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Xochipilli of the Sky

"I'll protect my sister, no matter the means."


.:Name: Xochipilli or Xoch
.:Gender: Male
.:Age: 19
.:Status: Undiscovered Super
.:Personality: Xoch is a reserved man. He doesn't see many people as important to his cause of protecting his baby sister from everyone. He doesn't talk unless Tzal makes him or he absolutely has to. When he does, it's with a calm, quiet voice and clipped sentences. When ever he's with Tzal, he's more relaxed but is still on guard about everything.
.:Appearance: Xoch has black hair and black eyes. Although his name is Aztec, he's actually Asian. He always wears green somewhere on his body and never takes his headphones off. He has a deep burn scar over his right shoulder and arm but wears jackets to hide them.
.:Superpower: He can use his voice to control emotions. Like his sister, he can control plants.
.:Weapons: He has a small vine that wraps around his left arm that can shoot out and attack like a whip. He also uses a handgun he stole from a hero.
.:History: Born to a hero, Xoch ran away before he could be administered to the Institute. He hid in Nialliv and watched from the shadows. There he developed his powers and discovered he had a younger sister who was stuck in that dreaded place. He swore that he would free her and anyone else she wanted freed.
.:Other: Xoch can use the plants to talk to his sister.

So begins...

Xochipilli of the Sky's Story

Xoch picked up Ira and smiled. "Alright, we'll stay. We should go tell Tzal and James the good news..." he said, taking Ira away from her irate dad. It'd be best to move her away from the door anyways.

"It's okay, James... I'm still tired from running and the torture..." She partly shifted, her wings, tail and ears came out and she smiled at Ira and Xoch. "Hi there, little one..." she purred out, reaching out to take Ira from her brother.

#, as written by Tonks
Streaching in to Tzal's arms, Ira said, " Guess what?!" excitedly, she was so happy that they would be staying. It would be just like having siblings. As Ira spoke James finally found the waffle iron. " Now we can have some waffles," he says pulgging it in to the wall.

Felix sighed, knowing what Sarah would have wanted him to do. " Fine, come in." he turned to walk inside then stopped his eyes taking up that ice cold madness. " If anything happens, even if my daughter gets a skinned knee. You're gone, and I don't mean you'll be walking out of the ware house." he raised an eyebrow, " Am I understood?" he asked.

Tzal took Ira and spun her around. "Maybe tonight we can make a really big room and I'll show you how to fly." she said, smiling at her. "We'll even try to hunt or somethin..." Xoch shook his head and leaned on the wall. "Hey, brother... What do strawberries taste like..?" Xoch shook his head again.

"You'll find out soon, little feather. James will make you some waffles and you can have strawberries and whipped cream..." Tzal nodded like a little kid.

#, as written by Tonks
" I could fly?" Ira asked extreamly excited, she had never dreamt that she would be able to fly. Giggling slightly she bounces in Tzal's arms. " How do you say big sister in Chinese?" she asked looking up at her. James flipped out the first waffle and poured the batter for the second. " Xoch, could you grab the strawberries and whipped cream for me?"

Felix walked in to the kitchen, and with a smile asked" Are we having breakfast a few hours early?" He didn't like to be seen publicly like this, happy with others. James glances up, happy to see the emotion in his bosses face and eyes.

Tzal smiled. "Big sister? Jie jie." she said, slowly so Ira could pick up the tone. "I can teach you lots of things, like how to pick locks with your nails and how to scare someone with only your voice." she said, tapping Ira's nose. "As long as your father's okay with it..."

Xoch walked over to the fridge and pulled out the desired items. "These?" Tzal walked over and looked at the strawberries.

"They look weird... You really eat those..?" Xoch nodded and smiled. "That's so weird..."

#, as written by Tonks
" Oh, Jie jie." Ira says bouncing up and down, " I would love to learn those things, and my daddy wont mind." she smiles, " he is a villian after all."

" Tzal," James says says putting the second waffle on the plate, " Your food is ready," he smiles and quickly cuts up the strawberries and adds some whipped cream.

Felix pictured the clothes in perfect detail, all of the shading and dimention. Slowly they apear on the man's body. Once they were fully on his body Felix smirks. " move around, tell me how they feel."

