the other noise around her and focused in on him alone.
I need to figure out who can help me. I just get so mad when people disrespect me, but especially Dezerra...I swear, if anyone here ever did anything to her...There would be hell to pay, but more than that, even... She came out of it, shaking her head. She felt bad for him, but he caused it himself. She agreed, though, that if anyone would be able to help, it was Kurtis. In her opinion he was one of the strongest one in the Cirque, mentally and physically. At the same time, she wasn't in his head like she was with Ian and looks can be deceaving. Everyone had their own inner strengths and weaknesses.
"Ian will be fine. He just needs to get ahold of himself...You see, being a werewolf, well, it makes all of your emotions maximized. Like if he is ever sad, he is majorly depressed...Like on the verge of killing himself. When he is mad, he completely explodes..But when he is in a good mood, he is ecstatic and caring and loving as can be." She chuckled when the smaller boy mentioned that he thought Ian's hair was "cool". "I am sure he will appreciate that. And why especially him?" She asked, curiously tilting her head, looking down at him as they continued towards the cages.
She noticed that Quil looked a bit disheartened and she knew it was because he was out of candy, but she was in luck. She dug around in her pocket and found the Tootsie Pop she had been saving, it was even her favorite. Cherry. But he seemed like he could have better use of it.
"Here." She said, holding it down to him. "Hope you like cherry." She smirked at him.
Ian's thoughts were interrupted by Toan's request to play. Although he really needed to focus on what to do about himself, the idea of letting loose for a little bit would surely help his mood. He had his routine down, so he didn't see the harm in playing for just a little bit.
"I'll play tag." Ian said, giving a devilish smirk, just daring him to agree. There was no way he could be beat by an acrobat, since he planned on being a wolf.


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Ian was prepping himself for the game ahead when Arella came and accompanyed them. He wondered if she wanted to play, but then she stated that she would rather just watch them. He didn't mind, the more eyes, the better. He smirked to Toan and nodded an agreement.
"Yeah, ten seconds is fair enough."
The fake audience that Arella managed to create the sound for was impressive to say the least, but she was good with sounds. He was intrigued by the small girl and he smiled to her.
"That's very interesting."
Ian thought over Toan's bet, and cottan candy certainly sounded like enough incentive to attempt to win, but it was not like he had planned on loosing before that anyway. He nodded again, grinning now at the challenge ahead of him. The two were about equally matched, he had speed and agility, but Toan was swift and light on his feet. He had to be, he was an acrobat. The only thing would really restrain him would be his oversized wolf body, but there was no way he would stand a chance without shifting.
Ian went to the stands, covering himself up from behind a chair and removing his clothes so that he didn't rip more of his clothes and managed to stay where no one would see anything they did not want to.
He began screaming, his body morphing into that of a wolf. His bones cracked and broke to support four legs rather than two, a new bone producing from his backside to become a tail and every pore burned when thick, course, hair began to grow from every surface of his body. It was quite a painful change, but it lasted only a few seconds and soon he was standing on four paws. A magnificent, white, huge wolf. His tail swishing from side to side and if you knew him well enough, you would think he still had the smirk on his face.
He glanced to his left and his eyes slightly widened. Why did Casper have to watch? Of all of the times. He sighed and focused, letting his claws dig into the dirt, feeling it under his feet and concentrating now more on winning then he had before.
He stuck straight up, head cocked and ears perked when Casper metioned the winner would get a kiss.
What?! Is he freaking serious??? He gave Toan a devilish look, as though promising him he would win. He had to win that kiss, but then his concern on the matter dropped instantly when Casper said it would be from his dolls, rather than him.
Ian couldn't help the small whimper and checked to see if anyone had heard quickly before positioning himself to start.
Kiss or not, he would win to impress his crush. He gave Toan the nod that he was ready and closed his violet eyes, allowing him the time to run wherever. Even with his eyes closed he knew exactly where he was heading, his impecible sense of smell and hearing told him so.
He chuckled when the ten seconds was up, his eyes flying open and he went into a full sprint after the acrobat, his paws thundering like a drum against the ground below him.
He barred his teeth, coming up on him, but just as he was about to touch him with the tip of his nose, the kid did some crazy trick and somehow ended up behind him.
Ian forced himself to stop, kicking up dirt and dust in the process, making him sneeze, before snapping around to speed off for him again.
All the while, Dezerra grinned at the obvious excitement of the child from just receiving a sucker. She would have to save him any candy she disliked from now on if he was going to get this excited over a small sugar product.
She shrugged when he apologized about pulling her away.
"No worries, it's fine. We probably need to practice with the wild animals soon anyway. We've been putting it off what with preparing for Ian's act and everything. Speaking of which, did you get any other good ideas for him?"
She always had trouble thinking of new things because she never liked to have the same routine twice. It would get boring and what if one of the same audience member's that had been there before saw them repeat something? She would not allow it.
She looked back to Quiller and could tell for a moment that he was lost in his thoughts and on the reminder of thoughts, Ian's floated into her brain.
Get back here you rabbit! She was curious about this because he had not hunted wild animals in many years so her attention was directed to the game of tag momentarily.
"Well, would you look at that." She said, mainly to herself. The thing she was mainly focused was that Casper was in the crowd of on lookers and she was knew Ian was nervous about it.
She turned her attention on the small boy in front of her again, smiling when he said that wolves should have space to roam around.
"All of them should, I agree. Harpy's should fly and people should not be confined to a certain area, it's not human-like. But they aren't our rules so we musn't ponder the reasoning. I am sure Shaelynn has a perfectly good reason why she..restrains them in boxes.
She let out a hearty laugh when he said he would enjoy Ian or Euclid having a sleepover with him. She could just imagine the creature sitting in the middle of a bed with Quil, watching a movie, completely intranced by it and throwing pieces of popcorn into his mouth. The image delighted her.
After she was done laughing she patted him on the head, ruffling his hair. "I am sure Ian would enjoy having a day with you. You know, he looks at you like a little brother." She smiled and took out her set of keys, looking for the ones for the lion inside the cage she stood in front of.


