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Scarlet Rivers

Welcome to the asylum, Sorry .. I mean school.

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a character in “What Goes Unnoticed”, as played by SwarlyKay28


Character Skeleton: (Old Timers – Can be students, teachers, dormitory staff and crew.)

FC: Erza scarlet from fairy tail.

: Scarlet Rivers


Gender: Female

Personality: Scarlet likes to be the girl everyone likes, the one that they choose to come to when needing help. But she's also the girl that will get you in trouble for being out after curfew. She enjoys the risky feel of an adventure, but also the quiet time of a good book. Don't let that smile fool you, her temper is like the colour of her hair. You wouldn't want to be around when she's mad.

Occupation: Student


History (include reason for moving in): She chose this school for the odd stories and the adventures. Scarlet was bored of the basic drama of high school life she wanted more then who dated who, she wanted an experience she could tell to her grandchildren. Sadly not long after she was sent off to this school, her mother sent a letter to her explaining she was leaving her father, and wasn't planning to be in her life for while. Now on parents visit her father stands alone waiting to see his little girl. Because of this scarlet has made her home this school, even with all the messed up stuff that happens. This is all the family she feels she has left.

Roleplay Sample (place your character’s eerie experience here, if you want to initiate your own story):

2 YEARS AGO - Scarlet arrived at Eden’s full of wonder, she had been studying all she could about the building before hand. She stud far from the doors, feeling a shiver down her back. Even after the updates added and a new sign she could feel the passed in her bones. Her father passed scarlet her things, backpack, a suitcase and her favorite pillow and blanket.
Her father looked at her with sadness in his eyes " I'm sorry your mother wasn't able to join us. "
Scarlet smiled back " Its okay dad, I understand she had to work." Knowing fully there was something much more to it all.
Her father walked over to scarlet, kissing her on her forehead and saying his goodbyes. He left leaving her to bring her things in on her own.
She pulled out the welcome book she got in the mail a few weeks prior.
Her room was on the third-floor room 305. She sighed. Why couldn't I've got a creeper number like room 313. She sucked it up and carried her things to her room, passing by some of the new arrivals.
When she got to her room, she unlocked the door finding the room had two beds. She quickly looked down at her welcome sheet, it never explained if she had a roommate or not. Shrugging her shoulders throw her things on the bed close to the window. The room had a run down feeling, the floor had marks of what seem to look like someone was being dragged. The walls where new with fresh paint, but by the window it was already starting to peel due to a water leak.
she looked out the window to see what her view would be like for the next few years. Her view was of the newly placed chapel and some of the yard. Where an old almost dead looking tree was. Right under the tree seemed to be a woman, she looked closer. The woman was in all grey with red marks all down her back. She felt shivers down her back as she watched. The person walked back and forth in front of this tree never giving a full few of her face. Then in an instant the woman turned around, blood pouring from her eyes. Scarlet jumped back falling right off her bed and onto the floor, she quickly got up moving back to the window, trying to spot that women, but she was nowhere to be seen. And the tree wasn't there, rubbing her eyes she looked hard. Now feeling crazy she pushed it aside and started unpacking her things. Thinking if she really saw this or if it was all in her head.

So begins...

Scarlet Rivers's Story


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The morning chill slid in quietly inside the room, prompting Shiori to slowly open her eyes to the darkness inside the quiet building. She wondered why her alarm clock hasn't rung yet, even when she's adjusted it to wake her up at this exact hour.
"Oh well, no point in thinking about it." Slowly making her way out of bed, she grabbed the clock at her bedside table, checking to see what time it is. 4:30 in the morning "You were supposed to ring half an hour ago... So why didn't you--" At that moment, her eyes glanced at the calendar. It was a Saturday.
"Oh right...I have no classes." Still, with the sleep completely gone from her system, Shiori decided to just head out and grab some breakfast.

Downstairs, she spotted the landlord, Shizuka giving instructions to a cleaning crew, telling them things such as the places that need to be cleaned and stuff that they shouldn't touch. She walked towards her, curious about all this.
"Hey, what's going on?"
"I'm just cleaning out some of the rooms. I heard we'll be getting some new residents today. Just making sure to leave a good first impression." Shizuka answered back without looking up from the file she was reading. Sensing that she didn't want to be bothered right now, Shiori moved away and headed into the kitchen, to make herself some food.

6:00 AM. Shiori soon saw a man emerge from the basement, looking all flustered, sweat all over his forehead despite the fact that it was pretty chilly inside the lobby. Seeing this, Shizuka approached and asked what the matter was. Shiori couldn't quite hear what they were talking about from her current location so she waited until they were done talking before inquiring about the matter.
"Well, he said he heard voices telling him to get out while he was cleaning the water valve. They didn't sound like they were coming from anywhere near him. He said the voices sounded a little different."
"Different? How?"
"Like they were coming from 6 feet below ground. Hopefully, these rumors won't steer newcomers away."
Shiori sank deep in her thoughts. The water valve downstairs again. That place was getting a lot of attention lately. In any case, Shizuka seemed to want her to keep quiet about the rumors around the newcomers so she decided to just wait at the lobby and watch TV as the preparations went underway.


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Yuzuki went downstairs and finally reached the lobby in the first floor. Her gaze was directed at the entrance. Soon after that she smiled, waved and started walking. The front door was opened.

"Heyy, Sora!" Yuzuki called happily at a young boy.
"Sis!" The boy replied before the two of them hugged.

Yuzuki's face suddenly became serious, as she let her brother go. She started walking slowly towards the entrance door, opened it and looked outside.

"Yuzuki, what is it?" Sora asked.
"Oh, I was just checking if there were policemen or an angry mob chasing after you, no biggie." Yuzuki chuckled and closed the door. "Okay, mom." Her brother replied with annoyance.
"Ah! Shiori's there. Hello, Shiori!" The girl grabbed Sora by the hand and led him to the black haired girl. "Sora, This is my roommate Shiori. Shiori, this is my brother Sora."
"Nice to meet you!" Sora smiled.
"Miss Atsushi is here too. Hello, miss Atsushi!" Yuzuki greeted the landlord. "One of the newcomers is here."