Tzal set Ira in a chair and sat down. "Mm..." She took the plate and cut the waffle. She took a bite and purred. "Wow! That's awesome!" she began wolfing down the waffles, making Xoch laugh and lean on Ira's chair.

"Slow down, silly feather... You'll get sick if you don't..." she nodded and took smaller, slower bites.

#, as written by Tonks
Felix looks over the clothes, " they are far from perfect." he says poiting at the jeans " they aren't the color I wanted them to be." he shook his head beating himself up over his sloppy work. " Oh and m'name is Felix, Felix Rowan."

James finished another plate and took it to Ira, " Here you go little one, let me know if you want another." nodding happily she dug in to the food eagerly, she had barely eaten at the last meal. " Xoch," she says looking up at the man, " Do you mind if I called you brother?"

Xoch smiled at Ira. "Sure little one. By the way, Chinese for big brother is ge ge." he said, sitting beside Tzal and Ira. "By the way, Felix-san. Tzal will need a set of clothing... Her other ones had holes..." he turned to her. "What kind again?"

"Bullet holes." she said, popping the last strawberry into her mouth. "They shot me, thinking I'd heal faster. I don't." she moved her hand and the vine picked up and set the plate in the sink.

#, as written by Tonks
Felix nodded at Grey, " Each power has it's use. Given time we'll find yours" he says simply as he walked to the table sitting at the head and watching the interaction between the kids.

Finishing her waffle Ira asked " Can I make your clothes?" bouncing up and down. She really liked being able to help with her powers, they often were in the way and made her seem a little odd. She glanced at James, " I'll need your help to make them real though." He nodded knowing that it would mean he got to spend time with the two girls.

#, as written by Tonks
" I will," Ira says running after Tzal, happy she had a sister, brother and father. In short a family, somthing she had almost never had. Running she leaped on to Tzal's bed. " Hiya!" she says happily.

Felix smiled watching his daughter run out of the room. " That girl is going to be the death of me." he mused aloud, not to anyone in particular. Glancing over his shoulder he looked at Grey, " Why don't you come and sit with us?" he asked.

James watched the girls leaving the room, and putting the plates in the sink and walked slowly after Tzal and Ira, knowing they wouldn't want to have him in there right away.

Xoch watched the newcomer, Grey. He wasn't sure what to think of this one.

Tzal grinned and crossed her legs. "Alright, kiddo. Where should we start on my new outfit?" she asked, spreading her wings out and laying them around them.

Tzal pointed to that one and one with a black hoodie and shorts. "I love the hoodie there and the rest there." she said, looking at both Ira and Felix. "Cause I can't wear shorts." she raised her pant leg to show one of the scars from her restraints.

Xoch followed Felix and watched his sister and Ira. They could be related, they were that close. Xoch smiled and shook his head. Maybe staying wouldn't be too bad.

#, as written by Tonks
At the sight of Tzal's scars James's lips tightened and it took all his self control not to do something stupid. Ira nodded and with a few movements of her hands she started to make the clothes apear on Tzal's body. Glancing up at James she silently asks for help solidifying the clothes, and she instantly felt the rush of power she needed.

Felix watched the men, " I'm going to get my revenge on them, and I'll need help, a lot of it." he took a deep breath, " I'm willing to train all of you to use your powers better, and with any luck make them stronger."

Xoch looked at Felix. "T-train us..? Felix-san... You have done much for us and we will help in anyway possible.... Though I must ask... After we achieve that, what will happen next?" he asked, fiddling with the vine around his arm.

Tzal stood up when Ira finished and twirled. "Wah! It's so cool, Ira-chan, James-kun." she smiled at both of them and kissed them both on the cheek before running out to her brother. "Look, look! Ira and James made me new clothes! Aren't I pretty?" she asked, latching her arms around his neck. He nodded.

#, as written by Tonks
James stood in the doorway dazed by the simple kiss on the cheek. As she walked by Ira says " James and Tzal, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G." with a giggle. James looked down at her, " Why you little." he said in mock anger, and chasing her down the hall in to the kitchen, where she yelled. " Ge ge, help he's gonna get me!!!"

