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Welcome to the Wasteland


Lil Shanty, a run-down and dirt poor mass of buildings with little of value and no one of importance, nothing out of the ordinary ever happens here, even the banits and freaks of the desert pretty much leave the town alone due to the lack of any profit here. This dump is also where you've lived you entire bleak and uninteresting life, struggling to get by, devoid of any chance at a better life, that is, until you witnessed a peculiar sight. Standing on the mainstreet of town, really the only one that can really be called a 'street,' you were startled by the sight of a red '89 Toyota Camry station wagon plated in scrap steel and adorned with dozens of long steel spikes across the face of the vehicle. Screams rang out as the hellish station wagon tore down Mainstreet until coming to a stop at the end of the road, and sat at an ominous idle for what seemed to be the longest minute of your life.

The sight of a running car meant that the man inside was either very important, or he killed scores of men to get to some gasoline, whatever the case, it could only mean trouble. Suddenly the sound of more running engines hit your ear, more cars over the horizon, a pickup truck rusted beyond reconition, and what looked like half of an older Camaro raced towards the town at high speeds. The station wagon revved a few times before tearing back down the dirt road towards the the oncoming vehicles, the sharp spikes protruding from the front offered a deadly challenge for the Camero as the the little red station wagon aimed for a head on collision. Just before impact the Camero attempted to veer away, causing the car to spin out on the loose dirt, resulting in the steel spikes landing in the driverside door, and a mess of blood exploding onto the inside of the windshield. The truck circled the two vehicles, a handgun protruding from the driver side window, prepared to fire, but just as soon as the truck came around to the side of the car, a woman slid herself out of the passenger window, shotgun in hand, blowing away anything that had been behind the steering wheel of the rusted truck.

The woman slipped back into the car, the entire town was silent, save for the sound of grinding metal as the wagon backed the spikes out of the now totaled Camero. The car then pulled itself to the side of the road and parked next to the towns bar, sitting for a moment before ever opening the doors. You watched closely as a large man, and the woman with the shotgun stepped out of the car, they shared a brief hug and a high five before they turned and walked inside the bar. This presented you with a heavy choice, these people were obviously dangerous, but they had a car, they were skilled, and above all else, they were confident, a trait seldom seen here in Lil Shanty, you can try your luck with the pair, or let the rest of your life rot away here in this forsaken place.

Alright! thank you for giving this RP a look through,, below is all of the info you will need to know about the wasteland before participating in this roleplay so dont skim it

Towns and Important Locations:

Lil Shanty: A small piss poor town with little of value, buildings here are basically huts and small houses put together with any wood and scrap metal avalible. There is little to no vegitation here and the the entire terrain around the town is nothing but loose dirt and sand. [RP starting area]

Burnside Caverns: A fully functional underground city, lit by torches and sparse electric lighting. Architecture here is mostly metal or stone buildings scattered throughout the small twisting tunnel systems that make up the city. No vegitation exsists in this area save for abundant mushrooms and the terrain consists of tight cramped cavens with low ceilings and hard dirt floors.

Carlsbad: The largest city left in the wasteland and by far the most populated, built upon the pre-war city, the buldings here stand far taller than any other city for thousands of miles. This urban enviorment is littered with crime and violence, and is just as unsafe as the wasteland itself.

Riverbank Hollow: A little town deep in the wasteland sitting on the bank of a dried up riverbed, often a safe place for travellers to stop and rest, but stories of people causing trouble here and the 'disappearing' are commonplace.

The Wasteland: A barren place of dry scarred earth and huge scorching sand dunes all hiding rabid animals, bloodthirsty psychopaths, and other greedy backstabbing travelers. For someone who has never left the safety of their place of birth, the wastes are possibly the most ominous place imaginable, but to its hardened explorers, its home.

