Welcome To The Maze

Welcome To The Maze


You and seven other people wake up in a dark steel room, you are then told to play a game, simple right?

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You wake in in a dark room with a red light, around you are seven other people, blankets and pillows, food and water to last for at least half a year, a table with journals on it, and a intercom. The other people wake up around you and your first thought is, "where am I?" Suddenly the intercom sparks to life and a man with no emotion begins to speak, "Welcome to the maze, you are all chosen to play a game which determines if you live or die. If one of you makes it to the end, I will free all of you and personally greet you all and accept whatever punishment you give me, you lose if you all die by Little Princess." It takes you all some time to take in his words but now you know that danger is very close, and you have to work together with complete strangers to survive.

Welcome to this RP that I thought up randomly on a random day. This will be a progressive RP which takes you and everyone around you to work together to find a way out of the maze. I will warn that there will be blood, possible gore, lots of swearing, and a small chance of death if you don't work together.

The rules the Man gives you are simple, there is one door that leads into the maze. It is always open and is only closed with a button on the side, it is your only thing standing between you and some killer lurking in the maze. The killer which is only known as "Little Princess" is unnaturally fast as extremely strong, fighting her will just get you killed so trying to avoid her is your only option. Each day she will try to get into the room you are in but since she could easily run inside and kill everyone there are a few rules she follows, if she claps three times within five seconds she can then to inside the room you are all in after a two second delay. She claps loud enough to hear but soft enough so that if there is a conversation going on, it will be hard to hear. In the maze the indication when she is near is when she is humming, singing, or laughing, she also does not go very fast in the maze and when she does spot someone she will try to surprise them around the corner and attempt to grab them and do that until they escape into the room or they are caught and horribly murdered.

If you do close the doors however, it will remained closed for five minutes, for one minute she will write a message depending if she fooled you by not clapping three times or if you successfully stopped her. However there comes a problem with that, if someone was outside exploring the maze they will have to avoid her for four minutes. She is quick, strong, and knows the layout which dosent seem fair at first, but keep in mind that she does not know where exactly you are in the maze. In the instance that she does get inside the room, you must be able to tag her on any part of her body using anything including thrown objects, if tagged she will run outside the room and not do anything for one hour. You are allowed to punch her as well but keep in mind she might target you the next time she comes.

The maze itself is made entirely of metal and lit up by red lights. There are thousands of pathways which lead to another pathway or to a dead end. The only indication for a halfway point is a small sign which was written by a small child with the phrase "Your halfway there :)". The exit is unlocked and all you have to do is push the door to freedom, while near the exit little Princess will stop trying to kill you and the others and personally congratulate them on winning the game. The maze however spans for miles in every direction, the information the Man gives you is that the maze is exactly 10 miles long and wide.

The Man who takes to you through the intercom will give you a tip every day in a form of a riddle. He will also answer any question you ask him truthfully but he can refuse to answer a question. He will also write any sort of letter or last will in the case you die, and will gladly bury you in whatever location you want.

Finally on every Sunday Little Princess will not try to kill you but she will instead talk to you. So take the oppurtunity to explore as much of the maze as you can or take to the girl that will be murdering you once the day is over, and if your lucky she might be nice to you and not murder you if your nice to her.

With the rules and helpful tips out of the way, let's move on to the character sheet

Character sheet


Age(18-40 years old):






Former occupation:


(Go ahead and make it fancy or add more things to your sheet)

When we do begin we will start on a Sunday(RP time) when you all wake up in the room. Also there will be a total of seven real people the last person will be a NPC that thinks the game is some stupid joke and when he storms out of the room, he will be the one to die(in a bloody way and possibly with someone watching) and his death will prove that the game is truly a life and death situation.

Toggle Rules

Rated pg-18 for possible gore and blood

There is swearing involved

You won't be finding the exit in a week or so

Team work is highly encouraged

No godmodding, once Little Princess catches you you will lose a arm or have a bunch of bones broken

Yes you can try to romance the killer, but I will question your sanity and you will still die

Dedication, I want people that stick around for a long time in a RP. I don't care if you can write essay length posts or a paragraph a post. I prefer dedication over quality.

Keep the more adult rated love somewhere else, if you do want to fade to black. Not sure why you would make love in a situation like this...

Keep Drama and personal problems out of here

And the most important rule of all time, have some fun. Even though this is going to be dark and people may die

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