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What Could Be Worse?...Zombies....

What Could Be Worse?...Zombies....


A Zombie role play! (see inside for more details!)

1,264 readers have visited What Could Be Worse?...Zombies.... since Natzalia created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources: i used some of the rules from zombieland and some other things from websters for definations


Zombie Apocalypse Check List

1. First and foremost, get a weapon. A 2x4, a bat, a kitchen knife…anything. Get a weapon, and hold onto it as if your life depends on it…because it does.
2. Get somewhere safe. High ground is best, because zombies are more likely to follow a downward slope of land than an upward slope of land.
3. Find a group of survivors, 3 to 4 is best, and trust each other. Strangers are best, because you can’t trust your best friend.
4. Stay put! Help probably won’t come, but if you move around you are more likely to attract zombies than if you stay where you are.
5. Collect food, medical supplies, weapons and ammunition. You will need as much as you can find, whether you think so or not. Get as much as you can fit in one hiking backpack before it becomes too heavy (stick to around 5 lbs).
6. Find a car, the larger the better. Any truck, jeep, or SUV with a high amount of gas in it already will work perfectly. Get as far away from the place you started as possible.
7. Once you have left your starting position, KEEP MOVING. Stick to less traveled paths, hunting paths, and forests. Find others, learn who you can trust and who you can’t, and keep moving West or East.
8. This is probably the most important rule; never, even if you are being bitten by a zombie or lost all the people you were with or if you have no ammo and no weapon, say never! You will only bring yourself down and make it easier for you to die.
9. Keep together. Even if you hate each other and can’t stand to look at each other, keep together. You are safer in a group than alone.
10. Above all else (except maybe rule 8) keep yourself romantically disengaged. Romance is highly dangerous in situations like this.
What is a Zombie?

usually zombi
a: the supernatural power that according to voodoo belief may enter into and reanimate a dead body
b: a will-less and speechless human in the West Indies capable only of automatic movement who is held to have died and been supernaturally reanimated
a: a person held to resemble the so-called walking dead; especially: AUTOMATON
b: a person markedly strange in appearance or behavior
: a mixed drink made of several kinds of rum, liqueur, and fruit juice

A zombie is a human who died, and after death re-animated into a senseless, speechless, moving corpse. Their only urge is to consume human flesh. They make little if any noise, such as moaning. Zombie’s can use tools, (throwing rocks, turning doorknobs, breaking windows, things like that) and they will. This is their way to get their prey, just as a lioness attacks a gazelle.
Zombies tend to stop decomposing after a certain period. Usually they keep most of their flesh, their eyes, and their teeth (unless they bite into something which pulls out their teeth). They remain in whatever clothes they were wearing when they were buried or when they died.
The only way to kill a zombie is to disconnect its brain from the spinal cord. This can be accomplished by sticking a sword or knife into the base of the skull, or shooting it there. But always remember, zombies were people to, and they deserve the respect of death, not un-death.

Rules to Survival

1. Cardio
2. The Double Tap
3. Beware of Bathrooms
4. Wear Seat Belts
5. No Attachments
6. Travel Light
7. Get a Kick Ass Partner
8. Don’t Swing Low
9. Always carry a change of underwear
10. Don’t be a hero
11. Limber Up
12. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, unless it’s a sprint, then sprint
13. Avoid Strip Clubs
14. When in doubt Know your way out
15. Shoot First
16. A little sun screen never hurt anybody
17. Double-Knot your Shoes
18. The Buddy System
19. Check the back seat
20. Enjoy the little things
So What Now?

