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Clairelise Huffington

Contrary to popular belief, it isn't such a good thing to be the daughter of an A-Lister Actress.

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a character in “Welcome To The Hills”, as played by lovechanningforever


Clairelise Huffington


Lifts both of her boobs and asks, "What does this pair tell you?"

Who said that being a teen is super sweet? I Just turned 16.

I'm a fish March 7

Relationship Status
I'm not really the type who put labels into something that is surely temporary. Single and dating around


I'm no angel, if that's what you are trying to know. I've got my ups and downs. Mostly downs so I just party my problems away. Oh and spend my mother's money on shopping- retail therapy. Having to live most of her life almost alone, Claire has grown bitter. Her father's absence and her mother's schedule often leaves her alone in the big BH mansion. Don't get her wrong, she love being privileged it's just that the downsides are greater than the good ones. She acts better around her friends, real ones to be exact. Sometimes you can catch her smiling or laughing, letting loose of all her frustrations.

Sexual Orientation
Nothing against the third sex but I just don't go that way

*cricket chirping*



You could say that I'm fond of opposites most of the time. Instead of those hip looking clothes, I always preferred the classy look. And I prefer few close friends over massive amounts of fake people swarming around. I'm not usually easy to impress by people but I'm easily pleased by material things.

Freaking Frogs, paparazzis and girls who act like they know me and gossiping about me, like please, don't you have anything better to do than spend your life trying to know the latest news about my life?

Image I look nothing like Elizabeth , my Mom. While she has naturally blonde hair, I've got brown locks. Liz got green eyes while mine are light blue. She's smaller than the average person while I stand 5 foot 7. Liz is blessed with a stick thin figure while I have to control my food intake since I am "blessed" with what they called a "voluptuous" body- No I'm not fat. I'm a size 2 but Liz is a size 0- talk about unfair right? I'm not being a total bitch but I'm actually attractive, if not then why are all those boys lining up by my locker?
Basically Claire often does not get along with just anyone, she chooses her friends meticulously (even with boys she falls for) since she's afraid of being abandoned like what her biological father did.

Oh please, so you're telling me you haven't heard a word about me around school? Like are you hiding under a rock or something? Oh well what can I say, I often hear people calling me a bitch behind my back, wussies who can't tell it to my face. It's not my fault that most people irks me but what my friends CAN'T complain about is my loyalty.

Extra Curricular Activities?
[i]I'm in the swimming team, so careful I might pull you down and drown you.

*sighs* It's just Liz and I since forever. Never heard about my biological father, she mentioned she burned his memories years ago even before I was born. Look, I never asked about him since I was 9, after- after Liz threw her champagne glass and slapped me in the face for begging her to let me see my father. Never again. She did run after me and said sorry, looking like a hot mess in her silk robes. It might have costed millions if I took one picture and sold it to the paps. *shrugs*

Any Nicknames For Them?
What lame shit is that? Fine they call me Claire.

Brief History
What is it that you further need to know about me? Ask around, maybe they'd have an answer for it.
Claire grew up under the limelight, being the daughter of a Hollywood A-Lister Actress and socialite Elizabeth Huffington, the whole world already knows her name even before she could pronounce it perfectly. Liz was 16 when she gave birth to Claire so it was expected that Claire spent her nights with a nanny tucking her to sleep while her mother labored herself with shoots, movie taping or basically partying with socialites. Liz lived her life like she didn't have a responsibility on her shoulders. Claire's PTCs are often alone, some of her classmates even claimed that they haven't seen her mother personally.
Of course, it was an A-Lister scandal to hear that Elizabeth Huffington got pregnant at the continuous peak of her career but no one had the answer on who the father was. There were rumors but none were confirmed, and as Claire grew up no one could guess who she looked like. All the assumptions related to the actors were dropped since they didn't look like Claire one bit.
And to be honest, she wished that she at least looked like one of them. Maybe that way she can claim that one of them is her father.

Plans For After High School
College, just because my mom's rich doesn't mean I'm one of those stupid bimbos who'd ride over their parents fame wagon and document their whole lives for the world to see. Maybe for once, I'll get some much needed privacy.

Anything Else You Would Like To Mention?
Well, I don't think you'd want to mess with me or my friends. That's all. *smiles like an angel*

So begins...

Clairelise Huffington's Story

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"Breath in- and breath out," Her yogi's cold and calm voice echoed through the fitness room in their Upper Beverly Hills mansion as the heat made her sweat drip from her forehead to her neck. Soft calming music was played on the background. Barely wearing any thing, Claire tried to remove all negativity in her mind when her mother's shrilly and excited voice boomed from sliding door that served as the entrance.

"Clairelise, honey babe! Good morning," Elizabeth Huffington gracefully walked towards Claire with Pompom in her left arm, she bent down to give her daughter a kiss but paused in mid air and wrinkled her nose when she noticed that she was sweaty from Bikram. "Maybe later," Liz smiled and backed away. "Why is it so stuffy in here?" She then proceeded towards the sliding doors that lead to the garden and started opening everything and let the cold morning air rush in.

"Mom!" That was it, Claire snapped and started closing everything that Liz had opened. "It's Bikram, it's supposed to be hot and stuffy in here. Look, can you just take Pompom out. I'll just see you at breakfast later," She puffed a frustrated sigh and gave her yogi an apologetic look. And when she noticed that Liz was still inside the room staring at the chiseled body of her Yogi, Claire shook her head and groaned. "Not again," She mumbled to herself. "Mom?!"

"What?" Like she snapped out a trance, Liz jumped in surprise and gave her daughter's yogi and sexy smile. "I'm Liz Huffington by the way," She offered her hand and continued, "But you must have known that already. So what's your name?"

