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Lynus Saravia

Pandas are amazing, they're like bears, but aren't! They're a lot like the raccoon too!

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Lynus Saravia

Male 1


15 years of wonderful life

Lynus is not the average boy; he has the common sense of a three year old and the memory of an elephant. It never seems like he is paying attention to what is going on around him, but he would surprise you and recall the smallest of details about something that had happened months ago that no one else seemed to remember. He doesn't really care about this talent of his, never doing his homework and often falling asleep in the middle of a test where the ones he had answered seriously were correct. He normally draws on his homework and tests, putting down answers that are meant to make others laugh, although, they simply cause him trouble.

He always seems to be floating on clouds, always smiling and being all around happy for no particular reason. Whenever an adult yells at him for not being responsible or doing as they say, Lynus tries to make the problem seem lighter by telling a joke or a memory. This often gets him into more trouble or makes the adult sigh in resignation. He is often compelled to share his happiness with those around him, but they often reject it or yell at him for being an idiot. Unfortunately for those sour sports, he is too stubborn to give up, Lynus isn't the best at reading other's emotions and when it came to things like drama, he is completely oblivious to what he's supposed to do. This causes problems for the fun-loving boy that he can’t deal with.

He is a sensitive child when it comes to the opinion of those he cares about. Being insulted by someone he doesn't really know makes him laugh in their face and normally skips away cheerfully. If he is insulted by a friend or family member, Lynus, more often than not breaks down into a sobbing mess. Although, there are exceptions to that rule, he is called annoying or stupid he simply nods and doesn't take it seriously.

Lynus is very gullible and falls for lies easily, it took his parents the longest of time to convince him that aliens weren't going to take him away if he didn't wear a tin hat. Although he stopped wearing that hat, he never stopped believing in aliens or that Area 51 held captive aliens that humans experimented on. He also thinks that he has a traveling bogie man under his bed that is extremely shy so Lynus is never bothered by the monster. He has a firm belief in many different superstitions and is highly paranoid of things regarding his death and the government.

Brief Description
Lynus is a short-stack for standing at a height of 5'5, but he has high hopes in being 6'1, it’s a long stretch but no one has the heart to tell him. He has the weight of a small 103 pounds, which is surprising from the monstrous amount of sweets he eats on average. He has wiry limbs that flop about causing him to have almost no grace at all. With this small frame he is often thought to be a little kid, instead of a teenager, not that he really minds.

He has wildly cut neon green hair with a wide patch of yellow in the middle of his bangs; they accidentally frame his feminine face perfectly. From the lack of brushing, his hair sticks out in random directions that would give hairdressers all over the world heart attacks. The eccentric color had been caused by a dye mishap when Lynus tried to dye his hair an obnoxious green, he accidentally washed out a part of the dye out a bit too quickly, leaving him with a patch of bright yellow. In the end, however, he had fallen in love with the look the yellow and green gave him and decided not to fix it.

His eyes are each a different color of green, they are a few shade apart from each other that was caused by heterochromia iridum which he had inherited from his father, who also had oddly colored green eyes. They are extremely wide and seemed almost out of place on his face, they were often bright with glee or some sort of positive emotion, never seeming to dim. Dark brown eyelashes surrounded his eyes, dark brown was the true color of his hair, making them pop out even more.

His style, along with everything else about him was random and had no order to it. One day Lynus would wear a crisp black tuxedo, while the next he'd be decked out in sweat pants and an old, ratty T-shirt that should have been thrown out years ago. His foot wear was also out of order from shoes like neon pink flip-flops to steel-toed boots that wrapped around his calves. The only thing that was constant about his attire was candy cane necklace given to him by a friend on his birthday.


Panda stuffed animals, candy (anything sweet really), unnatural green colors, talking, chaos, loud noises, climbing tall things, and hanging upside down. He is also very into playing games and sports, anything that lets him move around.

The sound of people eating, any food that isn't at least a little sweet, walls, the color white, work, sitting still, and cars.

Lynus is terrified of eating or drinking something that is bitter, so he has gone through his life avoiding coffee, tea, and most vegetables. He is deeply afraid that if he drove a car, he would get into a crash and kill himself and others. When it’s quiet, he gets really worried that someone is near Lynus about to assassinate him, so taking tests often make him freak out.

Lynus grew up in a well situated household. His mother was a hippie at heart and always seemed to oppose on the career choice his father had chosen for himself, a lawyer. She never liked how it kept him at work for long hours and didn’t really care for the large amount of money it provided. His mother was a gardener for a rich family. She would often complain about how terrible the weather was, but at heart she truly loved her job.

