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Westington's Carnival of Nightmares

Alexander Westington Carnival


a part of Westington's Carnival of Nightmares, by Saint Bella.


Saint Bella holds sovereignty over Alexander Westington Carnival, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


Default Location for Westington's Carnival of NIghtmares
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Alexander Westington Carnival is a part of Westington's Carnival of Nightmares.

5 Characters Here

Mira Jones [2] Clowns are always creepy
Sarah Marie Liang [1] " ... "
Mindy Valentine [1] "This is not what it looks like."
Jennifer Cho [0] "Honey, eat a damn burger. You look like a string bean!"
Leandra Firon [0] "Don't give up,you idiot!"

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Character Portrait: Mindy Valentine
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"Carnival goers,

Welcome to Alexander Westington's Carnival! All of us in the crew are very thankful for all of you to be here! You can buy tickets for rides at any concession booth, and you need five tickets to get into the Circus. Remember, youth are always permitted into the front row, but parents must stay in the upper rows. Have a nice day at the best carnival in the world!

Your Ringmistress Cassandra Levi."

Mindy heard the intercom from down the street, one foot on the fresh-paved road and one on the pedal of his motorcycle. His navy tie billowed in the wind as his bit onto his snake bites nervously. This is suspicious, since Downtown has never gotten a Carnival before. But Mindy couldn't resist. He pulled into a gas station, changing from his Catholic school uniform, Gag me now, and into a wife beater and ripped skinny jeans. From the starchy dress shoes came his favorite Toms. The cashier girl, a college punk with a cigarette in her mouth, gave him a wink as he paid for a cup of coffee. He grinned back nervously, ready to speed out of the gas station. The punk pulled on the sleeve of his leather jacket, used for his bike, and slipped a piece of paper into his pocket. "Call me, cutie." She breathed, her breath vile as a junkyard. "Sorry hun, I'm gay." A hard lie to pass off, the only way to prove it was to... Mindy grabbed the front of the nearest guy to him, and pressed his lips against the other man. Another smoker, ick. The guy sputtered away, and the cashier pretended to restock cigarettes to hide her embarassment. "Just kidding!" He yelled as he rocketed through the door and onto his motorcycle.

On his way to the Circus, he met up with Rain, one of his friends from his boarding school. "Want to go to the Carnival?" Mindy asked, resting against the shoulder of the road closest to the Carnival. She nodded, hopping on the back of his motorcycle and wrapping her slender arms around his waist. They were there in a minute, and Rain trapped his hand in hers for the sake of losing possible numbers. Now that she dates Jesse, another friend from boarding school, she had to let down those offers. "I'll get us some cheese fries if you find us a spot in that Circus tent." Rain offered, finding a spot in a long concession line. Mindy made his way through the Carnival, savoring his five senses bursting out of their seams. The smell of fried and exotic food flourished the air, entincing his need for tasty food. The Catholic School had a large shortage of that. He couldn't resist, leading to a bright concession tent and buying fried pickles. The chips were set into a Westington's Carnival cup, and he nibbled on them as he stumbled into the world of a bright, dazzling carnival. He could barely think, until a woman in cascading skirts and a gipsy scarf welcomed him to the Circus. "Come child, I'll help you find a seat. I'm Cass Levi." Mindy marveled at the sight of the young Ringmistress, who had a laughter set to the sound of bells. She escorted him to the first few rows, bidding him a good show before making her way backstage.

Cass Levi found her checklist, marking off Mindarvis Valentine. Only four more children, all rich girls. This could turn out to be very interesting for Alex and I, thought Cass as she made her way to Alexander's trailer. "Mindy is here, in the front row."

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Character Portrait: Mira Jones
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Mira looked around her school in absolute boredom, sure, it's ended a while ago; however, she was at a loss of what to do. She sat down on the school bleachers lazily watching the leaves dance in the wind. Closing her notebook filled with various doodles, she figured that it she had to get home soon. Not sure why since her parents were out drinking, surprise surprise. Carefully walking down the steps, she spotted a crumpled piece of paper. She never was one to pick around trash, but the paper was oddly bright and colourful. A great contrast to the grey feeling of the school. Picking it up by her nails, she unfolded it and blinked a few times.

'Westington's Carnival of Nightmares' Original title, she thought. A carnival never came here, so she had to wonder why now. The clown on the front gave her the creeps, and she did vaguely remember some of the snobs of the school talking about it.

