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Felix Rowan

" You know the thing about madness its like gravity, all it takes is a little push."

0 · 382 views · located in The Institute for Super-Abominations/Nalliv

a character in “We're the Abominations -The Heroes Offspring”, as played by Tonks


Felix Rowan
Felix is tall, almost 6'2. His eyes are light, and vary from mint green to grey, and everywhere inbetween. He has a powerful preasence that just demands respect, everything about him screams ' I'm in charge, deal with it or try something.'
.:Gender: Male
.:Age: 35
.:Status: Villain
Felix is cool, collected and calculating. It's what makes him so good at planning crimes. On the flip side, at a single word he could go in to a homicidal rampage. Or simply start breaking things, depending on how fast and who calms him down.
.:Superpower : Lillusions, he can make you experience what ever he wants. So long as you can hear his voice.
.:Weapons: Whatever he happens to find.
.:History: He was raised on the streets outsmarting people, rather than out fighting them. He started out small with his own little gang, then he moved up to more... sinister things. (More to come as the rp goes on.)
.:Other: Felix see's the potential of some of the kids, he wants to nurture their powers, help them grow. And in return all he wants is their help with a few jobs. And who knows, maybe he'll grow a soft spot for one or two of them and claim them as his own.

So begins...

Felix Rowan's Story

#, as written by Tonks
Night was the most dangerrous time in Nalliv, and only three types of people went out during it. The insane, the brave and the heavliy armed. Felix was all three, but he would shoot who ever dared called him the first. He thought as he walked down an alley way to his most reacent 'HQ'. It was as close as he could get to the the institution without getting the attention of the heroes. Swiftly he solved the puzzle that was the key to his current home, and walked inside.

Hanging up his coat he called out to his current assitant. " Tell me you have good news for me James," Felix thought of James as a henchmen, but good help was hard to come by so he played nice. " Because I'm really not in the mood to be dissapointed." he walks through the halls of his nicely furnished abandoned warehouse. " Well, Mr. F, its better than yesterday.." the young man says walking up the spiral staircase that led to Felix's 'lab'. Felix rolled his eyes and tossed the scarf at him, " Well some news is better than none, speak." he says as the halls twist and turn in to a more brightly lit home.

Sighing James folds the scarf over his arm, " Well, I think I found a way in to the institution." he walks behind him, afraid of his bosses reaction to the news that the only way to get in is with the help of a few other people. Aside from the occational assistant, Felix worked alone. " And?!" Felix asked not in the mood for games. " And sir," James takes a deep breath, " You'll need some help."

Exhaling through his nose, Felix glares at him barely controlling his seemingly out of place rage. " well then, go find me some help." Nodding his assistant runs out of the room closing the door behind him. As soon as it is shut a nice, stolen vauze was hurdled at the door.

#, as written by Tonks
James looks up from his cooking, " Mr. F, someones here." he calls to his employer. " I know," Felix replies as the halls darken and the lights turn to torches with blue fire. Felix had a flair for the dramatic, and he wanted to see what the new commer was made of.

" Enter the third door on the left." he says loudly, slipping in to the room and making a blue fire apear in the fireplace. Sitting in a large purple chair he waits for the desperate man to enter the room he has so carefully prepared for this. Suddenly remembering something, Felix let out a deep breath cooling the air in the room. This way he would be warm, but the person applying would feel as thought they had just walked in to a blizard.

"Enter the third door on the left."

Xoch did as instructed, for once in his life. The thought made him snort quietly. The man he saw there was Felix, the most dreaded man in Nalliv. He felt the room get colder and huffed. He could see his breath, but barely. The little vine had moved to wrap around his chest, shivering. He frowned at man, Felix.

"You mind lifting the blizzard?" he asked, quite politely. He fought off a shiver while walking closer to the chair. He raised his hands to rest on his head and tilted it, his hair coming in front of part of his face. "Because my pet won't be able to take much more of this." he explained, the poor vine shivering under shirt shirt and jacket. His burns ached a bit but he shrugged it off.

#, as written by Tonks
"You mind lifting the blizzard?" The young man asked as he fought off a shiver. he asked, quite politely."Because my pet won't be able to take much more of this." he explained, before Felix nodded and with a cough a chair appeared and the fire heated up. " there, now sit." he says placing his fingers in a prayer like fasion on his lips, just below his nose.

" Why are you here?" he asks after a few minutes, he wanted to hear the reason the man came here. There was always a reason behind people coming to work for him, and it was better in the long run if he knew it up front. It kept out the heroes who were trying to bust him, they ususally enede up dead. And the common man who just needed the money, they were simply thrown out.

Xoch relaxed as the room warmed, the vine traveling down his arm and out the sleeve. He carefully sat in the offered chair. He gently pushed the vine back into his sleeve again and shushed it. The poor thing wasn't used to such an extreme cold. He turned back to Felix, crossing his leg over his own.

