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Felix Rowan

" You know the thing about madness its like gravity, all it takes is a little push."

0 · 384 views · located in The Institute for Super-Abominations/Nalliv

a character in “We're the Abominations -The Heroes Offspring”, as played by Tonks


Felix Rowan
Felix is tall, almost 6'2. His eyes are light, and vary from mint green to grey, and everywhere inbetween. He has a powerful preasence that just demands respect, everything about him screams ' I'm in charge, deal with it or try something.'
.:Gender: Male
.:Age: 35
.:Status: Villain
Felix is cool, collected and calculating. It's what makes him so good at planning crimes. On the flip side, at a single word he could go in to a homicidal rampage. Or simply start breaking things, depending on how fast and who calms him down.
.:Superpower : Lillusions, he can make you experience what ever he wants. So long as you can hear his voice.
.:Weapons: Whatever he happens to find.
.:History: He was raised on the streets outsmarting people, rather than out fighting them. He started out small with his own little gang, then he moved up to more... sinister things. (More to come as the rp goes on.)
.:Other: Felix see's the potential of some of the kids, he wants to nurture their powers, help them grow. And in return all he wants is their help with a few jobs. And who knows, maybe he'll grow a soft spot for one or two of them and claim them as his own.

So begins...

Felix Rowan's Story

Tzal let her brother fill her plate and she looked at the fork with a worried face. "Uh..." Xoch picked up the fork and showed her how to use it. She smiled at him and began eating slowly. "It's fine, Ira-chan... I did it to myself, really... We all did. We resisted and we made our own lives hell... I kept attacking everyone. It was sport but the restraints were killer." she touched the scars on her arms and the red areas from the chains.

Xoch only ate in silence, something he was used to doing. He wondered what he'd do with his sister in tow. They could continue to roam, like Xoch did before. but Tzal deserved a home. A good one. Maybe Felix would let them stay.

#, as written by Tonks
" Oh," Ira says. " I know about that, they used to run electricity through me using needles." she shivers at the memory. The memories hitting her hard, the tall men standing over the table talking about her as if she wasn't there. And the pain, the seemingly never ending pain. A sob shook her entire body, the fork falling to the ground as her arms wrap around herself.

As he watched his daughter cry, Felix's eye grew ice cold. " Get out," he hissed out, his grip tightening on the table. James's eyes widened, " May I sugest that we move this dinner to the kitchen?" he asks standing up and grabbing the bowl of spaghetti. " I do not think that the dining room will be here in a few moments, and it's safer for everyone if you aren't in here.."

#, as written by Tonks
James picked Ira up and carried her out of the room, and not a moment too soon. The second the door shut Felix stood up suddenly flipping the table with a scary amount of ease. With a cry of anger he starts throwing the chairs and plates around. " Damn them all." he says picking up a mug and hurdling it at the door.

When she was put down by James, Ira looked around and crawled over to Tzail, " I'm sorry I set him off.." she says sitting next to her. " If I had known that would happen, I wouldn't have said anything.." she wrapps her arms around her legs. " Next time I'll wait until I'm alone to say such things.."

#, as written by Tonks
Sliding under her wing, Ira curls up next to her. " Yes, we will be able to help eachother, but you were in there much longer for me. So it will be much harder for you.." she hugs the much older girl. " I'm glad I met all of you," she glances up at the two men. She already trusted them, even though she had only known them for a few hours.

James smiles crouching down next to the girls. " I should have warned you guys, Felix has a reputation for going off in to horrible rages." The door opened and Felix looked down at the people, his expression apologetic. " I'm sorry, I couldn't control that." He crouched down to look the girls in the eye, " That won't happen again, I swear." he holds out his hads for Ira, who launced herself instantly in to his arms. " That's okay dad.." she says resting her head on his shoulder.

Tzal smiled at the girl. She was like her, but so much younger. She hugged back and smiled at Xoch, who was watching her. He nodded at her, making her jump and hug him before she returned to Ira, playing with her hair. The girl's curls were fun to mess with, unlike her own limp inky black strands.