"Maybe I should go," as her foot hit soft dirt, she went into her car. Her hands were freezing, why was it cold? Then again, she was always cold. Starting the car, she put her hands near the heater trying to warm them up. Driving from the parking lot, she saw more fliers adorning light posts where other various fliers were. Most about lost pets, but she paid no attention to that. Stopping at a Mickey D's, she scrunched up her nose. She hated to admit it, but she loved fast-food along with other foreign food. As she began to wait in line, she felt her phone start to ring. "Hello, Mira speaking."

"Minnie," a high-pitched voice said making everyone look at her weirdly. Inwardly groaning she quickly stepped out of line and towards a corner table. "have you heard of the carnival being held here? We should totally go." Sure, Mira was curious and wished to go, but Carnival of Nightmares was just so creepy. It made her skin crawl just thinking about it. "Listen, I know you're gonna say no, but hear me out!
"Anyone who's anyone will be there! It'll totally rock." Chewing her lip, Mira watched as the line began to get shorter. She was starving since she didn't have time to eat breakfast and she missed lunch trying to finish her English homework.

"Okay, sure. I'll go, what time is it?" Her friend replied, 'dunno, go around eight thirty?' By this time, Mira just agreed to what her friend said.

"Okay, bye Hannah," hanging up, she walked back in line. An elderly man turned to her smiling. "Going to the carnival, eh? Everyone seems excited by this one small one." Mira frowned, this man must have not lived here long. A carnival was never held here. So it was understandable why everyone was so excited. You would think that someone solved world hunger. Choosing just to smile and nod, she began to order her food.

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Jennifer glanced around her large house with a bored, blank expression. The sunlight outside was fading and dimming slowly. Her neck itched to escape her house. Usually, she didn't mind being home since she had her siblings to keep her company. Today was different though. As she sat at the head of the long dark wooded dining table, the house was silent. The twins had gone to a friend's birthday party and the rest of the yiunger ones had been ushered into an early bedtime. Her parents were to arrive the next morning from a long movie film that was set in the fancy towers of Paris. The younger ones were only ever going to wake up at five in the morning to meet their parents if they slept just as early.

Looking down at her English homework, an overwhelming need to go out consumed her. Pushing back her chair with a sudden motion, she shoved the English materials next to a shelf as she passed it. She jogged up a tall spiral staircase that lead to her own personal room. As the oldest, Jen was granted the second biggest room in the house. Her bed was propped up to the farthest corner and a large walk in closet had its glass doors slightly ajar. She charged for a pair of black stockings and bright red shorts. She layered them on topping herself with a white tee along with various trinkets such as bracelets. About six individualally different chains wrapped themselves around her arm. She grabbed a leather jacket to match, two twenty dollar bills, and her cell phone. Jen headed for her bedroom window and picked up a pen and sticky note that laided in the on the desk. She scribbled down, "I'm sleeping. Do not disturb."

She opened her door softly and stuck the note just above eye level. Pulling out back earphones from her dresser she climbed skillfully out her window. She reached for the garden wall that supported most of her escape routes. She landed on her black boots. Jen blasted some music into her ear and headed in the direction of the carnival her nighttime buddies were all buzzing about. She found her friends at the carnival with a little booze. She took a little and wandered off by herself to the large tent that stood smack in the middle of the grounds. She walked in and was led to the front. A pretty young lady ushered her next to a boy with snake bites. She still had her headphones on and was slightly confused as why she had even gotten into the rink. She looked around gingerly, slightly worried. "Uh, you know what the show is about?" She asked bluntly, just hoping to get a slight understanding.

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Character Portrait: Sarah Marie Liang
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Biting into a small Lin yung bao, Sarah Marie flipped open her tiny red notebook. A blank page greeted her. Sarah Marie did not accept it’s welcome. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Usually she liked writing poetry- why couldn't she find inspiration? She twisted around in her swivel seat, taking in the sights of her room. The colourful bird paintings on the ceiling, the large fluffy duvet on her bed, the huge brown bookcase backed up against the cream wall. It was an interesting room, yet her mind still left her without inspiration. She sighed heavily, pressed down onto the desk in front of her and rolled back on her swivel chair. Awkwardly she stood up, taking another Lin yung bao.

'Maybe if I go outside I will get some inspiration.'

Sarah Marie strolled over to the window and peeked out of it, tipping up the blinds with a finger. Just a normal evening. Nothing important. But still, Sarah Marie had the urge to wander through the town. She grabbed a small brown bag from the handle of her wardrobe and put the red notebook inside, along with her mobile phone and a blue fountain pen. Tossing the bag over her shoulder, she opened the door of her bedroom and walked through it, just leaving the door slightly ajar. Her bedroom was on the first floor, so she wasn't too far away from the front door. While pulling on a pair of green Dr. Martens, the brown bag vibrated on Sarah Marie's hip. She zipped open the bag and pulled out the phone, pink macaroon phone charm dancing.