So there’s what you need to know about zombies and how to survive. This role-play will start on the First Night, when the zombies showed up. These are just some basic rules, and my own little over-view. So, my rules! First, please please PLEASE be committed! There are limited roles and I want this to survive for a while! Second, there ARE limited roles! If there is enough interest, I WILL add more eventually. HOWEVER, teams must be of four, 2 girls and 2 boys, age range 19-28, and you MUST HAVE FOUR PLAYERS WILLING TO PLAY. Third, I realize that it says no attachments, but OBVIOUSLY I want romance. Keep it pg-13, follow site rules, and fade to black if any hanky panky starts! Fourth, I would love to give everyone the FC they want, but I can’t read minds. I will post the FC’s that I would prefer but you may change them if you ask very nicely. Fifth, I like to be addressed when I am being asked to reserve a role. Please address me in any way you see fit, as in “Hi Natz,” or “How’s your day been, Natzalia?” I like polite people. Show me respect and I’ll show it back. Sixth, reserves will last TWENTY FOUR HOURS (THAT’S 24 HOURS) ONLY. I understand if you are busy, and please send me a private message about that. Seventh, in your reserve, please say something about the Zombie Cocktail so that I know you have read the rules.
The Characters

Team One:

The Self Proclaimed Leader||Cocky, rude, but a big teddy bear on the inside||Age: 21-26||FC: Chris Hemsworht||Romantic Interest: Unknown (will add later on)||Status: Reserved for Scarlet Loup||
The Girl Who Is Shy||Shy, smart, and a bit of a closet romantic||Age: 19-23||FC: Blake Lively||Romantic Interest: Unknown (will add later on)||Status: Taken by peace_love_dance||
The Guy Who Knows Everything||Literally, he knows everything||Age:24-28||FC: Elijah Wood||Romantic Interest: Unknown (will add later on)||Status: Reserved for BraceBlaze||
The Girl Who Loves Animals||She was in vet school on first night||Age: 19-23||FC: Emma Watson||Romantic Interest: Unknown (will add later on)||Status: Reserved for Hallowed777||

Team Two:

The Guy Who Became A Bounty Hunter||The leader of his group, strong and biker guy||Age: 25-28||FC: Harry Judd||Romantic Interest: Unknown (will add later on)||Status: Reserved for Geekly||
The Girl Who Can’t Talk||She can talk, but she doesn’t around large groups. She signs||Age: 19-22||FC: Crystal Reed||Romantic Interest: Unknown (will add later on)||Status: Reserved for akjadestar||
The Guy Who Hates Everyone||With the exception of his team, especially The Girl Who Can’t Talk||Age: 23-28||FC: Bradley James||Romantic Interest: Unknown (will add later on)||Status: Reserved for Scarlet Loup||
The Girl Who Doesn’t Quite Fit In||She’s just…odd||Age: 19-24||FC: Leda Muir||Romantic Interest: Unknown (will add later on)||Status: Reserved for Natzalia||

Code: Select all
Character Skeleton
[center][img]GIF OF FC HERE[/img][/center]
[b]Nickname: [/b] ANY NICKNAMES
[b]Age:[/b] AGE OF CHARACTER HERE (please do not vary from the ages I have given)
[b]Personality: [/b] PERSONALITY HERE (please have a good 1-2 paragraphs)
[b]History:[/b] HISTORY HERE (please have a good 2-3 paragraphs)
[center][img] IMAGE OF FC HERE[/img][/center]
[b]Likes:[/b] AT LEAST 5
[b]Dislikes:[/b] AT LEAST 5
[b]Fears:[/b] AT LEAST 3 AND A REASON
[center][img]GIF OF FC HERE[/img][/center]

As stated in the rules, I will add more teams if you have four people willing to RP them

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 6 authors


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Character Portrait: Elijah Woods
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0.00 INK

