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Werewolf Trouble



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Nathaniel sat reading in the airport, Olivia sitting next to him. He didn't look up when Olivia stood to check whether the plane's passengers were any of the other wolves.
"Well?" He asked conversationally. People didn't turn around to look at what most assumed to be a man and his daughter waiting for other relatives, unaware that actually the "daughter" was almost twice as old as her "father".
"I'm not too sure. They're too far away to tell if it's them or not." Olivia replied, thinking about sitting back down. She eventually did sit down, figuring that if it was the other werewolves, they'd be able to smell them in short order when they came close enough. The plane that carried the British group had came an hour or so before, but Nathaniel had thought it would be a good idea to wait for the other werewolves before heading off. This was mostly because he'd heard a couple of horror stories about fights occuring between magees, and figured he could get a feel for if he needed to worry about that by meeting the other wolves in the open, where humans could see them. He'd told Olivia of this plan, in case things came to the worst.