Welcome To The Rave

Welcome To The Rave


When creativity becomes against the law,some believe that creating is bad. But others,they come to the underground Rave. ((More Inside))

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The year is 2030,and after seven teenagers are killed coming home from a create fest. The government starts to blame it on everything. The art,dancing,the creativity,everything but blaming the person driving who ironiclly was the president's son and daughter. Instead aking the responablity of him making a mistake letting his children,he blames it on everything else. So a few months later a girl named "Primrose" and her best friend, "Xavier" created "The Rave". An underground place where teenagers could do what ever they wated to do from painting to dancing, to modeling. They allowed anyone who had the passion and promised not to rat them. To prevent this everyone uses a fake name, something completely different from their real name.

"The Rave" is completely underground and is sound-proof so no adult can hear and call the police,if anyine ot caught they be sent to jail but for the creators "Primrose and Xavier" they be killed or locked up for life,all for wanting toexpress themself. Thousands of teenagers wake up at midnight and sneak into the abandon field just for a few hours just to be themselfs. But,a few like Prim and Xavier,well the worl thought they died or disappeared years ago. For the brave ones they live,work,and learn in "The Rave". Will you have the guts to come down and epress yourself or will go further and stays here forever and become a raver? Or maybe you're a rat and want the cash reward for whoever can break it up and bring the two creators in. What do you chose?


"Primrose":Played by BleedingLover

will add more if needed
"The snitch":(Boy or Girl) They want to gather all infomation they can and has been a "Raver" for years. They on't just come out and turn them in. It takes time and effort to get "Primrose and Xavier" to trust you.


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