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Welcome To The Family Cirque

The Trailers


a part of Welcome To The Family Cirque, by Aro.

Just behind the main tent there are quite a few trailers. One for everyone in the opening acts.

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The trailers.
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The Trailers

Just behind the main tent there are quite a few trailers. One for everyone in the opening acts.



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Nilera sat in her trailer, stretching before the show. After this, she stood, and walked over to the window of the trailer. As she peeled the curtain back, bright sunlight streamed into the trailer, illuminating the floor behind her. She sighed as she closed the curtain, darkness once again streching across the floor. She walked over to her bed and sat down cross-legged. 'What shall I do now?' She thought, as the laid back onto the mattress. 'I could stretch somemore. No....Maybe I could take a small nap? Yes! Just for a few minutes though...The show will start soon!' She felt her eyelids beginning to droop.

"I should really sleep more when I'm supposed too" She said aloud, filling the small trailer with the sound of her voice. She decided to make herself more comfortable. She reached down and pulled the sheet over herself, curling into a ball. She yawned once, and soon fell asleep, praying that she would wake up in time.