El laid on his bed his legs propped up against his headboard, silently reading a magazine. He thumbed through the pages, occasionally licking his thumb when the pages got stuck togather.
Crash! El looked over to his closed bedroom door as he heard a loud crash that sounded like glass being dropped, from downstairs. He slowly sat up on his bed as he heard a scream also coming from downstairs. He slowly made his way to the door slighlty creeping down the stairs as he heard more screams.
He crossed his fingers hoping the screeching that could make your skin crawl came from a horror movie someone had on. He peeked his head around the corner his mouth dropping as his jaw went limp from the sight he saw.
His father lay infront of the door covered in blood his arm and legs looking as though a lion had chewed it off. The door stood wide open as if someone had opened it, and then left it open suprised at whoever the visitor was.
El slightly jumped from his perch on the bottom stair as he heard another scream, he looked over seeing his sister sprawled across the table on her stomach, human looking things covered in flesh and blood eating her as she screamed, her eye's locked with his, her usual deep brown loving eye's now held fear and pain. Her pink lips stopped from its usual scream as she croaked a quiet "go." To El.
El stood their terrified not knowing what to do. "Go." His sister croaked again, her eye's starting to cloud over with mist.
El turned his legs moving without his consent. He turned the nob on a door a few feet down the hallway from where his sister was, ending up in the garage. He ran inside the dark place quickly flicking on the light, his emotions finally catching up to him. His blood boiled with anger as he stood in the center of his garage, remembring the sight he had seen.
He dug his nails into his skin as he closed his eye's. His eye's snapped open as he heard a slight moaning. Before him stood a human looking creature,a leg missing and covered in blood.
His hand reached towards an axe near him, his anger taking full control of his body. He gripped the axe as the thing limped towards him, he swung at it hitting it and making it collapse.
El spit at the creature turning around, not knowing what to do now. El turned back around as he heard the moaning again. El look shocked as the creature rose again, making its way towards him. He pulled at the handle of his moms car and jumped in, as a last result since he had no idea how to kill the thing.
He opened the garage door and drove out. He drove down the drive way, panic driving his every motion. He heard a low moan as the car slammed into another car. A creature much like the one before slammed into the dashboard flying from the back seat. El jumped out of the car the axe still in his hand. He hit the creature two times before hearing screams from behind him. He looked around at his once peaceful neighborhood, now covered in the dead and undead, the smell of rotting flesh and choas before him. He turned back to the car expecting to see the creature to get back up like before, but it stayed motionless. A woman ran pass him, her pink dress hung limply on her. The woman stopped seeing El.
"Mrs. Lincon?" El whispered.
Mrs. Lincon ran up to him bascially falling on him as El tried to catch her.
"You got to help me Elijah, t-t-those things they bit me." She exclaimed tears falling from her eye's, making her makeup run down her face in small rivers. She held up her arm, where a human looking bite was.
El dropped her, her body hitting the ground and she began to tremble.
"Help me." She pleaded.
El backed away slowly, then turned around and began to run, nearly dodging people, or what he though were people as he ran.
He slowed as he reached a woodsy area, he turned still hearing the faint screams. He covered his ears and began to run again, not knowing where he was going.
El stopped after a while, tired and no longer running on adrenaline. He looked around him.
I'm safehe thought, for now. He climbed a tree, deciding that was the best place to be for now, and slowly fell asleep, his hand wrapped firmly around his axe.


