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Well, we're screwed

The Middle of Nowhere


a part of Well, we're screwed, by .:Teardrops:..


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The Middle of Nowhere is a part of Well, we're screwed.

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Leo Shilstone [249] "Well I'm not of violent nature, never do no one harm. So don't come and push me too far."
Rhea Brenner [240] I promise you I'll do my best to keep us alive
Emily Heart [237] "I think I'll just go with flow and try my best not to bother anybody."
Devon Fox [234] Are you scared baby? Don't worry, I'll make it all better.
Chloe Teise [205] UGH why are there so many SPIDERS
Oliver Winston [45] "Fuck you, and you, and you!"
Timothy Hiott [39] "Father please forgive me for the wrongs that I have done.. and for those I'm about to do."
Frankie Harlowe [5] "My momma said freckles are what is left after angels kiss you."
Miranda Law [0] "I lack the capability to act and sound like a normal teenager."

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Chloe moved over to him, and he smiled. She didn't actually say anything, only mouthing out a thank you. He didn't mouth anything out, only whispering "no problem.. you were getting awful lonely." "You may want to hold her hand. This isn't going to feel nice." He already was, but Rhea moved it slightly, along with taking his hands off her eyes. Ah, least it was a nice gesture "What, don't wanna play peekaboo?" Emily had finished with Rhea's leg and she rose, keeping his hand in her grasp.

"Ooh, I know! Let's play a game. Anyone up for Never Have I Ever?" "What? Name something you've never done? I dunno, talkin' to a guy who's motto is why not try it, you're no worse off than you were before.." "Ummm if you want, go first." Leo had started to panic a bit, not knowing what to say. "Okay.. god, I dunno. Escalator? I've never been on an escalayta."

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Character Portrait: Rhea Brenner Character Portrait: Devon Fox Character Portrait: Chloe Teise Character Portrait: Leo Shilstone Character Portrait: Emily Heart
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Emily scooted over so she was next to Devon, making their shoulders brush and she stretched out her legs. Devon's ankle was on top of her to keep in elevated, and it felt featherlight against her with all the fluttery feelings she was getting from being so close. leo went first and Emily looked at him skeptically. "An escalator? Really?" She laughed and shook her head putting her pinky up in the air. "Since we don't have vodka, we'll use our fingers. Whoever gets to ten loses." She sat back, seeing everyone put their pinky up. I mean, come on, an escalator?

She thought about it for awhile and then spoke, "Okay, never have I ever...smoked weed." She shrugged, not knowing what else to say. She would have said something like 'never have I ever gotten pregnant' but she doubted Rhea had either, and even Chloe didn't seem like the girl to do that, so it was pointless if no one was going to get out. Looking around, she saw it was either Chloe or Devon's turn to go.