"Oh please mom, I'm in the middle of a lesson," Clair quickly stood up and guided her mother out of the area. She held both her elbows from behind so she couldn't resist.
"Ewww honey, you are all sweaty," As if Claire had an incurable disease, Liz shuddered and tried to move away from her daughter. "Fine, fine. But hurry up, invite him over breakfast as well." She looked over Claire's shoulder and winked at the man. As soon as Claire was able to get her mom out of the area, she shut the glass door closed and locked it.

She then faced her yogi and announced, "Maybe we can continue on Friday. I'm sorry." She gave him an apologetic smile. The man nodded and she asked their butler to show him the way out before her mother finds out.


After a long and warm bath, Claire slipped out of her bathroom and into her closet area. Her feet were still wet, leaving marks behind her. Her eyes gazed on the rack with dresses, arranged according to color hues until she decided to grab a coral blue dress of the rack and dressed herself. When she was down, she had just let down her thick brown hair the way it usually is and walked towards the dining area.

Her mom was already busy talking to someone in the phone, just when she thought she'd be spending time with her over breakfast. Liz had just come home from being away for a few months shooting for one of her new films, sometimes Claire even get used to the thought of living on her own in the huge mansion. She decided to just down her apple protein shake and stormed out, sure that her mom didn't even notice she was gone.

The silver Bentley was waiting for her outside, one of their chauffeur was waiting next to it. The man opened the back door for her and waited for her to get in. The drive going to school was terribly quiet and long.

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Five-thirty in the morning, the clock read as the alarm went off. Levi woke up immediately and turned the alarm off. He took a moment to get out of bed before he reorganized it. "Well, today is the day..." Heading into the shower, the lightly-tanned boy wondered what this year would be like. Of course, there were the usual snobs and such, but maybe he could find his summer friend, Claire, before the day is over. It has been a few days since he last saw her. He did not really have any romantic feelings for anyone, or did he? It was hard to tell and he did not want to dwell on it.

Once out of the shower and dried, Levi picked out his outfit: a blue and white striped button-up shirt with short sleeves, a plain white T-shirt underneath, a pair of khakis, a borwn leather belt, and black sneakers. He went downstairs for breakfast after getting dressed, placing two waffles in the toaster. His house was no mansion, but he and his parents were content with it. Levi pulled out a chocolate protein shake (from Bolthouse Farms), shaking the bottle thoroughly as he walked back to the toaster to retrieve the waffles which were now ready to place on a plate. Once he had everthing ready and at the table, the brown-haired boy prayed to God with praise and a request for guidance as the day goes by. "In Jesus' name. Amen."

Levi elected to ride his bike on over to school, since it was close enough. He immediately chain-locked his 21-gear bike when he arrived. That car is familiar. I wonder if... it is. It was Claire he saw coming out of the car.

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As the town car slowly decreased it speed, the driver maneuvered it towards the school entrance when her phone beeped. She quickly pulled it out of Michael Kors' bag that matched her outfit and read the message. It was from Anon, the girl who operates a mysterious blog that often involves the students in West Beverly High. She tossed her phone back into her bag and shook her head, she was not sure why people find these kind of things amusing and entertaining.

It has talked about her (or she figured it was her) a few times, mainly about her love hate relationship with other students, especially those who are around her "clique".
"Ms. Claire, we have arrived," The chauffeur spoke, looking from the rear view mirror and exiting the car. She waited for him to open the door for her and she stepped right out. Some people were looking at her, probably gossiping, while some just passed by.

Claire was about to go to her usual hang out when she saw a familiar built, one that she'd been dreading to see. Oh no! Please don't come towards me. Please no. She wasn't sure if there was fear or panic in her eyes so she did her best to act nonchalant looked over Levi and continued to enter the school as if they never knew each other.

Whew that was close, Claire gave off a sigh of relief once she was able to walk away. She flipped her phone and started punching in a text message and at the same time strutted the halls of WBH. Students started moving out of her way as she furiously punched in her cellphone.

"Umm... I need to talk to you. AFTER school.
But NOT in school. I'll just give you a call.
Ummm just don't approach me yet..."

She sent the message towards Levi, hoping he'd get a clue about what it was. She dumped her phone back into her bag just in time to see one of her friends in their favorite place to hang out, a table by an oak tree that provided a good shade and good view of most of the school. A table reserved for the "it" people.

"OMG! You look thin Claire! Have you been working out?" A shrill voice from one of the cheerleaders almost pierced her ears but Claire just gave her a fake smile and sat on top of the table.

"Nope not really." She gave her an icy answer and ignored her.

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Levi saw Claire walk past him like she never knew him. That's odd. I wonder if she is worried about popularity or something? Well, if she does not want to talk to me, right now, why should I waste any effort? It was then he heard a beep which told him he had message. When he read it, he knew who it was from. "Okay, if you say so..." He muttered softly. Well, this is a surprise, not. I totally expected something like this to happen, sooner or later. What would Beverly Hills be without the drama?

As he walked away from his bike, Levi noticed a baseball buddy of his, who shouted, "Hey, Levi! What's up? Your throwing arm still good?"

"I've been practicing, and I happened to make a few friends over the summer."

"But no girlfriend?"

"Nope, no girlfriend. There is a friend that's a girl, but she's not my girlfriend."

The man slapped Levi on the back of his shoulder. "Man, you seriously need to get laid! How 'bout I call a few ladies and tell 'em to meet you after school?"

Levi laughed awkwardly. "I'll pass. Besides, I'm already expecting to meet a friend of mine after the school day is finished." He continued walking towards the building, but he did not see Claire anywhere. Okay, so far, so good, I guess. What's troubling her, though?