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Reggie Booker

I'll do what benefits me. No more, no less.

0 · 354 views · located in The Institute for Super-Abominations/Nalliv

a character in “We're the Abominations -The Heroes Offspring”, as played by Beach-Born-Boy


.:Name: Reggie Booker


.:Gender: Male

.:Age: 18

.:Status: Anti-hero (super, border lining villainy and heroics)

.:Personality: Reggie's the kind of person who'd put self preservation above all, making him a less than stellar hero, but not all together a villain as he won't go out of his way to conquer or kill people that he feels don't deserve it. To him, every action is a means to an end and can be justified as such. He's somewhat selfish, but tries to put that aside as he feels it makes him look childish. However, it's sort of grafted to him due to the fact that he was an orphan at age seven. He doesn't know how, but he found himself without a family one day.

.:Appearance: Reggie stands at 6'1" and weighs 147 pounds without a strand of fat on him. He keeps his hair trimmed fairly well (all though refuses to get rid of his sideburns) and has long scars down his back that are covered by his shirt and jacket. He wears jeans, a sleeveless black shirt and a black over coat with combat boots. He also keeps a pair of finger-less gloves on when he's not seriously fighting as a self restraint. He keeps his powers to his finger tips when wearing them so they don't get ruined and he can practice more controlled variations of his abilities.

.:Superpower: Pyrokenesis (Fire creation/manipulation - Right hand) and Cryokenesis (Ice creation/manipulation - Left hand)

.:Weapons: His lighter and a steel rod.

.:History: Reggie's history is a haze, a mash of pain and absent pieces. Even to him, his past seems out of reach, a lost story that always hangs just past your sight. He remembers having a mom and a dad, a family that he was a part of. Then suddenly, he didn't. Or rather, he couldn't remember what happened to them. It seems like one day he woke up in a hospital, completely alone save for the steady beep of a heart monitor.

Slowly doctors poured into the room and Reggie became concerned. He was a kid, his entire world revolved around his family and they weren't there. This place scared him, as did the men and women in white coats and face masks surrounding his bed. He bombarded them with question after question. What happened? Why was he here? Where were his parents? Why did he feel so strange? The doctors ignored them all save for one.

They lied to him, told him his family's car had been hit by a truck and that his parents were resting in another place in the hospital. He knew they weren't telling the truth. He wasn't in any pain, not plugged into any strange machines or had the small pouches hanging over his bed like he had seen in so many T.V shows to help keep the patients happy. He could feel his anger building, so much so that the doctors had to restrain him. It threw him over the edge. Suddenly his right arm was enveloped in flames, the fire burning through the leather strap while his left arm was freezing, crystals of ice slicing their way through the second belt.

He broke free, his flames engulfing the room. It suddenly occurred to him though, these flames didn't hurt him. They were his, he controlled them and they obeyed him. The glass wall of the hospital room burst into shards that flew into the hallway. As the flames died behind him, he heard the doctors call for help. Two of them lay dead and a third was badly burnt but that's not what Reggie wanted. He just wanted to get out. He ran and ran, out of the hospital, as far as he could and never looked back.

.:Other: Reggie's always looking for people to work with. Seeing as how he can go to either end of the spectrum, he doesn't care who he teams up with as long as it furthers his own goals.
Reggie cannot be hurt by flames or ice he makes and has a resistance to them if they are created in any other fashion.

So begins...

Reggie Booker's Story

Velocity let out a little grunt as she felt freedom on her wrist, eyes casting down towards the strap that was once around it. She lifted her wrist up and shook it a little, stretching it and twisting it about until her eyes casted up towards Reggie. She blinked at him a couple of times, before letting out a begrudged sigh. "Reggie... You know how hard it is to trust people in here." she said quietly, hand reaching over to the strap on her other wrist and undoing that one too. "And you know how I get around other people..." she looked over to him slowly, the hint of a tiny smile creeping onto her countenance the more she looked at him. "But thanks." she smiled a little more. "Even if you do look like a mean ol' nasty thug, I guess you're not thatbad..." she was being playful, even if her smile was pretty small and she looked vaguely miserable.

In truth, Velo did trust Reggie quite a lot. He was one person in this place that she'd ever been able to think of as a friend. Or, ally at least. Velocity managed to undo the wrist strap eventually, causing her hands to eagerly dart down to the strap around her waist, struggling a little bit and muttering a few Curses under her breath. "Bastard leather..." was one of a few of them.

