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Issac Ven

Ware-raptor Fighter

0 · 163 views · located in Springside

a character in “Werewolves vs. Vampires”, as played by Ceoltior


Name: Issac Ven

Age: 27

Race: Ware-raptor

Physical Description: While human, Issac is not all that exciting to look at. He's fairly muscular with red hair and light auburn eyes and white skin. He generally wears black jeans and a white t-shirt. When it's cold enough for him to dress warmly he has a black jacket.
While a ware-raptor*, he grows taller, going from 6'2" to 7'0", sprouts a tail, and his irises turn blood red with slit pupils. The transformation will cause his clothes to rip so he keeps a long loincloth on his belt for such transformations.
The only natural weapons gained from the change from human to raptor are his teeth which are effective at tearing flesh, however he doesn't often use his teeth while fighting.

*note: Issac does not transform into the prehistoric dinosaur, but more of a humanoid with very raptor-esque traits.

Personality: If Issac were in a game, he would be a barbarian/ranger. While Issac has an insatiable bloodlust and dedicates a good deal of his time and energy looking for fights and ways to acquire new powers, he is rather intelligent. He often uses large words and one of his favorite hobbies is in fact reading and logic puzzles.
Issac is actually an optimist (though he is realistic) and can find happiness in any task. He enjoys everything he does, ethics of such activities aside.
Issac's main drive is to be challenged and tested in every aspect of life. This explains why he relishes puzzles, mysteries, fighting and high-risk activities. The best day of his life will be when he faces the ultimate challenge and wins. The second best day of his life will be when he faces the ultimate challenge and looses.

Axe: Ornate, obsidian and silver axe with a wooden core. This is his primary weapon even though he is trained in several martial arts and can wield a quarterstaff as proficiently as his axe.

Hemulargic spikes: Issac is a user of the art of Hemarlurgy*. An art in which a metal spike (Nail-like in shape) is driven through the heart of someone with powers and then driven into a certain place of the spike-users body.
When the spike is driven through the victim, the spike steals one of their powers, depending on the kind of metal used in the spike. The spike is then transferred to it's new user who then gains the power therein.
There are 300+ placements of hemulargic spikes, Issac currently has two. One driven into his spine, just below the base of his neck which allows him use of hemulargic spikes. Removal of this spike will kill him. The second is driven into the right side of his chest, just above his lungs. The power contained within this spike provides him with skin that has a toughness and durability of iron.
Issac carries two of each kind of spike on a belt strapped around his waist.

*concept taken from Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn book series. You should read them.

History: Issac grew up with a relatively normal life. Both of his parents (now deceased) were infected with the disease of lycanthropy, a genetic trait that was passed to Issac at birth. A certain odd set of circumstances lead his genes to be affected by the disease in such a way that would transform him into a ware-raptor rather than the more common ware-wolf. To his knowledge, he is the only ware-raptor in existence although he would not mind meeting another ware-raptor should another exist. Needless to say, he is a very rare specimen.
Shunned by humans for his disease and with no other lycanthropes of his kind to interact and relate with he went through a majority of his life depending on himself. Despite this he had the incorrigible need to please others and show himself as capable as any other creature. His mother soon taught him that anything could be possible for him as long as he had the drive to achieve it. An ideal which has stuck with him all his life and when combined with his initial drive to show himself as capable, soon drove him to show himself as better than others.
Seeking ways to do this, Issac became infatuated in challenging himself to excel at everything he did. He came to resent inferiority and even fear it in himself which in turn lead him to dislike those better than he, and bully those that were worse than he.
Issac currently works as a part-time mercenary. (Whatever that means.) Ever challenging himself and often going off on his own to investigate crimes or fight supernatural beasts. His current enemy of choice is vampires as they are exciting to fight against and contracts to kill them arise oft.
His current job has him as a member of a "pack" of wolf lycanthropes who have sworn to protect a human settlement.

Other Important Details: Issac fulfills his duty as a protector of the human kind. Though he does show a degree of disdain for the humans and has in fact stated before that one of the main reasons he stays on the team is just for the constant fighting with the vehires.

General idea picture:


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Link to alternative profile: roleplay/lycanthropes-against-vehires/characters/issac-ven/

So begins...

Issac Ven's Story