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The X

I am what they made me

0 · 100 views · located in The Institute for Super-Abominations/Nalliv

a character in “We're the Abominations -The Heroes Offspring”, originally authored by Akionakamura, as played by RolePlayGateway


The X

.:Name: Unknown (but he is know to everyone by The X)

.:Gender: Male

.:Age: Unknown (but he seems to be 21)

.:Status: Staff to institute.

.:Personality: He is cold unfeeling killing machine and had no problem with killing anyone who stands in the way of a job, whether it be a adult or child he will do anything he is asked as long as the pay is to his liking.(which at the time seems to be the institute) He is known the world over as a super for hire he has no ethics he feels no remorse for those who he has killed( or the ones that have the misfortune of getting in his way) or there families. He really doesn't even care about money to much its just a reason for him to do all the horrible things he does.

.:Appearance: X is a small lean man he look just like and normal human with his only exception being his eyes they give off a cold and unfeeling look at all times, to the point were at times he seem like a large doll. He has short black hair they he keeps neat and trimmed it falls just over his ears. he has a calm and collected look on his faces at all times witch only make his doll like eyes stand out more. He stays dressed in expensive tailor made suits even while on jobs.

.:Superpower: X is superhumanly strong, able to lift/press approximately 25 tons and punch through barriers as thick as four-inch steel plate. His skin is steel-hard and his muscles and bone tissue super-dense; he can withstand conventional handgun fire at a range of four feet and cannot be cut by the sharpest of blades, although in the event of required surgery his skin can be lacerated by an overpowered medical laser. He can withstand up to one-ton impacts or blasts of 150 pounds of TNT without serious injury, and is impervious to temperature extremes and electrical shocks. His recovery time from injury or trauma is usually one-third that of an ordinary human. as strong as his body is it is still incomplete his body will shut down if exposed to heat or for cold to the point where staying out in the sun for a few hour will weaken him greatly but his biggest weakness is his uncontrollable fear of cats it seem just the sight of them pulls him into a dark place in his mind

.:Weapons: He has a few weapons he uses to catch the supers he hunts they ranch from small stun grenade to a pair of high tech glass that have a wide variety of capabilities, he doesn't carry of any of these as they tend to slow him down.

.:History: His earliest memories are from waking up on a operating table with tubes running in and out of him the men who where there where congratulating him on becoming the japanese government 1st ever weaponized human he just sat there trying to drink in all they the men where telling him as they when on explaining to him about how all of his physical attributes such as strength and speed have been increased 50 times of a normal human and as they where going on about some of the other abilities something inside of him snapped was it the fact that he cant remember a thing about him self or the fact they these men where telling him he should be pleased with the fact they they have done this to him or was it just the fact they his new body gave him the ability to do it as a wicked smile begin to crawl a cross his face he mumble " so you made me into a weapon uh."as he slowly turn his head to the nearest man to him " i guess i should acted like one" as he thrusted his arm into the mans chest with such force that he rips a hole in the man with ease as the others look in in horror as they was there coworker fall to the ground he slowly turns his attention to them the begin to run but it does none of them any good with in 20 minute they where all dead soon after that he became a mercenary known as X he has never failed a job no matter how "impossible" it might be he has worked for everyone from crime lords to world governments doing everything from stealing things to burning down entire towns.

So begins...

