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Albany Nadine Granville

Albany is hoping for a new beginning, and hoping the past will leave her.

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a character in “Welcome to The Island”, as played by Rayyyy





Full Name:
“It’s Albany Nadine Granville.”

“I prefer just Albany.”

“I’m only twenty-two.”

“It really doesn’t matter.”

“You humor me.”


“The fuck you need to know that for?”




At first Albany may come off as someone who could be considered a bitch. She’s a bit coldhearted and has a practically unbreakable exterior. But, to the people she has warmed up to, Albany is an excellent friend. Otherwise Albany is full of spunk and attitude, and she refuses to take shit from anyone. She is sharp-tongued and quick witted, having a comeback for almost any statement or complaint tossed at her. Even if it’s not towards her, she will usually speak up. Certainly not afraid to speak her mind, most have come to believe that Albany has no filter. Sentences can either be seen packed full of swear words, or on the complete opposite spectrum where sentences may be philosophical, or nonsensical. All thanks to her life on the streets. Most of the time, it depends on Albany’s mood at that approximate moment. Albany is also incredibly independent, which may cause conflict when placed within groups. . . so it will take some time for her to get situated with the rest of the contestants. But when the time comes, Albany has the capability of being a great help. As well as being incredibly protective over those she cares for. And despite her personality, Albany actual doesn't have an extreme temper on her. She usually isn't one to lose her cool in front of people, or cry in front of others. If she needs to vent or release some steam or anything, she tends to venture off on her own, find a quiet place, and do so in peace.

Albany was only twelve when it happened. It was an awful car accident, and she still has the scars to show it. Well, physical scars. The mental scars hide deep within her, arising as they please. Both of her parents did end up passing away, her father killed at the scene of the crash, and her mother dying later in the hospital. Albany was in a coma for two weeks, and when she woke up she had to be taught how to write and speak and walk again. It took quite some time for her to get back on track again. And even though her physical abilities returned, mentally she was still shattered. She could speak, but she still refused to do so. And she became filled with anger and frustration, and the way Albany later learned to release her anger was through parkour and street fighting. She would run from roof to roof, moving and flipping and just letting herself go. At the beginning, she had a couple of broken bones here and there, but nothing that would slow her down. Albany refused to be held back. That was until she met Gordon. And it was upon meeting Gordon that she spoke her first word since the incident. She had been mute for nearly six years. Six years of fighting on the streets. Living on her own. And wandering through the surrounding forests of her small city. And at the age of 18, Albany fell in love with Gordon, who was only three years older. He became her everything. He was the family she had lost during the accident, and she poured her entire life into him. Her trust, her heart, her soul. Everything. And he gave it right back to her. Well, that’s what Albany came to believe and feel. She found out after being with Gordon for two years that he had been cheating on her for five months. It took a while for the idea to sink in. Albany refused to believe for a week, until finally it struck. Meaning, she walked in to their apartment to find the girl hiding in their closet. And everything broke loose. Years of pain and nightmares and congested fears and anger. It exploded from Albany, and right at Gordon. He was sent to the hospital, with no more than a broken arm. Much less than what Albany went through. Sent to prison for a short amount of time, Albany was released to find herself alone in the world again.



Favorite Color?:
“Black. Like your soul. Just kidding, maroon.”

Favorite Song?:
“Goodbye by Who is Fancy.”

Favorite Food?:
“I’m not too picky.”


“Don’t even know what those are anymore.”

“. . .Losing another loved one.”

Quick-witted | Parkour | Street fighter | Survived on her own for years

Lack of trust | Stubborn | Loner | Has “daymares”



“Don’t fuck with me. I’ll break you.”
“If opportunity doesn’t come knocking, then get off your ass and build a damn door.”

Due to her past, she has more nightmares than the average person, as well as the occasional episode of a “daymare” or a panic attack.

Face Claim:
Candice Swanepoel

So begins...

Albany Nadine Granville's Story