"Why are you here?"

"To break my sister out of that damned place." he said with no hesitation what so ever. He had one mission and one mission only. "She's stuck in there because of our parents and I will get her out of there. No matter the cost or the means." His eyes narrowed at the mention of those people that birthed them both. He would make them pay for that. He would to, even if it meant tearing the entire place down to get her.

#, as written by Tonks
" Hm," Felix says mildly surrised at his instant answer. But looking of the boy he figures he would be old enough to have a sister in that damned place. " It seems we share similar reasons and identical convictions." a smile that didn't reach his eyes, formed on Felix's lips. " I think you'll do," he snaps his fingers and the fire turned it's natural color and the room grew more cheery.

Standing Felix mad a shooing motion with his hand, his chair dissapeared. " Before we go any furnter." he says rolling up the sleeves of his button up shirt " I'll need a demonstration of your powers." she smirks and hold up his hands in a challenging way.

"I'll need a demonstration of your powers."

"Everybody needs something..." he muttered, stand up and popping his neck. The vine in his sleeve uncurled itself from his arm, almost coming the full length out, with only a bit wrapped around his wrist. The plant around his wrist gave a sighing motion and he flicked his wrist, slamming it into Felix. He pulled back slightly and the entire thing shifted so it was beside him. "I'm just glad yours is easy..." he said, pushing happiness, what little he had, into his voice. His other power made his voice sound deeper but he shrugged it off. Only a bit.

"You want more?"

#, as written by Tonks
Felix was about to say something more to the kid, he really needed ot learn his new ' partners' name. When james ran in to the room " Mr. F the alarms are going off at the instiute. If there was any time to go now is it." Nodding Felix walks out of the room he and plant boy were in. As he goes down the hall he grabs various things, like a cane and a simple hand gun. " Are you coming plant boy, or am I going to have to break them all out myself?"

There was only one thing on his mind, the secret Sarah told him before she died. I dont have anyone left. he said holding her in his arms. You can't leave me, it'll force me to madness. To that she simply smiled. My sweet Felix, you do have somone. She's in the Institute, waiting for you. With one last smile, the light passed from the eyes of the love of Felix's life.

Ira had just been on the brink of falling a sleep when the alarm goes off. " My daddy is coming," she instantly thought. And knowing he probably had never seen her before, Ira decided she would have to get out of this box and go find him closing her eyes she focused on the keys they had locked her in here with. Then as they came in to realitiy she forced them outside the box and to the key hole. Ira was lucky she hadn't been at the Institute for long, other wise they would know more about her alilites. The door popped open and grabbing her teddy bear, Ira went out in to the mess that was the Institute in serch of her father.

Xoch let a grin come over his face at the thought of his sister being freed. "I'm coming... I told ya I was..." he whispered into the vine. A voice sighed on the other side.

"Brother... Quickly, you have to hurry. The alarms are killing my ears."

"Roger that."

Tzal managed to get the chain off her body and out into the fray. There she saw staff members running like crazy. Then she saw the little girl. She reminded her of when she came here. She walked over and with a human hand, held it out for the girl. "You waiting for someone too? We might as well go meet them, no?" she smiled, almost innocently, like she didn't kill people before. "I'm waiting for my big brother, who's coming for you?" she asked, kneeling to her level.

#, as written by Tonks

Ira was walking through the halls watching all of the comotion with wide eyes. No one was trying to stop her.. Just then an older girl, she looked about 18 walked over and with a human hand, held it out for Ira to take. "You waiting for someone too? We might as well go meet them, no?" The girl smiled, but it felt off to her. Carefully taking the girls hand Ira knew she couldnt get out of here on her own, she was just too small. "I'm waiting for my big brother, who's coming for you?" The girl asked, kneeling to her level.

" I'm waiting for my daddy," she says with a big smile, she didn't even know what he looked like, just that she had his eyes. " Well, I'm not really waiting." she laughs a little and points to the wall, " I'm going to find him, because he doesn't know what I look like."

Striding perposely towards a less guarded part of the wall Felix looks back at the kid. He was... talking to his pet vine. " Quit talking to that plant, and help me put the C-4 on the wall." he orders tossing a bag at the kid. without looking back to see if he had caught it he went straight to work sticking his bombs on to the wall. The sooner he got through this wall the sooner he got to find his link to Sarah.

Tzal ruffled the girl's head. "I don't know what my big brother looks like either so we'll search together." She stood back up and looked at the wall. The little vine she had grew a bit so it rested around her ear and curled around her mouth like a headset. "Brother, I'm here with some kid, looking for her dad. Think there's a connection between her and the guy your running with?" She began walking to where the entrance was, looking at all the faces. Occasionally she'd pop open a patient or two but only the younger ones. The other ones could easily escape, without her help.

