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Xochiquetzal of the Earth

"My brother will free me... I have faith in him..."



.:Name: Xochiquetzal or Tzal for short
.:Gender: Female
.:Age: 18
.:Status: Super-abomination
.:Personality: Tzal's not a social person. She likes keeping to herself and her plants. When she does talk, it's a shy, quiet voice. But that doesn't mean she's meek. She's actually very rough and tumble, ready to take anyone down. She cusses often though it''s mostly in Chinese or Japanese.
.:Appearance: She, like her brother, look Asian. Her hair had a lighter tint to it than her brothers but their eyes are the same color, black as night. She has numerous scars on her body, mostly around her collarbone and neck.
.:Superpower: Tzal can morph into this beast-bird, meaning she can turn any part of her body into that form at will. She also has a power of plants.
.:Weapons: She uses her claws and fangs to fight.
.:History: When her brother ran away, she was born. Unlike her brother, she had no time to leave like her brother before she was administered to the Institute. She found out about her brother and they began talking. She can only hope he can break her out.
.:Other: Tzal can speak with her brother through plants.

So begins...

Xochiquetzal of the Earth's Story

While the other kids were strapped to gurneys, one girl sat, perfectly still, in her own twisted restraints. Her arms and wrists bound by a steel chain, her legs straight out and tied up the same way. Her dark eyes covered by a blindfold, her feline teeth gnawing at the metal bit in her mouth. A snarl or growl exited her mouth at random intervals, scaring both staff and patients alike.

Xochiquetzal was unamused and quite angry. She had only ripped the head off of a staff member and bit another's leg clean off and they placed her in these chains. It was insanity, really. She let out a giggle before the scream started again. The little vine around the shell of her ear squeezed and contracted, as if in fear. She shushed it and moved a bit, causing the chains to rattle against the floor. Her arms ached and her legs were numb with pain but she showed no weakness. She couldn't. They would exploit it and use it against her.

Eventually the vine finished its assigned task of removing the blindfold and she opened her eyes. She watched everyone with a sort of detached look, as if she really wasn't there, experiencing all of it, and was just a observer. The vine curled back around her ear as a voice came through it.

"Sis, are you still breathing?"

She wasn't worried about anyone else hearing it. She grunted and began to morph her arms, making the chains rattle and groan. The voice sighed in relief.

"Good... I'll get you out soon, little feather, just wait... I promise..." Then the voice was quiet. But she was smiling faintly. Her brother would save her. She just knew it.

