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Alastair Williams

" Survival is Paramount, everything else can wait"

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a character in “Welcome to the Nightmare”, as played by umbra Alastor



Imageβœ– Full Name βœ–:Alastair Williams

βœ– Nickname(s) βœ–:Al, Ali
βœ– Age βœ–:19
βœ– Gender βœ–:Male
βœ– Height βœ–:6' 4"
βœ– Weightβœ–:190lbs
βœ– Romantic Interest βœ–:TBA
βœ– Sexuality βœ–:Heterosexual
βœ– Nationality βœ–:British
βœ– Alignment βœ–:" I do what must be done to survive"
βœ– Face Claim βœ–:Nobuto Nakajyo/ Bus Gamer

Imageβœ– Physical Description/Clothing Preference βœ–:
Body|| Alastair naturally dominates the space around him with his presence. Standing at 6',4" broad shouldered and weighing in at 190lbs he can often intimdate people despite not wishing to. His slightly wavy black hair falls just short of shoulders, and he sports a trimmed goatee to complete the look.His body is lightly toned from constantly doing manual labor, and a lot of it.

Attire|| Alastair often wears a simple set of jeans, a plain tank top and a leather jacket. This is always accented with a stylized belt, a necklace and a set of rings that are very dear to him. Due to the manual labor he always does Alastair constantly wears steal toe capped boots for health safety.

βœ– Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features βœ–:Alastair has rough calloused hands from his work, and small scars along his forearms

βœ– Use A Weapon? βœ–:His own hands Or an axe under his Phobos power..

βœ– Phobosβœ–:Daemonophobia-The fear of demons.
From this phobos Alastair gains the power to shift his form to resemble that of a demon gaining its physical abilities, the ultimate stage of this being a full demonic transformation. But the higher the progression of transformation, the more panic sets in. This means in higher transformations he relies on his shade to guide him as he simply does not know what to do. (He has never reached the final stage as of yet)

Stage one: Increase in muscle mass, granting greater strength, resilience and endurance and an increase in his sense but most notably in his sense of smell and hearing. His eyes will start to show blackness creeping in round the edges.

Stage two: This stage causes his skin to thicken forming a natural armor, horns begin to bulge under the surface of his skin and his also gains the ability to shape his darkened finger tips into talons turning his hands into claws. The blackness is now more prominent in the eye. This stage also sees an increase in this effects of stage one.

Stage three: This is the point at which is becomes hard to tell what Alastair actually is, the effect of the previous two stages are enhanced once again and in addition this this the horns have now broken the skin ( but are still very small) and at this level his can manifest a demonic Axe

Stage four: FullDemon transformation

βœ– Shade βœ–:Demon Executioner-Alastor.
Demons are manifestation of evil, violence and chaos and Alastor serves as an executioner, in humans myths he was never described but was given the title of the Chief executioner to the monarch of hell while in other myths he was the embodiment of blood feuds and a kin to nemesis. However despite his tremendous killing potential, he acts very haphazardly, throwing caution to the wind. He is very quick to make fun of Alastair, or anyone else for that matter and often will cause trouble or problems just for fun. Due to them both sharing the same name the shade insist of being call Chief while Alastair often gets called his apprentice despite the fact he tends to leave crucial information out of his advice leaving Alastair to find it on his own.

βœ– Hobbies/Skills βœ–:
Riding/ Working on his bike
Very calm and logical thinker, even if a tad slow and more hands on.
Weight Training.
Trained in the basics of metal fabrication

βœ– Personality βœ–:Alastair is a carefree person, but very relaxed and down to earth. He is often content in what he choose what to do and has no trouble in working when its need to be done, telling himself shit happens and carrying on whenever things get bad. He struggles to empathize with people, though often gives good advice as he talks straight and always to the point ( which may earn him the scorn of others sometimes). Sometimes he will joke with people a little too far as he see words as just merely words and never things to be taken to heart.

☒ Likes ☒:Rock/Metal music, His bike, Having a free day

☒ Dislikes ☒:Needless Worrying, People who talk behind his back Or people who wish to fight him because of his size

☒ Flaws ☒:Can let jobs pile up on him.
Can't connect emotionally with people
Often intimidates people he meets.

