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Leo Zang

"You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take"

0 · 382 views · located in London, England

a character in “We'll sleep when we're dead”, as played by museman


Name: Leo Zang

Birthday: November 7 23

Nationality: 1/2 Asian // 1/2 English - American

Sexuality: Straight

Gender: Male

Romantic Interest: The Musician

Country: Canada

Song: Screen - Twenty One Pilots

Movie: Need For Speed


Image<h3> Likes: </h3> Women, Alcohol, Biking, The Musician, Tattoos, Techno Music and Indie/Alternative Rock too, BlueJay

<h3> Dislikes: </h3> Drugs, Public Transportation, People who are a drunk mess around him, people that act fake, Big Hot-Shot celebrities

Image Leo is still a virgin and he doesn't like to admit it. He either wants to wait for the right person or throw it away on his 26 birthday. He is also self-conscious about his body. Not his face or hair. Nor his tattoos, but what is hidden under his clothing and even under his skin.

Image Leo is a very charismatic and outgoing person. He was actually born in Canada, believe it or not, to a white American Dad, and an Asian mother. His Mother has an Asian accent, but Leo's is more like his Father's. Not as deep, but American even though they lived in Canada. Leo knew his trouble was diversity. But at school he tried putting that behind him and started making friends left and right. He had parties every once in a while when he hit his High School years. People started to bring alcohol over and Leo had a few shots of this and that. That's when he knew he wanted to be a bartender/mixologist. Not forever, but until he got a real professional job.

Leo wanted to go to College in England when he graduated High School, and so he did. He needed some extra money so her started being a bartender at a club called BlueJay. He made some friends at the club. The DJ, the singer, and the Musician who Leo has strong feelings for. He wants to try and woo her, but there are so many other relationship triangles going on in the club, that Leo is afraid he might be apart of one if he makes one wrong move.

Leo is not just Charismatic and outgoing. He is also very intelligent. He is not seen that way because bartenders are just college drop-outs looking for an easy job that provides them with free alcohol, but Leo defies that stereotype. He has his masters in rocket science, but is taking an internship in London. The extra cash from bar tending helps pay off student loans and pay his rent. Leo uses his wit and intelligence to help out the club financially by learning everything he can about the booze that are served by him. He is trying to learn every possible drink combination too. He uses his vast knowledge of drinks to convince customers that the more higher-end drinks don't get you as drunk as some of the lower end, but it does make you party better. Leo loves to party so he added that in there to show customers that the drinks fit in right with the club.

So begins...

Leo Zang's Story


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It's 3:00pm and the sky is dark and gloomy, it just began to rain. Today is what I would call a hangover day.


The rain was hitting the ground hard and Lennie was scowling as she looked out the window of the dance studio. " Why did it have to start raining now? Why couldn't it wait until later!?" The blonde huffed frustrated, she had a major headache from the night before and forgot she had dance practice in the morning until noon. By this point she was exhausted and irritated by one of the things she absolutely loves which was the rain. She turned to her brother Kevin who was getting ready to leave, Lennie would have asked him for a ride but sadly he didn't bring his car because he thought he would make it back before it rained but like always he was wrong. " You could have left with Sarah, she even offered you a ride so stop complaining!" Her brother argued back playfully but Lennie only huffed and looked back out the window at the rain. " I have no choice but to walk back home in the rain."

Her brother rolled his eyes shaking his head. "You live right down the street Lia." Lennie quickly turned on her heels and stuck her tongue out at her brother. " So do you dummy!" The two stared at eachother for a whole second before busting into laughter like the two pair of idiots they were. " Whatever, I'm going home." he chuckled as he headed towards the door with Lennie right behind him. " Me too, I'll text you later." Lennie quickly pecked his cheek before they both she began to sprint down the street. " Be Careful not to melt!" She heard her brother shout as he too took off down the opposite way and Lennie couldn't help but let a chuckle escape her lips as she ran.

When Lennie entered the apartment complex she let out a sigh of relief. Her head was now thumping extra hard and she could swear she could feel her heartbeat through her head. Her clothes were all wet and so was her hair but she didn't mind much. Lennie fiddled with the keys before finding the right one and opening her apartment and upon entering she wondered if her roommate, Hollie was home. " Yo, Hollie you home?" Lennie called out as she began to remove her wet clothing as she tip toed to the bathroom trying not to wet the floor.