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Character Portrait: Noel Barnes
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Geekly
Noel carefully took aim, looking through the scope on his gun as he shot at the target he set up so far away. He smiled to himself as the target fell from it's post. Breathing in the fresh air, Noel looked around his large piece of land. What could he say, the Bounty Hunting business paid generously. And what did he do after a long day of shooting people? Why shoot things of course! Noah could hear squeals travel from his house and grinned. His mother and Bride-to-be Emily were planning for the wedding, the flower arrangements, or something like that, Noel wasn't too interested. He just chuckled to himself as he reloaded his gun, looking through his scope to his target. But he could see someone coming up behind the target. It kinda looked like he had been wounded, the person was walking funny. Noel put his gun down and peered towards the man, yelling out, "Hey, Buddy, This is a private property!" but the man kept walking the same direction, not even slowing. Noel noticed several others coming up from the same direction the man had come. Cautiously raising his gun, he aimed at one of the men, yelling out again, "Take another step and I shoot!" Again there was no reaction. He took the shot, the bullet flying right trough the heart. To Noel's utter disbelief, the man only stumbled backwards, then continued walking. Quickly reloading, Noel took another shot, but the same thing happened. A heart stopping scream came from the house, but not the joyful squeals of delight from before, but a horrible, heart stopping scream. Forgetting about the strange people walking towards him, he sprinted back to the house, bursting through the doors. Noel rose his gun running towards the screams that didn't stop. What he saw almost made him want to throw up. People (Noel didn't even know if he could call them that much) with their skin rotting off, and a dead look in their eyes, were gathered around Noel's mother and Emily, tearing flesh off their bones. His mother had seemed to pass out from the pain, but Emily was still awake and struggling against the... things. As soon as Emily saw Noel she screamed even louder, yelling his name and begging for help as tears ran down her face. Noel shot into action, immediately taking his first shot, right at the head and it seemed to go down. Using the butt of his gun, he smashed in the head of another. One ran towards him and Noel narrowly dodged a bite, only able to push it away. The others were too preoccupied eating at his mother to care about Noel's presence. He noticed how pale his mother had gotten and a pool of blood surrounded her. Noel had seen enough dead bodies to know she was dead. He turned back to Emily, picking her up and running out the door as several followed after him, most likely wanting the fresh flesh. There were large chunks taken out of Emily and her blood seeped into his clothes. She was getting colder and colder and Noel prayed for the best as he ran to the garage, locking the door behind him. Carefully setting her down, he looked her over, realizing there was absolutely nothing he could do. He could hear moaning and slamming against the doors, he didn't have long. Emily was struggling to keep her eyes open and she shakily rose her hand and Noel took it, his throat drying out and eyes watering. Emily only smiled then closed her eyes, her arm falling back to her side. Noel looked away, physically cringing. He was brought back to real time when an arm shot through the door, leaving a hole behind. Snatching up keys from a hook he ran to his car. Glancing at Emily's corpse one last time he hesitated before slamming the car into reverse as the creatures practically poured out of the now broken open door. His car broke down the garage door, and drove through the creatures as if they weren't there. He drove in silence, his jaw locked as he stared at the stretch of road in front of him, speeding past the occasional creature. Noel had to figure out what the hell those things were. Rotting flesh, eating flesh? Noel could only assume they were the living dead. It just seemed like too much fantasy to believe. As he approached the gate to mark the entryway to his property, he didn't even slow down, just drove right through the gate and speed faster. He drove all the way to an abandoned city, it looked like a disaster had passed. Then again it had, if the undead had gone through. Noel's car crept through the street, too many turns now for him to go speeding through. And of course, as soon as he makes his first turn in the city, the car stops, refusing to go forward. Out of gas. Noel cursed under his breath, searching the back of his car for... well, anything. He wasn't about to leave his car without a weapon. He practically turned the car upside down looking until he finally found it. His special duffel bag, especially for his... work. Noel grabbed the duffel bag and abandoned his car. He wouldn't really need it anymore anyways. He ran into the nearest building, getting to the roof for a relatively clear view of he city. He sighed and sat at the edge of the roof, watching the city.


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Character Portrait: Lacey Cole
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0.00 INK