The X

X would look down at his watch, "they should be here anytime now." As he looks over at the 7 or 8 children he had in restraints a few of them where awake and they had such a sad look on there face. For some strange reason that look of desperation of fleaing hope in there eyes ,it was a look that almost made him want to rip out there eyes. He looks back to his watch he was already a a bit annoyed that he has yet to be pay for the catching these supers and every second that past only fueled his annoyance. He wasn't the type of person to show his anger about something like this but just as he start to lose his patience a black van with tinted windows and a very nice car behind it pulled up to him. the van stop very quickly only to have 5 armed men jump out of the back and begin loading the children into the van. the nicer car stop just in front of him, the back door opened only to reveal more armed men. A small cocky grin appear on his face as if these men where any threat to him at all. he stepped inside the door closed behind him and began to drive away. they must have drove for what seem like hours and then X could see it over the tree lines. a huge building in the middle of nowhere the car would pull up to the huge front gate and stop, the drive would hold his ID up to a scanner and the gate began to open. once it was fully open the car would continue on to the building the car would stop at what looked like a entrance, but it was just for show X knew very well that no one not even the superhero came to this place. X would step out of the car he was greeted by a mouse of a man with large round think glasses he had only talked to this man a few times but the man seem to be happy to see him. As X step out of the car the man reached out his hand "im glad you came." X look down at the mans out reached coldly and look back to the man, a concerned over the mans face. "right then for the reason i called you here." as he begins to walk into the build X would follow behind. "There are a few things we could use your help with here at the institute and i cou...." X would interrupt the man " i have yet to be paid for my last job. I have come here not because you asked but to find out why my payment is late." The man would turn to X "ahhhh yes about your payment we have it...." X would interrupt the man yet again. "Yes tha's right you have it not me, what ever these things you could use my help with can wait. i dont make it a habit doing work Pro bono." the man would stop " fine if payment is so important to you." he would pull out his cell phone and make a call as he did this he would leave X to his own devices. He look into a near by room only to see a young girl chain up he laugh to himself. such a small girl in restraints like that made him think about how laughable the humans here where, they couldnt even handle a little girl. he didnt want to venture to far away from the small man, just because he worked for them doesn't mean he trusted them. he would turn back to the small man as he says. " There you money is on its way into your account." X would smile just then deafening alarms start to sound, the man would begin to look around. "DAMN IT! looks like one of them has escaped." he would look back to X "well don't just stand them do something." X would reach into his suit jacket and pull out his phone and look down at it. " i havent gotten a call from my assistant with confirmation that i have my money, so my hands are tired." As X smiles "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I MADE THE CALL YOUR MONEY IS ON THE WAY!" X would look at a near by door. "Well you better hope it gets here soon. I doubt the children here want to kill me, but you well lets just say i dont think what you do here has gone over to well with them. A look of fear comes over the man face. " you cant just sit there." The grin on X face would become bigger " i will watch every last of of your [patients/i] escape and watch them burn this place to the ground, if the confirmation of my payment doesnt get here in time. the man would grab X' suit jacket. "BUT THEN YOU WOULD BE OUT OF A JOB!" X would laugh "if anything who ever holds the purses string for this place would pay me to catch them all over again because your brain washed supers are..... what was the word [i]unpredictable"

Xoch let a grin come over his face at the thought of his sister being freed. "I'm coming... I told ya I was..." he whispered into the vine. A voice sighed on the other side.

"Brother... Quickly, you have to hurry. The alarms are killing my ears."

"Roger that."

Tzal managed to get the chain off her body and out into the fray. There she saw staff members running like crazy. Then she saw the little girl. She reminded her of when she came here. She walked over and with a human hand, held it out for the girl. "You waiting for someone too? We might as well go meet them, no?" she smiled, almost innocently, like she didn't kill people before. "I'm waiting for my big brother, who's coming for you?" she asked, kneeling to her level.

#, as written by Tonks

Ira was walking through the halls watching all of the comotion with wide eyes. No one was trying to stop her.. Just then an older girl, she looked about 18 walked over and with a human hand, held it out for Ira to take. "You waiting for someone too? We might as well go meet them, no?" The girl smiled, but it felt off to her. Carefully taking the girls hand Ira knew she couldnt get out of here on her own, she was just too small. "I'm waiting for my big brother, who's coming for you?" The girl asked, kneeling to her level.

" I'm waiting for my daddy," she says with a big smile, she didn't even know what he looked like, just that she had his eyes. " Well, I'm not really waiting." she laughs a little and points to the wall, " I'm going to find him, because he doesn't know what I look like."

Striding perposely towards a less guarded part of the wall Felix looks back at the kid. He was... talking to his pet vine. " Quit talking to that plant, and help me put the C-4 on the wall." he orders tossing a bag at the kid. without looking back to see if he had caught it he went straight to work sticking his bombs on to the wall. The sooner he got through this wall the sooner he got to find his link to Sarah.

Tzal ruffled the girl's head. "I don't know what my big brother looks like either so we'll search together." She stood back up and looked at the wall. The little vine she had grew a bit so it rested around her ear and curled around her mouth like a headset. "Brother, I'm here with some kid, looking for her dad. Think there's a connection between her and the guy your running with?" She began walking to where the entrance was, looking at all the faces. Occasionally she'd pop open a patient or two but only the younger ones. The other ones could easily escape, without her help.

Xoch caught the bag and with the help of the vine, stuck the bombs to the wall like Felix told him. He was excited, he would see his little sister for the first time and wisk her away from this hellhole. "Probably. It wouldn't surprise me, in the least bit. Just be careful, you and her. We're coming for ya." He told his sister waiting for Felix to detonate these things.