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#, as written by Jeggy
Kimirie bounced on her toes, large almond-shaped eyes bright with excitement. She gazed up at the poster on the wall of the grocery. The Cirque is coming! Taking in the colorful advertisement she left, skipping, for home. Her mind was full of the things she’d heard about the Cirque; tales of exotic animals and extraordinary people. She would kill to see that performance.

But her shoulders drooped and she stuck her tongue out at the ground. Mr. Foster Father #3 would never go, Mirie thought as she approached the good-sized lot that housed many foster kids. The young girl slowed her trot to a hasty walk, putting away the groceries as she weaved through and around other children. Skipping, sidestepping, and finally tiptoeing past Mr. Foster Father’s office, she made her way to the calm of her bedroom. The walls were thick and good at blocking out sounds from other rooms. It was probably made just that way. She rolled her eyes. If the man housed so many people, how come he never seemed to like any of them, all holed up in his office? But Mirie couldn’t blame him. The majority of the older ones where delinquents and the younger ones sad and whimpery most of the time.

She wondered about how she’d never met her own parents, finding herself in orphanages and foster care for most of her life. But not that it mattered. She shook her bright strawberry blond head. She could adapt to most any situation; she didn’t need much. But as Mirie gazed around her small, quiet bedroom, she couldn’t suppress a sigh. She hadn’t been here long enough to spruce it up and the bare walls and plain wood furniture bored her. She shot them a wary look before hopping over to her window (She rarely ever just walked) and threw it open. The gust of fresh air put a smile on her face.