Lacey stared at the tombstone in front of her, releasing a breath that she wasn't aware she had been holding in. She was staring at the tombstone that her dead parents shared. She reached out and traced the engraving with her finger. Robert and Elizabeth Cole That was as far as she could get, for a loud moan behind her caught her attention. Startled, she spun around quickly, and what she saw was something that certainly wasn't human.
Of course, it looked sort of human. If you ignored the rotting flesh, blood stained clothes, and moaning, sure, this thing could be your Uncle Jack. But usually your Uncle Jack doesn't lunge at you, trying to kill you. So when this... thing did, it scared the hell out of her. She quickly lunged to the side, causing her to fall to the ground. She now lay on her back, and that thing was approaching too fast for her liking. Frantically looking for some form of weapon, she found a chunk of tombstone that must have fallen off over the years. She quickly picked it up and threw it at the thing, which connected with it's head with a deafening crack.
Lacey simply lay there for a couple of minutes, staring at the sky. She was dreaming. Had to be. But the stinging sensation she was getting from her arm was telling her it wasn't a dream. Wait... What was that pain, anyway? She propped herself up on her other arm, and looked at the long scratch down her arm. At first, she started to freak out because she thought that thing had touched her. But really, it was just the corner of a nearby tombstone had scraped along her arm. Calming down a little, she stood up, dusting the dirt off her jeans.
That security didn't last long. The moans started up again, which caused her to run, pushing open the gate as quickly as she could before dashing off again. She passed many of the creatures, pushing them out of her way as she went along. A lot of them got close to biting her, but she managed to get out of the way of their jaws in enough time.
Lacey got to her home in about three minutes, which was record time for her. She burst through the front door, where she met a scene worse then when she was at the graveyard. A horde of those monsters were gathered around something on the floor, and from what she could see, they were eating something. Wait, was that... No. No!
"Sammie? Sammie, no!" Lacey cried out, using all her will power to not collapse on the ground. The things didn't notice her, obviously too concerned with their meal. Her little brother... Choking out a silent sob, she scooted along the wall until she got to the door that lead to her garage. She pushed the door open, and shut it quickly behind her, drawing the lock.
Quickly, she grabbed the keys off a hook on the wall, and just before she turned around to drive away from this house forever, her eyes lay on the hunting knife. It used to be her dad's, from about ten years ago. At the last second, she grabbed it, shoving it in her pocket and quickly getting into the car. She pressed the button that opened the garage door, and quickly sped out of the driveway, trying not to think about how many of those things she had ran over in the meantime.
Nearly ten minutes had passed, and now she had her car parked in the middle of a abandoned street. She had gotten all the way to the city, which seemed rather deserted, before she stopped. Now she was trying to think what she should do next. Stay in her car, or wander about? Scanning her surroundings once again, she finally decided it would be better to stay moving then wait for her death to come. But just before she left, she drove her car off to a secluded area, where she could find it later. Then, she started to rummage in the glove boxes. All she found was a lighter, so she shoved that in her pocket and left her car.
"Here goes nothing..." Lacey mumbled, slamming the car door behind her and starting her journey to... Well, wherever the hell this messed up world took her.


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Character Portrait: Claudia Thompson
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0.00 INK

Claudia was at vet school, finishing up a task that her teacher had given to her right at the end of the class. Almost everyone had left to go home except for those few students who had to stay and work still till they finished. There was also those students who took forever to organize their things before leaving. She was not one of those people; as she finished up the task for her tearcher she called her brother to make sure he was okay and didn't need anything. She tapped her foot, and waited for him to answer.
"Hello?" A young boy's voice was on the other line. It was her brother's voice.
"Hey Andrew, I am almost done here so do you need me to pick up anything on my way home?" She asked.
"Yeah some food!"
Claudia sighed softly, "Alright. Anything else?"
"Yeah could you get some chips while your there." There was a pause then a noise. "What is that?"
Claudia instantly worried, "What? What do you mean? Is something wrong Andrew?"
"Hold on Claudi. There something... no there is someone in our backyard."
"Andrew what are you talking about?" Right then there was screams that echoed down the hallways and into the room she was in.
"What the-" His voice was cut off by the dropping of his phone and feet hurrying away.
"Andrew?! Andrew?!" Claudia was panicking. She didn't have time to just stand here anymore. She had to go find her brother! She grabbed her things, and darted for the door. People's screams still filled the small school. She gasped for air as she smashed through the front doors of the school, and stopped when she saw what looked like rotting people. She cussed under her breath, and went to her car. She quickly got in, turned on her car, buckled up, and then she slammed on the gas as she hurried home.

When she got to her house she saw rotting people running from it and they where going down her street. She gasped softly then stopped the car, and jumped out. She didn't even bother turning it off because she was to worried about her brother. She ran inside to see her brother on the ground, it looked as if he was lifeless but when she dropped onto her next to him she saw that his eyes where slowly searching for something. "Andrew," She cried softly and craddled his head in her lap. "I'm so sorry. I should have been here." Her tears streaked her face, and a few landed on his face. She watched as Andrew opened his mouth to say something then he stilled. She was so mad at herself, she should have been there for him! She wasn't there for him though, she didn't tell him that she loved him one last time, and she wasn't able to say her usual crappy joke that she used every time she got home. So there she sat, on her knees with her dead brother's head in her lap. "I love you Andrew." She whispered and kissed his forehead. She gently lifted his head then knelt beside him as she carefully placed his head down on the ground. She stood up, and brushed her pants off like they had dirt on them even though they didn't. She took in a shaky breath, and shook her head. This couldn't possibly be happening. She cried softly for several moments before she hurried upstairs, and went up to her parents room where she grabbed her dad's hidden pistol. She grabbed her bookbag and messenger bag, and put as much stuff as she could into it. Most of it was food and hygine supplies but a few other things where what she cherrished, and couldn't live without. After about five minutes of putting things into two bags she ran to her car, and got into it. She put her bags onto the passanger seat then locked her doors, and she was off. Where was she going? She didn't know but she had to get away from here. She planned on going to the forest, but then she would have to ditch her car. At the moment her thoughts where all over the place, and she didn't know what she was going to do.