Tzal heard the explosion and suddenly she was swept up into someone's arms. "It's you... My baby sister..." someone whispered in her ear. She turned and buried her face in the boy's shirt.

"Brother... Brother..." she whispered, as if this was all a dream and she would wake up to the torture machines again. Her brother smoothed her hair soothingly and picked her up.

"Come, we must leave soon. I have a place we can hide, at least for a while." She nodded as her brother took her away from the place take made her a monster. They made it to the warehouse and he opened the door and leaned on the wall, just holding his sister, while she clung to him, her breath heaving with adrenaline.

#, as written by Tonks
Felix & Ira

Holding the girl in his arms, Felix stood and walked under the cover of an illusion out the hole in the wall. Once ouside the walls he let out a sigh of relief. Looking down at the girl he asks, " so little one what is your name?" he knew it would be unique, becase Sarah dispised normal names. Mostly becase she had one herself. Turning down the alley way that led to his home she replied, " Ira, my name is Ira." looking at the man who was her father. He looked so much like her, she mused as he bent down to open something. Then she was set down inside a building that to her eyes was twisting and turning. Nothing seemed to stand still.

" Is all of this a illusion?" she asks looking up at him. Felix genuinely smiled for the first time since Sarah died, " Yes, Ira. All of this is an illusion." he holds his hand out for hers, " I'll show you how to do it if you want." Taking her hand she nods, " I'd like that," then she looked at a near by wall, the girl she had met before was there, with who she assumed was her brother. " oh, hello." she says hiding beind her father a little.

Xoch and Tzal looked up to see Felix and the little girl. Tzal smiled up at the girl. "You found your dad? Good..." Xoch stood and helped his sister up.

"Thank you... You helped us out and we are grateful... If you need anything, do tell us. We are indebted to you." He told the man, bowing slightly. Tzal followed in suite and held her brother's hand.

"You are Felix, right..? Thank you for not turning my brother away... I am eternally grateful..." she told the man, slightly hiding behind her brother, who ruffled her hair and smiled. She looked up at him and smiled back.

#, as written by Tonks
" I may require some things of you." Felix says pulling off his scarf and jacket. " but until I think of something, please join us for dinner." he says glancing down at Ira. He walked down the hall hanging up the clothes as he went. " Come Ira, there is someone I'd like you to meet.." he calls over his shoulder as he walks in to the kitchen where James was slaving away at making a large meal.

Jogging after her dad Ira smiles, she knew it would be different living with a villain, but at least he was family. When she made it to the kitchen she was surprised to see another man preparing a large meal. " Ira, this is my assistant James." James looks down at the girl surprised. " James, this is my daughter Ira." she smiles and waves up at him.

Both shrug and followed the man and daughter. They were hungry, Tzal more than Xoch, but that was another story. They saw James cooking. Xoch's ears morphed and she grew a tail. A rumbling purr exited her throat. Mostly because James was cooking but somewhat of James' looks. Xoch chuckled at his sister and pet a fluffy ear.

"Now, now. Let's not get too excited, sister..." she calmed down, the ears and tail retracting. She blushed and rubbed the back of her head.

"Sorry, brother..."

#, as written by Tonks
Ira watched the girls transformation. " woah! That's so cool." she says running up to the girl " you had a tail!" she says as a tail appeared on herself " and ears!" they appeared too. Felix laughs at his daughters appearance, " Ira, you have a tail and ears too." she looks behind her. " really?" she asks. " that's so cool!"

James stared at the new comers, the fact Felix was a father was very surprising to him. And, the appearance of the other two people just made him a little uneasy. Kneeing down, he smiled at Ira, " Hello Ira," he says " welcome to the free world." she smiles shyly and curls in to her dad. " hi.." she says softly. James smiles and stood, looking at the girl, she was a year or so younger than him. " hello," he says offering his hand.

Tzal shook James hand and smiled at him. "Hello." Xoch made the vine worm between their hands and pry them apart. "Brother. Be nice." He only grunted at her, making her roll her eyes. "I'm Xochiquetzal of the Earth and this is Xochipilli of the Skies, but you can call us Xoch and Tzal." she told them before she turned to the girl.