Impulsively, Mirie jumped up and shot her legs through the window, sliding down the slanted roof shingles and pulling herself to her feet in time to get a leap off the edge. She easily tucked her body into a tight somersault before landing lightly in the grass a story below. Mirie guiltily looked around, realizing she hadn’t checked to see if she would’ve landed on anyone but surprisingly enough no one was on this side of the house. She shrugged and flipped over into a handstand and walked herself over to a big oak tree in the corner of the yard. Not seeing it right in front of her, Mirie felt her back press against the trunk and her hands slip from under her from the sudden jolt. Laughing, she slid sideways and rolled to her feet, brushing off some grass. Mirie relaxed against the wide, rough tree, thoughts drifting back to the Cirque.

She bet the circus performers didn’t fall against tree trunks, and giggled again from the thought. She bet they got to train all day long, cartwheeling around everything they see. Mirie smiled at that. She’d taught herself everything she knew from watching the odd street performer or videos on the Internet. She’d never officially trained but her body just felt right, twisting and spinning. She was naturally flexible and graceful, which didn’t hinder her determination. But still, the people at the Cirque would be so much better. They must be, right? Mirie just had to see it!

She bit her lip, eyes narrowed as she turned her gaze the house. Barely any other kids where outside at the moment. This only made her more confident of her idea. Suppressing another giggle, Mirie slid to the ground and making sure no one was looking her way, rolled out of the house’s lot. On the sidewalk she slipped behind the fence and crouched low, just to be sure no one would see her run down the street. When she got the the corner she stood straighter and hastened into a sprint. Her house was already on the far side of town, so it didn’t take her steady legs long to reach the edge of town where she’d noted the setting of the Cirque. Her hope only blossomed as she neared it, so close she could hear exciting sounds.

Her panting caught in her throat as Mirie’s eyes fell upon the big, bright tent with smaller ones all around. People were bustling about setting things up as the show wasn’t until tonight. Here and there there was a person in a colorful costume and she heard the sweetest music playing. Mirie bounced on the balls of her feet, not daring to blink as she skirted the place and tried seeing everything at once.

She found a pile of crates in the shade of a cluster of trees, one of many. Mirie spun on a toe and leapt lightly onto the top crate and sat criss-cross-apple-sauce. She for once held still, deer-eyes taking in everything she could, ears pricked for the talking voices and music. Another cluster nearby showed her a pretty, composed woman facing a... a what? Mirie tilted her head to one side, her long hair falling over a shoulder as she tried to comprehend what her eyes where seeing. The lady was talking to it! It must be one of those creatures she’d heard about! Where there more? If her eyes were open any wider, they just might burst out of her head, she realized. That set her off laughing again, rocking back on the crate as her head turned side to side, eyes darting.


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Ian stared off into space, somewhat expecting a reply from Casper but coming up short of what he wanted. He glanced towards the other male, brow raised when he began speaking to an unknown voice that had Ian whipping his head side to side as his eyes circled around the trailer for who it might have belonged to. He was sure that it would be one of his little dolls, but the pitch and tone coming from the female puppet had him wanting to shake, it was creepy nonetheless.
He watched Casper, slightly ammused as he checked under the bed and continued in the conversation which he was completely out of the loop of. Now his other brow joined his other as they knit in the middle of his forehead. He certainly was an interesting specimen, but maybe that was why he was so attracted. Ian definitely was not simple in the least bit, so it seemed obvious that he should be intrigued by someone at least as complicated.
Ian snickered at Arella's comment about him being a nurse. If that job discription defined anyone, it would be his sister. He needed to talk with her before the act started tonight, but he was so preoccupied with Casper that she was put on the backburner.
He was surprised, his eyes widened with concern as he was shoved out the door by the smaller male. Glancing back over his shoulder as he watched himself being shoved outside and the door quickly shut behind him. His brows, in turn, lowered completely. He did not understand what the rush was about, he had been trying to help and he hadn't even been spoken to and now he was rudely kicked out. She scoffed and kicked a rock with his foot as he started walking to wherever. He actually still wanted to talk to Kurtis, but after lifting his head for a moment away from his only entertainment, he could not find the magician anywhere in sight.
He sighed and continued walking.
Dezi's smile brightened when Arella called her darling. It was utterly adorable in her opinion and she watched the two young girls set off towards Toan, but the human's attention was still glued to her and she seemed absolutely mesmirized. Not like the usual people who would cower or question, but was that actual awe that she saw on her face?
Dezi's eyes crinkled at the corners when she grinned, now, and although the girl had said absolutely nothing to her, it had made her day entirely.
She felt like giving her a small performance, but that would seem like bragging so she restrained herself and stayed sitting on the ground, finding a twig which she began drawing shapes and doodles in the dirt around her indian style posture.
Once she had finished the portrait of a sunny and cloudy day above a raging ocean with a dolphin and a couple of other detailed mishapen drawings on the side, her eyes were greeted by Toan.
Immediately she popped up, fully erect and beaming again.
"Yes, actually. I did." She chuckled lightly and put her arm around the acrobat, leading him away from her embarrasing art skills and back towards Quiller and the cages.
"When I was watching you and Ian interacting it sparked an idea between my assistant and I." She let her arm slide off of his shoulder and she turned to face him, her head lowered to look him in the eye. She had a smirk on her face that was slightly smug but also interested.
"Well, how about for the last part of our act we could incorporate you somehow, maybe make it look like you were about to get pummled or something and at the last second I could fly you up to your stand or something to save you from the big bad wolf? We would have to ask Shae, of course, but if she approved how would you feel about that?"