Both listened to James but when Felix walked in, Tzal's shook some. When he promised it wouldn't happen again, Tzal only nodded and clung to her brother, yawning. She hadn't slept in a week, it was a miracle she was even standing on her own. Xoch couldn't sleep, being a self induced insomniac.

#, as written by Tonks
James watched the tired group, " Why don't we get all of you to bed?" he asked standing up, holding his hand out for Tzal's hand. " I'm sure we have enough rooms for all of you." he glances over Felix for conformation. Felix nods, " yes, I've added some rooms reacently. There is one next to mine," He looked down at Ira, " You can change it to what ever you see fit." She nods and yawns.

" And then you two can choose one of other ones." He says walking from the room expecting them to follow him. " There are bathrooms in each of the rooms and James or myself can get you what ever you want or need."

#, as written by Tonks
Worming her way out of her dad's arms Ira walks in to their room, Looking around the room she makes a small sound of disgust. " I hate white." she says touching the wall. " What colors do you want in here?" she asks looking up at Tzal.

James looks down at the girl, now there was no doubt in his mind that she was Felix's daughter. " I believe the little one has taken charge." He kisses the back of Tzal's hand gently and said " Good night." softly before walking from the room.

Rolling his eyes Felix walked in to the room that was to be his daughters, and his time with her mother in his mind, he let out a low series of whistles and the room started to take shape. It was very nature centric, with a bed acctually part of a tree. Her mother's powers had to do with nature so he knew it was in Ira's blood.

#, as written by Tonks
Furrowing her brow, Ira willed the various requirements in to reality. She took the purple from her fathers shirt and put it on he the walls, the purple from her dress and covered the thick carpet. And lastly she thought back to the deep brown of a rare chocolate bar she had been given by her mother when she was very young. " is that alright?" she asks opening her eyes, all of the work she put in to the illusions was starting to ware her out.

With one last cough Felix tweaked the room. It was as though you had walked in to a forest, the ground was push green grass. And the furniture was not made out of cut wood, it was part of the living trees. The bed was made out of the softest thing he could dream up and it was always warm. Lastly with a snap of his fingers Felix made a door that only he and Ira could see, and it lead in to his room for what ever need they had of it.

#, as written by Tonks
Ira smiled happily as she walked down the hall, to the room that was to be hers. When she walked in to the room she gasped, this was a whole new level of illusions. " wow.." she says walking around the room barefoot. " This is amazing." she walked up to her father and wrapped her arms around his waist. " Will I learn how to do all this?" she asks wanting nothing more than to curl up in the bed.

Picking her up Felix smiled, " Yes, and much more.." he promised carring her to the bed, " But for now, go to sleep.." he starts to pull away but was heald fast. " Don't leave me, please." she whimpered, she had been alone for so long that she didn't want to be left. He sighed and slipping off his shoes and jacket he lays in the bed his daughter in his arms. Within minutes they were both in a dead sleep.

#, as written by Tonks
Waking from the best three hours of sleep he's had in years, Felix carefully slid out of the bed abd out in to the hall. He had crime to plan, and revenge to plot. Walking past the room the two children he picked up, he heard voices. Good, he thought knocking on the door. Felix didn't want to wait until the morning to talk to Xoch, " Xoch?" he asks softly knocking again. Felix didn't knowwhy he wanted the siblings to stay, or even if they would be useful. But Ira seemed to have boonded with Tzal and that was enough for him.

James sat in large chair trying to convince himself to go to sleep. But because of the various feelings he seemed to get all the time, he couldnt calm his mind enough to sleep. Standing with a sigh James walked in to the kitchen, maybe the dull work of washing dishes would help calm him

Xoch heard the door and gently let Tzal onto the bed. She sat and watched as Xoch opened the door for Felix. The room was dark at the moment, only lit by a small candle Xoch had and lit on the bedside table. "You called, Felix-san?" he asked politely. Tzal took one of the many fluffy pillows and held it, crossing her legs over the other side. "Tzal, if you're still hungry go to the kitchen and find something, okay..?" she nodded and pillow in tow, left the room.

