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Michael Philips (The Bolt)

Protecting civilisation is just my duty.




Michael Philips (The Bolt.)








Charming, witty and handsome. Yes, three of the main stereotypical things about a superhero. In reality, he is actually a very nice guy. He's just... not so great when it comes to doing things other than saving the city. He can get slightly big-headed when he gets the attention, but he's purely brave, and rarely afraid. He can be a sweet person, though after his late fiancè, he's stayed away from most other women. He'll just stick to saving the day, or being in his secret identity and doing his every day job.

.:Appearance (Picture allowed, please some description too though)

He's a tall, 6'3" man with bold strong muscles and a well defined face. Flowing blonde hair and big blue eyes. Handsome, naturally...

Secret identity = A business outfit usually. His secret identity is usually working in an office and therefore he tends to normally wear a blazer, blue shirt and varies the tie that he usually wears, just to make a change every so often and 'keep his boring job more active and exciting'. He also wears plain black trousers and bold black shoes.

Superhero outfit = a red elasticated suit with a lightening bolt's down the side of either ankle. He wears a red mask with a yellow lining and has boots that have a yellow lining too. He also has black gloves and wears a black belt and has that traditional looking 'underpants over the leotard' look going on.


Flight and lazer vision

.:Weapons (Optional):


.:History (just a little about them):

Michael developed his powers in college. He was once in a wheelchair, born that way and one day, he was told he could have an operation in which he could change that. This was back when the institute was hardly heard of, and barely anyone knew about it. Michael said yes, obviously wanting to be able to walk again. Soon, he was cured, and he was told to return for regular check-ups, monthly. He did so, and it was amazing how he could suddenly walk with no difficulty at all. However, later, that wasn't the only thing that had changed. New things started happening. He was sitting in a class for a while, and suddenly he started levitating... He realised, he could fly. He was mystified and confused. He went back to the institute to find out more, but that's when they wanted to keep him there and do tests. He refused, and for a while was restrained within the institute, until his lazer vision kicked in too. He busted out of that hell-hole and made it out alone.

Soon, it became like any other hero, he gradually gained the city's trust, and became known as 'The Bolt' for his speed in flight, and bolt like lazer vision. He met a girl and fell in love, soon thinking he had gained his happily ever after with her. That was all until they had a baby girl. He loved the little girl at first, but then things got a little out of hand when she started to develop powers. He was clueless as to what to do. And then the institute came in contact with him. They told him that they'd take the girl, and train her, grow her and build her up to be the next best super hero. However, they also told Michael that they'd only look after her carefully if Michael were to go to the city of Nalliv and collect the kids that had already escaped, and bring them back. Michael, although begrudgingly, accepted, unknowing that he was being told lies.

When he had given his daughter away, his fiancè left him, and he was left alone and sad. It was then he remembered it was now his duty to be 'The Bolt'. And so, although he has never met his daughter, and has no idea what she's like, Michael fights for her, to keep her safe. It's the only thing he has left.


His weakness is his eyes. If he cannot see, or his eyes are blocked then he won't be able to fire lazer's or know where he's going. Oh, and If there's anyone who wants to make the character that is Michael's daughter, please let me know because I'd rather it wasn't my own character ^^

So begins...

Michael Philips (The Bolt)'s Story

Those fucking Vemin have escaped! So many of those fucking bastards escaped!

"Language like that deserves a bleeper, at least." Michael was re-running things that he had spoke down the phone about. Just what he needed when his city was running through a ressession, when suicide and crime were at their highest. He looked over the city, cape gently fluttering in the breeze. Why the hell was he even here? He couldn't beat up children. It just wasn't in his nature to do that. He should just go home, make himself a cup of coffee, watch re-runs of Star Trek and just relax... But, they had her. Tht was the only reason he was there. If he didn't do this, likelihood is that his daughter would be murdered... He slipped on his mask and let out a sigh. "Guess I better start looking then." he commented, lifting up into the air and flying over to the more central point of Nalliv, eyes scanning over the city of crime, villains and abominations.