The X's Story

The X

A young boy runs down an other dark alley way. As he runs he would trip over a open trash can and falls to the ground. As he turns over on he back he hears foot steps his eyes widen in fear. As he see a man dress in a black suit with a grey under shirt and a bright red tie. The mans has short black hair and bright blue eyes and a clam cold look on his face. With ever step the man in the black suit take the boy laying on his back looks more and more terrified. The boy on his back scratches his arm out in front of him and a blue flame appears in his hand and fire large blue fire ball . The man in the black suit side steps the ball of fire and continuous to walk towards the boy. The terrified boy fires off more shots until the flame in his hand goes out having missed ever last shot the terrified boy begins to beg and plead. With the man in the black suit saying things like. " Why are you doing this? what have i ever done to you?" To witch the man in the black suits answers. "you have done nothing wrong, you have done nothing to me but you are a super and i have a job to bring you to my employer." As he bends down picking the terrified boy up by his neack with no effort at all. As the terrified boy looks into the eyes of the man in the black suit they are cold and emotionless and the terrified boy asks. " Why ar.... why are you doing thing to me." And the man black suit replies with a small grin on his faces. "It just business." As he holds his balled up hand in front of the boys face and flicks him. As the terrified boy in the head jerks back as if he had just been punched spits up a huge amount of blood. The man in the black suit begins to slow left the boy up into the air as he violently slams the boy into the ground a evil smile comes over his face the terrified boy cease's to move. The man in the black suit picks up the boy once more and buts his ear to his cheat drops the lifeless body to the ground."good he is still alive" And with the hand with no blood on it reach's into his suit's pocket ans pulls out a small rag and a phone. He uses the rage to clean the blood from his other hand and press and few buttons on the phone. And puts it to his ear a young women's voice from the other end of the phone asks. " You done with the job already." To witch he replies to. "Yes the target has been neutralized."And the voice on the other line replies with. "Good i will tell the client to transfer the money to our account." "Good is there any new jobs for me." To witch the voice replies. "no. but they want you to go back to the institute for some reason." The man in black then says. " how bothersome little pest they can be ." The voice stops talking for a moment as the sound of computer keys clicking is all that is heard." It seem they it seem they have a huge shipment of new supers. could that be it? ." To witch the man in black replies. "make sure we have our money before we accept any more jobs from them. i don't want them trying to get me to do any work for free." The voice is quits for a moment and replies. "is it always about the money with you isn't it boss." A grin comes over the man in black face. "What is is there." a laugh can be hear followed by the voice quickly says. "that's my boss .He quickly hangs up his phone picks up the near dead boy and begins to walk away.

The X

X would look down at his watch, "they should be here anytime now." As he looks over at the 7 or 8 children he had in restraints a few of them where awake and they had such a sad look on there face. For some strange reason that look of desperation of fleaing hope in there eyes ,it was a look that almost made him want to rip out there eyes. He looks back to his watch he was already a a bit annoyed that he has yet to be pay for the catching these supers and every second that past only fueled his annoyance. He wasn't the type of person to show his anger about something like this but just as he start to lose his patience a black van with tinted windows and a very nice car behind it pulled up to him. the van stop very quickly only to have 5 armed men jump out of the back and begin loading the children into the van. the nicer car stop just in front of him, the back door opened only to reveal more armed men. A small cocky grin appear on his face as if these men where any threat to him at all. he stepped inside the door closed behind him and began to drive away. they must have drove for what seem like hours and then X could see it over the tree lines. a huge building in the middle of nowhere the car would pull up to the huge front gate and stop, the drive would hold his ID up to a scanner and the gate began to open. once it was fully open the car would continue on to the building the car would stop at what looked like a entrance, but it was just for show X knew very well that no one not even the superhero came to this place. X would step out of the car he was greeted by a mouse of a man with large round think glasses he had only talked to this man a few times but the man seem to be happy to see him. As X step out of the car the man reached out his hand "im glad you came." X look down at the mans out reached coldly and look back to the man, a concerned over the mans face. "right then for the reason i called you here." as he begins to walk into the build X would follow behind. "There are a few things we could use your help with here at the institute and i cou...." X would interrupt the man " i have yet to be paid for my last job. I have come here not because you asked but to find out why my payment is late." The man would turn to X "ahhhh yes about your payment we have it...." X would interrupt the man yet again. "Yes tha's right you have it not me, what ever these things you could use my help with can wait. i dont make it a habit doing work Pro bono." the man would stop " fine if payment is so important to you." he would pull out his cell phone and make a call as he did this he would leave X to his own devices. He look into a near by room only to see a young girl chain up he laugh to himself. such a small girl in restraints like that made him think about how laughable the humans here where, they couldnt even handle a little girl. he didnt want to venture to far away from the small man, just because he worked for them doesn't mean he trusted them. he would turn back to the small man as he says. " There you money is on its way into your account." X would smile just then deafening alarms start to sound, the man would begin to look around. "DAMN IT! looks like one of them has escaped." he would look back to X "well don't just stand them do something." X would reach into his suit jacket and pull out his phone and look down at it. " i havent gotten a call from my assistant with confirmation that i have my money, so my hands are tired." As X smiles "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I MADE THE CALL YOUR MONEY IS ON THE WAY!" X would look at a near by door. "Well you better hope it gets here soon. I doubt the children here want to kill me, but you well lets just say i dont think what you do here has gone over to well with them. A look of fear comes over the man face. " you cant just sit there." The grin on X face would become bigger " i will watch every last of of your [patients/i] escape and watch them burn this place to the ground, if the confirmation of my payment doesnt get here in time. the man would grab X' suit jacket. "BUT THEN YOU WOULD BE OUT OF A JOB!" X would laugh "if anything who ever holds the purses string for this place would pay me to catch them all over again because your brain washed supers are..... what was the word [i]unpredictable"

