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Cecilia Wolfe

"I've got many talents, which would you like?"

0 · 415 views · located in New Boston

a character in “What Is Human?”, originally authored by MoonlightWraith, as played by RolePlayGateway



Accessing Subject Registration File....

Name: Cecilia Wolfe

Alias: Celia Labrador, Sarah Francis, Amelia Legrande, Sapphire the Siren, Songstress, The Siren

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Threat: Medium threat level

Known Affiliations: Unregistered Psi, subject's loyalty lies to the clientele with the most credit.

Subject is known to be of height 5ft5 and weighs no more than 110lbs. She was last known to have light brown hair(Subject to change) and brown eyes, her skin is naturally pale, yet tans very easily. She has a tattoo of a red rose on her left shoulder and scars around her wrists from handcuffs.

Subject is known to dress provocatively and scantily, preferring mini skirts and tube tops when working. However, she has been noticed wearing elegant gowns and skirt suits, presumably for clientele's preference. The subject has a diverse wardrobe and officers should not look specifically for one style.

Criminal Record: At least 7 counts of indecent exposure, 4 counts of resisting arrest, caught in the act of prostitution 6 times, 2 counts of possession of confidential documents, 3 counts of distributing confidential documents, 23 acts of abuse on civilians, 6 acts of abuse on enforcers.

Equipment Proficiencies:
  • Small guns - Cecilia has experience in handling small fire arms, preferring an easily concealable gun such as the Colt Junior 25.
  • Daggers - Subject is known to handle a dagger in a fight, she is also capable of using throwing knives.
  • Medicine - Subject was taught basic first aid and basic medical training by the medics of her gang and helped to care for the injured members of her gang, whenever she wasn't on the streets.
  • Poisons - By extension of medicine, subject knows poisons very well. Subject has been known to poison victims.
  • Claws - Subject has metallic claws used to savage victims.
  • Dancing - Subject is a known dancer at an underground cabaret, she can easily and gracefully distract any man with basic urges and uses her dancing in tune with her singing to attract as many men as possible towards her, making her a great distraction for any task.
  • Agility - Subject is known to be very agile, making her very resourceful when being pursued. Subject was taught how to free run whilst running with her gang and since then has increased her agility with the addition of her dancing, making her escapes graceful and flattering.
  • Blending - Subject can blend with any crowd, as if it were her own, subject has been avoiding Psi-CON and local enforcements for years and has learnt to use the citizens as a hiding place. Remain vigilant and search crowds when pursuing her.
  • Silver Tongued - Subject can coax or cajole any information she wants off a man, especially one that she has enthralled with her song, making it easier for her to gather information that is confidential.
Psi Level: Level 3 Psi when conscious. Level 5, when unconscious, subject must always be awake during transportation, confrontation or arrest.

Known Abilities:
  • Siren Song - Subject is capable of emitting astonishingly beautiful and enchanting songs that are capable of luring anyone who hears it to come towards the subject. The ability is known to stem from an astral projection of the subject latching itself onto the intended victim and almost possess them into doing the subjects bidding, due to her having to be awake for the song to activate, she does not possess the victim, she merely uses suggestion and idea projection to enthral the victim.
  • Astral Projection - Subject has been known to separate part of subconscious from her physical body when asleep. Subject has been known to possess operatives and civilians when projecting. Subject may possess lesser or weaker willed Psi, however, she cannot possess a Psi with telepathic abilities, this is due to a passive barrier automatically set up to prevent intrusions. Unknown whether or not subject can possess other species or Reavers, although we assume it maybe the same as with other Psi, Psi-CON are interested in further testing the subject's ability.
    When possessing a Psi, it appears that the subject can only direct them and cannot activate their powers, we are currently under the impression that because she has no experience of the power she cannot use it, possible she can use the powers of a Psi with the same powers.
    Telepathic and Psi with detection abilities can detect her and may even be capable of interaction without her willing it. If subject wishes to interact with people, she can make herself visible to them, however, she will appear translucent and it will seem as if she's a figment of the person's imagination or an illusion by another Psi.
    Subject has been known to travel as far as we've been able to detect, however, she must always know where her physical form is. If the body is moved, she will be feel it but she will have to return to the body immediately and return to her physical form, least she get lost and have to wonder the earth looking for her shell of a body. Subject is aware of this and has since remained close to her physical body when projecting.
Personality: After a review of the subject, the psi-CON has come to the conclusion of the subject's personality, which is as follows.
Subject is not hostile, preferring to sweet talk her way out of situations. This is equally noticeable outside of the review, during her many interactions with enforcers, she would prefer to convince the enforcers that she is innocent and is actually the victim in the situation. However, if that is to fail, she will more likely take flight and flee the scene, using her agility to reach high places and flee the scene.
Subject has also been known to manipulate (blackmail) those she can, especially when she's in rick of being arrested. For example, one of the enforcers was married and also frequented a strip club, knowing this, subject used this information against him, threatening to inform the wife and tell her of the misdeeds. She promised not to say anything so long as he let her go.