Xoch caught the bag and with the help of the vine, stuck the bombs to the wall like Felix told him. He was excited, he would see his little sister for the first time and wisk her away from this hellhole. "Probably. It wouldn't surprise me, in the least bit. Just be careful, you and her. We're coming for ya." He told his sister waiting for Felix to detonate these things.

#, as written by Tonks

Taking a step back Felix set off the bombs, sending the wall crumbling down. " Find your sister, then come back to my home. We have much to talk about." he says as a large amount to fog/smoke swirled around him and about ten feet from him. Glancing down at each child that went by him, none of them even slightly looked like Sarah. He kept walking until he saw a girl who looked about 9, he instantly knew that she was Sarah's.

In less than a minute he was close enough to speak to her, " Hello, little one." he says in a strangely soft voice. " are you looking for someone?" he kneels down so that he can look at the bear in her hands, it swirled and shifted like his illusions did when he looked closely at them. There was only one way she could have a power so similar to his own, she was his daughter.

Putting her hands over her ears, Ira tries to block out the sound of the explosions. She didn't really like loud noises, and the only thing that comforted her about it was the thought that it was her father. Suddenly a tall man was talking to her, " Hello, little one." he said softly, " are you looking for someone?" he kneeled down in font of her. " um.. I'm waiting for my Daddy.." she says his scarf catching her eye, it looked like an illusion. She gasps and with out thinking hugged the man, because she knew from something her grandmother said, that only directly related people had extremely similar powers.

#, as written by Tonks
Felix & Ira

Holding the girl in his arms, Felix stood and walked under the cover of an illusion out the hole in the wall. Once ouside the walls he let out a sigh of relief. Looking down at the girl he asks, " so little one what is your name?" he knew it would be unique, becase Sarah dispised normal names. Mostly becase she had one herself. Turning down the alley way that led to his home she replied, " Ira, my name is Ira." looking at the man who was her father. He looked so much like her, she mused as he bent down to open something. Then she was set down inside a building that to her eyes was twisting and turning. Nothing seemed to stand still.

" Is all of this a illusion?" she asks looking up at him. Felix genuinely smiled for the first time since Sarah died, " Yes, Ira. All of this is an illusion." he holds his hand out for hers, " I'll show you how to do it if you want." Taking her hand she nods, " I'd like that," then she looked at a near by wall, the girl she had met before was there, with who she assumed was her brother. " oh, hello." she says hiding beind her father a little.

Xoch and Tzal looked up to see Felix and the little girl. Tzal smiled up at the girl. "You found your dad? Good..." Xoch stood and helped his sister up.

"Thank you... You helped us out and we are grateful... If you need anything, do tell us. We are indebted to you." He told the man, bowing slightly. Tzal followed in suite and held her brother's hand.

"You are Felix, right..? Thank you for not turning my brother away... I am eternally grateful..." she told the man, slightly hiding behind her brother, who ruffled her hair and smiled. She looked up at him and smiled back.

#, as written by Tonks
" I may require some things of you." Felix says pulling off his scarf and jacket. " but until I think of something, please join us for dinner." he says glancing down at Ira. He walked down the hall hanging up the clothes as he went. " Come Ira, there is someone I'd like you to meet.." he calls over his shoulder as he walks in to the kitchen where James was slaving away at making a large meal.

Jogging after her dad Ira smiles, she knew it would be different living with a villain, but at least he was family. When she made it to the kitchen she was surprised to see another man preparing a large meal. " Ira, this is my assistant James." James looks down at the girl surprised. " James, this is my daughter Ira." she smiles and waves up at him.

Both shrug and followed the man and daughter. They were hungry, Tzal more than Xoch, but that was another story. They saw James cooking. Xoch's ears morphed and she grew a tail. A rumbling purr exited her throat. Mostly because James was cooking but somewhat of James' looks. Xoch chuckled at his sister and pet a fluffy ear.

"Now, now. Let's not get too excited, sister..." she calmed down, the ears and tail retracting. She blushed and rubbed the back of her head.

"Sorry, brother..."

#, as written by Tonks
Ira watched the girls transformation. " woah! That's so cool." she says running up to the girl " you had a tail!" she says as a tail appeared on herself " and ears!" they appeared too. Felix laughs at his daughters appearance, " Ira, you have a tail and ears too." she looks behind her. " really?" she asks. " that's so cool!"

James stared at the new comers, the fact Felix was a father was very surprising to him. And, the appearance of the other two people just made him a little uneasy. Kneeing down, he smiled at Ira, " Hello Ira," he says " welcome to the free world." she smiles shyly and curls in to her dad. " hi.." she says softly. James smiles and stood, looking at the girl, she was a year or so younger than him. " hello," he says offering his hand.