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#, as written by Aro
((OOC: Check the OOC thread if you haven't already))

Clearing his throat calmly the Ticketmaster stepped from behind the tree and grinned darkly at the girls. “Shaelynn,” His eyes landed on her and his voice lowered so that the others wouldn't hear, “I'll handle the harpy. You can give her your own punishment when I'm done.” He said already knowing who the troubled freak was. “You make sure that this girl is at the show.” He ordered before tipping his hat to the girls and walked off. He hadn't had a Hypnosis in the cirque for quite sometime. Perhaps he could draw out her powers during the show.

“Ms. Victoria,” He spoke flatly as he stood over the harpy as she sat there, disguised as a human. Her disguise was weak to say the least. “Come with me.” He watched her leap to her feet with panic written all over her face.

“Wha- Did I do something?” She asked as if she didn't know that her actions would hold consequences. It took her a few moments of silences to admit her wrongs, “I know that I caused a scene but...” She rambled on and on and to be completely honest he simply didn't care.

“Come with me Victoria.” He ordered sharply and began to walk. He could hear her shoes crunch on the gravel and dirt as he led her to the trailers where not many people were. “Please, change.” He ordered again.

“Wha... what are you going to do?” She asked as she looked into his cold eyes. He didn't respond and when she didn't remove her guise he lifted his hand and a pain flooded through her. Her skin rippled and her clothing tore as she was forced to transform.

“I should do this in the tent so that you can be an example,” He spoke calmly as he reached into his jacket and pulled out a eight inch blade.

Victoria knew exactly what he was going to do and her heart began to race, “If you clip my wings then I can't perform!” She cried as she hugged her wings tightly against her body. “I wont be able to fly...” Tears left her horrified eyes as the last freedom she had was being taken away from her.

“Well,” He twirled the dagger around in his hand casually, “I would never do anything to compromise the show. You know that. Everyone knows that.” His eyes narrowed some as he began to poke the razor sharp tip of the blade with his index finger. “You'll be able to glide. That much I will leave you.” She took a step back and then was frozen. “Now, hold still.” The harpy let out an ear piercing cry when he jerked her arm away from her torso and began slicing away at her feathers in a seemingly random fashion.

“There you go.” He stepped away with a hand full of feathers that he was going to take to the costume trailer to be recycled. “You look great.” He teased darkly as the harpy held out her wings and cried. They looked the same from behind but in the front it was clear that she was missing quite a lot of her feathers.

