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Ira O'hare-Rowan

" I just want to know my family."

0 · 337 views · located in The Institute for Super-Abominations/Nalliv

a character in “We're the Abominations -The Heroes Offspring”, as played by Tonks


Ira O'hare-Rowan
Ira is slender for her age and has a kind, open face. Her eyes color change with her mood, lighter for better moods and darker for worse.
.:Gender: Female
.:Age: 6
.:Status: Super-Abomination
Ira is usualy quiet, observing everything. But if something sets her off, you'd better watch out she'll make you life hell. A trait they tell her she got from her father. Ira hasn't been in the The Institution of Super-Abominations for very long, but she is still scared mentally. She was raised by her grandmother who dispised her, mostly because her father is a Villain, while all of her family before her were Heros.
.:Superpower : Lillusions, she can make you experiance what ever she wants. So long as you can see or hear her.
.:Weapons: None yet
.:History: She was raised in a busy city by her grandmother, a retired hero. When her powers started to manifest at age 5 she was shipped off to the The Institution of Super-Abominations.(More to come as the rp goes on.)
.:Other: Ira has always heard whsipers about her father. It was said that he could make you see whatever he wanted so long as you could hear his voice. And she wants nothing more to meet him, to see what he is really like.

So begins...

Ira O'hare-Rowan's Story

Tzal thought about it before slowly and carefully curling up against James' side, her tail curled around his waist lightly. "You're so corny that it's cute..." she muttered softly against the shirt he had on. "Convince my brother, not me. You had me at hello..." she told him, smiling.

Xoch woke up to people talking and opened his eyes. He felt better after what little sleep he got. He took Ira back to her room and tucked her into her bed. He went to leave but stayed regardless. She would wonder what happened if he left.

#, as written by Tonks
Afew minutes after she was put down Ira started to stir, " Xoch?" she asks softly her eyes still closed, she prayed that he hadn't left her all by herself.

James sighed relieved that his feelings weren't one sided, " Your brother isn't going to take it easy on me is he?" he asks still rubbing her back. She felt so good at his side, almost like she belonged there.

Felix nodded carefully, " Fantasic, now how far are you willing to go if it ment striking back at those monsters that tortured you?" he needed allys and this girl was one of the best bets he could have, with the help of her, James, Grey and a few others, They could bring down the entire system.

Xoch looked at Ira and smiled. "Yes, little bird? I'm still here..." he walked over to her bed and knelt beside it. "You need me for something?"

Tzal laughed and shook her head. "Sadly, no. But he won't hurt you... Badly..." she said before she began laughing again. She laid on her stomach, her tail in the air. "I'll protect you from his wrath... So long as you keep your hands, mostly, to yourself, he has no reason to hurt you." she reasoned.

#, as written by Tonks
" Little girl," Felix growls pulling her closer by her out streched hand. " I told you to stay out of my head." then her relaxed and let her go, " I'm sorry, that was.." he shook his head, " Wrong. It won't happen again."

Ira shook her head, her eyes opening. " No, I don't need anything. I was just worried I was all alone." that was the only thing she really feared, being alone.

James lays on his side watching Tzal, " But what if I don't want to keep my hands to myself?" he asks without even thinking. And now that he said it he almost regretted it.

Tzal blushed and brushed her tail against his face. "Then get ready to face my brother." she told him before shyly pressing her lips against his. Her ears flattened as she pulled away, her face a red to match her shirt. "That'll have to do for now though... I'm sure you can wait..." she muttered, almost shyly.

Xoch smiled and kissed her forehead. "Little bird, I wouldn't leave you unless I absolutely had to. You are very important to me now, a sister." he muttered softly before pulling out his sketchpad. "Shall I draw the princess a picture? Whatever she wants."

#, as written by Tonks
James sighed, he wanted so much more. " Then, I supose is hould go talk to him now," hekissed her again and then stated to get up off the bed. The sooner he talked to Xoch the better.