Velocity winced at the deafening alarms that suddenly echoed through the institute, having held him loose before, she now held on tightly, looking down to Reggie with one raised eyebrow and a questioning expression. she poked the back of his head a couple of times and then looked around. "I'm not sure where you're going with this, but I can already feel people nearby getting into the fighting spirit..." she held back the new desire she was feeling to jump off of Reggie's back, dash down the hallway and in seconds ram herself into a bunch of people before throwing punches here and there. "Do you even know where you're going?" she asked, eyes searching the area.

Velocity's eyes narrowed at him and she looked sternly to him. They both knew well that she could make it to the hotel in a matter of seconds, but she was determined not to leave him behind. After all, he'd got her this far. She was merely returning the favour of getting freedom with her. "I ain't leaving you, you're hurt and if they get you back in, you'll more than likely be killed." she clutched his hand at first, and then instead took his wrist and begsn holding it compactly. She began running, a hell of a lot slower than normal due to trying not to hurt him more. "By the way, you're dead for picking me up like that Reg." she told.him, looking back to see just how much he was really bleeding.

Velocity heard the cry for help and ended up stopping in her tracks. She could feel a mixture right now. Pain. Fear. A dying want for freedom. She looked back to the institute, heart torn on whether she should go back or not. She looked up to Reggie, silently pleading for him to.decide whether they left and went to the hotel, or went back to save the kids. "...Not like our lives are any better than theirs..."

Reggie chuckled as she pulled him along. "God damn, now you're just stealing my thunder." He looked down at the wound, the blood staining his shirt. "Gotta ruin the one good one I got left." He muttered taking a deep breath. When Velo stopped, he lifted up his shirt to get a better look at it. The bullet went right through him, barely missing his left kidney. "The strong will make it our Vee. They'll have the guards searching and that'll give the weaker ones a chance to make it out." He put his hand over the wound and began filing it with ice to stop the bleeding. With a nearly herculean effort, he managed to stand on his own, but after that it wasn't going to be that difficult. "There, I'm good. Now let's go. They'll all be fine." He grabbed her hand and started pulling her away from the building. He was lying, he knew he was. About the kids, about his bullet wound, hell maybe even about the hotel. Thing could've been demolished years ago. Most of the kids wouldn't make it out alive, but he didn't care all that much. Velocity was the one he stayed in all that time for and now he was getting her out. And that ice patch would hold maybe twenty minutes. Knowing his luck, it'd probably be ten. They had to move now.

Velocity was still gazing back at the institute, frowning at the slowly dying pain that echoed from it's general direction. It may be drawing towards the end of the escape, or perhaps it was simply because she was being dragged away and being made more distant with the location. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, turning her head facing forwards and then knowing that she should never look back. Opening her eyes, she began running again, turning back to dragging Reggie along and looking for wherever the hell this hotel was. Jumping over rubble and avoiding demolished every day items, it was safe to say that her first opinion of Nalliv wasn't a very enthusiastic one... But right now, all she was thinking about Reggie. The gun shot wound looked really nasty, and he needed it bandaged up, or something. "Are there any doctor's in this city?" Velo asked, her orange hair shaking vigarously behind her as she picked up the pace.

Reggie suddenly stopped, grabbing Velocity's shoulders. "Think about it for a second Red. The suits back there, they know what we are and how we work. They're going to want to get as many people out as fast as they can, so what will they do? They'll turn to the cops, probably make up some bull shit that one of them saw us get caught in the middle of a fight or something and I got shot. If we go into a hospital and they see this," He said, gesturing to the all ready failing ice plug. "They'll know who we are, the cops will grab us and we'll be sent back. No, no we can't go to a hospital." He was loosing a lot of blood and was feeling pretty light-headed but he kept pushing forward. He knew where they were now. Taking a look around the corner and through the alley, he had seen what he hoped for. The building on the other side of the alley was cold and dark, a few holes in the walls but otherwise habitable. "Come on this way. I've... I've got some supplies in room 202, door's been... been rigged. Here, take the key." He was running out of energy, he could feel himself dragging as he took a small brass key from his pocket and handed it to her. Chances are, he wouldn't make it to the end of the alley on his feet. "God dammit, just my luck." He muttered as he felt himself falling. The last thing he saw was the pavement before his head hit the ground with a thud.