Role in story: Information Broker and Escort

History: Subject was born in London, England, to a middle class family, most of her childhood was spent playing with her dolls, playing house and being led by the hand through most situations. On the subjects 9th birthday, the family avoided the destruction of London by visiting relatives that lived in the countryside, the subject and her mother were both empowered during the Dawning. The family immediately fled England, as with most of the British and Irish survivors. The family made their way to Boston, the subject had family in the city and managed to gain access, regardless of the massive flow of evacuees. The subject and her family managed to remain relatively comfortable, but then society began to crumple and gangs started to form and started civil unrest in all the cities. When the subject was 11, she witnessed her family get slaughtered, save for her and her cousins, who were then pulled into the gang and indoctrinated into a life of crime.

Just after a year of running with the gang, when the subject reached 12 years of age, she became one of the gangs many thieves, proving her worth in getting out of tight situations and easily breaking into hard to reach places. She was able to get a layout for the targets and even work out several escape routes without ever leaving her bedroom, due to her unique gift of Astral Projection. The leader of the gang took note of her ability to easily slip in and out with minimal detection and minimal effort and put her to work on delicate situations, such as stealing confidential information from the Government, Psi-CON and even the wealthy.

When the subject reached the age of 18, she discovered her Siren Song ability and the gang leader put her into the 'Escort' ranks. The subject was annoyed, at first, but realised this was a far safer, and easier, job than slipping in and out of government buildings and rich apartments. Subject eased into the rank with minimal effort and absolute comfort, she was capable of attracting most men to her and was the best capital raiser for the gang. However, this comfort would not last long, the operation was shut down when Psi-CON and NBPD invaded the gang's base of operation and arrested the majority of the gang, the subject was one such arrest. Subject spent a few months in prison before escaping and has been on the watch list ever since.

Psi-CON has triangulated that she is hiding out in the slums of New Boston, possibly running or working in one of the many brothels in the slums, Psi-CON have sent in numerous operatives to find her. However, none seem to find her, subject may be getting help from another PSI with mind-wiping capabilities. There is also a large amount of confidential information being passed through the slums of New Boston, due to subject's history, Psi-CON consider the information flow to be coming from her.

RP Sample: Cecilia stood at the entrance to the gang hideout, whilst the New Boston slums were better than the Graveyards, they were certainly no better than the sewers before the Dawning, but it was home, it was her safe haven and she knew the slums like the back of her hand. Cecilia had her signature smile on her face, aimed at anyone who walked past her, her eyes following those that had a lingering stare, occasionally winking or blowing a kiss at them. A sultry purr escaping from her lips as she noticed a man approaching her. The other girls beside her let out tiny giggles, hoping to attract the man's attention to them but his stare never left Cecilia's body, as she started to twirl her hair and looked timid, from her experience most of the men approached her because of her innocent looks and school girl charm.