"James..? Is there any food left from earlier..?" she asked, holding the pillow and rubbing her eyes. She leaned on the wall and watched the other male.

#, as written by Tonks
" Can we talk?" Felix asked calmly gesturing to down the hall. He wasn't quite sure how to start this conversation and he knew that his reputation was going to fly out of the window, now that he had to take care of his daughter. But, if we gather more people with powers we would be unstoppable. a little voice in the back of his head said.

James had gotten in to a mind state he like to call 'stone heart'. It was compleatly detached from all emotion and most of the world, perfect for thnking through things or blocking out his powers. When Tzal spoke to him, it took him a few moments to withdraw from that mind state and reply. " There is, but if you want somethng else let me know, I can manke almost anything."

Xoch nodded. "Of course..." he walked out and closed the door behind him. "I must thank you again for helping... And letting us stay for the night..." he said, looking at the floor.

Tzal thought about it. "Can... Can you make waffles..? Onii-san once said that waffles were really good and tasty... And there's lots of different types right..?" she shuffled her feet, almost shyly. The little vine around her neck grew again and slithered onto the floor, over to James and "looked" up at him.

#, as written by Tonks
" You're welcome." Felix nods knowing how badly this day could have gone. " And that is what i wanted to talk to you about, you and your sister staying here." he says walking down the hall to his study. He couldn't believe he was even thinking about taking in these.. Runaways.

James nods, " As you wish" he dries off his hands and walks in to the pantry to get the things he needed to make the waffles. " Do you want any strawberries or anything on them?" he asks climbing up a ladder to find some deacent flour.

Xoch followed Felix, thinking. "You know, sir, you don't have to take us in... We'll be fine out there..." he said, almost uncertainly. He knew he could but what about his sister... He shook his head.

"You can put things on them too? Oh wow... I've never had a strawberry... Can I get some of those..?" she asked quietly. Living in that place meant you never got anything "normal". It was either human flesh or bugs or something else.

#, as written by Tonks
Felix stops and looks down slighly at Xoch, " Do you really think that?" he asks softly. " Because if you don't I have an unlimited supply of rooms here and I'm sure our girls would be thrilled to stay together." he opened the door and walked in to his library/ study.

James smiles, knowing there was so much Tzal would have to learn about this world. " Yeah, you can put all kinds of things on waffles, I'll get a few of them out and you can try them all if you want." grabbing a container of oil he walked out of the pantry. Setting his things down, he searches around for a large bowl.

#, as written by Tonks
James looke up from his cooking, " Mr. F somone is knocking on the door!" He yells down the hall, he didn't really want to get the door, dispite the fact that it was his job. When his yell carried down the hall, Ira woke with a start not really knowing where she was. Looking around she relaxed, she was safe.

Climbing out of the bed she heard her fathers some what annoyed reply, " Quit flirting with the cat girl and do what I'm paying you for." Walking down the hall Ira saw James walking towards the door.

When James opened the door, a wide smile broke out across his face, " Reggie what are you doing here? I thought they finally caught you.."

#, as written by Tonks
" Daddy!" Ira cried running in to the study, " Somone's throwing car's at the ware house!" cried pointing at the door. Felix looked down at her, " Go find somewhere to hide." he orders her as he walks quickly to the door. Looking at him James lets out a sigh of relief, there weren't many powers that could out do his creativity.

A copy of Felix walks out in to the open, he knew this man. If you could even call him that, he was what they made him. " X, just put the girl down go find some other ones. Hell, I'll even give you the location of a couple of them if thats what you want."

Velocity's eyes winced shut at the tightened grip on her neck and she tried her hardest to pull his hand away though couldn't quite do it. She struggled and choked slightly, looking to him with half closed eyes. She just stared at him, but didn't say a thing, just thinking. How can I get him off? He's much stronger, and right now, I can't exactly reach the ground... She closed her eyes tightly, groaning at the pain and tears forming in her eyes as she began to struggle to breathe. "I'm sorry... Vermin don't tend to help their enemies." She told him, hoisting her legs up and holding her feet in his eyes.