After a while of driving Claudia parked her car, turned it off, grabbed her bags, and got out. She looked around, holding her pistol up with shaky hands, and running toward sthe thickest part of the woods. Claudia was terrified, she had never been alone, and she had never had to do something like this because most of her family already knew how to protect themselves if something like this happened. They were freaks as she always called them, but now she wishes she would have helped and listened to them. Now here she was, going into a forest in hope of some kind of cabin without any knowledge of what is going on, and she was breaking down because she knew sooner or later that she would be caught. Now all she could do is look for other people, fend for herself, find shelter, and try her best to live for Andrew because she knew her brother would have wanted that.


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Character Portrait: Elise Redburn
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0.00 INK

"Contrary to popular belief, I'm not horrible with directions!" The blue haired girl giggled as her older brother pulled the map from her hands and turned it right side up. "I just obviously don't know north is supposed to be up and south down," She pushed her long bangs out of her face, smiling at her brother. The two were obviously twins, though she looked at him with all the admiration of a younger sister. As the two ran along the crowded streets, toward the train station, they heard a horrible scream.

Elise, get to the train! her brother yelled, pushing her toward the train station. The girl, stubborn as her hair was blue, grabbed his arm and dragged him along with her. As the ran, more screams, followed by gunshots and explosions. Looking up to the sky, Elise noticed military aircraft flying above her. Shit, she thought to herself, barely dodging a bullet. It grazed her arm, but she didn't have time to worry. Her hand slipped out of Ellison's and she lost sight of her brother, panicking. Running toward the train still, she tried to jump onto it as it took off.

Elise! Take my hand! brother yelled to sister as she desperately reached for him. By the time their fingers met, the train was going to fast, and a young woman was trying to pull her small child onto the train. Elise let go of Ellison's hand and threw the child at him. Her brother caught the boy, but couldn't reach out fast enough to grab his sister. Elise stumbled and fell, listening to her brother scream for her as the train sped out of sight. The girl pulled herself up, grabbed a gun from a dead cop, and started back for her apartment.

When she reached the building, she entered slowly, making her way to the second floor apartment her brother, her best friend and she had shared. There, Aya had kept a pair of double katana's and a bokken, with which Elise armed herself and left the apartment with no more than a few bottles of water, a change of clothes, the cops gun, and her swords. Her friend and roommate, Aya, was no where to be seen. As Elise entered the streets once again, she pulled on her favorite hat onto her head and took off at a run. She needed to find someplace safe, and someone to watch her back...


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((I am terribly sorry for how late these posts are, I've been very busy lately...))

Work had been slow for Marcus on the day of the apocalypse. No, slow was unable to describe it. Work was just down-right tedious. He sat on the back of his old F-150, wiping his oily hands off on an even oilier rag as he waited for someone-anyone-to need an auto-repair. His mouth opened wide and he let out a loud yawn, just for the sake of hearing something besides the deafening silence.

Marcus slowly stood up and stretched his arms over his head, the weathered wife-beater he wore slowly riding up to expose a light amount of his well-defined abdominals. Placing a hand on the edge of the truck's bed, he pushed down and swung his legs over, landing on the ground beside his truck. Legs still weak from being out of use so long, he staggered to the radio and played with the dials, finally deciding on a rock station. That was when he heard the first grunt. Marcus whirled around, an eyebrow raised as he saw what looked like a man limping toward him. He'd seen enough hurt animals as a kid to assume this man was in pain. Maybe he'd been hit by a car? Shoving the rag into his pocket, he jogged toward the figure and waved a hand to get his attention. Marcus stopped a few yards away.