As X continued to run in the direction for the hotel, as he would continue talking to the woman on the other end of his headset. "Just to be safe i need to to hack the local police department but a fake APB on the escapees." he paused for a few seconds "Ahhh remember those cops i killed a few weeks ago i'm sure you can make them people of interest in there deaths, that should make it harder for them to move around so freely." the sounds of the woman press keys could be heard, " i can do it but it will take some time." X would chuckle to himself "that is fine i doubt they have left the city yet so i'm in no rush." X would quickly turn down a rather ratty look street and stop in front of a some what big build. " this looks like the place", he would walk up to the doors witch where chain shut. X would pick up the rust cover lock that was hanging from the chains on the door and look back to the building that lay in front of him. "Well if they are here they didn't get in this way", he would let go of the lock and turn back to the street. " This could be a waste of time" as he begins to walk away from the building after a few steps he stops, " but if i don't at lest look it will eat away at me. As he turns back to the build he would press he right hand against the door to the hotel he would thrust his arm forward ripping the doors from there hinges. With a loud booming sound ringing thought out the hotel hallowed halls he would step in side and scan the lobby from any sings that someone has been then. after a few minutes of finding nothing he would consider out of the ordinary. He would walk to the middle of the lobby and kneel down, picking up a piece of random trash as he stands back up he would toss the trash to the side. He would reach behind his back slipping his hand into a pouch on the back of his belt and pulls out a few round like metal balls. " its a shame to wast these on what could be a waste of time." As push's the center of the metal balls they would make a light beep and begin to light up he them tosses a few around the lobby making his way to the stairs near by.

Velocity suddenly looked away from Reggie, turning to the sound of a crashing down the hallway. She blinked a couple of times towards the doorway. "...Did you hear that?" she asked. She stood up off of the bed, walking towards the door of the hotel room and carefully opening it, peering out a little. "Are you sure nobody else lives in this hotel, Reg? I swear I heard something..." she trailed off a little, listening out for footsteps of some sort.