#, as written by Tonks
" Depends," Ira says when the older girl asked her if she could change the rags. " On how descriptive you can be of what you want to wear." she continues looking the girl over. " And you should know that the clothes would look and feel real. but they aren't." she pulls at the dress she ahd made. " I'm still wearing rags, it just looks like I'm wearing nice new clothes."

Returning from the cellar a bottle of wine in his hand, Felix heard Ira explainging the basics of his powers. " That is usually true Ira." he says setting the bottle on the table. " But our powers combined with James's presence is enough to make anything we make, real" he smiles and points down at her dress. To their eyes it had a smattering of twists and twirls of an object of illusion. But it was undoubtably real.

James looked away from them blushing, five years ago Felix came across him on the streets. He figured that James would be useful, so he kept him around. A death threat each night, but he had obviously not followed through. " I'm not that special, just help out with your illuisons and ket feelings when important things are going to happen.." he trails off his eyes wide " Mr. F, somone needs help, go in to the alley way. You'll find them there.."

Without hesitating Felix runs out of the room and out in the alley way. Once he was there, he saw a couple of kids in rags, one of which was bleeding badly. " Hey," he says holding his hand up, but they didn't seem to hear him. Sighing he returned to the warehouse. "They're gone." he says sitting down on a chair.

"Reggie!" Velocity had dived down to try and catch the falling dark haired teen, and just ended up landing on top of him instead. She blinked, blowing the hair out of her eyes as she laid upon him in a dog-pile like manner. With one big exhale of air and then getting off of Reggie, kneeling down next to him. "God damnit Reggie, if you die, I'm not helping you. That's right, I'm not bringing you back to life or anything. You can just think about what you've done." She looked down to the rusty old key in her hand, biting her lip and then shoving it firmly in her pocket with a sigh. "You're a real pain in the ass, you know that right?" Velo told Reggie irrately, running a hand through her hair and then tilting her head at him, pushing a single black lock of hair out of his eyes a little and gazing at his tired expression, as if he had simply just crashed out and had fallen asleep. Just like after a test of his agility back in the institute. Always said nothing was wrong and then crashed out seconds later... She smiled at him a little, rolling her eyes and then lifting up one of his arms, head swooping beneath it and hand wrapping around his body, clinging onto his ragedy black trench coat and attempting to lift him up. She grunted and complained, but soon had him upright and then twisted round so she was holding him by his underarms.

"You know for a skinny bastard, you weigh a ton." Velo complained, narrowing her eyes and huffing out another breath as she dragged him up through the hotel towards room 202. Trust him to pick something on the second floor. she complained again. She was tired, hot, and aching all over. Let alone that, her only friend was bleeding and dying, and she was dragging his lifeless body up two levels of stairs, causing her arms to strain whilst her empathy was making her tired due to Reggie's exhaustion. It was safe to say that Velocity wasn't a happy abomination...

She finally made it into the room and took out the key, unlocking the door and walking in. She swiftly dumped Reggie on the bare matress of a bed, let alone the thin blanket laid upon it messily. She rummaged around the room before getting out a medical kit and fixing up Reggie's wounds, getting out the bullet and then wrapping it up. By the end of it, she was exhausted, letting out a giant yawn as she laid the blanket on him and then looked down to him, tilting her head and then very cautiously laying down in the bed next to him, wiggling around at the new feel of a matress and then going beneath the blanket, blinking up at the ceiling before drifting off herself, head rested on Reggie's shoulder so that when he woke up she'd wake up too. It wasn't like she actually enjoyed the feel of sleeping by the comfort of someone else there. It was purely to yell at Reggie when he woke up. Obviously.

Reggie was on the line between conscious and comatose as Velocity pulled him up the stairs. He was all out of sorts and could tell that she was saying something, but he couldn't tell what. All he could guess was she was griping about dragging him up to the second floor, then came another black out. This one ended with a sharp pain in his side, probably Velocity yanking the bullet out of him. He'd give her hell for that one later. As he slid back into the darkness, he could feel her laying the blanket over him. Time passed and finally, Reggie actually woke up rather than drifted back into a senseless state of barely feeling. How long had passed, he couldn't say. His thoughts weren't exactly coherent and some probably weren't even there at all. His muscles were stiff and he was drained of nearly all his energy, but somehow, his head rolled to the side, his eyes coming face to face with Velocity's. He grinned and wrapped his arm around her at a painfully slow rate. "Sweet dreams Red." He whispered, barely audible even to himself. His head straightened back to the ceiling and his eyelids rolled closed like two heavy steel doors.