FROM: Jessica
~ Heyy, there's this awesome new circus thing in town. I'm there already. You should come! xx

She stared at the message from her best friend. A Circus? That would certainly give some inspiration! Sarah Marie had heard about Circuses before, but had never been to one. There weren't any in the town, so she didn't have an opportunity to go. But this could be her chance! She texted back quickly to Jessica, saying she was coming. While she was at it, she texted her parents too, saying that she was going out. Her mother always worked late and her father obviously had an important client. She stood up, dusted herself off and sauntered outside.

The Carnival wasn't too hard to find. Loud music echoed throughout the town, while posters pinned on trees pointed Sarah Marie into the right direction. She was a led by a young lady into a tent. To her dismay, it was near the front. To make matters worse, there were people. Obviously there were going to be people at an event like this, but as she sat down in her seat, there were a couple of other teenagers about her age. She just didn't want to talk to anyone. Where was Jessica anyway? She sighed, frustrated that her friend wasn't with her and opened her red notebook, flicking to a blank page.

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Character Portrait: Mira Jones
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Mira looked around the crowded area, currently she had some popcorn in her hand she was munching on. Her friend sitting next to her eagerly awaiting for the first act; for Mira though, she wished that the Carnival was a fail and she could go home. This place gave her the total creeps. Watching as other teens around her age began to get seated, she started to feel a bit anxious. All these people were strangers to her, and if she got separated from her friend there was probably no chance of finding her.

"Hannah, do you know anything about this carnival," she said trying to yell over the voices of others who were excited. Her brunette friend turned to her and simply shrugged. Great, she thought frowning. She didn't know a thing about this place, she tried to do some research but she couldn't find anything about the carnival except for it coming to town here. As she watched the young Ringmaster seat other teens just like her, Mira couldn't help but aver her gaze. Looking at the center ring, she silently hoped there wouldn't be any clowns.


Her friend seemed a bit annoyed by her constant questioning, "What is it Minnie?" Biting her lip, she looked around. "Do you think any clowns will be here?" Hannah rolled her eyes, this was a carnival so of course clowns would be here. Watching as some little kids ran around the area, Mira had to wonder where their parents were? The carnival name didn't sound to kid friendly, and was even starting to wonder what she was doing here. Hello Mira, she thought, you have nothing better to do. Rubbing the bridge of her nose, she sighed. She needed to find some creative outlet to do after school.

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Mindy's crystal gaze lifted up, and they shrunk back to the iPhone. It's uncanny that he went from a un-deserved smothering of boys to a surprising encircling of girls. One of them, an older Korean girl he recognized from one of his father's parties, asked what's going to happen. Isn't it obvious? It's a circus tent, for acrobats and shit like that; but he wasn't going to tell her that so ill-mannered. "There's a trapeze act, and a lion tamer. Then the Ringmistress does something." Mindy scanned off a nearby flyer, it's bright array of colors screaming out at him. Mindy nibbled on his snake bites nervously, then turned towards the girl. "I'm Mindy Valentine." If anyone is important in any industry that is attached to the hip with electronics, has heard of the Valentine family: the caring mother, the successful father, two darling daughters, and their misfit son. How charming. For the life of him, Mindy couldn't bring this young woman's name to his mind. He'd seen her at many Valentine parties, but he'd never conversed with any of the kids.Β 

The trapeze act started, the circus crew drawing the doors for the first act. Two people, a tall man and curvaceous woman, stepped on to each top of the two trapeze towers, framing the Owner's Tower in the extravagant middle. The woman's red mask almost slipped from her face as her feet caught the trapeze handle and she flew into the air. The man followed her, their hands meeting for a minute of pure bliss before they spiraled away from each other. Back to each other they rocketed, and the woman shot off the handle and grabbed tight onto the man's ankles. The audience cheered in awe as they hurled into the air and feigned misses for the crowd's pure agony.Β 

Cass scanned her boss, trying to find the true lunacy in him. To have a twisted enough mind to make a detailed, delicate plan such as kidnapping rich kids takes true genius. A dark beauty that caressed at his faults. "All of the kids are inside." Cass supplied, causing the dark shadow to turn and make his way to the Owner's Tower. "Lock the doors. The circus has begun."