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Mindy Valentine

"This is not what it looks like."

0 · 247 views · located in Alexander Westington Carnival

a character in “Westington's Carnival of Nightmares”, as played by Saint Bella


Name: "I prefer Mindy."
Mindarvis Andrew Valentine

Age: "What do I look like?
Mindy is sixteen

Gender: "No Comment."

Appearance: "Does Devilishly Handsome count?"

Parents: "Don't get me started on them."
Andrew Valentine is the CEO of iSong, the leading music supplier for Pear Electronics. Natasha Williams Valentine is an Internationally Ranked Dancer.

Occupation: "I'm a pirate."
Mindy works downtown at the Dock Theatre as an actor.

How Did They Achieve Wealth?: "Daddy's a rich boy."
Mindy and his father grew up in wealth.

History: "It all started when..."
Mindy was the first boy to come after two girls. He didn't spend much time with either of his parents, but spent more time with his mother.He started to loathe his father, because every time he would come, Andy would yell at Mindy to take off the stress of work. He would find one of Mindy's faults and exaggerate it. By highschool, Mindy was thrown out of four private schools and his father sent him to a boarding school. After running away, Mindy stayed with his friend Jason for a month. Once his mother found him, his father was so furious he sent Mindy to an all-boys Catholic school. He came to join a group of misfits, into piercings, drugs, and secret tattooes. Mindy is skipping from the school when he comes upon the Carnival.

Anything Else: "Don't tell my mom, but-"
Mindy has a mini-goat named Lisa, and a greyhound named Jersey. He has an industrial, three cartilage piercings, a nose ring, a belly button ring, two eyebrow piercings and snake bites. He also has a hip tattoo that says Viva la Vita.

So begins...

Mindy Valentine's Story

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"Carnival goers,

Welcome to Alexander Westington's Carnival! All of us in the crew are very thankful for all of you to be here! You can buy tickets for rides at any concession booth, and you need five tickets to get into the Circus. Remember, youth are always permitted into the front row, but parents must stay in the upper rows. Have a nice day at the best carnival in the world!

Your Ringmistress Cassandra Levi."

Mindy heard the intercom from down the street, one foot on the fresh-paved road and one on the pedal of his motorcycle. His navy tie billowed in the wind as his bit onto his snake bites nervously. This is suspicious, since Downtown has never gotten a Carnival before. But Mindy couldn't resist. He pulled into a gas station, changing from his Catholic school uniform, Gag me now, and into a wife beater and ripped skinny jeans. From the starchy dress shoes came his favorite Toms. The cashier girl, a college punk with a cigarette in her mouth, gave him a wink as he paid for a cup of coffee. He grinned back nervously, ready to speed out of the gas station. The punk pulled on the sleeve of his leather jacket, used for his bike, and slipped a piece of paper into his pocket. "Call me, cutie." She breathed, her breath vile as a junkyard. "Sorry hun, I'm gay." A hard lie to pass off, the only way to prove it was to... Mindy grabbed the front of the nearest guy to him, and pressed his lips against the other man. Another smoker, ick. The guy sputtered away, and the cashier pretended to restock cigarettes to hide her embarassment. "Just kidding!" He yelled as he rocketed through the door and onto his motorcycle.

On his way to the Circus, he met up with Rain, one of his friends from his boarding school. "Want to go to the Carnival?" Mindy asked, resting against the shoulder of the road closest to the Carnival. She nodded, hopping on the back of his motorcycle and wrapping her slender arms around his waist. They were there in a minute, and Rain trapped his hand in hers for the sake of losing possible numbers. Now that she dates Jesse, another friend from boarding school, she had to let down those offers. "I'll get us some cheese fries if you find us a spot in that Circus tent." Rain offered, finding a spot in a long concession line. Mindy made his way through the Carnival, savoring his five senses bursting out of their seams. The smell of fried and exotic food flourished the air, entincing his need for tasty food. The Catholic School had a large shortage of that. He couldn't resist, leading to a bright concession tent and buying fried pickles. The chips were set into a Westington's Carnival cup, and he nibbled on them as he stumbled into the world of a bright, dazzling carnival. He could barely think, until a woman in cascading skirts and a gipsy scarf welcomed him to the Circus. "Come child, I'll help you find a seat. I'm Cass Levi." Mindy marveled at the sight of the young Ringmistress, who had a laughter set to the sound of bells. She escorted him to the first few rows, bidding him a good show before making her way backstage.

Cass Levi found her checklist, marking off Mindarvis Valentine. Only four more children, all rich girls. This could turn out to be very interesting for Alex and I, thought Cass as she made her way to Alexander's trailer. "Mindy is here, in the front row."