He has an older brother, who is out of college and is pursuing the life of a future software engineer; Lynus found his career choice very boring and never seemed to be able to show his brother the error of his ways. His brother was about seven years older than he was so their parents always doted on Lynus more than his brother, Clyde.

At the age of 13, Lynus was sent to the hospital because he had passed out from malnutrition, the lack over the everyday needed vitamins caused him to faint in the middle of school. He was then sent to a psychiatrist to determine whether or not he was anorexic or simply stupid. The psychiatrist decided he had an eating disorder and that he was to be sent in patient for four months. Within two weeks Lynus was able to annoy just about every single patient and doctor, they were all eager for him to get out of the institute.The doctors all agreed that he was simply the pickiest eater on Earth with a naturally high metabolism they sent him back into society. Then continued onto going to the academy.


Lynus carries a stuffed panda around wherever he goes, he's had this panda since he was a small child. He strongly supports panda habitat protection and often protests against deforestation.

One, two, three, four!

A message I've thought much too much about,
Maybe it'll reach somebody, who can say?
Certainly, I've always been this way,
A patched up, crazy matryoshka

A package sung by a headache
Time may pass, but the hands are at 4
Don't tell anyone;
The world will turn upside down

Ah, I feel broken apart
Throw out all your memories, too
Ah, how I want to know,
To the deep down...

Um, well...
If you please, dance more and more
Kalinka? Malinka?
Just play the chord
What should I do about such feelings?
Can't you tell me? Just a little?

Loud and clear, 524
Freud? Keloid?
Just hit the key
Everything, all's to be laughed at
Hurry, dance, with all your foolishness

Clap your hands, not entirely childish,
And watch, to this purposefully-crazed tune
Certainly, I don't care either way
The warmth of the world is melting away

You and me, rendezvous? Rendezvous? Rendezvous?
Oh, or out on a hopping adventure?
With a crooked gait, one-two, one-two

Ah, I'm ready to burst out;
Catch every part of me
Ah, with both your hands,
Catch me for me

Um, well...
Listen a little - it's something important
Kalinka? Malinka?
Just pinch my cheek
It's just that I can't control myself
Should we do more fantastic things?

Pain, hurt, but no, don't cry
Parade? Marade?
Just clap some more
Wait, you say, wait, wait
Before we drop to just one...

You and me, rendezvous?
Rendezvous? Rendezvous?
Oh, or out on a hopping adventure?
With a crooked gait, one-two, one-two

Down with a sickness?
Show me your song!
See how today...
I'm still a patched up, crazy matryoshka!

If you please, dance more and more
Kalinka? Malinka?
Just play the chord
What should I do about such feelings?
Can't you tell me? Just a little?

Loud and clear, 524
Freud? Keloid?
Just hit the key
Everything, all's to be laughed at
Hurry, and dance no longer!

Smooch, smooch...

So begins...

Lynus Saravia's Story


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Lynus Saravia

Lynus swayed to the left, then swayed to the right, and repeated the motion as he waited for the bus to arrive already. It was already ten minutes late from what the directory said. The directory lied to him! How could it do such a thing!? He sighed mournfully, causing even more people to look at him than before. It wasn't his fault he got bored! Lynus blamed genetics.

In order to entertain himself for a little while, he decided to adsorb the scenery with his eyeballs. His bright green eyes took in the blur of giant, metallic monsters racing across the black road, the mass of zombie-like humans walking towards some sort of destination. There were also people milling around waiting for something, somewhere waiting for the bus along with him, others were waiting for someone else, and even others were waiting for something to happen. People who were waiting interesting him the most, because they all had very different emotions. Some seemed like they were going to shoot someone in the face, others had a calm, lazy look to them, and even others were really excited. Lynus fell into the really excited category.

Why wouldn't he be excited?

Lynus was finally away from the mental institute and was going to a brand new place that would help him find love! He found himself bouncing on the balls of his sneaker clad feet. He was grinning so brightly, it hurt to look at him. Some of the people who had been observing his behavior moved away slightly, worried for not only their safety, but his mental stability. They had right to worry, but it was rude to move away from such a sweet boy.

Sweets. That reminded him that he hadn’t had a single piece of candy all day! True, he had only been awake for a few hours; however, candy is his life line! It kept him from passing out from lack of nourishment, most of the time at least.

Rummaging through his bright orange backpack that rested against his chicken thin legs, he found a strawberry flavored lollipop. A smile tugged on his lips as he unwrapped quickly; stuffing the wrapper back into his backpack and started happily sucking on the sugar filled candy.