"You like my ears and tail? Watch this." And she fully shifted, her tail curling around Xoch's leg. She let out a purr and shifted back, grinning. "I'm scary no?"

#, as written by Tonks
" not scary." Ira says walking over to the near by stool. " cool." she says smiply glancing down at her ragged clothes, " ick." she says making the clothes turn in to a purple dress. Felix smiles proudly at his daughter, she had a pretty good amount of control for a kid.

James shook his head, " dinner will be ready in a few minutes, why don't you guys go set the table?" he asks going back to the pot of sauce he had been cooking. " Oh and why don't you grab a bottle of wine Mr. F? I'm sure they could use it." Felix nods and walks in to the wine cellar.

Tzal's tail drooped and she sighed. "I'm suppose to be scary. Brother I'm scary right?" she asked, rooting around for the silverware. She found them and made a triumphant noise.

"No." he said, setting the plates on the table. Tzal huffed before setting up the cutlery on the table. "What? You're not. You're a giant flying cat. There's nothing scary or threatening about it." Tzal poked him with her tail and smiled at Ira.

"But if Ira-chan says I'm cool then I suppose it's a close second." she flipped her tail happily and crouched down to Ira. "Think you can change these rags?" she asked.

#, as written by Tonks
" Depends," Ira says when the older girl asked her if she could change the rags. " On how descriptive you can be of what you want to wear." she continues looking the girl over. " And you should know that the clothes would look and feel real. but they aren't." she pulls at the dress she ahd made. " I'm still wearing rags, it just looks like I'm wearing nice new clothes."

Returning from the cellar a bottle of wine in his hand, Felix heard Ira explainging the basics of his powers. " That is usually true Ira." he says setting the bottle on the table. " But our powers combined with James's presence is enough to make anything we make, real" he smiles and points down at her dress. To their eyes it had a smattering of twists and twirls of an object of illusion. But it was undoubtably real.

James looked away from them blushing, five years ago Felix came across him on the streets. He figured that James would be useful, so he kept him around. A death threat each night, but he had obviously not followed through. " I'm not that special, just help out with your illuisons and ket feelings when important things are going to happen.." he trails off his eyes wide " Mr. F, somone needs help, go in to the alley way. You'll find them there.."

Without hesitating Felix runs out of the room and out in the alley way. Once he was there, he saw a couple of kids in rags, one of which was bleeding badly. " Hey," he says holding his hand up, but they didn't seem to hear him. Sighing he returned to the warehouse. "They're gone." he says sitting down on a chair.

Tzal whistled in surprise, much like her brother did. "Super powers I've never seen before... Are there lots of us like this? Out here, I mean." she asked, Xoch just shook his head at his sister. Her ears and tail were showing her great interest.

"There might be, but I've only met Felix and James. We are hunted you know, so we shouldn't show ourselves off..." Tzal nodded, her ears pressed against her head in thought. They heard the other kids but they were only focused on each other, they were the only family they had left. "Hey, sister, why were you in those chains and other things?"

Tzal's ears perked up. "Oh that! Yeah, I ripped on of the staff members' head off and bit another guy's arm clean off. Neither one tasted good..." she told him, playing with a string that was hanging off her pants. Her brother sighed.

"Honestly, Tzal..."

#, as written by Tonks
Ira smiles, at Tzal. " I wish could have done that." she says softly, " all I could do was make them think they were on fire," Felix smiles, " spiders are also very effective little one." wrapping Ira in a hug. Felix didn't know the first thing about being a parent, but at the moment he was running on instinct. And it seemed to be working, he thought as Ira curled in to him.

James picked up the large bowl of spagetti, " Okay, foods ready." he carries the bowl to the middle of the table. " come sit down," he says looking at the odd group of people.

Tzal hopped up into one of the chair, purring loudly. "They never fed us over there... You either ate someone or begged and got beaten." she said, her tail swishing from side to side. She was small, Xoch noticed. So small for someone that was her age. He gripped his hands into fists. He'd protect her no matter what.