Victoria quickly fled from the trailers and went into the animal tent. She didn't sense the little boy in there with the lion. She assumed she was alone with the animals. She heard a low growl and looked up at the lion and then besides his cage was a sleeping boy. She tried to stay quiet as she slid out of the tent and just kept her face covered with her wings as she sat outside the tent. She had completely forgotten about wanting to ask the Ringmaster if she could change her act. Not like she could confidently do her act anyway. She couldn't fly. Gliding would only keep her from crashing into the ground, she wouldn't be able to pull Caspar out of the audience without some practice or until her feathers grew back.


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Dezi and Ian shared a horrified and worried stare towards Victoria. Dezi's related more to the terrified expression. She already knew who had caused her to be in such dissaray and annoyance. The Ringmaster. She shuddered to herself and eyed Toan now, putting the scene out of her head before they reached the tent and she watched Victoria leave.
"Poor bugger." Her eyebrows lowered in a shared compassion for the girl, although she did not like Ian, she could not help but to feel sorry for her. She couldn't imagine the horribleness of loosing her own wings. She touched them lightly and they fluttered as if they weren't attached to her body and had a mind of their own.
"Sorry, spacing out." She told Toan, focusing on him again. It seemed like everyday in the Cirque had something crazy happening at least a couple of times throughout the evening, not including the shows.
"He will be find with it, I'm sure. I will go and talk with Shaelynn." She smiled at him and patted him on the head, then glanced towards Quiller.
She liesurly walked towards the cage, putting her hands on two bars and pushing her face between the iron.
"It's time to wake up, baby." She called to the smaller boy. She smiled and watched as Lucian slowly opened his large eyes and looked rather sleepy himself. The giant cat yawned and rested his head on his paws again, not disturbed by the prescense of the boy in the slightest.
Dezi turned back around to Toan and nodded to him.
"Yes, she can be a bit difficult to track down, but it should be fairly easy for me." She half smiled, half smirked before lifting off of the ground as her wings began flapping vigerously. She was nearly to the top of the tent, her eyes scanning over the whole of the area and found it to be empty of the ringmaster so she soared out of the tent and outside towards the setting sun, going lower to view the grounds before finally spotting her not far off under a tree. Two smaller human girls were heading in after she left as she landed lightly in front of Shae.
She gave her a small head bow and smiled.
"Hello, love. I have another question, if you're not too terribly busy. If so, it can wait until later and we could try the idea I have in mind in the next show."
Ian stared after Victoria. He felt really bad for her, but did not let his thoughts linger on the poor girl. There wasn't anything that he could do to change what had happened.
He sighed, then as he turned saw Casper running up to him. He was slightly taken by surprise, thinking before he didn't want him around. He gave him a lopsided grin when he thanked him and lifted his arm up and over to rub the back of his head while still giving that goofy smile.
"Hey, it was no problem. You obviously needed some help, but the real thanks should go- Victoria? I think she went...." He was interrupted yet again by a series of manic laughing sprees. He raised his brows skeptically, and in turn, not understanding the joke. He let his eyes wander to the ground before it was just too awkward for him to stand there while the puppeteer laughed like crazy and he didn't make a peep.
He scooted back slightly before turning around, sighing again and dropping his arm to his side.
He found Kurtis and was glad that he had come back around.
"Hey! So..." He glanced back to see Casper still enjoying whatever he had missed out on and he turn sheepishly back to the magician. "that advice? And it's not like I can just...flat out say it either...This person's...different to say the least." He let out a large breath and Kurtis's eyes with his own violet orbs. They seemed to sparkle with the hope that he was asking the right person.


