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Ryan Flex

I won't hurt anyone like me. Pinky swear!




Ryan Flex








A sweet little boy with a love for pizza and lollipops. He's a boy who loves to eat, but that's only because of the amount of energy he uses on his powers and being a 7 year old with eagerness to prove that he's really not as mean as he is told he is. Being told he was an abomination broke his little heart, and he was determined to show otherwise. He hadn't been in the institute for very long at all. He broke out when a load of other kids did, sneaking away by walking through the walls. Ryan only wants to find companionship and to do what he is told is right. If he is told to do something, he'll do it, just so he can try to make someone happy and do what he is told is right. Ryan isn't exactly a smart kid, so he often won't argue with what he's told and will just do it. Though he may ramble on about a load of nonsense while he's doing it. Although Ryan is dumb, he's not a coward. He'll often try to protect those who he cares about, and will surprise people when his molecular density is especially strong. Ryan loves to be having fun, human interaction, and talking to others. He often loves to get muddy, as the feel of it is gooey and quite amusing to him. Ryan dislikes baths...


Ryan is a young looking boy with slightly shabby chocolate brown hair, brown eyes and a sweet complexion. He has a button nose and isn't exactly bone thin, but is by no means chubby. He has slight colour to his skin, not being a deathly pale and looking quite healthy (Aside from grubby skin and a few bruises here and there...) However, Ryan likes to keep himself muddy. Ryan is incredibly short. He comes up to about upper-hip height on an average sized person. However that's a good height for surprise hug attacks. Ryan tends to wear jumpers, trousers and trainers, but he doesn't exactly care too much about what he's wearing


Photographic memory to help remember important information, and molecular control. Basically, Ryan can control whether his body is hard as rocks, or completely translucent and like that of a ghost. He could walk through walls, and yet be firm and stop a crashing aeroplane. However, the only problem with his molecular control is that if he does it for too long, he'll often become tired and could lead to him collapsing due to excessive change in his body. This is why he tends to eat quite a lot though, so he can

.:Weapons (Optional):

He has a teddy bear named 'Mr. fluff bum'.


Ryan hasn't got much to go from on his life so far. He used to live with his grandparents, having never met his mother or father, nor having heard where they came from. Ryan never seemed to care all that much. As long as he was happy with what was going on, he would never seem that interested however. At his age, you don't really wonder about these things. You're more just living every day, blissfully unaware of the world around you. Ryan could be seen as an innocent child at first glance, but he developed his powers at an early age of three. He was about to be hit by a car when the car ended up crashing into him. Ryan was completely infected, but the person driving almost died. Ryan was seen as abnormal, and his grandparents hid him away for ages, but the institute broke in and took him away. 3 years later in the institute and Ryan broke out, going into the city of 'Nalliv' and not quite sure what to do. He'd been attacked by policemen many times, but Ryan only stood there as bullets phased through him. He ran away, and found his teddy bear in a garbage dump. Now, he just wanders around, looking for someone to talk to.

So begins...

Ryan Flex's Story

Walking down a nearby alleyway, a little figure stuck in the shadows, the night air cool against him and making him pull up his zipper a little. He blinked around, cuddling a tatty teddy bear close to his body and walking out of the alley and then walking along the sidewalk. He usually walked around absent-mindedly at night, knowing that a lot of people actually came out more often at night in this area. Ryan blinked around, his big brown eyes scanning the area. He wanted to find someone to talk to. He'd been lonely these past few days, since with his last interaction with a thug who tried to steal Mr. Fluffbum (the bear) he'd been a bit down about the people in this city. However, Ryan didn't really know about anywhere else to go...

Ryan came past the remains of the hotel and blinked a couple of times. He had remembered how everything had looked in this city. He closed his eyes, and the image of the hotel once standing appeared in his head. Opening his eyes again, he gazed up at the building. "Well what's happen here?" He asked himself, holding his bear tight to his body and stepping forwards, picking up a brick that had been blown off the building and then looking up. He stared for a moment and then his eyes widened. People were here! The thought excited him and he turned, wondering where they had gone

Jenny picked up another thought-wave,it was excited and thinking of a hotel. She concentrated hard on the wave and found the owner,a boy,around 7,she picked up the names Ryan and Mr Fluffbum. "That's not a real name?" She said to herself. She then got an image of the hotel,well what was left of the hotel,and knew where he was. She started running to where the boy was. When she got there,she saw a boy standing there with a teddy bear. "Are you Ryan?" She called out to him. She looked at the teddy bear, "So that's Mr Fluffbum."

Ryan turned quickly when his name was called and blinked at the girl. Maybe she blew up the hotel. Although that should've made him cower back in fear, Ryan broke into a giant toothy grin, walking hastily to the girl. "Uh huh, I'm Ryan! And this is Mr. Fluffbum!" he beamed, stepping close to her. "Who are you? You don't look like the other people Who usually wande around here. Most people are bald, fat and ugly. Well, tthe people I seen was anyway." Ryan tilted his head, looking the girl over. Maybe she's like me... He thought to himself.