Time passed by and in time, Velocity had slept long enough, feeling comfortably warm and... nice. There couldn't really be another word for it. She was comfy, and well rested, and cuddled up to Reggie. Wait... what? Very slowly and cautiously, Velo opened her eyes, eyelashes fluttering gently as her gaze casted upwards towards Reggie, finding his face right in front of hers. For a moment Velocity was frozen at how close he was, her cheeks going a little warm and a little bit of a fuzzy feeling began kicking in. She blinked at him a moment, body unmoving and trapped... But then, it seemed her limbs kicked in.

"BWAAARGH!" She yelped out as she leapt out of the small bed, rapidly unwrapping his arm around her body and falling to the floor. She shuffled back quite a bit, breathing heavier and then jumping to her feet in a small panic as she brushed her body down and straightened out her clothes. She ran her hands through her now even messier orange hair and tried to take shallower breath's, slowly calming down as she held her chest. She soon looked over to Reggie, eyes narrow as she thought about how he must have brought her closer in his sleep. She was doing it to help him, not for human contact! Duh! "You're pure evil Reg..." she muttered, holding her head in her palms and closing her eyes. He was lucky he was injured, otherwise she would've dragged him out of the bed by now and thrown him out of the window.

Reggie's as shot open and his body launched forward, only to be brought back down again by the sudden stabbing sensation in his side. "Ah DAMMIT Red! What's wrong?!" He grabbed the bandaged up side as the gauze grew a bit redder. He took a deep breath and looked around the room, seeing just her recuperating from what he could only guess was the worst nightmare in the history of man kind by her reaction. "Jeez.." He muttered, still clutching his side. "With you around I'm not going to need an alarm clock huh? What happened?" He asked, slowly raising himself up on his elbows. He winced as his left arm moved up but otherwise appeared fine. "Wait me? What'd I do?" He asked.

"YOU! You know what you did. And I can't believe you did it! I mean, I thought you know me. You're the only person who knows things about me! You've known me for how many long? And you still did it?! God! You're just so... UGHH!" Velocity was ranting, and she knew it, as she stomped back over to him, crossly shaking her finger here and there, eyes narrowed furiously whilst she nagged him. "If you don't die right now, I swear, I'm gonna kill you. Either that or just rip your balls off. At least then you'd be a girl and wouldn't do man things like what you just did..." Her moaning slowly died down into mumbling as she started re-wrapping his bandages, grimacing every so often though somehow still managing to keep her hands soft and gentle. However, once everything was done, she turned away from him. A few more rambles, a few more grunts, and then she fell silent, looking to her feet and slowly lowering down onto the foot of the bed. "You're a pain in my ass..." She informed him, looking up to him with narrow eyes. "I mean... why'd you get yourself shot? Why did you get yourself in this situation?"

"What the hell are you- oh god, the arm thing? I did that so that you wouldn't fall off the bed and crack your skull open! Calm the hell down all right? Besides, you didn't have to climb in here with me, you could've left me on the floor and taken the bed for all I cared." He sighed as he watched her ranting turned to grumbling and she re-wrapped his side. "It's fine, leave it." He muttered but something told him that she wasn't listening to him. She finished, got up and grumbled to herself a bit more, then sat back down on the foot of the bed. "Yeah I know I'm a pain. But you're stuck with me. And I got shot trying to get you out of there, in case you've forgotten all ready. I told you to go, but no you had to stay behind and play miss heroine." He pulled the blanket and his jacket off, and pulled himself to the side of the bed, sitting next to Velocity. "But I suppose that's not the answer you're looking for, is it Red?"

