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What Could Have Been, Could Be Our Nightmare

What Could Have Been, Could Be Our Nightmare


Will you survive the Nazi onslaught, and save America and all other countries? Or Ally with the Nazis, and make the resistance suffer?

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War.....War never changes. In 1914, Germany had reached there boiling point. With the death of the Austrian-Hungarian prince, and heavy nationalism in all nations, Germany blamed the allies. War was raged in the name of dominance, and after years of fighting the biggest war known to man, Germany had lost, and signed the Treaty of Versailles . They were sent into debt, and owed a lot of money for starting the war.

The German government as in shambles. People were starving, and lost there homes. But, then, a young veteran of WW1, a man named Adolf Hitler, stepped in to fix the mess. He proclaimed Germany as a super power, and made thee Jews a scape coat for there suffering. He verbally attacked the Treaty of Versailles, and gained undying loyalty and support through out Germany. He wrote Anti-Semitic novels, detailing how the Jews control everything, and are nothing more than evil rats. Hitler gained more and more support, even getting voted chancellor of Germany, where he changed the German constitution in his image. He rose an private army, and gained complete control over Germany. His political party, Nazis, became the only political party in Germany. Hitler then decided to punish the Jews, and created horrific concentration cams, made to kill, dismember, torture and gas all who go there. He also declared anyone who is not of Arian decent, is to be killed.

But Hitler didn't just want Germany, he wanted the entire world all to himself and his allies of Japan, And Italy. Poland was the first to feel his wraith, and fell under the Nazi army. The French government was then taken next, prompting another big world wide war. Shortly after France was taken over, with lots of deaths and bombings, England fell and surrendered. Japan had token over China, and most of Asia. Even destroying the Russian government with the Nazis help, surrounding the Russian with a two front war. Italy had claimed most of Africa under the axis powers, with 97 percent of the continent of Africa under Italian control. And by 1955, All of Europe fell under the Nazi scourge, and hope dwindled away as more and more countries waved the white flag, until the only independent countries left, where in the American continents, parts of Russia, and Africa. Mexico, in order for them not to be destroyed by the Nazi war machine, signed a treaty with the Nazis, stating that there civilians and resident Jews, will not be sent to concentration camps if they join. But in turn, they would have to lead a fighting force into the American government. And so they did. The central Americas Helped U.S fight of the Mexican government, and succeeded in destroying all chances of another invasion of the U.S. And Mexico left the axis powers. And the Americas were free from all axis powers. Only for a time.... America and Canada were Furious., Using there newly developed atom bombs, the countries Fired on China, England (Due to Nazi nuclear silos station there), and Germany, and Japan. But The Nazis had also developed nuclear weapons, thanks to there espionage on the Manhattan Project. They destroyed Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Boston, and Pennsylvania, and demolished national land marks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Statue of Liberty and mount Rushmore. The Americans government was crippled, and altogether, fell. The Nazis invaded the east, and the Japanese invaded from the west, America giving with resistance, of course, but by 1965 , all of America was under axis control. For Japans help, the Nazis gave Japan the western half of the united states, while Germany gained the eastern. WW2 had finally ended, with Hitler winning. Only a few independent states of the American government survived, along with the unofficial resistance in all across the country. Texas, Puerto Rico, Hawaii (Main island is Japanese occupied, but other smaller islands are independent) and Alaska. They managed to hold off the Nazi and Japanese surge, and provided a safe haven for all Jews, and others that were persecuted and were sentence to death. Life is hard for those who live in those areas, but its about to get harder, with Hitler's Great Grandson, Valdo Hitler, Had set his sights on the rest of the American resistance. But America isn't going down without a fight. And we want our country back!

The Flag Of The Nazi Occupied America

The Flag Of The Resistance

Flag Of Japanize Occupied America

Map Of The Occupied United States,

Map of Occupied Europe and Asia

Toggle Rules

1.) Don't god mod.
2.) You can run out of ammo
3.) Listen to the GM
4.) Have fun.

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State/Country of Origin:




Sexuality (optional):






Please Note this RP is set in an alternate 1975, 10 years after America was captured. There are some advance weapons due to Nazi engineering, (Think of the weapons from black ops zombies, such as the Thunder cannon, and the Ray Gun) but are rare, and in developmental stages.

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