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Alexandria 'X' Harper

"Age does not mean power; I am living proof of that fact."

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a character in “What Is Human?”, as played by RawkFist



Accessing Subject Registration File...

Name: Alexandria Ryo Harper.

Alias: X.

Age: Seventeen.

Gender: Female.

Threat: Certainly a high threat, possibly maximum.

Known Affiliations: An unregistered Psi, and also a member of the Priory.

Appearance: For those of who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the face beneath the black and white Masquerade mask, X is a seemingly average-looking young girl, appearing to be much younger than she actually is, despite her brooding gaze and unnaturally pale skin. Her body is scarily thin, to the point where (if her shirt was lifted up) there would be nothing but skin and bones, causing her ribs to become visible; most would assume this happened through her lack of interest in food and keeping up a healthy diet. Her hair is strangely neat and falls in waves down either side of her face, the length reaching down to just below her shoulders; it is a mixture of shades of brown and blonde, which goes against her dark chocolate-brown eyes. As for her outfit, she is usually seen wearing black clothes, in a rather loose style - long, baggy black t-shirts and bottoms. She almost never wears shoes, even when outfit, and definitely no make-up. Her face holds a constant expression of hatred, and in her lightest mood her lips are tainted with a smirk that can only mean something sinister is going to happen; usually death.


Criminal Record: None; she stays out of the way of Police and Psi-CON as much as possible.

Equipment Proficiencies: Due to the years she spent learning Kenjutsu and other such things, she is able to hand blades and most forms of sharp weaponry. However, as of right now, she relies solely on a dagger-like blade, reaching around 10-15cm in length with a width of around 4cm. It's not much use to her but it will certainly fit the bill, should she ever need to use it in a fight.

Skills: X was trained from a young age in the art of Taijutsu and Kenjutsu, though she has never handled a real, full-length sword before now. The Taijutsu is used mainly as a last resort, should something ever happen to her abilities or her level of energy to be able to use them. She specialises more in the aspect of self-defence when it comes to Taijutsu, although she may be able to deal out attacks if necessary. Free running is also a skill she had acquired during her teen years, meaning that she is able to climb most surfaces (providing they have something for her to latch onto or slide down), jump from one level to another and run on ledges or across walls for a certain amount of time.

Psi Level: Seven.

Known Abilities: Distortion - This is a power which allows its user to twist and distort almost anything; distortion can affect material things, such as darkness, metals, liquids, plasmatic substances, and airy properties such as air, gas and light. X can also even distort organic matter such as animals, plants and other humans. Such a power possesses both great offensive and defensive capabilities: by distorting the air, she is capable of generating highly-destructive flying slashes of various size, which possess great cutting power, or air pressure forces that can crush most formations. By twisting anything entering the immediate area surrounding her, she becomes virtually immune to attacks, be it close corner combat, long range attacks, and even magical properties, with every incoming long range attack or melee assault having its trajectory moved in order to avoid striking her, which can even send them back at her enemies. By distorting the light, she is even capable of generating illusions, going as far as to twist reality itself in the eyes of her opponents. She can distort the flow of noise to a degree that the enemies cannot even hear anything.


Personality: Silent yet deadly, X is a fearsome young girl, despite her small size, who's personality causes her to appear very sinister, psychopathic and somewhat sociopathic. The truth is, she is all of those things; her mind was twisted and corrupted on the day of "The Dawning" and it has forever changed the way she thinks and acts towards other people. You could say that, in some sense, she became power-hungry and didn't want to follow her parents' rules anymore, causing her to lash out in ways that she would always regret, even in her most sickeningly-twisted state of mind. Despite the image she sets for herself, you might occasionally see hints of Alexandria popping up every now and then if she is able to work her way past the monster that has become of her new self. X has a strong passion for killing and an incredible bloodlust; she would give anything to see that her opponent's blood is spilled at her feet, even if she is not the one who gets to do it. It is her eagerness to kill that makes her so ruthless and merciless; she would never pity or give way to another person.

Despite this, she is unusually obedient in the presence of Xiaoyan Jin, despite X's hatred for how quirky she can seem at times. The obedience is not caused by fear, nor respect for the woman, but simply because Alexandria was always taught to follow anyone who stands for the same sort of thing as she does; in this case, it would be the freedom that the Psionic race has worked so hard to achieve, and very much deserves. Despite how twisted she may seem for a large majority of the time, she too wants freedom and would fight anything or anything to be able to live in a world without the Psi-CON, which is her sole reason for joining forces with the Priory. She would willingly follow any orders set by Xiaoyan Jin, within reason of course. As for the rest of them, they can all go to burn in the flames of Hell for all she cares. The only person she genuinely fears, even if only rarely, would be D3d LyT3.

Role in story: X, despite her incredible power level, does not work as anything specific within the Priory. She's used more for the brute force side of things, and is used as a sort of weapon within the ranks, if of course she wishes to be used. It's very difficult to get her to work.