"Howdy," He smiled, his smile revealing his horrid yellow teeth and numerous filings, Cecilia managed to keep her smile from faltering and focused on not looking repulsed, that kinda expression would cost the business.
"You looking a good time?" She winked, running a finger along his chest, surprisingly broad and strong for a man of the slums, his arms were of equal bigness. Cecilia forced herself to peel her eyes away from the man's stature and back up to his face.
"How is it all you gals know that?" He grinned again and one of his eyebrows arched.
"Well, I can't say for the other girls, but I know what a man wants long before he knows it." She leant against the wall, placing her foot against it, slightly raising her skirt to show more of her thigh, and putting her back against the brick, raising her breasts and making them stand out more.
"Oh," The man grinned and Cecilia let out a light giggle, before pouting and looking down at her body, "and what's that?"
"Me." She stated simply, looking back up at the man, whilst they came to her for being the youngest the gang had to offer, the men had to see that the innocent school girl wasn't her only persona and she could play the confident sexual deviant, just as well as she could play the sweet schoolgirl. He grinned and took out his wallet, it looked full, maybe he was from the shining buildings, looking some fun before he had to go back to his boring old wife, the corners of Cecilia's lips tugged upwards at the thought of a full wallet and the praise from the gang as she offered him up for a mugging. "That'll do nicely." Cecilia beaconed for him to follow her and walked, her hips swaying and her arms hanging loosely by her sides, swing in time with her hips. Her breasts were pushed out and her sultry smile had crept back onto her face. Cecilia led him through the double doors of the hideout and winked to one of the guards, who simply nodded in response and let the man through. Taking the man's hand, she led him through the hideout and pointed to several points of interest, such as the numerous guards that protected the place and the bedrooms, which she was leading him too.

Cecilia opened up her room and the man walked in, as she followed him and went to close the door a guard grabbed her wrist, he had no need for words as his glare said enough, Cecilia merely nodded and closed the door. She turned back to the man and he'd drawn a gun on her, there was a loud bang from behind the door and several gunshots sounded from the entrance to the hideout.
"You're young, easily manipulated. You may be let off if you stay quiet and do as your told." Cecilia reacted and kicked her leg high into the air as if she was performing a dance and brought it down quickly, the kick connecting with the man's shoulder and a horrid crack sounded from the impact and the man fell down and clutched his shoulder as he winced in pain. Cecilia kicked the gun away from him and fled, running out of the bedroom and into the hallway, she overlooked as Psi-CON operatives and NBPD officers led an assault on the hideout.

Cecilia turned to run down the corridor, the hideout used to be a hotel but it fell into disrepair and became abandoned just before the Dawning, so it was bound to have more than 2 ways in and out. Cecilia rounded a corner, three of the younger members were hiding in a room and she ran in to them.
"Come on!" She yelled and took one by the hand, she led them down the hall but she was stopped short. The NBPD had already found the secret exit from the exterior and took aim at the children, Cecilia put her hands in the air and got down on her knees, placing her heads behind her head. The NBPD officers put the cuffs onto tight and anytime Cecilia moved, the cut into her skin, but she'd only notice the pain for a few more seconds as an officer hit her with the butt of his gun and she blacked out.

Password: Deifier

So begins...

Cecilia Wolfe's Story


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Cecilia sat on the side of her bed, her body covered by a thong and loose fitting t-shirt, which hung lazily from her shoulder. Rubbing her eyes, a weak sigh escaped her mouth, her head was throbbing and she knew exactly why it was. "I gotta stop going so far." She let her hand drop from her face as she looked around the dark room, it must have still been night, yet it was far from silent.

She could hear the rain's pitter patter on her window and she swore she could her the echoes of screaming, she definitely heard gunshots and the ever present sirens of the NBPD patrols. She picked herself up off the bed and wandered over to the window. Looking out, she could see the monolithic buildings of the rich and human, their neon lighting hurting her already pulsing head.

Then there was a light tapping on her door, "Songstress," she heard a soft voice ring out, Cecilia looked over her shoulder to see a teenage girl stepping into the room.
"Are you okay?" Cecilia asked, turning to look at the girl, with a sympathetic smile on her face.
"Are any of us?" Cecilia shrugged her shoulders, it wasn't the easiest life they lived and it was definitely worse the younger you were.
"No, some just handle it worse than others." Cecilia beckoned for the young girl to sit down, but the girl shook her head.
"Umm, one of the Jack-dogs are here." Cecilia sighed, giving a slight nod before replying.
"I'll be out in a minute." Cecilia lifted her top over her head and tossed it aside, reaching into her underwear drawer, she pulled out a matching underwear set and quickly changed into it.

The cold sting of a winters wind managed to seep through her window and Cecilia felt a shiver crawl down her spine and goosebumps covered her skin, she rubbed her bare arms and made for the window, drawing the curtains to keep some of the cruel wind out of the room. Cecilia made her way back to her dressing area and opened up one of three wardrobes, work wear, official wear and casual wear. Work wear catered for skimpy outfits to classy dresses, superhero and anime costumes alike, whereas her official wear wardrobe consisted of trouser suits, skirt suits, formal dresses and flashy dresses, her casual wardrobe was mainly jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, jackets and even a dress or two.