X would stop dead in his tracks. "Is.... that the sound of someone yelling" it was faint but he know it herd it. his eyes would dart around trying to listen for it again. He would place his hand atop his glasses a press a button as the HUD his create switch to different mode of vision after pressing the button few time he stops on heartbeat sensor. As two blips show up on his HUD a smile would crawl across X's face. "maybe this wasn't such a waste of time after all" the blips where a few floors a above him. he would look around so for something big and heavy enough to throw his eyes come across an old bed. " its not ideal but it will work as he grabs the metal bed frame and whips his arm upwards launching the frame through the ceiling and floors of just about every room above him. He would then stand under the hold he just made and jump up grabbing the ceiling through and pulling him self up with enough force to send him high enough to grab hold of the ceiling of the next room. he would continue this until he was on the same floor as the blips. as he landed on the floor with a loud thud he can see the blips had just jump out of the window His HUD showed that they where at the end of the hall way of the floor He was on. " This shouldn't take long" as he shifts he weight to the tip of his toes and shoots down the hall way. he had found someone and he wasn't letting them off so EZ. didn't even cross his mind what if they people had nothing to do with his job, but it didn't matter to much at all if they had the misfortune of crossing his path they would pay for it dearly whether they where innocent or not. as he crash through the door . he lands from his dash down the hallway he would shoot off again this time crashing thought the wall right in front of him as he come through the wall. as he flips his body around landing on the wall next to the building he just came out of and shoot off downwards at the ground as he crash down he he could see he had lost them he was to far to see there heartbeats " Damn it! they can have gotten far. YOU HEAR ME DAMN IT I WILL BURN THIS ENTIRE BLOCK TO THE GROUND IT I HAVE TO" he would walk over to a near by car and grab hole of it his hand would grip the car like it was made from paper as he whips his arm back sending the car flying into a building e would look down at his watch and press a small red button detonating the bomb in the hotel trying to scare them out. he would walk a few feet and pick up a light pole and he would rip it from the ground a throw it as if it was made of paper. he would press the button on his headset " patch me through to the police department!" the woman's on the other end would quickly reply "yes sir. " after a few seconds he would hear the sound of a open line. " This is agent Xavier of the FBI ( a fake identification of his) i am tracking very dangerous criminal they have killed four officer already so if you do find them contact me ASAP they are extremely dangerous, So shoot to kill. They where last seen in the old run down area just out of the main city all the help you can give me will be welcomed." as a mans voice on the other end of the line says. " y...yes sir once we check out your story we will be happy to help." X would hit the button on his headset once again "now if her fake ID's can hold up i should have help finding them" as he tosses another near by car.

Velocity inspected James suspiciously, biting her lip and then looking down and away from the stranger. "Yeah, how you doing..." She mumbled, keeping behind Reggie and not completely trusting of this guy yet. This whole place, it radiated with happiness, warm feelings and pleasantries. It was... Suspicious. She had been so used to the cold, dark, scary places, that coming across somewhere that may be safe was extremely strange to her, making her almost want to quickly dash away and get the hell out of there before something weird happened. But... too late. She jumped when a car was thrashed into the warehouse and looked to one side, her eyes narrowing slightly at a man in the distance. She grimaced. That almost hit herself and Reggie! She bit down on her lip, but before she could help herself, she dashed off towards the figure, ramming herself into him. "PISS OFF!" she yelled, officially outraged.

Velocity groaned, eyes constantly narrowed in a glare. "You talk too much." She commented, throwing her fist at his jaw and then within a second darting around behind him and shoving her boot deep into his coccyx, before swiping her foot against his legs, trying to knock him off his feet. "I'm not going back, whether you want me to or not." She reappeared about five feet away from him, fists tensed up and her face red in anger. "You act too calm for my liking. And nobody calls me a lamb." she kicked her boot up into his balls, managing to smirk a little. "I'm an abomination." She tilted her head up to him. "And that's just how you want me."

Velocity grunted when he had grabbed her foot and then her neck, hands reaching up quickly as she tried to pull away his fingers whilst also trying to pull her leg free of his grip. "Get the f*ck off of me! I'm not a vermin, now piss off!" she yelled up to him, focussing and then making her legs run at super speed, in hope that it would shake his hand off. " now where is your little friend. Vermin!" She had ignored this question, her focus more on just getting him to let go of her. She wasn't willing to drag Reggie into a fight, especially when he was hurt like that.