Tzal shook James hand and smiled at him. "Hello." Xoch made the vine worm between their hands and pry them apart. "Brother. Be nice." He only grunted at her, making her roll her eyes. "I'm Xochiquetzal of the Earth and this is Xochipilli of the Skies, but you can call us Xoch and Tzal." she told them before she turned to the girl.

"You like my ears and tail? Watch this." And she fully shifted, her tail curling around Xoch's leg. She let out a purr and shifted back, grinning. "I'm scary no?"

#, as written by Tonks
" not scary." Ira says walking over to the near by stool. " cool." she says smiply glancing down at her ragged clothes, " ick." she says making the clothes turn in to a purple dress. Felix smiles proudly at his daughter, she had a pretty good amount of control for a kid.

James shook his head, " dinner will be ready in a few minutes, why don't you guys go set the table?" he asks going back to the pot of sauce he had been cooking. " Oh and why don't you grab a bottle of wine Mr. F? I'm sure they could use it." Felix nods and walks in to the wine cellar.

Tzal's tail drooped and she sighed. "I'm suppose to be scary. Brother I'm scary right?" she asked, rooting around for the silverware. She found them and made a triumphant noise.

"No." he said, setting the plates on the table. Tzal huffed before setting up the cutlery on the table. "What? You're not. You're a giant flying cat. There's nothing scary or threatening about it." Tzal poked him with her tail and smiled at Ira.

"But if Ira-chan says I'm cool then I suppose it's a close second." she flipped her tail happily and crouched down to Ira. "Think you can change these rags?" she asked.

#, as written by Tonks
" Depends," Ira says when the older girl asked her if she could change the rags. " On how descriptive you can be of what you want to wear." she continues looking the girl over. " And you should know that the clothes would look and feel real. but they aren't." she pulls at the dress she ahd made. " I'm still wearing rags, it just looks like I'm wearing nice new clothes."

Returning from the cellar a bottle of wine in his hand, Felix heard Ira explainging the basics of his powers. " That is usually true Ira." he says setting the bottle on the table. " But our powers combined with James's presence is enough to make anything we make, real" he smiles and points down at her dress. To their eyes it had a smattering of twists and twirls of an object of illusion. But it was undoubtably real.

James looked away from them blushing, five years ago Felix came across him on the streets. He figured that James would be useful, so he kept him around. A death threat each night, but he had obviously not followed through. " I'm not that special, just help out with your illuisons and ket feelings when important things are going to happen.." he trails off his eyes wide " Mr. F, somone needs help, go in to the alley way. You'll find them there.."

Without hesitating Felix runs out of the room and out in the alley way. Once he was there, he saw a couple of kids in rags, one of which was bleeding badly. " Hey," he says holding his hand up, but they didn't seem to hear him. Sighing he returned to the warehouse. "They're gone." he says sitting down on a chair.

Tzal whistled in surprise, much like her brother did. "Super powers I've never seen before... Are there lots of us like this? Out here, I mean." she asked, Xoch just shook his head at his sister. Her ears and tail were showing her great interest.

"There might be, but I've only met Felix and James. We are hunted you know, so we shouldn't show ourselves off..." Tzal nodded, her ears pressed against her head in thought. They heard the other kids but they were only focused on each other, they were the only family they had left. "Hey, sister, why were you in those chains and other things?"

Tzal's ears perked up. "Oh that! Yeah, I ripped on of the staff members' head off and bit another guy's arm clean off. Neither one tasted good..." she told him, playing with a string that was hanging off her pants. Her brother sighed.

"Honestly, Tzal..."

#, as written by Tonks
Ira smiles, at Tzal. " I wish could have done that." she says softly, " all I could do was make them think they were on fire," Felix smiles, " spiders are also very effective little one." wrapping Ira in a hug. Felix didn't know the first thing about being a parent, but at the moment he was running on instinct. And it seemed to be working, he thought as Ira curled in to him.

James picked up the large bowl of spagetti, " Okay, foods ready." he carries the bowl to the middle of the table. " come sit down," he says looking at the odd group of people.

Tzal hopped up into one of the chair, purring loudly. "They never fed us over there... You either ate someone or begged and got beaten." she said, her tail swishing from side to side. She was small, Xoch noticed. So small for someone that was her age. He gripped his hands into fists. He'd protect her no matter what.

"Brother, come sit and eat." she told him, patting the seat beside her. He nodded and sat beside her, all thoughts about revenge gone as he saw his sister's smile.

#, as written by Tonks
" They fed me.." Ira says softly, now ashamed that she got to eat and not the others. She crawled out of Felix's arms and walked over to the table sitting to the right of the head, knowing that was where her father would sit. James sat across from Tzai with a small smile, he was starting to like her more and more.

Felix shook his head, deciding to hold his tongue about the food, and sat down at the head of the table. " Help yourselves," he says filling a plate for Ira. " Eat up little one, I'll show you a few tricks after dinner." he says putting it in font of her.