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Selena Constadine

" Even the prettiest flowers w i l t . . "

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a character in “Welcome to the Nightmare”, as played by SplashTheCrazyWolf


Selena Constadine

βœ– Full name βœ– Selena Mae Constadine.
βœ– Nickname βœ–: Lena.
βœ– Age βœ–: 1904, but appears to be around 19. )
βœ– Gender βœ–: female
βœ– Height βœ–: 5'6
βœ– Weightβœ–: 56 kilograms.
βœ– Romantic Interest βœ–: N/A
βœ– Sexuality βœ–: Heterosexual
βœ– Nationality βœ–: Nobody really knows; but she appears to be Australian.
βœ– Alignment βœ–: She has not yet decided.
βœ– Face Claim βœ–: Shanoa Castlevania

βœ– Physical Description/Clothing Preference βœ–:
||Appearance||Her body is a perfect hourglass figure, ending in two long legs. Selena's hair is a rich shade of ebony, with raven feathers woven into some of the strands. It flows in waves to adorn her glowing, porcelain-like skin. Her eyes, framed by long rich black lashes, are a bright, emerald-green, that darkened; depending on her current mood. A straight nose, and pale lips - she seemed the picture of perfection.
Had she smiled, the world would sigh with contentment. Had she laughed, the world would laugh with her; but that would probably never happen.

||Clothing|| Selena tends to wear clothing that does not roam the common malls. She mainly wears black knee high dresses, with a glossy black ribbon tied to the waist band of the dress. Fingerless, elbow high gloves also roam her wardrobe, and she commonly wears them. When Selena explores the deep forest, she wears a brown and blue dress like attire, that is tied around her neck. Long gloves also accompany her.

βœ– Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features βœ–: Selena has numerous, tattoos; but her most noticeable one is located on her back. It appears to be tendrils, perhaps that of a weeping willow, that have woven together; ending ion beautiful blossoming flowers. The tattoo is just black, with no colour. Selena has the word β€˜ Silence β€˜ Tattooed across her shoulders, in perfect cursive. . Piercings also inhabit her body. She has most her ear covered in studs, her nose has a simple nose ring and her lip is pierced. No scars are noticeable on her body, but she does have a few from past fights.

βœ– Use A Weapon? βœ–: As Selena is a Mage des animaux, also known as a Morpher, ( meaning she can morph into any animal she prefers ) she tends to use the abilities of her animal spirits as her weapons. Most morphers are gifted with the power of walking in dreams ; but Selena is not capable of that advantage.
βœ– Hobbies/Skills βœ–: Selena is quite the artist. She tends to draw freely in her spare time, and rather enjoys it. Her mother was a well known artist, and often sold her drawings in town. She has picked up on her talent for drawing over the past years. Being an Morpher, she is also quite good with animals – which is fortunate because there are many wild animals roaming freely in the forest. Selena can not control them, per say, but rather speak to them. It may sound rather perquiliar, but Selena can communicate through her mind. They of course reply, but they don’t neccasarily act β€˜ friendly β€˜ they most likely turn on her, and she is forced to fight them.

βœ– Personality βœ–: Spending most of her time alone, Selena rarely talks to other humans. But when she does find a stray human wandering aimlessly in the forest, she tends to be rather snappy and inpatient. Of course she would never kill without reason, but that doesn’t mean the thought can’t pass through her head! She would probably be classified as a typical earth teenager.

[img]URL[/img]☒ Likes ☒:
β€’ Animals
β€’ Drawing
β€’ Free running in her other forms
β€’ Quite
β€’ Reading
β€’ Not being disturbed regularly

☒ Dislikes ☒:
β€’ Fighting without reason
β€’ Swimming
β€’ Flames
β€’ People in general

☒ Flaws ☒:
β€’ Tends to actively swear
β€’ Does not like her appearance. β€’ Can not master the ability all Morphers as given.

black]☒other Fears☒:
β€’ Drowning
β€’ Everything she loves , destroyed
β€’ Oblivion.

☒Secrets ☒:
β€’ Nobody knows , she is quite suicidal.
β€’ She hates pink.
β€’ wishes she could have a friend to talk to.

☒ Other ☒:
Selena has a beautiful Friesian stallion that goes by the name Sentinel. He can morph into an black wolf, which Selena is still trying to figure out what breed.
Before Morphers leave their families to journey off into the world; they are given a Familiar. Well not neccasarily β€˜ given,’ rather the Familiar has to choose them. At a time – eight Morphers stand on a podium, their families at the bottom. Eight entirely different breeds of animals are displayed. Sometimes it can take a minute, and sometimes it can take haldf an hour. The morphers are to stand still, as well as the Familiars. You could hear a pin drop. Then at their own will, the familiars will step forward to the Morpher they have chosen. Sentinel was the third animal to choose.

So begins...

Selena Constadine's Story


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Selena Mae Constadine

Selena walked silently across the cobblestone path, emerald embedded on the outside of the rocks. She had pure white water lillies, tied together with a red metallic ribbon. Cinnamon sticks also was in the tight bunch, and had a refreshing fragrance to it. The graveyard was completely silent, apart from the sound of her footsteps bouncing off the stone wedges. The clearing was pitch black, apart from the warm hue coming from the chapel's walls.

Every year Selena would visit the grave yard, and place a bunch of flowers on her mothers tomb. She never really knew her father, he died when she was two years of age, when he was prosecuted for stealing from the king. Finally she arrived to where she had travelled for what seemed like hours, but was only twenty minutes. She knelt down slowly in front of her mother. The stone was engraved with Elizabeth Merry Constadine II It didn't have how long she lived for, I guess nobody really knew. A snarling gargoyle was placed mid flight a top of the tomb - quite unusual since the rest had angels and what not. Selena's mother always loved gargoyles, and she said she wanted one to guard her to the underworld.

Letting out a faint sob, Selena stretched out and wiped the dust off the plaque with her index finger; then placing the lilies on the tomb, next to the year before's flowers, which included daisies, daffodils and simple plain white flowers she found while gathering herbs. "

"Goodbye, mother."

She whispered, and stood up, placing her shaking hands in her pockets, and walking to the entrance of the Chapel. It looked quite spooky, with pure white walls that had gradually grown darker with age - and had dark green moss covering most of the walls. She placed a hand on the door, letting her fingers trace the pictures and writing that had been engraved into the rich mahogany wood, before pushing on the door. And with a loud creak, it swung open painfully slow. As she turned around to close the door after her, she looked up to see humans standing in front of her.

Crap! I thought I heard voices!

Selena screamed in her mind, her eyes wide with alarm.