[More as we explore]

Trade: Paper money has no value in this day and age, instead bartering is more common place, trading an item of value for an item of value. Depending on the item and how useful it is determines the value, a glass statue or gold ring would be virtually worthless, while a cigarette lighter or blanket would be a valuable trade. Above all else, gasoline is the most priceless item that can be found here in the wasteland, just a gallon could be worth a mans life... to the right buyer.

Edgar- CombatWombat
Kai- Maci-Care

-Jackie Neigels- Vio-Lance
-Leroy Gaussfried- Vio-Lance
[will add more if others wish to join]

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The raging sun baked the salty sand of the barrens across the plains, the heat rising off of the ground in waves it seemed. Every second the sun shone, it seemed to get hotter and hotter out. Which of course, was not exactly the most pleasing experience in the world. The wasteland seemed devoid of nearly any life... not even the salt-pines grew out here, which was nearly impossible to find somewhere they don't. The only thing left down the arid landscape, seeming to go on for miles, was what was left of the highway, which didn't even form a single piece of road anymore - cracks and shatters of the pavement had fractured it into rubble, rather. It was harsh goings for anyone....

Especially the two faded, bloody green uniforms that hunkered down the road, slumped over like zombies.

"I's bloo'y hoooooot...." The brittish man whined, his bloody sleeve coming up to run across his soaked forehead, drying it somewhat as he drudged forward, his body drooped over. His body was covered in still bleeding wounds, and wounds that were slowed in healing. He was almost literally soaked in blood. He jerked his hat from his sweat drenched head, tucking it into one of his jacket pockets. "I feel loik we've been wand'ren in dis desert fer DAYS. Ya fink dis sun could git any brigh'r?"

" Don't jinx us now, Jack." Said his partner, whom was only slightly LESS beaten and bloody. They had encountered a band of raiders a while back... the results were not favorable, and both he and his comrade were worse for wear. Jack especially had a fatal looking wound on his gut, where a hunting-rifle made it's mark through his gut. [color=#BF0000]"If you think about cool things, your body will cool off. Keep your mind off the heat. Think about the satisfaction we get from smashing the crap out of those thugs, earlier."

"Bloo'y righ', we showed 'oes tossers whoew's boss! 'At damn bunch'a loonies come o'er ta us demanding our cracker jacks! Dey even SAW our guns righ' bloo'y dere!" He said, straighting with sudden pride. "An' 'ose boys sure coul' run once we blew deir balls clean off!"

"That marksman hit you good, though. The one that was taking pot-shots at us the entire time? How are you holding up back there anyway?" The taller man said, tossing his gaze over his shoulder at the younger man. " You took a pretty nasty hit, you know. If it was anyone but you, I'd be a little more concerned." He added with a slight grin.

"Meh. Tha dizzies come an' go,bu' i's not too bad. Et could be a whole 'ell lots worse, lets me tell'ya. Tha' was a perfectly good kidney I lost!" The younger brit retaliated. He crossed his arms over his chest, covering a few more of his wounds. "Whot 'bout yerself, 'eh? I bet'cha you've 'ad yer share o' mad, murd'rus highwaymen."

"Why the hell did we go out there in the first place? For some kind of... something, right? They had something of value? I hope it's small... because you don't seem to be carrying anything. Especially no gasoline." The taller asked, taking his own cap off, and running a finger through his persperation soaked hair, before replacing his cap.

" I 'eard a rumor 'at dey had an acordion." Jack said, smirking. "An' I traded ya tha' stupid multi-tool ta go 'elp me check it out. Bugger if it wasn't hot air. Wasn't noffin' dere even remotely loik an acordion."

" Oh, that's right. I'm sorry, I have trouble remembering the results of idiocy." Leroy retaliated, begining to pull his arms across his chest as well.