Ira sat up, " Um, before you draw me a picture can you help me find my Daddy?" she asks needing to see him, mostly because she still dodn't really believe she found him. And why should she? It wouldnt be the first time she had had a really vivid, long dream.

Felix nodded, his respect for the woman growing. She certainly would keep him on his toes, there was no doubt in his mind thaat they could win the war, because that was what this was going to become, if he got them all trained up.

Tzal grabbed his arm and shook her head. "Not now. When everyone's settled down..." she told him and pulled him back on the bed with her. "Just trust me..."

Xoch nodded and set the pad down. He picked up Ira and took her to her father. "Ta da. There he is." he said and moved towards the crowd of people. His vine tightened and relaxed around his arm and he took a deep breath. "Felix-san, someone wants to see you again.

#, as written by Tonks
" Daddy!" Ira cried squirming out of Xoch's arms and running over to Felix. Who nodded agreeing with Grey, " Yeah, I'll just need to round everyone up." he looks over a Xoch, " Could you go get your sister and James? If I'm going to make a training room I'm going to need his help."

James pulled Tzal in to his arms, " I don't know if I can wait for everyone to get comfy." he kisses the top of herhead. "I'd really like to be able to kiss you." he knew he would do anything for her but it was hard to be patient.

#, as written by Tonks
" It's fine," James says getting up from the bed and wlking to her side, " I'll kick his ass in training, it'll make things better." he nods knowing it would somehow.

When they return Felix smiles and says " Good, now that most of you are here, I'll start in on the room." He looks at a wall and a room with wide windows starts to appear. " Okay, start spitting out things we'll need to train." he says not able to think of any on his own. Thinking would mess up his illusion.

Ira looks at the girl with a kid who looked a little older than her, " Yeah, I can show you.." she climbs out of her dads arms and tugs at the girls pants trying to lead her to a spare room.

Velocity Lifted her head a little when his voice had gotten quieter, though she was drifting off quite quickly. She had heard what he had said, but nothing she was saying or what he was saying was truly going in. It was like she was daffy on a truth serum, falling asleep with time being the essence. "You know what?" She asked sleepily, arms wrapping around his body a little whilst her head rested on his shoulder, eyes gently shutting as she tried to stay up long enough to respond. "It feels weird for me, but I feel... I feel the same..." She gently shut her eyes fully, drifting off into sleep and no doubt forgetting what was just admitted.


Ryan peered around Jenny to look at Ira and smiled at her. He hadn't met another kid close to his age since he was in the institute. "Hi." He said, waving a little at Ira.

#, as written by Tonks
" hi, my name is Ira, and I'm six" Ira says to the boy. " Whats your name?" she asks excitedly. Ira lead them to an empty white room. " This is his room" she says.

Felix added in the various things they asked of him. " how high of voltage?" he asked Grey as he made the chains. James added "oh and don't forget training mats, they'll need to learn hand to hand combat."

The room was turning out to be a huge gym like place. It had several cardio machhinse and weight lifting machines around two walls of the room. In the middle there were everything you would ever need to learn hand to hand combat, mats, dummies you name it. On one wall there was the chains Grey had requested, and on the other free wall was a fireing range.

"I'm Ryan." Ryan responded to Ira with a grin, "I'm seven." he looked up to the bed and tilted his head before climbing up onto it and sinking into the mattress. He looked around. He wasn't really tired, he just wanted to get to know these people. He didn't know why Jenny sent him to bed really. He put himself to bed usually...


A few hours later and Velocity started feeling a dry feeling in her mouth, her eyes slowly openning as she looked up to see Reggie's face in front of hers. It made her jump at first, but then she just rolled her eyes. "You're making a habit of this." she whispered, before slipping out of his arms, or, arm... And then swivelling her legs off her side of the bed. "On three..." she whispered to herself, bracing for some sort of pain. "One... Two...three." she slowly pushed herself to her feet, a few grunts coming out here and there but otherwise successfully making it to her feet. She smiled a little, walking towards the door.