☒other Fears☒:Deep Water, Heights (a little bit), Extreme cold

☒Secrets ☒: Alastair keeps the fact he dropped out of school a secret as he knows people often will look down on that fact.

☒Bio ☒:Alastair learned to be independent at a very young age, coming from a working class family, where both his parents worked he was taught swiftly how to look after for himself. This independence fostered his confidence. His social interaction within his school life was fine. The most notable instance in his childhood was when, during a weekend Alastair and a group of friends decided to sneak into the cinema. Except one of the group got the screen numbers wrong and instead of seeing the film they were meant to, they had walked in on horror film. The demonic scene etched into his mind Alastair never told anyone what happened he just tried his best to sleep at night, which often proved hard with such a horrific scene playing over and over in his head.

As he grew into his teen years, he found himself taking on a part time job quite early, to help put some money in his pocket for what ever he wanted. However the pay was not very good and Alastair wanted more and so by the time he was 16 he holding down two jobs already. Seeing no point in continuing with education he dropped out to relieve the stress on him and so he could focus on his two jobs, despite the protest of his parents. Not long after dropping out he managed to find a job in factory, which gave him the basic skills to work in there and a decent pay. Coupled with the one or two shift he put in at the docks a month and Alastair was earning good money. By the age of 17, he owned his first motorbike, by 18 he full passed his test, and by 19 he was onto his second motorbike and still working hard.

☒ Other ☒:

So begins...

Alastair Williams's Story


Alastair stared blankly, a hand pressed firmly against the bone white tree, the unfamiliar texture of it causing the word he heard earlier to strike even harder. This was not the world he was from, nor was it a dream. He thought it was one of his nightmares to start with. The woman with grey skin and wings claiming to be a goddess of discord. Her appearance alone at the foot of his bed was almost enough to send Alastair running for the hills, and now thinking back on it all he could only shiver and turn his gaze to landscape around him

Striding slowly away from the bed, the novelty of the fact he awoke fully clothed and booted turned into gratitude as he could feel under his boots that the ground was hard and unforgiving. " Damn that Eris.. i am given clothes but no form of sanctuary" he muttered to himself as he scanned around and took note of a hill, the high ground would give him a better view and maybe help gain his bearings.

Having hit his full stride now Alastair was making ground with some pace, but constantly his eyes were scanning around, he was still on edge and not about to let his guard down any time soon. He felt a sinking feeling start to set in as he was at the base of the hill now. What if something was on the other side?, he was walking blind, but the potential benefit of the vantage point was overcoming that small doubt. Using all the muscles in his legs to power up the side of the hill, he watched with anticipation as the other side slowly come into view. Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Roof, Roof? " Is that a bloody chapel?" he questioned, Standing with a questioning look. Better that nothing he thought, It was still a distance but semblance of anything he recognized was useful.

Carefully traversing down the slope, he soon found himself moving with a renewed vigor as the chapel gave him an idea, people, maybe he was to quick earlier to curse Eris but he was still reserving judgement. When he finally was getting closer he cupped his hands round his mouth and shouted " Anyone here?" he said listening carefully for any semblance of a response


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#, as written by CJL1290

Raine was holding up the notepad for a few seconds before she heard the sound of someone's voice outside. She wasn't sure what they were saying but it sounded like it was coming from outside of the front of the chapel. She held her notepad up for 3 more seconds before she pocketed it, hoping that the man she wrote it for had enough time to read it. Her head turned towards the direction of the noise as her body tensed up once more. Was this voice friendly as well?

Raine's eyes quickly scanned the room for anything she could use to defend herself in case it was some kind of monster. Her eyes eventually fell on a metal decanter, and she quickly grabbed it off the table it was on. She then turned and looked at the man, making eye contact with him, then nodding her head towards the direction of the door to indicate "we should check that out". She then put her finger to her lips and said "Shhhhh." If there was a monster outside, they should check it out quietly to not alert it of their presence.