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Ian could tell that the moment he walked up that Kurtis was not in the least bit excited to have him joining his presense. He sighed and watched the ground with uneasiness, waiting while he was thinking. He most likely made it completely obvious whom he had been talking about when he had peered over his shoulder, but it did not really matter now.
He met the magician's eyes as he began to state his opinion on the subject.
He gave a small nod of agreement that it did seem best to just tell him, but this was already getting under his skin. He hated expressing his feelings and he was always used to the women or men approaching him. Only once had he made a forward offer and it was only to ask for a dance. He sighed again when Kurtis had said "no offence" and shook his head to inform him that none was taken in the slightest. The only reason he had asked him was because he seemed like the most wise, knowledgeable, and mature of men on the subject, but he slightly seemed to have failed at that.
He slightly cringed when he was reminded that Kurtis was always the jokester and he hated the fact that he may, now, be put on the spot about his crush. Maybe even in front of everyone. The idea unnerved him and he shuddered on the inside just thinking about his reaction to such a horrid thing, but of course he would jump to conclusions about it. He shook his head, now hating himself for even mentioning anything. He could have easily just done it on his own and he was sure, almost positive, that Dezerra would be listening to him and critisizing him for not coming to her about dating advice. She had always helped him before, kept him on his toes and remind him when he needed to be proper and when it was okay to relax.
She really was like the mother they never really had and he scolded himself. He was supposed to be the big brother, not the older sibling who didn't even know how to handle talking to someone. He swiftly thanked Kurtis with a mumble before watching him off.
He peered over watching Dezi take flight and following her with his eyes before she zipped out of the tent. He curiously tilted his head, wondering where she was heading off to.
He figured that the show would be starting soon, it was getting close to seven and he needed to go and change before the show so he would not ruin his good clothing. He had a set aside wardrobe that the clowns often lent a hand in repairing that he used to rip out of just for the shows. The audience always got a kick out of it.
Dezi's attention was taken away from Shae when she heard the call about the show. She bowed her head for a moment and apologized, but she figured that the ringmistress would understand her need to hurry.
"We can just set it for tomorrow's show or something." She chirpped before skipping into a run, using her hands to push her muscles into a sprint.
She caught a sliver of Ian's thoughts and part of her wanted to chuckled while the other half wanted to scoff. He seriously had asked Kurtis for some sort of inspiration to talk to Casper. She could not admit that she was not surprised, though. Lately he had been more stand-offish around her and had tried to keep more to himself, which in turn just made her more eager to know what was going on in that mind of his. It wasn't like he had the ability to hide anything. She knew the second his mind was made up about anything and she was greatful because she had stopped him from hurting others. Mentally and physically.
When she swung the door to their trailer open she bumped into Ian who apparently had just entered as well. She pushed past him, even though it seemed like a challenge to move the huge guy, she didn't care right now. The show was much more important than his relationship status.
"Dezi....C'mon. Don't be like that, please-" "You need to get ready." She stated in a hard tone before swiping the curtain shut that divided the two sections that they shared when he was allowed to stay with her, which was rare, but she had the feeling that would be changed now.
She pulled off her regular, everyday clothing and pulled one of her favorite blue dresses which she enjoyed because it complimented her curves well. Once she had adjusted it onto her body she slipped on a pair of silver heels. She removed the curtain and stepped out, hearing Ian's whistle of approval she smirked, but it fell fast. He was wearing simple clothes, which was to be expected. A pair of baggy jeans that hung off of his waist slightly matched with his long sleeved, plain v-neck.
She shrugged and strutted out, leaving him to walk on his own and he hurried to catch up with her.
"Dezi, please." She stopped to look at him and he could not help but to look down at her shoes. "How you can walk in those, I have no idea. You better not fall and break your neck or I'll be short one sister." He laughed and she rolled her eyes angirly and began walking again, but he held onto her shoulder and stopped her.
"If you are seriously stopping to me to talk about my outfit, just leave me the fuck away." Ian was bewildered as she started off again but Ian stopped her with his thoughts.
She hates me. She turned on heel and stared up at her ignorant brother.
"You seriously think that, Ian?" She asked, basically scolding him. She sighed and he shook his head.
"No, but I feel like you can't even look at me right now." She shook her own head and went to him and held onto his arms.
"Just don't even worry about it, kay? Let's just do this." She slapped his arm and continued to walk towards backstage and met up with the others. She came up to Arella and looked down at the small girl. "Hello there, doll. Will your friend be in the audience tonight?" She asked as she glanced towards the entrance seeing Ian walk in all clumsy-like, tripping over the tent fold.
"He is really bugging me right now." Which was not really unusal, however she mainly just stated the fact to herself, rather then Arella.
"You look pretty in that dress, Ave." She gave her a grin.