Jenny smiled at the boy. "Nice to meet you Ryan." She looked at the bear. "And you Mr Fluffbum." She laughed at his description of the thugs. "That is very true. I'm Jenny Wilson and I am very much like you." She then spoke to him through her telepathy. Only I'm telepathic and telekinetic and older.

Ryan blinked in confusion for a few moments when he heard the voice in his head before he broke into a comprehensive smile. He shook his finger in his ear a little and giggled. "That's so cool! What's telkentic?" (Telekinetic) He asked, before his eyes seemed to adjust like a camera lens, and he stored an image of her in his head. He smiled at her and then took a few steps closer. "I have an...uhm..." He struggled to say it and bit his lip. "A...Photogropic memory. Oh! And I can change whether my hand's really hard or soft. Look;" He paused a moment, before pushing his hand towards her, and allowing it to go straight through her. Pulling it out again, he pushed his hand against her again, and it was hard as stone. He stopped and giggled. "It's weird, but it scares other people for some reason..." He shrugged slightly.

"Watch." Jenny looked at the pile of bricks and she lifted her hand into the air above her face. Some of the bricks raised into the air with her hand and stayed there until she dropped her hand. "It means I can lift things with my mind and also create a shield with my mind when needed." She watched as the boy put his hand through her and then touched her with a fist that felt more like a stone than a fist of flesh. "Your powers are incredible and useful." She thought for awhile. "I was about to go find some more people,like us." She told Ryan. "Wanna tag along? I'll keep you safe."

Ryan smiled eagerly and then nodded. "Yes please!" He said, grinning from ear to ear. "I haven't seen many people who want to... uh, 'tag along'." He giggled a little and then reached over, holding onto her hand. "I didn't know there were more people like us around. I thought there were the... uhm... the... the villains... and... then..." He thought, looking up at the dark night sky. "There's the police men who like to chase everyone, then... bald ugly people... and then... people who don't like talking." Ryan shrugged gently, holding Mr. Fluffbum to his chest tightly. "Do you think we'll be able to find other peoples?" He asked with a sweet typical 7 year old smile.

She smiled when he took her hand. Her smile dropped a little when he told her about the others he had come into contact with. "I picked up about 5 people,they're not that far away." She started walking with Ryan. "Those are bad men,I'll protect you from them,alright?" She looked at him,but she kept walking. "If we do come across one of them, I want you to hid. If I need you to run, do it." She stopped at the opening,waiting for Ryan's reply.

"But... I can defend myself." Ryan told her, looking down to her teddy bear's dark black eyes. "A lotta people have tried to attack me, but not any of them really hurt me that much." Ryan blinked at the bear and looked up to her. "I can help. I don't have to hide." He informed her, blinking a couple of times. "But who are these other people anyway?" Ryan asked, turning to the opening and peering inside. "Are they nice?" He asked, looking around.

Jenny shook her head. "Ryan,these people,they'll try and take you back to the institute or they'll try to make you a member of their gang." She looked over her shoulder. "I can't protect you if they know your a super,if they think you're just a normal kid they'll let you leave,and you can get more help alright?" She started to walk into the streets,following the thought-waves of the supers. "3 of them are from the institute,prisons like us,the other 2 are friends,we can trust them." She gave him a smile,hoping to reassure him.

Ryan smiled a little in return and then looked down the alleyway, tilting his head curiously as he looked around. "How do you know they're friends?" Ryan asked Jenny as he looked up to her. "Have you met them before?" He asked, looking down to the floor and grinning as he jumped into a puddle, giggling at the feeling of the water soaking the bottom of his trousers and making his shoes all muddy. He beamed into the rippling water, before stepping out of it and walking along beside Jenny again.

"I've never met them," She said as they kept walking. "But I doubt he's going to send his daughter to the Institute. The other is loyal to him,so I'm hoping they're friendly." She smiled at him,the splash from the puddle hitting her jeans. A few minutes later,they arrived at the place. She knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer,she stood in front of Ryan,hoping to protect him if she was wrong.

Ryan peeked around Jenny, tilting his head and looking up to Jenny, before looking back to the door and then up to Jenny. "Nobody's home?" He asked, stepping around her and knocking on the door again. A few seconds passed and he just shrugged. "Nobody's home, nobody's home." He sung as he stepped away from the door and looked around at the rest of the warehouse. Well, it didn't exactly look like a place where someone would live. All the same, his eyes adjusted again, and multiple blinks later, he had images of the warehouse in his head. "Are you sure they came from here?" he asked, reaching over and running his fingers along the edges, mud rubbing off onto his finger.

Jenny shrugged, "I'm sure of it." Jenny reached into the building with her mind, 6 minds. "Yep,they're in there." She closed her eyes and scanned the minds of each of them. "Felix Rowan? Helping abominations? Why what does he want with us?" She asked aloud. She reached out to him, Felix,can you help us?. Jenny stepped back, "If that didn't get his attention what will?"