By the time Lynus had licked away all of the sugar, the bus had pulled up. It was twenty minutes late by his count. He quickly grabbed his backpack and another larger piece of beaten up luggage. Walking into the bus, he swiped his bus card and moved towards a spot where he could stand for the duration of the trip. Lynus pouted slightly, not wanting to have to stand around or sit for an unknown amount of time. The only thing he knew about getting to the school was he had to wait for thirteen stops to pass. Oh what he does in order not to be driven in a car. Buses were okay, but Lynus still hated them. They had a terrible smell and they made him wait around. He hated waiting for things. Lines were the bane of his life. Sitting/standing still for a really long time went akin to lines and waiting. Evil things, all of them.


When the bus finally arrived at his destination, Lynus was leaning against a pole, half asleep. So when the bus stopped he stumbled and almost fell. Quickly regaining his balance he picked up his luggage, he grinned to himself, proud that he hadn’t fallen face flat. “Yay~! I didn’t die!,” he said to himself, giggling slightly.

Jumping off the last step of the stupid bus, he looked around at setting. There was a huge gate that led to his new school. It was so big and cool looking that he starting laughing in excitement! “I can’t wait to meet to people here!” Lynus shouted to no one in particular as he walked into the school reception area.

When he opened the door to the reception area, Lynus smiled brightly at the lady by the desk and said, “Hi! I’m Lynus Saravia~!”

“Well aren’t you a perky one,” the lady muttered to herself as she slowly worked her way to give him a schedule and room number. Lynus just smiled even brighter at the woman as she worked away. He looked around the cozy office, while absentmindedly bouncing on the balls of his feet. He fidgeted, shifting his backpack’s weight from one shoulder to another and back as he once again had to wait. Today was a waiting day and it was actually starting to get on his nerves.

Finally, the lady handed him a pristine sheet of paper and flashed a fake smile. “Thank you! Nice meeting you, reception lady!” he said in a sing song tone of voice as he walked away happily.

When Lynus reached his final new home, he opened the door to show a partially bare room with boring pieces of furniture. “Oooo! I get a roommate! This is gonna be awesome!” he smiled brightly when an already claimed side with a sleeping form on that side of the room.

Lynus laid his backpack on the bed at the unclaimed side and put his larger piece of luggage on the ground. He started unpacking the orange backpack, pulling out various pieces of diverse clothing from all sorts of cultures and eras. He put away all of his clothing in a dresser right next to the foot of his bed. Once all of his clothing was finished, Lynus started to organize and put away his mountain of candy. They somehow all fit into one of the drawers next to a wooden desk. Opening up the larger luggage, he picked up his beloved stuffed panda, Neal, and set him down on his new bed. There were also other various objects, such as rock climbing gear, beloved soccer ball, and a few random books Lynus could actually sit through and read. When that was all put away, he didn't pay attention to where Lynus was walking and tripped over his larger, evil luggage and landed sprawled out on the ground, legs tangled together on top of the piece of luggage. A weak groan emitted from the body on the ground.

He sat up, rubbing his forehead that was now throbbing in pain. Lynus pouted at the beginnings of a headache. He stood up, smiling brightly once again and walked over to the sleeping form and poke him on the shoulder. “Hey….hey! Wake up~ I want to meet you! I wonderful if we could be friends! Being roommates with people is awesome!” he babbled as he tried to get his roommate to wake up.


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Ichiharu Tatsuya Campisano

Ichiharu was enjoying his nap for the entire 30 minutes he could before his roommate finally arrived. He immediately woke when his fellow entered the room, since he was such a light sleeper. He heard his roommate fumbling around, opening his bags organizing his things and whatnot. He was lying there hoping, that the boy would tire himself out and fall asleep after the ruckus he made, but no, that was too big a dream. Instead, Ichiharu felt a poke, then the high pitched screech of the banshee he was cursed to room with, followed by more pokes and nudges. "Ok, I'm up!" He rolled over to large, vivid green eyes staring at him at point blank range. "Son of a Motha F-..." Ichiharu had jumped back in absolute surprise from the closeness of his roommate, and after quickly evaluating the boy, he stopped his comment. He could see the overwhelming innocence of the the green haired boy. He immediately assumed the boy was younger than him or at least had some disorder that made him act much younger. "H-hello, I'm Ichiharu Tatsuya Campisano." He was still a little shaken up by the close up approach his roommate had taken. "You can call me Ichiharu, and you are?" He bowed then offered his hand for a hand shake, hoping that his roommate had some common courtesy when meeting someone new.