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#, as written by Aro
The Ticketmaster gave the jester a nod before turning his attention to the magician. “Don't let me down Kurtis.” His voice was smooth as he picked up the box of money. “Now, go prepare for the show. Shaelynn should be introducing the Acrobats right about now,” He said the last part partially to his self. Something about Shaelynn wasn't sitting well with the old demon. He moved past the magician and towards the trailers only to pause and look towards the trees.

“Now, now... what have we here?” His grin grew and his eyes darkened. This was a strange creature. Yes, a very strange creature indeed. All of the people must have attracted it. “I wonder if you're worth the trouble...” He rubbed his chin as he continued on to the trailers to lock up the money. He could sense the creature moving about the cirque's grounds but he wasn't sure what its intentions were. Was it hungry? He definitely smelled blood on it.

Walking back to the tent to oversee the show he noticed a tare and paused. “Curious...” He chuckled to his self smelling the thing that had been lurking around the cirque. He silently entered the tent and watched the Ringmaster give her normal speech to grab the crowd's attention. Was it working? His eyes scanned the crowd only finding the two faces he wanted in the next show to be of any interest. “Do your job...” He wasn't sure if he was growing bored of the Ringmaster because she was human or because she kept things just a little too calm. No, because she was human... maybe she'd prove herself tonight.


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Dezi was certainly glad that Arella did not bow down to Jane and her taunting. Her adorable laughter filled her ears and she glanced over towards Ian whom did not look happy.
If only I could just get her alone for a few... He trailed off when their eyes locked and the angel squinted her own. A warning glare that the two shared when they were upset. His violet eyes fell and he had stopped thinking about Jane...for the moment.
Ian smirked when Arella grinned at him, he too, was also content at the fact that Jane stood no chance to the violinist.
Another low, nearly unaudible growl escaped Ian's throat when Jane childishly rolled her eyes and claimed that she wasn't bossing anyone around.
"Actually," He spoke up, unsure how he was actually maintaining a normal composure. This girl was pissing him off and it was not often that he just let people get under his skin. "Saying "gimme" without even asking is directing an order." He wasn't sure how Dezi looked because he would no longer look her in the eye. Sometimes she got so annoying.
"Really, Ian?" She spoke up, cutting off his train of thought. She merely shook her head and began walking away from the group, obviously annoyed by his own thoughts. He felt slightly bad about it, but he was just thinking in his mind. It wasn't his fault the truth was told to her.
Ian stared daggers into Jane as she ate the candy. He blamed her for Dezerra leaving. If she had not pissed him off then Dezi would not have gotten onto him and he would not have thought what he had.
He sighed and began to turn away as well to run towards Dez to apologize to her, but Jane said something else that had caught him completely off guard. His muscles began to shake involuntarily and he swallowed the saliva that had gathered up into his mouth. He scrunched his eyes shut and took a deep breath in through his nose to try and calm his overreacting nerves, but the line just kept replaying in his head over and over again.
"Do you think he would ever do that to you, Dezi?"
His sister had not wandered off far, she had been following after Quiller to take care of Victor the elephant, but she could hear Ian's blood boiling from the distance between them and whipped around. In his head she heard the same line he continued to think. It hurt her, that Jane would even think such a thing. She always followed the rules, actually enforced them more than almost everyone there. She felt like a mini Shae sometimes, but she did not like when people acted up, or even stepped out of line. She was just nicer about it than Shaelynn.
Dezi came to Ian who had turned away from Jane, his shaking becoming visible now. She wrapped an arm around his shoulders and began speaking in his ear, but it was loud enough for everyone to hear her because she needed to get through to him before he started to change.
"C'mon baby, she didn't mean anything by it. It's okay....I'm right here." Her hand rubbed his back, trying to calm him, but Ian pushed her off forcefully, whipping around and grabbing Jane by the collar of her shirt.
"Let me tell you something, hot head! If anyone deserves to be rid of anything, it's you and your fucking attitude! Why don't you do us all a favor and get the hell out of our line of vision before you lose an arm or something!"
Dezi had picked herself up by then and with a snap of her fingers, Ian was thrown to the ground and in a complete daze of what had just happened.
"Ian, you know I hate using my powers. I know you are invulnerable but that gives you absolutely no right to be in other people's faces. Look at me when I am talking to you!" The werewolf angirly picked his eyes up off of the floor to look at Dezi under his lowered brows.
"I am NOT scared to take you out of this show. Do you think it would be hard to convince Shae to even put you in your cage? No, it wouldn't. So how about you run along and find something else to do before we go on. You are getting to comfortable with your anger problems and I will not let the next time slide. Do you hear me?" She picked up his chin and forced him to look at her again. "Do you hear me?!"
"Fucking yes! Alright? Jeez!" Ian threw his hands up after getting up off the ground and stalked off towards wherever.
"This better not ruin you for the show!" She called to him then sighed, holding her temples which were now pounding. Yelling was her least favorite thing to do, at least one of them, and she seemed to have to do it too often with him.
"And you? Well, I would just hold my tongue in front of him unless you have a death wish or something. And no, I do not think he would ever clip my wings because I do not act up like some of the other animals around here." She added half-heartedly. She could not explain why it bothered her so much that she had asked such a quesiton. Maybe it was because she felt like a mother to most of the Cirque.


