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We're the Abominations -The Heroes Offspring

The Institute for Super-Abominations/Nalliv


a part of We're the Abominations -The Heroes Offspring, by The*Lucky*Teacup.

Welcome to the home of abominations and chaos.

The*Lucky*Teacup holds sovereignty over The Institute for Super-Abominations/Nalliv, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Default Location for We're the Abominations -The Heroes Offspring

Possibly the worst area to live in. Crime rates are off the scale, Home of the institute, and near deserted asside from the odd thug, villain or escaped abomination.
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The Institute for Super-Abominations/Nalliv

Welcome to the home of abominations and chaos.


The Institute for Super-Abominations/Nalliv is a part of We're the Abominations -The Heroes Offspring.

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Jenny Wilson [128] I was raised in hell,now I'll give them hell.
Felix Rowan [111] " You know the thing about madness its like gravity, all it takes is a little push."
Xochiquetzal of the Earth [108] "My brother will free me... I have faith in him..."
Xochipilli of the Sky [104] "I'll protect my sister, no matter the means."
James Hale [92]
Ira O'hare-Rowan [87] " I just want to know my family."
Velocity (Velo) [82] They want me to be an abomination? Well then, that's what I'll be...
Ryan Flex [78] I won't hurt anyone like me. Pinky swear!
Reggie Booker [76] I'll do what benefits me. No more, no less.

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"There's Grey, a brother and sister, Ira, Ryan, me, Felix and Felix's assistant dude." She answered his question. "Nope, I can sense at least 4, no wait, 5 still out there. Probably more only those 5 are the ones close enough." She scanned the gym for Felix and when she spotted him she took Jayden's wrist and led him over to him. "Hey Felix, this is Jayden, another 'Abomination' and you don't need to worry about this place getting to over populated, because he's replacing me." She then looked back to Jayden. "Or coming with me?" She aimed the question to Jayden.

Ryan looked up to Jenny, becoming wide-eyed and blinking a couple of times. "Wh-what?" Ryan clung onto her hand and tilted his head. "What do you mean replacing?" the little boy asked, bottom lip trembling slightly. "A-are you l-l-leaving?" He asked slowly and shakily, wiping at his eyes with his free hands.

Jenny rubbed her forehead and clicked her tongue. She looked down to Ryan, "I will, but not for awhile." She said, lowering herself to his level. She could see his tears. "Hey, hey, don't cry. You'll make me cry and then I won't be able to stop." She hugged him tightly. "I won't leave until I'm ready, until you're ready to say goodbye, alright?"

Ryan sniffled, clinging onto her and burying his face into her neck. "B-but you're my only frwiend..." he mumbled, sniffling and wrapping his arms around her neck. "Why do you have to leave? Can't I come too?" Ryan questioned, looking up to her.

Jenny put a hand on his head and tried her best to comfort her. She could feel a few tears and she closed her eyes to stop them. "I wish you could, but it's to dangerous. You're better off here, where Felix can protect you." She bit her bottom lip and pulled away, she looked at him. "No matter where I am, I will always be in here and here." She pointed to his heart first and then his head. "I'm not leaving right away, I'm staying for awhile longer don't worry." She let out a breath and stood up, wiping her tears away with both hands.

Of course, Jayden decided to come with her. "I'll come with you. I don't know exactly what to do with you, but I'll of course come with you..." He concluded that it probably would be dangerous since they had been approached by a super without even realizing it was a super in the first place. Not to mention the fact he said;

There will be more

Which adds up Jaydens level of worry even more, which makes him want to go with Jenny even more now.

Ryan frowned before looking down to his feet and lowering his hands down. You're the nicest person I ever did meet. Ryan thought to her before turning around and walking towards the kitchen of the warehouse to get away from others and let out the feelings he had inside.

Jenny turned around and smiled to Jayden, "Thank you." She then hugged him and sighed as she watched Ryan leave. "I'm not leaving until he's okay with it." She released the hug and took Jayden's hand in her's and turned back to Felix. "Well?"

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Reggie put his hand on Velocity's shoulder. "What's the hurry Red? We've got all day to enjoy the fact that we have a comfortable place to rest now." He tossed his back pack aside after he found his watch. "Come on I'll make us some food and we'll see what we can find for something easy to do." He grinned as he stood up. "Or you know, we've got a comfy bed, lots of pillows and blankets and a locked door. Sure we could find something to do. You know like a pillow fort. Or not." He joked, as he grabbed at his side. "Ah dammit that's gonna slow me down for a while." He muttered.

Velo looked over to him as he held his side, her face dropping in worry. It was then that she remembered about the bullet. She immediately went over to him and raised his shirt a little, looking at the bandages. There wasn't any blood seeping through, and everything was clean still. Velocity sighed and lightly punched his shoulder. "You need to be careful yourself, ass hole." she commented before realising he had mentioned lots about the bed. Immediately she blushed and then punched him in the chest. "Neither of us are in any shape. To do that, you horny bastard." she was a bright pink now, and quickly walked out the door. Even though she should be slow, she had accelerated speed, meaning she was just going at a normal walking pace.

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"Yeah yeah careful, I'll get right on that. You know, right after I get shot one more time." He said sarcastically, rubbing his shoulder. He kept up with her, working through the pain, the same way he always had. He laughed when he heard Velocity's response. "Whoa whoa hey. I never said anything about that. I said pillow forts." He teased. "And now you're just putting words in my mouth. But not in any shape huh? Almost sounds to me like that's you're only excuse. Red you naughty girl." He wasn't going to let up, she'd never hear the end of this one.

Velocity went red further, partly from the embarrassment and partially from the anger and frustration he was causing. Why is he such a pain in the ass? she asked herself, sighing gently. "I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of a comeback." she turned and poked him on the nose. "It's not worth it." she rolled her eyes, and then felt a sudden sadness and fear come over her. She turned, looking in the direction of Felix and two people standing next to him that she didn't recognise. "This is why I don't like being around other people..." she murmured as she walked into the kitchen and rubbed at her temples, closing her eyes a little.

Johnny was dropped into Nalliv, the remains of some city. He looked around and noticed a gang staring at him, they had chains and tire irons for weapons. Johnny examined his gun before continuing on his way to finding Jenny Wilson and bring her back, dead or alive. When he passed the gang, he noticed one motion and they all started to follow him. Johnny rolled his eyes and spun, shot one in the leg, hit one with the bottom of the gun and kicked another in the groin. He then shot them in their heads when they lay on the ground, he looked up and the others started running. Johnny continued walking, he put his hands in his pocket and started whistling.

Jenny smiled at Ryan's thought, I'm not gonna leave until you're comfortable here. Jenny then heard his thoughts as he sat in the kitchen, her eyes started to water and she used the back of her free hand to wipe her tears away. She let go of Jayden's hand and ran to Ryan. She wrapped her arms around him and told him it'd be okay.

Jenny backed away from Ryan and went back to where she had left Jayden. "Sorry about that." She wiped a tear away from her eye and laughed. "That kid makes me so emotional." She smiled at Jayden and took him into the Training room, to introduce him to them all. "Hey guys, this is Jayden." She announced.

[[Okay, guys! Let's try and bring this back to life and Activity!!!]]