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Yueshii Ling

Don't Piss me Off and I Won't Kill You.

0 · 368 views · located in Boston, Hell

a character in “Welcome to the Hell Games”, as played by Bani


[left]Yueshii Ling

Theme Song(OPTIONAL!!!!!): Stand Up by Lead [Japanese but with English Translations. Sorry but J-Pop is addictive to me otl]

Gender: Male.
Nickname: None.
Age: 16
Nationality: Chinese
Goal: Kill all the freaks who dared put him in this position...failing that, win.

Appearance: Yueshii has a leaner build compared to others of his gender, shorter than most at 5'6".
Preferred Clothing: A simple black jacket over white shirt and trousers, along with an armband his sister gifted him with/

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 59 kgs.
Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color: Steel-grey.

Personality: Even though Yueshii is usually cold and apathetic towards the world in general, he is very passionate about the few things he does care about. Loyal to a fault, he can be downright ruthless when it comes to protecting things that are important to him - namely, his only living relation, his sister and rules. On the subject of rules, Yueshii is a stickler for them. As long as he accepts them as being necessary for the safety of certain things and persons, he doesn't care if they are harsh or unfair, and takes it upon himself to enforce them. He is antisocial and has nothing but contempt for anyone that is not his sister, but loves animals and birds. He hates being restrained by anything or anyone, and will go to great lengths in order to be left alone. He's really hard to motivate, but once he is motivated, he becomes strangely optimistic and enthusiast, giving it his all. While he usually stays clear off people, he can be quite kind to those who catch his interest.
His determination is the stuff of legends. He never gives up, no matter how much physical or mental pain it might cause him. Blessed with a strong willpower, his strength of will is only enforced by the fact that he hates being classed with normal people who give up easily.
All his outer coldness is mostly because he never feels at ease with others around and tries to cover up for this 'weakness' by putting up an uncaring front. Around his sister, he is often upbeat and kind - almost so much that his personality seems to undergo a complete reversal.

His sister
Fluffy things (This one's a secret, though!)
Cool Weather
Fresh water

Loud People
Breaking rules

Skills: Is skilled with a variety of weapons [ tonfas, throwing knives, rods, swords...but he prefers tonfas.]

Personal History: Yueshii was born to unmarried parents, an American father and Chinese mother. His father abandoned them shortly after his third birthday. His mother went almost crazy over this betrayal and blamed Yueshii for it, regularly beating him and bringing men to her house to forget his father, but things took a turn for the worse when she bore another child - his sister, Lan. This time around though, Lan's father married her. But he could never accept Yueshii as his own child, and to top everything off, his mother committed suicide, leaving behind a note that simply said she couldn't forget Yueshii's father. His step-father was driven mad with rage and grief - literally. He set fire to the house on the night of their mother's funeral. Fortunately, Yueshii managed to pick Lan up and run outside, saving their lives. From then on, it was a constant hell of foster parents and orphanages, until Yueshii finally managed to track down his sister and get a scholarship in a nearby school so they could be near each other.

Other: None.

So begins...

Yueshii Ling's Story


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Bani
Yueshii 'Fong' Ling

Yueshii sat down in a slightly out of the way bench, hidden behind a cluster of trees but overlooking almost the whole of the park. This was his secret vantage point.

Out of the corner of his eyes he saw two strange girls enter the park, holding something in their hands that they frequently glanced at.

Are those wolf ears and tails ... ? He thought incredulously, shaking his head. He had known 'cosplay' was fast becoming popular in America too, but to have two girls wearing such weird cosplays simply walk in without a care in the world...

And why on earth was no one even sparing them a second glance? Something definitely was fishy about this ... cosplay wasn't all that common to the point animal ears and tails would go completely unnoticed, was it?

Yueshii walked up to them, never one to shy away from what he considered a challenge. Besides, they were already headed towards his part of the park - which was strangely secluded, but then, that was why Yueshii chose to remain in this part - so it wasn't much of an issue to walk up to them.

"Who are you?" he asked them bluntly, ignoring the sudden strange glances thrown in his direction by a kid playing nearby, who then proceeded to back away mumbling something like 'Mad man'.

OOC: The kid thinks he's mad since he can't see Sonime and Sonima ^^''


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Character Portrait: Yueshii Ling Character Portrait: Sonime and Sonima
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Bani
'Is that a ... glowing stone?' Yueshii thought as he finally caught a glimpse of what was in their hands, focusing as he ehard them speak up.

"That was alot easier then i thought it would be." One of them started, before stopping and letting the other continue her sentence. "and he even came to us . . . how lucky is that."

Of course, now that he looked closely, they were twins, just with different colouring.
"Who are you?" he asked again, but it seemed he hadn't needed to when one of them bowed. The one that had continued the sentence.

"My name is Sonima, and this is Sonime."

Idiots. He wasn't really asking for their names but it seemed they couldn't realise that. What were they doing in a cosplay in the middle of a children's park? Why was no one else looking at them? What were they?

"Yep this is him" the girl whose name he had already forgotten because it was of no consequence announced, looking excited. What?