Velocity blinked at him a couple of times, and then looked down to the floor, elbows resting on her knees and head resting in her hands. "No... But you would never say the answer I'm looking for." She mumbled, closing her eyes and then looking over to him. She stayed silent for a little while, before looking down to the ground again. "Thanks. For, uhm... getting me out." She spoke quietly, as if not wanting to be the one to use manners and give up arguing with him first. She tended to think the one who stopped arguing first tended to lose the fight. "And, the hotel..." she sighed gently, sitting up and shaking her head. "I was just expecting the break out to go smoother... Without the gun shots and the going up two flights of stairs and having to be the nurse for you..." She bit her lip, glancing down to his bandages to check it wasn't bleeding again. "...And I was partially expecting this city to look a lot less like a shit hole." She scoffed, smiling slightly at wondering what she thought it was going to be like. She only had vague memories of when she was about 4 or 5, and it seemed heavenly back then. But this place, it made Zombieland look like paradise. "So much for fields of flowers and plenty of sunshine, eh?" She said, peering up to him behind her hair and smiling slightly.

Reggie smiled, Velocity's sudden lackluster attitude towards the argument being something he didn't expect. He knew she had a stubborn streak a mile wide and was expecting this to carry on for a good hour. "Uh yeah sure. Don't mention it." He said slowly standing up. The sharp pain hit his side again but he kept going up, barely registering it. Once he was up, he started collecting things from around the room and tossing them into a back pack he pulled out from the closet. "Well I'll be honest. It looked pretty bad the last time I was here too. Another room up a floor. At least there's two beds there and some better blankets so you won't have to cuddle up to anyone in the middle of the night." He remarked jokingly. "And uh... thanks." He said, quickly coughing afterwards as if to cover it up. "Come on, I can make it up there alone, you won't have to drag me around this time."

Velocity held back a smirk in hearing the coughed up 'thanks' and bit her lip, pushing herself to her feet and slumping out of the room. "Yeah, you better make it up alone..." She commented, stretching out and then grabbing the medical kit, just incase. When Reggie had mentioned cuddling up in a bed, the image of his face directly in front of hers reappeared in her mind and made her cheeks darken into a rouge colour. She shook it off with a violent shiver and quickly trudged out of the room. "Don't start getting smug mister, 'I was doing it to rescue you'." She said, turning back to him and pointing a accusing finger at him. "I slept in the same bed as you due to needing to refuel, and to see when you woke up. It had nothing to do with whatever the hell you're thinking about." She straightened out her hair again and then headed towards the stairs. "Now get you're ass up there, before I kick it up there." she warned him, taking a few steps up.

"Oh so you wanted to see me when I woke up huh? That's not trying to be intimate at all." He said sarcastically, walking beside her up the stairs. "Just face it, there was another reason you were there." He teased. "Come on just say it and I'll drop it." He was acting like a kid again, he knew it and he hated it. But something about Velocity always brought out another side to him. Was it possible that..? No no, just focus on not dying right now. He thought to himself. "Come on this way. It's a nice big suite, you'll have some room to yourself here." He stopped out in front of the room's door. "307. Haven't seen the inside of this one in a long while." He pulled up a tiny lip in the carpet that would've been overlooked easily and pulled the key out of it. Despite the fact that the curtains had fallen off the living room's window and the colors had faded a bit, it was exactly as he left it. The large plush couch was still twisted at an odd angle, the wrecked chair still sat splintered in the corner and the doors to the two bedrooms still had posters plastered all over them. "A long time ago, me and a couple friends lived here. One of their dads owned the place and gave it to us in his will. Everything here is under my name now since the others are long gone. Which means feel free to do whatever you want really." He lead her down the short hallway that separated the rooms. One had a queen sized bed and the other had two twins. "You get the big bed room. I'll take the smaller one. Can put them together to make a big bed if I need to later." At the very end of the hallways was a bathroom with doors to both rooms on either side. "Bathroom obviously. Water's not on right now, but we've got a pump and a tank in the basement, along with a generator for each room. I'll go down and get those later all right? Make yourself at home."

"Uhm, okay..." Velocity slowly and cautiously entered the room, eyes wandering around it as she had a diminuitive freak out. She'd never been in a room so big. Everything seemed so nice and cosy... In all honesty, she felt very out of place in her raggedy clothes, muddy/bloody skin and messy hair. She seemed very cautious about the double bed of all things... She very carefully sat down on it, and was surprised at how low it went down, how cushiony and comfy it was. She shook herself about on the bed a little and then looked around a bit more. "You own this whole hotel?" she asked Reggie, smiling a little and then quickly added on the end, "It looks like a bomb's hit it, but it'll do." she smiled playfully and then sat down more on the bed.