"You alright, sir?" he asked, his Southern drawl very evident. As the man grew closer, Marcus's eyes widened subtly. He'd only seen things like this in movies as a boy. He remembered a particular one that kept him awake for days and days. But there was no way on Earth that zombies could exist. He stumbled and fell over, landing sharply on the concrete as the zombie stumbled toward him. As it leaned over him, Marcus kicked upward and, with his steel-toes boots, knocked its jaw out of place. In that time, he quickly scrambled away and got on to his feet. Marc hurried to his car and got in, locking the doors. As the zombie clawed at the window, he took a few minutes to think. Okay, zombies. That had to mean there was either a legitimate apocalypse or just some crazy cosplayer. The zombie groaned again and opened its crooked mouth, showing a piece of rotten flesh it had been chewing. Okay...the cosplaying theory was probably ruled out.

Pressing a foot on the gas pedal, Marcus peeled out of the garage and toward his grandparents house, praying the zombies hadn't gotten to them...his grandfather could handle a gun but he was just getting over a bad bout of pneumonia. There was no way they could fight off a hoard of the living dead.

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Arcs are bundles of posts from any location, allowing you to easily capture sub-plots which might be spread out across multiple locations.

Add Quest » Quests

You can create Quests with various rewards, encouraging your players to engage with specific plot lines.

Add Setting » 1 Settings for your players to play in

Settings are the backdrop for the characters in your universe, giving meaning and context to their existence. By creating a number of well-written locations, you can organize your universe into areas and regions.


While not required, locations can be organized onto a map. More information soon!

Add Group » 0 Factions to align with

There are no groups in this roleplay!


By creating Collectibles, you can reward your players with unique items that accentuate their character sheets.

Once an Item has been created, it can be spawned in the IC using /spawn Item Name (case-sensitive, as usual) — this can be followed with /take Item Name to retrieve the item into the current character's inventory.


Give your Universe life by adding a Mob, which are auto-replenishing NPCs your players can interact with. Useful for some quick hack-and-slash fun!

Mobs can be automated spawns, like rats and bats, or full-on NPCs complete with conversation menus. Use them to enhance your player experience!

Current Mobs

No mobs have been created yet.


Locations where Mobs and Items might appear.


You can schedule events for your players to create notifications and schedule times for everyone to plan around.


Add and remove other people from your Universe.


By marking a character as abandoned, you can offer them to your players as pre-made character sheets.

Character Portrait: Marcus Roy Kenyon
0 sightings Marcus Roy Kenyon played by Scarlet Loup
"A few dead people don't scare me. I could take them all with both hands tied behind my back."
Character Portrait: Elise Redburn
1 sightings Elise Redburn played by Natzalia
"I'm what?!"
Character Portrait: Raymond Albrecht
0 sightings Raymond Albrecht played by Scarlet Loup
"Hate's a pretty strong word...but I'd be lying if I told you I didn't hate you. Your choice."

The Forge

Use your INK to craft new artifacts in What Could Be Worse?...Zombies..... Once created, Items cannot be changed, but they can be bought and sold in the marketplace.

Notable Items

No items have been created yet!

The Market

Buy, sell, and even craft your own items in this universe.

Market Data

Market conditions are unknown. Use caution when trading.

Quick Buy (Items Most Recently Listed for Sale)

Open Stores

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Character Portrait: Lacey Cole
Character Portrait: Claudia Thompson


Character Portrait: Claudia Thompson
Claudia Thompson

"I love animals, its just that simple."

Character Portrait: Lacey Cole
Lacey Cole

"Honestly, do you really want to talk to me?"


Character Portrait: Lacey Cole
Lacey Cole

"Honestly, do you really want to talk to me?"

Character Portrait: Claudia Thompson
Claudia Thompson

"I love animals, its just that simple."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Claudia Thompson
Claudia Thompson

"I love animals, its just that simple."

Character Portrait: Lacey Cole
Lacey Cole

"Honestly, do you really want to talk to me?"

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