History: Alexandria was born on the 12th day of the 6th month (June) in the year 2016, one year before the events of 'The Dawning', which means that for the first year of her life, it might've seemed that she would grow up to be like any normal child; she developed as one should, if not at a much faster rate. However, on the day of 'The Dawning', everything took a turn for the worst. Things didn't look particularly bad right away, because no one could tell the psychological damage that had been caused in the mind of the young girl, so no one thought anything of her destructive behaviour during the first few years of her life. No one could understand why she was so violent and reckless, and no one cared to find out in all honesty. They just passed it off as nothing and figured that perhaps a stricter set of rules would help her to calm down and see the error of her ways.

Suffice to say, that plan did not work in the slightest. As she got older, she continued to carry on her childhood ways, if not more so than before the age of ten. This is the point in her life when death comes into it all; she would spent her spare time out in the back garden, getting her grubby little hands on whatever living creature she could find, only to then kill it in cold blood and leave it just outside the back door for her mother or father to find. The teachers at her secondary school could never understand why she would turn up in the mornings with her holding a faint red colour to them, and dried blood under her fingernails; they contacted her parents about the issue, and later that year she was pulled out of public school by her father, who then proceeded to home school her, despite how much he loathed the girl. It's safe to assume by this point that Alexandria no longer exists, and X has now taken her place instead.

By her thirteenth birthday, X had already discovered her skill in the ability of distortion, and had been thinking of running away for a long while. It is not known exactly how she found out that she contained such a level of power, and she refuses to talk about it, but to make a long story shorter, she was forced to leave home on the night that both of her parents lost their life. You can imagine what happened, right? Well, after packing her things and heading into the streets of New Boston - careful to avoid any Psi-CON for fear that they would know of her gift and would attempt to control her - she was found by the Priory, where she was given the opportunity to train and grow, to control her abilities at a far better level than she had already achieved. She took information in quickly, almost a little too quickly, and was fast to learn all the minor skills of Taijutsu and Kenjutsu.

She has been living with the Priory since she joined up with them, but her psychological health has not improved in the slightest; in fact, it has gotten much worse. She continues to act on her uncontrollable bloodlust and all the things that come with it; so not a whole lot has changed from the few years since she joined to the present day.


RP sample: A harsh sense of adrenaline washed over X's body as the thrill of the chase finally settled itself in her stomach, causing her excitement to spike to levels beyond imagination. Behind her mask, the corners of her lips began to shift their shape, curling themselves upwards until she could feel the frenzied grin sitting on them. Had she been able to at the time, she might've let out a strained cackle, but she was trying not to cause too much attention to be drawn towards her from the people who had settled in their homes for the night. The target's body was covered in a thick layer of sweat as his exhausted legs continued to push him further forwards, as fast as they would carry him, but his pace was gradually beginning to slow and X just knew that he was tiring himself out. Not much longer now, she thought to herself, her grin fading into a somewhat impatient frown and her brows lowering themselves.

The target turned a corner sharply, skidding a little on the road, which still held a layer of moisture from the day's previous rain. Sure, the chase was fun and she could do with a bit of excitement, but she was beginning to become bored and she was in desperate need to at least soak her hands in the blood of this guy, who's energy never seemed to run out. Instead of turning the corner as he did, she made a sooner turn for the alleyway, which would hopefully allow her to grab him as soon as he ran past. This time, it was her legs carrying her weight as they pressed forward at an alarming speed, her cloak lifting behind her as she went. Just as she had planned, she ran out in front of him and he twisted his body around, falling to the floor and skidding a little. He stopped just before her, and looked up at her, his frantic eyes darting around the area as if to look for an easy escape.

"Wow," X spoke, her voice a mixture of lingering excitement and a sense of admiration for his attempt to get away. "You sure are a fighter, aren't ya?" She moved her hand quickly in the direction of her belt, and slid the dagger from its holster slowly, the moonlight catching it which caused it to glint. Behind her mask, another smirk formed, but this one held a much darker meaning this time. "It's such a shame to put such a strong male down in the prime of life," she said, her voice faking pity and sadness, "however, you hold information that I don't think I want you to give out. So, if you think about it like that, then you'll realise that I really have no choice in the matter." She shrugged, and settled her gaze on the male's face once more. "What's your name?" she asked, and his confusion was one of bewilderment. A long silence lingered in the air, before he finally managed to choke out "H-..Harry." She paused. "I'll remember the name. Goodnight, Harry," she said, and those were her last words to him, before the blade she carried was tossed carelessly in the direction of his throat.

Blood oozed from his pierced flesh, and just the sight of the thick liquid dribbling down his neck was enough to make her smile. Not smirk, this time it was a genuine smile, as if she'd just done something fulfilling by taking the life of this man. She walked forward, gently plucked the knife from his neck, and sidestepped him as she made her way down the street once more.

Password: Deifier.


So begins...

Alexandria 'X' Harper's Story