"Oh quit being jealous. Maybe one day you'll own a hotel." He teased. Reggie tossed his bag down just inside the door way. With a sigh of content, he pushed the two small beds together and plopped down in the middle of them. "Haha this feels so good now." He said, staring at the ceiling. For about a minute, he lay there, completely absorbed in thought, before sitting up and looked over to Velocity. "You know what Red? I'll cut you a deal. I'm interested in what the answer you were hoping for is and you wanna know why I stayed behind right? You come over here and tell me, I'll tell you anything you wanna know. Sound fair?" He asked, finally taking his gloves and the bloody shirt off.

"Uh, I guess..." Velocity got up off the bed and walked through the small hallway to Reggie, sitting on the bed and letting out a small sigh. "First off, I wanted a sorry. For both you picking me up, and putting an arm around me in the bed." she commented stubbornly, looking to him with a raised eyebrow before it softened and she exhaled a gentle sigh, scratching the back of her neck. "But... I was half wanting you to say that... Well, Uhm..." she frowned, suddenly very awkward looking. "I kinda wanted you to say that you were hugging me, because... You wanted to." she blinked down at the floor. "I guess it'd be nice to hear that there's someone who's actually putting up with me because I count as a friend. And... Not because it'd help for survival." she realised how cheesy it was going and quickly shook her head. "I mean, I'm a big girl, falling out of the bed wouldn't be a problem, it's more the... Seeing your face there just after waking up, like 'SURPRISE!' that scared the living shit out of me." she let out a gentle smile but then it fell soon after as she looked at him. "So... Why did you save me Reggie?" she asked, tilting her head. "You always seemed to be the type who thought it was every man for himself."

Velocity suddenly looked away from Reggie, turning to the sound of a crashing down the hallway. She blinked a couple of times towards the doorway. "...Did you hear that?" she asked. She stood up off of the bed, walking towards the door of the hotel room and carefully opening it, peering out a little. "Are you sure nobody else lives in this hotel, Reg? I swear I heard something..." she trailed off a little, listening out for footsteps of some sort.

Reggie grinned as he listened to Velocity. "All right all right I'm sorry I-" he started quietly. However he was caught by surprise as she continued. "But... I was half wanting you to say that... Well, Uhm...I kinda wanted you to say that you were hugging me, because... You wanted to." His heart jumped a bit. Was she actually showing affection beyond their usual teasing? He waited patiently and listened as she continued on. When she finished, Reggie sighed. "Well I did tell you I'd give you an answer so no backing out now. I'm sorry about everything. Getting in your personal space bubble, scaring you, everything. But to be perfectly honest, it was just because I needed to get you out of there." He sighed again, staring at the ground. "I mean, I know it sounds pretty stupid, but you've been around for so long, well I'd be kind of lost if I didn't get you out at least." He finished and sat silent for a moment, then suddenly heard a crash down the hall. "Yeah, no one else lives here." He scowled out the door way, then ran back into his room and grabbed his bag. "Doesn't mean no one followed us though. C'mon let's go."

"Huh?" Velocity turned her head back into the room to Reggie, head tilting to one side. "How could someone have found us that quick- wait, how long were we sleeping for..." She tapped her chin with her finger thoughtfully and then shook her head. "Guess that doesn't matter, where are we going?" She asked, walking into his room and blinking at him a couple of times. And then within a second having shot across the room and stood next to him. "I mean, it could be just some homeless guy looking for somewhere else to stay, right? And do you even know somewhere else to go?" She tried reasoning with him, not quite wanting to leave this place, as admitedly it was pretty awesome. She frowned slightly, dashing back to the door and taking a step out, trying to see if she could spot anyone suspicious. Maybe she could try and prove he was overreacting...

Reggie stood up and grabbed Velocity's shoulder. "Red, think. We were out for a good hour, maybe more. That's more than enough time to take a count and send people out. Now come on." He slid the glass door in the living room open, looked down and formed a slide of ice from the hole in the rail to the ground. "I know you don't want to leave, but trust me, it's better to be safe than sorry." He climbed up on the railing, then turned back and stepped down for a moment. "Oh and at the risk of you probably killing me later," He grabbed her shoulders and kissed her, then pushed her down the slide, following behind her after making sure he had everything from the room in a last check. When he got to the bottom, he incinerated the slide and turned to Velocity. "That wasn't so bad. Now come on, I know where we're going next."