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Felix Rowan

" You know the thing about madness its like gravity, all it takes is a little push."

0 · 381 views · located in The Institute for Super-Abominations/Nalliv

a character in “We're the Abominations -The Heroes Offspring”, as played by Tonks


Felix Rowan
Felix is tall, almost 6'2. His eyes are light, and vary from mint green to grey, and everywhere inbetween. He has a powerful preasence that just demands respect, everything about him screams ' I'm in charge, deal with it or try something.'
.:Gender: Male
.:Age: 35
.:Status: Villain
Felix is cool, collected and calculating. It's what makes him so good at planning crimes. On the flip side, at a single word he could go in to a homicidal rampage. Or simply start breaking things, depending on how fast and who calms him down.
.:Superpower : Lillusions, he can make you experience what ever he wants. So long as you can hear his voice.
.:Weapons: Whatever he happens to find.
.:History: He was raised on the streets outsmarting people, rather than out fighting them. He started out small with his own little gang, then he moved up to more... sinister things. (More to come as the rp goes on.)
.:Other: Felix see's the potential of some of the kids, he wants to nurture their powers, help them grow. And in return all he wants is their help with a few jobs. And who knows, maybe he'll grow a soft spot for one or two of them and claim them as his own.

So begins...

Felix Rowan's Story

#, as written by Tonks
" already done." Felix says opening his eyes and glancing at James, who nods and forces some power in to the room solidifying it. " there, go on in. Look around and tell me if you guys want anything else."

James holds his hand out for Tzal, " let's go see if there is anything for you to climb, cats like that don't they?" he finishes a little uncertain of himself.

Jenny followed them into the room,observing the training room. "Nice," Jenny smiled. "It's spacious." She wandered over to Felix. "So what other types of powers you got here?"

#, as written by Tonks
" That," Felix says looking down slightly at Jenny, " is not for me to tell, go ask the others if you want to know." he walks around the room, fixing a thing here and there. Felix was ever the critic about his work, he could often be seen walking around tisking about one thing or another that he didn't do well. Like when he went to the firing range he found that he had messed up on a pretty big detail. " look at that," he said loudly to himself. " I can't even make a ( pardon my french) fucking firing range properly." he growls and picking up a pair of ear muffs, chucks them in a random direction.

James smirks as they pass Xoch, I really should talk to him. he thinks before Tzal leads him to the rock wall, " well, why don't you give it a try?" he asks as his free hand rubs her back.

Jenny was in an endless place of white. She wandered about if for awhile. "I really hate it when I do that,well this." She shouted to the whiteness. "I wander if I can use my links while I'm in here." She then sat down where she was and thought about Grey. Grey,can you hear me? Felix? Ryan? Baby killer?

#, as written by Tonks
After a few minutes of swearing and throwing things Felix got himself under control. He started to fix the things he broke, all the while taking deep calming breaths. " I think I'm the one who needs the anger mangaement training." he says softly to himself watching the spar between Grey and Jenny. Aside from the momentary loss of control Grey seemed to be doing well.

Unlike you.. A dark voice says off to his left. At the voice Felix paled and turned to face a crateure that shared his looks, but that was where the similarities eneded. It was in his mind what he could have become, had he not fallen in love with Sarah. It was scarred, but still held a proud stance. Like it had been to hell and back just so it could say it made it. It walked closer to Felix You can see me again, good. I was getting bored watching you be so kind to these mutts. Especially ours, a hero and a villan. It's just so wrong.. Felix turned away from him, " Fuck off you're just a hallucination."

It just laughed, Is that so? it says leaning closer to Felix. Do you want to test that? Maybe on our little one, what was her name? Oh yes, Ira. it smirks and leans on the counter next to Felix. " You touch her and I'll.." Felix snarls to empty air, he was sure that he was putting on quite a show for the others in the room. You'll what? Kill me? It laughs at him, You can't without killing yourself, and I know you're too selfish to ever do that " Don't tempt me." Felix repiles hopping someone, anyone would break the trance that was keeping him in this conversation

#, as written by Tonks
Felix's head snaps to look at Grey, " thank you," he says after a moment. " I forgot what a change in schedule would do to me." he smiles weakly. " I'll get used to it in time. Until then," he holds out his hand. " I'm sorry for what I said before, I'd be honored to be your friend." Felix held his breath, this was the first time in years he had put himself in a situation like this.

James watches Tzal climb up, he hadn't even really noticed that he had done anything wrong until Xoch had freaked out. " sorry Tzal, I didn't mean to make him mad.."

#, as written by Tonks
Felix grinned, " Great." he looks around the room, a side from the few mistakes he made, it all looked real enough. " What do you think of it all?" he gestures to the room everyone was exploreing, he could change or add anything they needed but to get started it wasn't bad.

James sighs. he would never understand women, and Tzal in partcular would be the death of him. Walking over to the shooting range he tries to remember his hazy past. All he remembers is what he has in muscle memory, he could break down and clean almost any gun you put infont of him. Also he seemed to know at least six forms of martial arts. This lead him to belive he had a postion working as a body guard or something, but he just didn't know..

"He said there would be more." She managed to tell him. "And that they would be more brutal." She shook her head. "I can't let them take him." She looked up at him. "I can't go back." She looked away. "A door, once opened, may be stepped through in either direction." She looked into Jayden's eyes. "He can enter my mind, just as much as I can enter his. You, Grey, Felix and Ryan all can. And now so can the bolt." She started to shiver. "If I go back. I put them all at risk. Ryan needs to be protected, I can't protect him. Not if the bolt learns he can read my mind." She hands Ryan over to Jayden. She places her hand on Jayden's temples. She sends images of the warehouse into his head. "Please, take him there. Tell whoever answers the door, 'that he was attacked by the Bolt and more will be coming.' Please." She told him, holding onto Ryan's hand.

Jenny smiled down to Ryan when he took her hand. It took awhile but they eventually made it back to the warehouse. Jenny opened the door and walked in, pretending neither she or Ryan left. "Jayden, let me introduce you to the others." She walked to the gym, hoping Felix wouldn't mind looking after another of the Abominations, it would only be for awhile, if Jayden went with her.

Johnny looked at the file, apparently this Jenny girl had committed 5 murders, mentally forced people to kill themselves and committed a terrorist attack. "Where is she?" Johnny asked the group sitting around him. "She's somewhere in Nalliv. Find her and bring her back here, alive or dead. Preferably alive." The woman beside him answered. "You're stuff is in the next room." The woman stood up and led him down a hall and into a room, in the room was a hand gun, a holster and some clothes. He changed and holstered his gun. He then set out to find Jenny.

"There's Grey, a brother and sister, Ira, Ryan, me, Felix and Felix's assistant dude." She answered his question. "Nope, I can sense at least 4, no wait, 5 still out there. Probably more only those 5 are the ones close enough." She scanned the gym for Felix and when she spotted him she took Jayden's wrist and led him over to him. "Hey Felix, this is Jayden, another 'Abomination' and you don't need to worry about this place getting to over populated, because he's replacing me." She then looked back to Jayden. "Or coming with me?" She aimed the question to Jayden.

Jenny turned around and smiled to Jayden, "Thank you." She then hugged him and sighed as she watched Ryan leave. "I'm not leaving until he's okay with it." She released the hug and took Jayden's hand in her's and turned back to Felix. "Well?"