Michael landed quietly behind a dumpster, having just come from working around the city, he was in his superhero outfit, but didn't really want to be like that. It was too apparant. He quickly changed into a long trench coat and black trousers, and then put a black fedora hat on his head. The dark outfit made his light blonde hair seem significantly darker. He walked out and silently searched for the abominations.

Michael spotted a guy just standing around in the middle of nowhere, seemingly in deep thought. He tilted his head and approached the boy, questioning whether he was an abomination, and If so, could he lead him to some more of them... "Uh, excuse me, are you okay?"

Startled by the noise of someone else now, he turned around and telepathically responded to Jenny. "There's someone else here, hold on..." And then responded to the man aloud "Oh, yes sir, I'm fine, thank you though." He meant to walk away from the man, but he didn't and remained staring at him.

Michael raised an eyebrow at Jayden when he stared at him and tilted his head slightly. "Are you sure? You look slightly lost..." he commented, lifting up his fedora slightly to look at him more clearly.

Jenny heard him talking. Jayden,he could be a super or villain. Don't trust him! She was worried. What does he look like?

Michael raised an eyebrow at Jayden's response, before scoffing and folding his arms together. "I think you're talking about the wrong neighborhood there bud." He told the boy, smiling a little. "Are you sure you're not lost? I could help you find your way home if you want?" Michael tilted his head at Jayden, though inside he was wondering if this boy possibly had a home. And if he did, did he live with other abominations?

In a challenging way, Jayden looked up at the man and said "What's it to you?" thus making his suspicions for him increase even higher, but before he could answer, Jayden began to walk away at what one would say a fast pace.

Michael tilted his head at the boy as he began to walk away and began walking after him, his suspicions of this boy growing himself. Doubts that he weren't an abomination were declining, and he checked that cuffs were still in his back pocket before chasing after him. "Well, I don't like to see a young lad in danger." He commented, soon catching up to him, jumping a couple of times and flying forwards when Jayden wasn't looking.

Still not looking behind him, he continued to respond. "I can manage, but thanks. Why is it that you're out here then if you're worried about people being out here in the first place?"

"I'm worried about kids. Most adults can find their way around here." Michael responded, still walking closely behind him and not even breaking a sweat. "I know about the kids around here, and I can tell that's why you yourself are rather... tense."

Nearly rolling his eyes, he responded with, " Why I'm tense is because some random man approaches me on a street that he told me to be worried about himself as well does he continue to follow me, though I think I have ways I can protect myself..."

Michael tilted his head wryly, raising an eyebrow questioningly. "'Protect yourself'? What do you mean by that?" Maybe he'd reveal what he could do, powers wise.

Jayden stopped walking and at this moment turned around, facing the man. "... I can, uh, fight I guess... You know... Us kids too occupied with violence and love... Silly us. Bye now." He turned back his own direction, getting closer to his own house.

"Love?" Michael sounded most astounded by that part, chasing up after him and grabbing his shoulder. "How have you managed to get love?" It sounded harsh, but he knew what life was like for the abominations. They got violence and harsh treatment, but were never shown love and affection.

Jayden stopped after being grabbed by the man, and as soon as the man did, he quickly turned the nosy and suspicious man into a a toddler, probably about five or six years old. He looked down at him and began running, because he knew that in a few minutes it would wear off, and it would wear off when he's out of the area too. Either way, it would wear off and before the man even saw his ability he somehow knew that Jayden was an abomination.

After about a quick seven minutes, Jayden was out of the near area, which allowed Michael to become his normal age again. Jayden knew what he did was stupid and tedious, but it was a quick reflex and he was thinking he was about to harm him. And while running, Jayden repeated the line in his head How have you managed to get love? This line itself is what gave the mans cover away, letting Jayden know that this man already knew his was what he labeled an "abomination."