The other looked at him "He really doesn't look like much to me I'm pretty sure I could take him down in a swipe of my hand." earning an angered "Don't be mean to him!" from the first girl before ...
... she randomly hugged him.
Now he was mad.
But before he could react, the second girl pulled her away from him (thank the heavens!) and he realised they had asked him a question.

"Do you want to be friends with us?"
It sounded like a dirty, sick trick someone would play on him.

"No. And I don't like people touching me!" he snapped at them, looking over their shoulders for his sister, who was still nowhere to be seen.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Bani
Yueshii didn't like the way they were talking, he had a sharp hearing so he could make out that they were saying something, but for the life of him he couldn't hear what. But what he did know was that he didn't trust them, and he wasn't going to get an answer from them, so he moved on.

Well, tried to.

"So what's your name? We told you ours so its only polite to tell us your's back" One of them piped up.
Yueshii considered replying, it really was polite, but that was before he realised they were still following him and spoke without turning around.

"Who put you up to this?"


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Character Portrait: Yueshii Ling Character Portrait: Sonime and Sonima
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Bani
Yueshii sighed, a niggling suspicion beginning to form in his mind. But that was simply unbellievable.
However, everything seemed to point to that one conclusion.

He went ahead to the young couple.
"Excuse me, but have you seen two girls in wolf cosplays around here?" he asked causally, making sure to glance nonchalantly at where the two annoyances were, making the couple follow his seemingly random gaze.

"Nope." the girl said, seeming a little weirded out.
"Freak." the boy muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" Yueshii whipped out the tonfas he always kept handy.

"N-nothing." the boy squeaked, making Yueshii narrow his eyes.
"Remember that."

With that he walked back, his suspicion confirmed.

The way nobody looked at them even though they were wearing goddamn wolf ears and tails.
The way the boy had muttered he was mad and talking to 'air' before leaving when he had first approached Them.
The way They had seemed as if they had an inside joke when they referred him to the couple.
The way the couple couldn't see Them even after glancing very clearly in their direction.

"They can't see you. Which is just one more reason I don't want to associate with you." he stated, going right past them to his own apartment. Was he going crazy or what?

But They couldn't be part of his imagination. For one, his imagination wasn't fond of annoyances, and secondly, he was Yueshii Fong Ling and he didn't hallucinate.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Bani
"My name is none of your concern." Yueshii snapped in a low voice, making sure not to attract any attention, and not even turning towards the two ... Things trailing behind him. "I don't know what you are, but I know I didn't make you up, and that this isn't a dream. Moreover, I don't really care what you are, either. Just leave me alone. And I don't abide by that so-called politeness."

His [patience was running thin, and but for the fact that he had resolved not to fight without reason to his sister, they would possibly be dead by now. He bared his teeth, letting them catch a glimpse of his tonfas under his sleeve, unknowingly making several passers-by flinch away at his ferocious expression.


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Character Portrait: Yueshii Ling Character Portrait: Sonime and Sonima
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Bani
Yueshii had, in fact, felt the glare burning into his head, but he had ignored it in favour of putting as much distance between the Things and himself as possible.

Suddenly there was an exploding noise as the engine of a nearby car exploded, making it catch fire. The people all quickly jumped out, but Yueshii wasn't paying them any attention.

The two Things ... one of them had fire covering her hand, and the other had water.

Just as he was trying to make sense of this, a nearby hydrant went shooting towards a house.

How interesting ...

And then suddenly a little voice piped up from the other side of the street, and Yueshii saw his sister look at him with wide, frightened eyes.

"Damn." he hissed, quickly trying to cross the street, but just as he was about to catch up, she screamed, "Monster!" and ran away as fast as her little legs could carry her.

"Now you have done it!" he snapped, whirling back and going towards the Things, glaring at the people who gave him weird glances, whipping out his tonfas and pointing to the surrounding crowd. "Got a problem?"

As the crowd quickly dispersed, he turned to the Things again. "Go and explain to her! NOW!"

OOC: There you go, blackmail material xD /tonfa'd/


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Character Portrait: Yueshii Ling Character Portrait: Sonime and Sonima
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Bani
"What the hell else are we supposed to say."

Yueshii didn't have an idea, but he wasn't going to admit that out loud. He just stayed stony faced.

"Grab her as if you were trying to save her then command us to stop. We're going to shoot a fire/ice ball above her head and it will look like you saved her therefor regaining her trust" they both held up there arms twords the girl getting ready to fire as soon as he were to grab her they would fire.

Yueshii's eyes widened as he grabbed Lan and screamed, "STOP." at the Things - Demons? Because of that plan, they were now promoted to Demons from Things.

After a teary-eyed Lan had apologised, and he had fed her some sort of story about 'evil spirits' and sworn her to secrecy before setting her on his way, he turned to the Demons, a murderous glare on his face.

"You could have hurt her! And it was your own fault for scaring her in the first place! So this was just your responsibility." he paused, "However, you still did help me. So, I will be your 'friend', as in I will deign to answer you when you talk, provided you don't get on my nerves, but if by that you mean your 'slave', then you can forget it!"