She slowly walked to the front chapel doors, trying to be as quiet as possible, feeling her heart picking up pace again. She stopped and turned to see if the man was with her; she rather do this with someone else than alone.


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Alexander Dalton

"Yes, I met Eris, but I don't know how I got here. I walked around a little and I found this place. Do you know where we are, or what to do?"

The notepad had caused Alex to raise an eyebrow at first, up until the girl explained her disorder. Considering what Eris had said, it became apparent that every "normal" person he was going to meet was going to have some dominate fear. He looked away for a moment, closed his eyes and pinched his brow. He considering this, Alex had a thought. Didn't Eris say something about our fear helping us survive? Since he was having trouble recalling what she had said, he dismissed it for later.

Looking back at the girl, He gave a small smile. " It's nice to meet you. sorry though, I know just about as much as you do about . . . well, everything going on. " He awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck while she kept holding up her notepad. well, at least I am not alone here. . .

Right before he was going to ask the girl something, Alex heard someone at the front door. Seeing her run for a weapon, He quickly grabs a broken wooden beam not to far away from his persons. She signaled for them to check it out.

Nodding, Alex slowly walked around the benches and came to a halt at one side of the door. Taking a deep breath and gulping, he held his wooden beam in his hands like a bat and got ready. Please not be dangerous. . .


Stopping with a dull thud of his boots, Alastair glanced up at the chapel. Deep down he was hoping for signs that this was built by at least something that resembled human, but his hope were dashed by its condition of disrepair. The main thought that troubled his mind was the thought that this whole chapel could be a brilliantly disguised trap, all set to try and lure refugees into a waiting maw.

Hesitating he walked off to the side, and turned his attention to the only other thing that stood out within this area, the graveyard. Many questions were raised about these graves, none of which really made Alastair feel any better, for all he knew they could be the graves of the victims that came before him, heck they may have even been a plot of land waiting to bury his corpse if he was to die.

"Memento Mori" he stated under his breath as he turned back to the chapel and headed for its doors. Carefully pushing the doors open slowly he stepped inside swiftly, trying to let his eyes adjust to the sight before him, Nothing seemed to stand out and he could not tell yet whether that was a good or bad thing. His boot steps echoed loudly within the building as he took a couple more step down the center aisle, the unnerving thought of his own death from seeing the graveyard was subdued for the moment as he could at least see some reprieve while he could plan and prioritize his next Moves.


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#, as written by CJL1290

Raine slowly peeked through the front doors of the chapel and saw a rather tall and intimidating man near the front. His size compared to her and the guy with her was big enough that he could overpower them with some ease. Great.

She watched him divert his attention over to the graveyard for a moment before mumbling something and walking towards the entrance. Raine quickly ducked away from the door as the man walked in, his boots echoing louder than her own footsteps ever could. She gripped the metal decanter in her hand as she shot a look over towards the man with the beanie. If they were to survive, they had to work together. Step one? Make sure this guy isn't hostile, and defend themselves if necessary.

She pulled out her notepad and quickly scribbled down:"Go find out if he's a threat or not, and I'll go hide nearby. If he is a threat, yell "NOW!" and I'll sneak up on him and help you out."

Raine looked at the tall man who walked halfway down the aisle and seemed to be observing the building.

"Be careful."

She quietly tore the note from the pad and tossed it to the blond boy, nodded towards him, and crept her way behind one of the pillars in the sanctuary, not too far from the man in question. Clenching the decanter in her hand and staying as quiet as possible, she waited for beanie boy to make a move, and hope things would work out for the best.

Raine hated being this paranoid, but she had no idea what to expect in this mysterious world, and she wasn't ready to die yet. Thoughts began entering her mind, and all she thought was multiple ways she could end up dead; chills ran down her spine at the mere thought of not seeing her family again because she was mauled by some creature in another world.

Speaking of that...

She clenched her teeth in frustration as she remembered Eris' face; her cackle of laughter before leaving her in this hellish place.

"I hope I don't end up kicking Eris in the face before I can actually ask her how to get out of here..."