#, as written by Tonks
" Good to know." felix smirks and slaps Grey on the shoulder in a friendly way. Then suddenly he heard Felix can you help us? He sighed, people kept coming in to his home. Maybe, what's in it for me? he returned the thought, but he was already putting an illusion around the two kids, making it seem like they weren't there.

" I...I don't know." James says honestly, " I just don't want to make you uncomfortable, " he smiles up at her his hands gently rubbing her legs as he spoke, his control was starting to slip a little.

Jenny waited a few moments before turning away, "Come on,we'll find someone that'll help us." She offered her hand,waiting for Ryan to take it. Jenny then picked up a new thought-wave, a mere newborn, then he could give her a bunch of toys that have scissors or knives tied to the end of them.... "Oh my god." She said aloud, Jenny looked around her,trying to find the owner. "Ryan,stay here." She told him,she ran off. "Knock louder,hopefully he'll help you. I'll be back,don't worry." She called back before disappearing behind a wall. She followed the thought-wave until she found a guy,around the same age. "I can't let you,it's only a child." She shouted to him. She then heard a thought, Maybe, what's in it for me? "He'll have to wait." She said to herself. "Why would you want to kill a child?"

Ryan watched Jenny leave, raising an eyebrow curiously and then looking up to the warehouse. "Hellooooooooo!" He yelled out, holding his bear close to him and stepping closer to the door. Knock louder. But how much louder? He bit his lip. Well, he needed to do what Jenny said... He did want to make her happy after all. He looked up to the door and then made his molecular density like steel, flicking at his fist at first and hearing a 'chink' noise, before turning back to the door, and knocking at it. The door shook against it's hinges and after a few more knocks, Ryan pulled away. "I wonder if that was loud enough..." He thought out loud, noticing that there were multiple dents in the door where he had knocked possibly too hard. "Uhhh... oops..."

"Yes." Jenny told him aloud. "Age-manipulation? You were going to turn someone into a child and kill them? That's no better." She told him,she swallowed. "If I hear of a child killed by it's own toys,I'll make you wish you didn't." She called after him. Then she ran back to Ryan,she wrapped an arm around him. She sent a thought to Felix, Please,we just need a place to hide from the institute and heroes. I'm begging you help us,I'll do anything.

#, as written by Tonks
Felix smirks and walks to the door, opening it he says " Answer my question, then you can come in." he leans on the door frame, her power could be very useful to him.

James looks in a mirror and shaking his head at his appearance straighens out his clothes and runs his fingers through his hair. " this is going to be very interesting." he laughs a little and walks down the hall to try and find the girls. Ira because Felix would kill her if she got lost, and Tzal because he had unfinished business with her.

Jenny put another arm around Ryan. "Ask it then." She told him,she scanned his thought-waves for any sign of deception. "I'll do my best to answer." Her eyes staring into his.

Ryan blinked up to Felix and he gently tilted his head, his eyes focussing before he blinked and he stored the image of Felix in his head. Ryan tried to peer around the man and into the house, though took note that Jenny was clinging onto him, like he was her teddy bear. "Do you have any food, mister?" Ryan asked Felix, only just noticing now how hungry he was. He looked up to Jenny and gave her a small smile. He may be seven, but he could tell she needed somewhat of a comfort, and to comfort him earlier, that's what she had done, right? Right.

Jenny looked at him. "Do you mind watching your language? There is a child here." She shook her head. "Because I can help you get any piece of information you wanted,I could also control any person you wanted,I could wipe anyone's mind and if needs be I can fight,I'd prefer to protect the more at risk but fighting would also help." She read his mind. "Ira,she's got a beautiful name and the same powers as you." She looked down at Ryan,she smiled back at him. "Look,if it's so much trouble can you just give us something to eat and drink and we'll leave you alone." Jenny made her tone harsh.

#, as written by Tonks
Sitting down next to her James smiles, " what do you want me to say?" he asks his hand resting on her leg. He hoped sheget some answers put of her, but you never really knew with women. He laughed a little.,Tzal was certianly keeping him on his toes.

Felix smiled, he like this girl. " See was that so hard?" he moves out of the door way. " Come on in, there's soem food in the kitchen." he says to the boy. " And I'd like to talk to you about your powers, I've nerver come across someone as powerful as you."

Jenny ruffles Ryan's hair,just before he runs of to get food. "That's exactly what they said about me." Jenny told him,a broken smile on her face. "Ask away,I trust you more than the men in black."

Velocity's eyes lit up a little when the pain felt less heavy on her chest and she looked down to him, smiling the slightest. "Uhm, thanks... Do you wanna sit up on here for a while?" she swiveled round so she was laying out before shuffling over to give Reggie some room to lay beside her. "I mean, you don't have to, but it sure is more comfy than that floor you're sitting on." she smiled gently to him, head resting back against the headboard of the bed, her orange hair messing up and scrunching up behind it.


As soon as Ryan was allowed in, he wandered into the kitchen, eyes wandering around the alien place like he'd never seen somewhere so clean and nice before. He blinked a couple of times, wandering what there was to eat, Oh, and what there was to eat for Mr. fluffbum too. Could never forget about him...