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#, as written by Jeggy
If she scooted forward another centimeter, Mirie would've fallen off her chair. It was even possible that she hadn't blinked during the acrobatics act, so mesmerized by the performers and their moves. One lady tumbled so fast she could barely follow her movements, but when she recognized that boy, Toan, get up on the highwire, she really held her breath for each flip.

She was too stunned to 'Ooh' or 'Ahh', but they finally waved and ran off the stage, she felt her palms hut from clapping so hard. She blinked and sucked in a deep breath, going over their movements again and again, barely registering the Ringmistress come and present whatever the next act would be.

That was probably the most amazing thing the young girl had seen in her whole life, and the thought drifted back to her that she would be able to talk to some of them afterwards! She tried to compose herself, though it was hard to move her thoughts on to looking for Ave or Dezi.


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Jane couldn't believe how rude the little animal cat thing, or whatever she was, acted. Who did she think she was to critize Jane's knowledge of the circus, and then to tell her that she have someplace else to be. She was the one who had obviously just joined the circus. She had no idea how this place worked, who did she think she was? "No, I don't have somewhere to be, for your information," she shot back at the girl who was now on top of Victoria's cage. In reality, she was supposed to be backstage with the rest of the performers rather than wandering around circus grounds, but it was boring back there and she still had to wait for Wynmere's act and Dezi and Quiller's to be over before she got to preform, so there was no harm in wasting some time having fun. The Ticketmaster and Ringmistress would be too busy with the show to care about her anyway, she figured.

Victoria then introduced her as a clown and Jane couldn't help but to roll her eyes. It made sense- she clearly had no good purpose in the circus so they stuck her in as a clown.

"Who would ever sign that contract to be a clown? I regret doing it and I'm a real act; you signed up to be a servant. I guess your brain is just as catlike as your ears are," she said, eyeing the girl as she giggled to herself at her own joke. "I'm not doing anything to her," she then stated after Victoria told her to "leave her alone". Why did it seem like everyone was attacking her today for no reason? Everyone else was being mean to her, not the other way around.

Jane had stepped away from the two, peering into the other cages containing freaks before slowly moving back towards the harpy and clown. She heard the clown say "wolf" and her attention spark, remembering the incident from earlier with Ian. "Yes there's a wolf here!" Jane jumped in before Victoria could respond. "He's so mean, don't even try to be friends with him."