" Well," Felix says ignoring his daughters outburst, he would have to get used to living with a six year old. " I suppose you'll have the option of staying with me and a life of crime." He laughs at his wording. " Or you all can go on you merry way."

Xoch picked Ira up and mock glared at James. "What kind of gentleman are you? Chasing a princess?" Tzal grabbed her from her brother and grinned. Xoch rolled his eye and turned to Felix. "I think we'll stay... Tzal and Ira are like sisters already and Ira's too cute to leave." he said, a small smile on his face.

"Now, the princess' lady-in-waiting will hide her liege away from the dragon prince." she said, poking James in the chest, winking and trotting off down the hallway. "We'll find an empty room and make a biiiiiiig fort to hide, kay?"

#, as written by Tonks
Felix nods at Xoch, " Then, with your help I'll build a training room later. The sooner we start the better." he was deep down looking forward to having a full house, he liked having people around. When Grey expained to him the little bit of his powers he smiles, " Lets talk about that in detail later, I might be able to help more than you think."

James sighed and says, " Well then, if I'm a dragon prince. It is my duty to chase after the Princess and her lovely lady-in-waiting." he jogs after them a smile on his lips.

Lookking over Tzal's shoulder Ira cried, " The dragon is coming after us! Quick in to the fort!" she points at a door that had just appeared.

Tzal ducked into the room and grinned. The room was covered in blankets and pillows. She ran and jumped into the pile, still holding her princess. "Alright, we should be safe here. But we gotta be quiet..." she held a finger over her mouth and held in a giggle.

"Of course, Felix-san. At dawn should be a good time, Tzal and James will keep little Ira occupied while we work..." Xoch said, looking at the other man, Grey. He still didn't like the way he looked. He barely trusted James with Tzal. The thought of that man doing something to his baby sister made his vine whip the floor.

#, as written by Tonks
Ira giggled, her hand muffling it as best as she could. " Hey Jie jie." she whispers to Tzal, " I know a secret about the dragon.." she giggles again. " Do you want to hear it?"

James makes his foootsteps loud and mildly scary. " Where could my prey have gone?" he says in a comically scary voice. " Are they in this pile?" he looks purposefully in the wrong pile of blankets.

" Grey, do you have any formal combat training?" Felix asks leaning back in his chair, giving Xoch a nod to show he acknowledged the man's words.

Tzal's cat ears perked up and she leaned closer. "Really now..? Maybe your brave lady-in-waiting can use it to help the princess escape..." she whispered back, her tail sticking out of the pile, lashing. This was much more fun than tearing people apart.

Xoch followed James, eyebrow raised. He had to see this.

#, as written by Tonks
" I didn't say you would have to I just wan to know if you can." Felix stresses the word. He needed to know the abilities of the people he was going to train, mostly because he didn't think he would have much time to do it.

" He.." Ira giggles again. " He likes you.." she stifles another giggle and peeks over the top of the pile at James. James was walking around the room looking in various piles. " Xoch, have you see your sisters?" he asks his back purposely to the pile the girls were behind.

"He likes me..? Hmm..." she thought for a second before following Ira's lead and looking over the pillows. She looked at James' back and blushed. He was a nice guy...

Xoch shook his head. "Sorry, Dragon Prince James. I haven't seen the princess or her lady-in-waiting." he hid a smile as both Ira and Tzal peeked over the pillows.

#, as written by Tonks
Felix watches him carefully , he's seen some powers that got set off by emotions like that. " well then, maybe you'll benefit from some of my anger control techniques." he offers.

" Yeah," Ira says with an excited nod, " You should have seen his face when you kissed his cheek.." she makes a little face, " It's kinda gross.."

" hmm, I supose I'll look in this pile behind me.." James says turning around dramatically, and walkign towards the pile, " Hmm, I wonder if they are here..." he says looking around while Ira giggled loudly.

Tzal giggled along with Ira, trying to stay quiet. "Princess, I'm gonna jump on the dragon prince, you take the royal knight Xoch and run. I'll handle the dragon..." she told her, pointing to Xoch, who snorted but got up off the wall none the less.

Xoch shook his head and got ready to catch Ira and run. Those two were so hyper and energetic. He was worried about James liking his sister but trusted her. She was a big girl...