#, as written by Tonks
" Daddy!" Ira cried running in to the study, " Somone's throwing car's at the ware house!" cried pointing at the door. Felix looked down at her, " Go find somewhere to hide." he orders her as he walks quickly to the door. Looking at him James lets out a sigh of relief, there weren't many powers that could out do his creativity.

A copy of Felix walks out in to the open, he knew this man. If you could even call him that, he was what they made him. " X, just put the girl down go find some other ones. Hell, I'll even give you the location of a couple of them if thats what you want."

Velocity's eyes winced shut at the tightened grip on her neck and she tried her hardest to pull his hand away though couldn't quite do it. She struggled and choked slightly, looking to him with half closed eyes. She just stared at him, but didn't say a thing, just thinking. How can I get him off? He's much stronger, and right now, I can't exactly reach the ground... She closed her eyes tightly, groaning at the pain and tears forming in her eyes as she began to struggle to breathe. "I'm sorry... Vermin don't tend to help their enemies." She told him, hoisting her legs up and holding her feet in his eyes.

#, as written by Tonks
" You are the one who made the mistake," The copy Felix says snapping his fingers, a large and very real fire apeared. " Actually, I'm surprised that you haven't heard of me." Every living thing feared fire, on a very primal level, and he just needed to convince X that this wasn't worth his time. " M'name is Felix Rowan, and I really hate Things like you. He smirks and makes himself look taller than he was.

James watched his boss with worry, Felix had a kid waiting for him, he couldn't do the stupid things he usually did. " boss," he says softly looking at the man next to him, " Maybe you should just..." he drifted off at the death glare he got from Felix.

Velocity looked to Felix through the corner of her eye, her body starting to feel heavy as she recieved a lack of oxygen and was clawing at his hand. She gently slowed down and sputtered out a few breaths, urging her eyes to stay open whilst her arms slowly fell to her sides. She stared at The X, determined to try and feel what he was feeling, see if there was secretly anything more to him. But... she felt nothing. Nothing but coldness from that sick smile she gave him. The sick thrill he seemed to get from hurting her and threatening her. And that was what scared her most of all...

As soon as she was dropped and fell into a small bundle, Velocity gasped in a breath, coughing and sputtering as she craddled her ribcage, shaking slightly at the feeling of the busted rib. She got to her feet, slowly and carefully as she wiped at her eyes. She was now even more furious. She'd allowed herself to look weak. And she was determined that she was anything but weak. She was an abomination, or now newly named, a vermin. And what did they do? Cause hell. She was aggravated, and was about to run at him and kick him in that dumb skull of his, but instead pulled back when she tripped over her own feet. She gasped, blinking at X and then lowering her head, face being overtaken by orange hair as she looked to her feet, still breathing heavily. Why couldn't she do things right? She was messing everything up... She gently pulled back, turned and headed back towards where that warehouse was, not even dealing out a thank you to Reggie and Felix.

X still lay on the ground unconscious until a small rat runs over his open palm. As the rat run over his out outstretched hand X's eyes would would quickly open and his fingers would quickly close around the rat crushing the rats small body with relative ease. X would then sit up and toss the lifeless rat to the side. the calm and collected look would once again return to his face, as he makes it back to his feet he would press the button on his headset. " I need new cloths and supplies" a startled voice of a woman would reply. " boss i have been trying to contact you for hours." X would clinch hid fist " i stayed out in the sun to long ,but i know where at lest one of them is and she hurt so bring her back. shouldn't be hard. but she was with a man." The woman's voice would sound a bit happier " good we can use her to find the other with any luck they are close by." X would begin to walk down the tunnel " now about my cloths" the woman would reply " oya well im sure i can get you some new cloths." a smile would come over his face, " good i plan on attack them later on tonight, with out the sun draining me they have no hope." as he begins climbing out of the sewer.