#, as written by Tonks
" You are the one who made the mistake," The copy Felix says snapping his fingers, a large and very real fire apeared. " Actually, I'm surprised that you haven't heard of me." Every living thing feared fire, on a very primal level, and he just needed to convince X that this wasn't worth his time. " M'name is Felix Rowan, and I really hate Things like you. He smirks and makes himself look taller than he was.

James watched his boss with worry, Felix had a kid waiting for him, he couldn't do the stupid things he usually did. " boss," he says softly looking at the man next to him, " Maybe you should just..." he drifted off at the death glare he got from Felix.

Velocity looked to Felix through the corner of her eye, her body starting to feel heavy as she recieved a lack of oxygen and was clawing at his hand. She gently slowed down and sputtered out a few breaths, urging her eyes to stay open whilst her arms slowly fell to her sides. She stared at The X, determined to try and feel what he was feeling, see if there was secretly anything more to him. But... she felt nothing. Nothing but coldness from that sick smile she gave him. The sick thrill he seemed to get from hurting her and threatening her. And that was what scared her most of all...

As soon as she was dropped and fell into a small bundle, Velocity gasped in a breath, coughing and sputtering as she craddled her ribcage, shaking slightly at the feeling of the busted rib. She got to her feet, slowly and carefully as she wiped at her eyes. She was now even more furious. She'd allowed herself to look weak. And she was determined that she was anything but weak. She was an abomination, or now newly named, a vermin. And what did they do? Cause hell. She was aggravated, and was about to run at him and kick him in that dumb skull of his, but instead pulled back when she tripped over her own feet. She gasped, blinking at X and then lowering her head, face being overtaken by orange hair as she looked to her feet, still breathing heavily. Why couldn't she do things right? She was messing everything up... She gently pulled back, turned and headed back towards where that warehouse was, not even dealing out a thank you to Reggie and Felix.

#, as written by Tonks
Nodding at Reggie, Felix directs his double over to Velo and helps her stand. " Little help here James.." he whispers his illusion starting to be less solid. But with a sudden rush of power it solidified. Nodding his thanks, Felix brought the girl in to the ware house and changed the configureation of the door so that X couldn't enter.

Setting the girl on the nearest soft surface Felix grabbs Reggie by the shoulders and shoved him in to the wall, " Why the hell did you bring that to me? My family?" he glared at him, murder in his eyes. Three days ago, he would have laughed this whole thing off, now with Ira in his home, he couldn't afford that.

Reggie casually pulled Felix's hands off his shoulders and slid a box of cigarettes from his pocket. After a bit of fishing around, he produced a small book of matches and a lighter. He weighed the options for a moment, almost as if Felix wasn't there, then tossed the lighter back into his pocket. The match head sparked to life and caught the end of the cigarette. He held the box to Felix, one of the cigarettes sticking up from the corner. "It's no pipe, but it'll do for now. And as for why I'm here, I'm cashing in one of those favors you owe me. Me and Vee need a place to lay low for a while. Plus with that psychopath no doubt marking this place as a hide out, you'll need more than just you and James to keep it safe. So here's the deal. We lay low here, Red gets some rest, I'll help you keep X away from your daughter, who by the way is a real trooper, and we'll mark another one off the list. Deal?"

#, as written by Tonks
Ira, at the sound of her fathers voice walks slowly out in to the hall. There were even more people there. " Daddy?" she asks walking closer to them, eyeing the man in the long coat warily. Felix glares at Reggie " Deal, but if you pull anything. I will end you." he says before walking over and scooping Ira in to his arms. " It's alright little one the bad guy is gone." For now, he adds sliently. Nodding she looks back at Reggie, " Who's that?" she asks interested, the man seemed to be hurt but her dad didn't seem concerned, so neither was she.

Felix smiles as best as he could, and walked over to him. " This is Reggie, Ira. Reggie this is Ira." She waves at him, " Hi,".

James walked over to the girl, Velocity, he reminded himself. And looked her over worriedly, she wasn't in good shape. he poked gently at her rib and tried to figure out how bad the damage was.