The two continued their slow, wounded pace untill they saw their blessing on the horizon. What was actually a bunch of sparse huts and barely standing structure looked like paradise to the ex-rebels. They shared a look of excitement with each other, a few playful shoves, and picked up their pace (although about halfway there, Jack had to hold onto Leroy for support, his injuries were becoming more serious). The pair shuffled hastily into the town... if it was suitable to call the place such. Even though it was just a few rancid little huts in the middle of the oven of the desert, shade was shade, damnit! Leroy hoisted his wounded partner, whom weakly held onto him as they made there way into what looked like the center of the town... the bar... or inn... or whatever the hell it was was. The pair smiled... but their smiled dimmed as they saw the grim scene layed out before them. What looked like an auto-war had happened here in the town...

"Perhaps, Jackie... this is not the town she should stop to take a break in." Leroy said, looking at the man and woman standing beside the station wagon. Leroy sighed, and kept his head held high... hoping that his and Jack's Rebel uniforms wouldn't get him in trouble in this town as he helped the stumbling brit into the bar...making dangerous eye contact with the man and his female friend as he walked in. Once in, the rest of the bar goers didn't really seem to pay any mind to the wounded pair. Selfish pricks... only helped when there was something in it for them. Then again, it was selfish for Leroy to expect them to help for nothing. After situating Jackie in a chair, Leroy dropped the satchel from his back, and began to dig around, finally withdrawing a small medical kit from his knapsack. "Hold on, Union Jack... Don't bleed to death just yet." He murmured, begining to replace bandages, not really sure what else to do about a ballistic weapon wound. With a fresh splash of clear alcohol, and a hiss from his patient the larger male took a seat next to his friend. "Just relax, Union Jack. We'll get a bed here to night, eh?"

"Dey bet'er be some damn tea 'round 'ere..." The wounded rebel mumbled, which earned a light chuckle from the other man near him, whom began to patch himself up too.

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#, as written by Hells13
Hiding from the sun behind an obviously hastily made hut, was a child of sorts attempting to sleep, fortunatly not getting any. The sun, even in the shade, made the air heavy and hot. The small piece of sand that wasn't enveloped by the sun's rays was the only piece of shade that Lanelo could crawl into.
The roar of a car, an actual car, surged Lanelo from his state of rest from his back on his feet as he peered his head through the shade. A station wagon, specially customized for battle, went through the road of the time or rather the only part of town that was less rocky and dusty that became a road. Though it was barely recongnizable based on the amount of amature work it was an 89' Toyota Camry everything else that happened seem to be a dream or a nightmare.

Two more cars entered the town as well. A Pickup truck that was rusted beyond recongniton, brand and body nearly disappeariing, a Camero as well or at least the front half that was salvageable.
Everything happened so fast, the grinding of steel breaking, blood splattering and the blast of a shotgun, the loudest sound of all.
Two people emerged from the red Camry victorius and went into the bar soon after; one of the only settlements that wouldn't break upon a strong wind.
One of them was a woman and the other was a man so maybe perhaps they were family?

As soon as the both of them went into the bar, two other guys walked inside too and as soon as they were in Lanelo snuck out from the shade of the hut towards their red car, wary enough not to touch it but closely inspect it.
It was obvious, even to Lanelo that these people were dangerous, yet everything is dangerous. Dying in this small town was dangerous. Then perhaps he had to somehow escape that fate with these people? What if he tried to steal their car? Even if he managed to find the two wires to connect, something his dad had taught him in the shop, could he really escape other people that'd kill him for even driving a car? He didn't even know how to drive yet or get the experiance to before.

So the decision was final. He had to somehow join the other two as intimidating as they were. They couldnt be raiders, Lanelo knew that, otherwise the entire town place would have been mowed down by now plus they didn't dress it. They must have been wanderers; experianced.

A sickening idea then popped into Lanelo's head, the kind in which could save him from the fate of being stranded in this town, or just speed up his death by today.


After one good minute and 30 seconds Lanelo went inside the salloon face red and covered in sweat; carrying dragging a 35 lb battery in the shape of a shoebox through the floor of the salloon by it's rubber handle until he had sat down on a table to cool off.

