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We're Alive

We're Alive


What happens when a pawn disobeys their king? They run.

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What happens to people when the past comes back to haunt them? What such feelings would build up inside them? Mainly for the Neshvhaal people, the past is merely a lesson that they choose to learn from. They do not dwell much of what happened during the great Famine of Culifatho. When asked, they simply nod their heads and then change the subject. The Famine isn't such a light topic. Especially for the soldiers and mages who had faught the Connefed people of Culifatho during the war. It was such a bloody and hellish battle, it would be remembered clear as day for those who had been alive during the time. Such merciless hate flowed through the hearts of both races. There was no mercy. Villages were obliterated nearly to the point of no repair. Neshvhaal women were raped and killed by the Connefed boars. Children were burned and diced by their brutes. And villagers were defenseless against their mages. It was a dreadful and dark time. The queen of Morendaaul Yorvaskaar was driven to suicide... for she was unable to help when her people needed her the most. The throne was given to her son, who was merely the age of thirteen. The Connefeds nearly drove out the Neshvhals in attempt to take their land for themselves. It was chaos. Eventually, the Connefeds were driven out of Morendaaul Yorvaskaar after nine long years of torment and despair.

Though the war was over, it didn't mean the chaos had ended. Morendaaul Yorvaskaar was left vulnerable to other countries that could easily take advantage of it. The Connefeds attacked Morendaaul Yorvaskaar when they entered a horrible famine, and seeing that their neighboring country was fruitful and prosperous, they decided to claim the land for themselves. After the war, Morendaaul Yorvaskaar was left beaten and bruised by the Connefed people of Culifatho. The country was still in complete disarray. Weakened factions were slowly recovering, and the young king's council was struggling to aid fallen outposts and villages. Occupied with recovery and repair, there was quite a bit of land that was claimed by other Neshvhaal dominated countries who had heard of Morendaaul Yorvaskaar's tragic state. The land was easy to confiscate. Riots eruppted across the remaining territory, wanting the claimed land back in possession of Morendaaul Yorvaskaar. But, with the amount of damage done, the country's army would not take the risk of regaining the land.

The country's devastating phase not only called for other attacks, but it soon became the most active place for evil entities and groups. Creatures, known as Gants, decided to inhabit the Badlands. These brute beasts are known to attack and destroy homesteads with little to no effort. however, they are not impossible to defeat. Morendaaul Yorvaskaar is now a hot spot for the black market and slavery systems due to a lack of security. Because of the war, much of the warriors were lost in battle. The Neshvhal villagers who are still struggling to survive have to learn how to defend themselves.

This country needs a hero (or two) to liberate it from the evil that swarms it. The people are hanging on the threads of their lives. Closure is a necessity.

The young king was also subject to this chaos. He was confused, and had little to no idea how to run a country. When his mother died, he was instantly responsible for an entire country. His council didn't prove to be much help either- they were worried about keeping their place in royal office more than they were afraid of losing to the Connefeds. He was lost and had no sense of direction. So he decided to do nothing, and wait for an outcome. Though during this time, the Neshvhals were informed of the queen's suicide at the peak of the war. The Neshvhals had seemingly lost all hope and were praying for a miracle.

This opened up the door for the young king to go astray from his duties. He became desperate to bring this chaos to an end, but he only made it worse.


Fifteen years didn't seem to be enough time for Morendaaul Yorvaskaar to recover. It has not fallen to anarchy; the king was still in power. Though the overwhelming dysfunction of the kingdom drove him to his breaking point. He finally put his foot down, and made it clear that he was once and for all going to have complete and utter control over his country.


Toggle Rules

First things first- the wretched rules of this role play must be addressed.
►Two characters max.
►Do NOT make a Mary Sue or a Gary Stu. PLEASE.
---►Do not make them super flawed or flawless.
---►Do not make them an invincible fighter who never gets hurt.
------►No loopholes like -She got scratched but didn't get hurt too bad- when they are fighting a Goblin or a Gant. THOSE WILL HURT.
------►LETS HAVE SOME VARIETY PEOPLE! Don't make your character boring, and try not to make them just like everyone else's.
---►Do not let them overpower another character while fighting. Sure, they might have an advantage, but that doesn't mean they won't suffer a few blows.
►Be respectful. If someone does something you aren't fond of, please tell me or someone with a higher power depending on the situation.
►Be logical, don't defy the laws of physics unless you become cursed.
►Three paragraphs minimum. It will make the role play more interesting and fun.
►Try to include everyone. Please.
►Please use correct spelling and grammar, punctuation and such. It will make it so much easier to read and understand.
---►Please know the difference between your and you're.
---►Please know the difference between their, there, they're etc.
►Try to leave some room for character development. It would be fun to have a change in heart once in a while.
►Try to post whenever you can. I won't force you to post every day. But please say something if you'll be gone for more than a week.
►If there is something you would like to add to this role play, then please feel free to let me know. I will look it over and possibly consider it depending on what it is. (no major magic stuff though. No. There is already enough magic as it is.)
►Lastly, some parts in the introduction will be open ended- it's like that so we actually have things to develop. It's the overview of the -general storyline-
not the -entire storyline.- It's a little peevish when people ask about these things. So please, keep them to a minimum.

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Re: We're Alive

I'm aware of that, I just don't like when people are rude about it. I'm not exactly planning on keeping this for very long. I'm not finding time to do anything with it. But who know, maybe I'll have the commitment to finish. I didn't want to start an argument in my forum... I'm sorry I did that.

Re: We're Alive

Well, when you see a cool looking rp turn into ANOTHER locker, its really frustrating. Even if you didn't know anyone was interested, you should have made a note that it was temporary, just in case. You may have turned away people who may have been interested in joining.

Re: We're Alive

Well, I'm still currently working on the information. I wasn't aware that anyone had posted in this OOC thread until this evening ^^

And MayContainPlagiarism, I did't appreciate the way you addressed this under construction RP as "another goddamned storage RP."

I was testing something out, and don't ask me what I could possibly have been testing because that isn't important. Please do not speak that way to me or anyone else. I'm sorry that you thought this was going to be "another goddamned storage RP." That wasn't my intention in the first place when I changed it to "A locker."

Re: We're Alive

Why has the description changed to "A locker" and where have the rules gone...? This wasn't some covert attempt at making another goddamned storage "RP" was it?

Re: We're Alive

I too am in some sense interested in this rp's rules as they currently stand. Given its scarce information there's little to say for certain. I'll be keeping an eye on this one for now.

Re: We're Alive

Normally here at RPG we don't use #s in our tags. Not that the tag search system gets used, anyway.

I, too, am pleased to see an RP that requires some modicum of literacy, and I'll be tracking to see if I can do anything to help new members get their first RP off the ground.

Of course, I don't actually know what your RP is about, whatsoever.

Re: We're Alive


And may I just say, I appreciate your grammar rules ;)

We're Alive

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