Being completely lost in the streets again due to his fast actions, he panicked and ran down multiple streets aimlessly, not knowing where to go in the maze. He knew that if he didn't get out of the are soon enough, that man would most likely come for his head. I've seen what disobedient abominations get as consequences, but one with the ability to publicly humiliate someone and make them feel violated would probably set someone off. Panting now, he continued to run up and down the same streets in circles without even realizing it, lost in the unknown area now. He couldn't let the man find him though because they might use some device to use as some abomination-tracking device which they might use to find Jenny or that little kid named Ryan that I overheard her talking to. (In her mind)

Jenny ran to find a toddler sitting where the brain waves led her. She heard Ryan, Don't worry,I don't think we'll have to worry. She crouched near the toddler and picked him up,cradling in her arms. She tickled his stomach and rocked him. Then he started to age rapidly,Jenny set him down and backed away slowly,not able to look away,a car crash moment.

Michael blinked after he had transformed, and de-transformed into a toddler, rubbing at his eyes and then looking around to see where he had gone. However, it seemed the boy had gone, disappeared from sight after somehow having aged him to something younger. "Dammit..." Michael sighed gently, scratching the back of his head a little. He should've acted up quicker. He shouldn't of held back...

"Are you okay mister?" Michael quickly turned to look down to a young boy, holding a teddy bear dear to his chest and tilting his head up at him. "You look a wittle bit hurt..." Ryan seemed to show sympathy to the man, even if he didn't know him properly. Ryan pressed his hand to Michael's chest and then pushed the hand through, seeing if any items were lodged into him. He pulled back when he couldn't find anything.

Michael blinked down at the boy and sighed gently, bending down on one knee so he came down to his height. "Yeah, I am..." Ryan's face lit up as he heard the man was okay, but it soon dropped when Michael had reached round and squeezed a pressure point on the back of his neck, making his small body go tingly and weak. Ryan fell forwards, and Michael quickly caught him, feeling guilty. The little boy reminded him of his child before he was taken away to be sent to the Institute... He carefully lifted the boy up and held him carefully

"Ryan!!!" Jenny screamed when he collapsed into the man's arms. "Get away from him!" She threw a telekinetic wave at him. She let out a heavy breath,getting ready for a fight she wouldn't be able to finish,but she had to try she had to protect Ryan.

Michael fell forwards, doubling over Ryan and then turning back to look at Jenny. Another one? He thought to himself. They're all suddenly appearing at once... Michael gently lifted up, levitating slightly above the ground and turning round, facing Jenny. "So this is Ryan..." He mumbled to himself, looking down to the boy and then looking up to Jenny. "I'm sorry, I can't do that." Michael told her, red lasers shooting from his eyes and going just in front of her feet. He knew he couldn't carry two at once, so he'd just have to frighten one off.

There will be more of us! We will all appear. Jenny broadcast to the man's mind. Jenny jumped back from the laser beam. "You can't scare me away,not while he's in danger." She sent another wave. "I'll die to protect him." She heard Jayden. Please get help. He's going to take Ryan,I can try my best to slow him but please hurry.

Michael fell back slightly at the wave and then grunted, keeping his grip on Ryan and then lifting up again, becoming airborne as he gazed at Jenny. "I know it's hard, but it'd be better to take him back like this, than if I were to leave it to someone else." Michael lifted higher, looking around and lowering his fedora. "They look for the younger ones more. And most other people who are sent out to get the Abominations... Well, they're brutal. They'll beat him until he's nearly dead." Michael tilted his head at Jenny questioningly. "Do you really want that to happen?"

Jayden acknowledged Jenny's request, though he didn't know where her or Ryan's friends were at, so he was forced to just head back the way he came, which may or may not lead to the super and Jenny and Ryan. He continued running, though it would take about 10 minutes tops to get there since he came quite a long ways to get where he was now.

Jenny entered the man's mind,taking control. "Land and give him to me." She ordered.

Michael froze in his tracks, slowly lowering down to the ground in front of Jenny, and frowning as he walked towards her. "Wait, do you really wish to leave it to someone else to take this boy back?" He asked, trying his best not to hand Ryan over, but not managing to do it.