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Lisander Lucan Casanovelle

"Ahh. It is my pleasure to frighten you with my beloved creatures."

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a character in “Welcome To The Freak Show”, as played by ZoeyAutopsyx


Lisander Lucan Casanovelle - "Sixx"

Gender and Role
Male - Freak

Eighteen Years of Age.

December 21st.


Sexual Orientation

Sixx is an incredibly mysterious young man, no one can explain the things he does or why he does them. He doesn't like getting too close to people, seeing as he falls in love way too easily. But that does not mean that he likes being by himself, either. If he does fall in love, he is extremely over-protective of that person, which ususally drives them away from him. He does have a bit of a temper, but he knows how to control it quite well. He is highly independent, and likes doing things by himself. He may seem like a rebel, and in fact, most of the times, he doesn't listen to anything anyone says, except the ringmaster, whom he follows. He loves to smile, and also loves to frighten people, especially young children. He can be the sweetest person you have ever met, or your worst nightmare.

Sixx is a gifted guitar player, as well as a good screamer. He is also a good runner, and can out-run almost anyone he knows. Naturally, he can also fly, and can attract all sorts of birds to him. Ironically, he is a good liar, even though he abhores them. He also has a great poker face, and doesn't reveal his emotions easily.

Sixx has a habit of biting his lip no matter what he is doing. He also whistles qutie a lot, and he has a habit of always trying to get on the ringmaster's good side, which he often does, since he always performs his tasks as he is told, and he respects the ringmaster with everything he has.

Likes & Dislikes
Sixx likes playing guitar, screaming, frightening people, birds, staying up all night, and black rosaries. He hates hot sauce, sunlight, preppy people, young kids, and judegemental people.

Why Are You a Freak?
Sixx has an un-natural talent of attracting all sorts of birds. He adores to attract Ravens, Crows, and especially owls. He also has the gift of being able to communicate to them, as well as making them do whatever he wants, such as spy on people or find various objects. He has had this gift from a very young age. Not only this, Sixx has a beautiful pair of white wings on his back, allowing him to fly. Ironically, they are the brightest at night, and fade during the day.

Sixx is an only child who was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He has lived with his aunt all his life, and never met his parents, but suspects they were also Carnival people. He has always been an outcast, and never liked talking to people, seeing as they always judged him. He didn't have a hard life, but it hasn't exactly been easy, either. To be honest, he likes the circus better than his old life, and he always strives to have a perfect performance. He adores seeing people's reactions, as horrified as they may be.

Secret Pharse
"I am Who I Am For a Reason And It's My Job To Find That Reason."

So begins...

Lisander Lucan Casanovelle's Story

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Off in her own little world Raven doesn't see the kids run out. She only sees Sixx and hears the kids scream,she burst out laughing but stops a few seonds later. She claps and smirks. "No one is better at scaring young kids than you,except for maybe me." She shrugs seeing Jack walk in,she never talked to her at all. She hated newbies because she always had to show them around,which was time out of her pratice. She see her playing with a few cats and smiles listening to their thoughts mostly about how they wish they could run away with her and letting her free. She walks up to Jack with a kind smile on her face,well as kind her smile can be. "Hey Jack,right?" She asks with a rasied eyebrow. She waits for her answer as she starts to hear footstep,heavy ones that she knew from anyone. "Shit,get in your cages guys." She demands climbing in her cag enot locking it,hoping he wouldn't notice.

As they all get in their cages she watches as the ringmaster walks in,she smirks at him. "Were we acceptable today?" She asks in sarcasm,only her and the main attractions could get away with it without being killed. All the ringmaster does is smirk and lock her cage noticing it wasn't locked. "Damnit." She rolls her eyes looking at the other main attractions who are just trying not to burst out laughing. As he walked out she looks at all the others who haven't been here nowhere as long as her or the other mains. "The longer you're here the less you have to kiss ass,my young grasshoppers." She smirks loving to tease them.

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"Well, I don't know about you all, but I'm starving." Cassie smirked at the other helpers that were near the stove. She sampled a small spoonful of the soup that had started boiling.
She liked life here, in Cirque Du Freak, though she knew some could say otherwise. She started walking out of the tent, turning to the side as she passed the Ringmaster, who had a scowl on as usual. She nodded wordlessly to him as she pushed the tent flap to reveal the now dark night. Approaching the next tent, she paused, and looked around, wondering where everyone was, but shook the thought out of her head as she smiled to herself and entered the tent that the "Freaks" resided in. For a second she studied the ones closest to her, Raven, Sixx, and Jack.

"Er, hey all, we just finished making some dinner, would any of you like some? It's uh... Shoot, what was it again? Oh!" She smiled wholeheartedly and raised a finger to show she had remembered, although she had just left eh kitchen, "We have some veggie stew." She nodded, satisfied with herself.

"So uh, anyone hungry?"