Viktor Jenkogh

"It is a cold world, and I am Winter"

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a character in “What Could Have Been, Could Be Our Nightmare”, as played by DecroMcQuin


Name: Viktor Jenkogh

State/Country of Origin: The Motherland (Russia)

Race: Caucasian, Russian

Religion: None

Gender: Male

Sexuality (optional): None of your business

History: Viktor spent many years fighting for a small group of rebels in the Ural Mountains. They fought hard to protect what little of the old country they still held and for some time they managed to hold back many of the fascist pigs who would seek to take it from them. Eventually their numbers dwindled and they were routed, several of Viktors comrades were taken, several more were never found, lost still in the cold, mysterious mountains. Viktor, after wandering for weeks, found an airbase near the mountain foothills. It was difficult but he managed to steal one of the planes and fly to America, where he had heard of a rebellion still fighting for freedom.

Personality: Viktor lost many of his friends, after suffering such a loss he fears making new ones for fear of losing them too. Viktor believes strongly in freedom and equality for all, no matter who you are if you can fight you're okay in his books.

Likes: Cold Weather

Dislikes: Hot Weather

Gear: PPS-41 (Two drum mags), a boot knife, a pair of brass knuckles.

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