This car battery was from the red Toyota Camry and without it the car wouldn't start. When the car wouldn't start they'd have to figure out it was Lanelo and when they do he'd use it as a bargaining chip in order to join them. In theory, it sounds like a good idea, at first but this is the wastelands.
It was still the best that Lanelo could come up with in the short time provided so it was go or no go. It had to work.

"To get anywhere in this world you'll need a car." That was the best advice a father could give to his son.

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Character Portrait: Jackie Neigels and Leroy Gaussfried
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Character Portrait: Lanelo Desho


Character Portrait: Lanelo Desho
Lanelo Desho

"I-is that a car? An 89' Toyoto Camry?"

Character Portrait: Edgar

"Who do I gotta shoot at to get some clean water around here?"

Character Portrait: Jackie Neigels and Leroy Gaussfried
Jackie Neigels and Leroy Gaussfried

"Bloo'y great. 'ow da 'ell are we supposed ta git outta dis one, genious?" "Uhm... Fighting? Like we always do?" - Banter between Jackie and Leroy.


Character Portrait: Lanelo Desho
Lanelo Desho

"I-is that a car? An 89' Toyoto Camry?"

Character Portrait: Jackie Neigels and Leroy Gaussfried
Jackie Neigels and Leroy Gaussfried

"Bloo'y great. 'ow da 'ell are we supposed ta git outta dis one, genious?" "Uhm... Fighting? Like we always do?" - Banter between Jackie and Leroy.

Character Portrait: Edgar

"Who do I gotta shoot at to get some clean water around here?"

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Character Portrait: Edgar

"Who do I gotta shoot at to get some clean water around here?"

Character Portrait: Lanelo Desho
Lanelo Desho

"I-is that a car? An 89' Toyoto Camry?"

Character Portrait: Jackie Neigels and Leroy Gaussfried
Jackie Neigels and Leroy Gaussfried

"Bloo'y great. 'ow da 'ell are we supposed ta git outta dis one, genious?" "Uhm... Fighting? Like we always do?" - Banter between Jackie and Leroy.

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I submitted a character. Would like to play.

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Hey, lets not elt this die, maybe someone can be Edgar, make a new edgar, hell even make my characters brother and it doesnt even have to have the name edgar, so please someone.

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Ugh, he does this in like all his roleplays. He almost leaves all of them, like as if he cant multi-roleplay. Hell i do like 20 roleplays at one time.

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I did, D:

He said he was busy with this dragon age RP and that this may be dead. :'(

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Im waiting for Combat to post since hes the brother. Just PM him or soemthing.

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an i be a wastelander/bounty hunter and add a few locations? :3 pwetty pwease?

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Then it is settled. FIRST POST, coming right up!

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Technically its four. ANd ive done roleplasyw tih 2 people,a dn we actually finished. But yeah, but im not doing the first post. I hate doing that

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you want to start with just 3? i was gonna wait but if you guys want to begin we can.

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So combat, when are we going to start. the roleplay is off the newest board now.

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Edgar and his sister were the two in the station wagon, i cant put out too many other details before we start.. as far as firearms, you can have a shotgun [preferably pump action, semi or full auto would be too much for the beginning of the game] or any other small caliber weapon that isnt too OP

and like i said... the intro is still a work in progress

Re: [OOC] Welcome to the Wasteland

You should include this in the intro, but who exaclt are Edgar and his sister. And what type of equipment can i have.

Re: [OOC] Welcome to the Wasteland

Edgar will be 26 so i guess a few years younger than him

Re: [OOC] Welcome to the Wasteland

Ok, but ill need to know a couple things, how olf are edgar and his sister?

Re: [OOC] Welcome to the Wasteland

Sure :D the intro is still a work in progress but ill accept characters at anytime

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Ill reserve edgars sister, pretty please.

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