"Brother, come sit and eat." she told him, patting the seat beside her. He nodded and sat beside her, all thoughts about revenge gone as he saw his sister's smile.

#, as written by Tonks
" They fed me.." Ira says softly, now ashamed that she got to eat and not the others. She crawled out of Felix's arms and walked over to the table sitting to the right of the head, knowing that was where her father would sit. James sat across from Tzai with a small smile, he was starting to like her more and more.

Felix shook his head, deciding to hold his tongue about the food, and sat down at the head of the table. " Help yourselves," he says filling a plate for Ira. " Eat up little one, I'll show you a few tricks after dinner." he says putting it in font of her.

Tzal let her brother fill her plate and she looked at the fork with a worried face. "Uh..." Xoch picked up the fork and showed her how to use it. She smiled at him and began eating slowly. "It's fine, Ira-chan... I did it to myself, really... We all did. We resisted and we made our own lives hell... I kept attacking everyone. It was sport but the restraints were killer." she touched the scars on her arms and the red areas from the chains.

Xoch only ate in silence, something he was used to doing. He wondered what he'd do with his sister in tow. They could continue to roam, like Xoch did before. but Tzal deserved a home. A good one. Maybe Felix would let them stay.

#, as written by Tonks
" Oh," Ira says. " I know about that, they used to run electricity through me using needles." she shivers at the memory. The memories hitting her hard, the tall men standing over the table talking about her as if she wasn't there. And the pain, the seemingly never ending pain. A sob shook her entire body, the fork falling to the ground as her arms wrap around herself.

As he watched his daughter cry, Felix's eye grew ice cold. " Get out," he hissed out, his grip tightening on the table. James's eyes widened, " May I sugest that we move this dinner to the kitchen?" he asks standing up and grabbing the bowl of spaghetti. " I do not think that the dining room will be here in a few moments, and it's safer for everyone if you aren't in here.."

Xoch nodded at James and grabbed Tzal, who was watching Felix with fear. Once they were in the kitchen, Tzal sunk to the floor, dry heaving. "Oi, oi... Breath, Tzal. Breath." She relaxed and shifted her shoulders, wings coming out and wrapping around her.

"I didn't mean to, Xoch... I didn't mean to..." she muttered from behind her wings, which were shaking really bad. "I don't wanna be hit again, brother, don't let 'im..." Xoch swooped down and hugged her, wings and all.

"Shh... I won't let him..."

#, as written by Tonks
James picked Ira up and carried her out of the room, and not a moment too soon. The second the door shut Felix stood up suddenly flipping the table with a scary amount of ease. With a cry of anger he starts throwing the chairs and plates around. " Damn them all." he says picking up a mug and hurdling it at the door.

When she was put down by James, Ira looked around and crawled over to Tzail, " I'm sorry I set him off.." she says sitting next to her. " If I had known that would happen, I wouldn't have said anything.." she wrapps her arms around her legs. " Next time I'll wait until I'm alone to say such things.."

Tzal opened a wing and let the little girl under it. "I shouldn't have said what I did to remind you of that..." she chuckled, almost bitterly. "We experienced this and we're gonna have to get over it too... But we have each other, someone else that understands the pain, no?"

Xoch watched his sister with a worried look on his face. Tzal merely smiled at him. "Plus we both have overprotective family to keep us outta there. So we can relax and recoup."

#, as written by Tonks
Sliding under her wing, Ira curls up next to her. " Yes, we will be able to help eachother, but you were in there much longer for me. So it will be much harder for you.." she hugs the much older girl. " I'm glad I met all of you," she glances up at the two men. She already trusted them, even though she had only known them for a few hours.

James smiles crouching down next to the girls. " I should have warned you guys, Felix has a reputation for going off in to horrible rages." The door opened and Felix looked down at the people, his expression apologetic. " I'm sorry, I couldn't control that." He crouched down to look the girls in the eye, " That won't happen again, I swear." he holds out his hads for Ira, who launced herself instantly in to his arms. " That's okay dad.." she says resting her head on his shoulder.