She went with the 'official wear' wardrobe, choosing a monochrome panel dress and a pair of simple black high heels. She finished the outfit with a few silver bangles and a light touch of make up, her lips a bubblegum pink and her eyes lightly lined.

Looking more presentable, she left her room, the girl was still waiting outside to show her where the men had been waiting.
"You certainly kept them waiting, do you think they'll be mad?" Cecilia let out a little chuckle.
"I hope they're mad." She kept walking, her sultry smile tugging at her lips as she walked into the waiting room for 'official' business. The men immediately stood, one a bit too brute for Cecilia's liking but the other was certainly her type, teller than her but not so tall, lean but not a ball of muscle, stumble instead of a full beard, short hair that pointed upwards rather than bald and a smile with teeth. "This way." She instructed, without even waiting for agreeing she led them out of the room and towards her office, the girls giggled as the two men walked past, blowing kisses and winking, a few had taken a liking to the brute but most had noticed the smaller one, Cecilia rolled her eyes as four of the girls stopped them from proceeding. "It's all right, they're with me." The girls, nodded and returned to the same position.
"What was that?" A handsome voice slithered as she opened her office door.
"That was a defence mechanism." She spun around and pointed at the brute's trousers. "That's proof that it works. Either yours is very small or my girls don't flatter you."
"I prefer a man's company." Cecilia chuckled, she had heard rumours of the Jack Dog, but didn't realise he was and that he was open about it.
"So I've heard, apologies." She offered before retrieving a piece of paper from her desk and writing 5 numbers down, 46739 and handing it to him.
"What's this?" Jack Dog asked before reading the numbers and arching an eyebrow.
"Give it to one of the girls when we're finished, they'll know who to get for you and to stop bothering you." Cecilia smiled before taking the seat behind the desk. "Now down to business." She pulled open a drawer in her desk and punched in a code to the small vault that was stored in it and retrieved the file that was inside it, setting it on the desk. "In this file, there's a layout of the easternmost NBPD precinct building. It'll detail the entrances, exits, corridors, doors and what each room is. That'll be 500 dollars." Jack Dog looked annoyed at the asking price, but he knew he could either give it to her or not get the free guns and vehicles. "A night with one of the girls is included in the price." The Brute beemed and let out a little laugh of delight as Jack Dog handed over the money, Cecilia smiled and handed him the file, she watched as the two left the office and were approached by a group of the girls, one of whom ran of and the others focused on the Brute but he pointed down the hallway and beaconed for a different girl to come up.

Cecilia waited in anticipation as the girl approached the man, she even stood from her chair slightly to see who it was. Cecilia's heart stopped and the blood drained from her face as she saw the young girl from earlier. Immediately springing into action, Cecilia leapt across her desk and pulled open the door, grabbing the door frame and swinging her feet towards the brute. "Don't you dare lay a hand on her." Jack Dog stepped in between the two of them as she put her arm in the girl's way and made her stand behind her.
"Stand down, you can have any other girl you want." Jack Dog agreed, Cecilia's eyebrow arched as he was helping her and not sticking up for his friend, but she didn't question it, she just let him get on with it.


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After the Brute had chosen a girl, Jack Dog turned back to Cecilia.
Sorry about him.” He apologized but Cecilia merely shook her head.
“Don’t worry about it.” She smiled before turning around to make her way back into her office, but Jack Dog stopped her, grabbing her wrist, his skin was rough yet his touch was gentle. Cecilia turned slightly to look at him.
Thank you.” He whispered, Cecilia smiled at him.
“I don’t think it’d be fair for me to share your secret with anyone.” She told him, reassuring him that his sexuality would most definitely be one of the few secrets she would keep.
Well, since you’re helping with that, I think you should know about another broker.” Cecilia spun full around to look him in the eyes, her head tilted slightly as her eyebrows knotted.
“Excuse me?”
There’s another broker in the slums, I heard that he’s part of the black market too…” Jack Dog told him and Cecilia knew exactly what he was going to say after that, so she said it for him.
“And guns are more important than girls.” Cecilia sighed, before walking into the office, beckoning for Jack to follow her.

Cecilia took her seat behind the desk and placed her elbow on the desk, resting her head in her hand, running a finger over her cheek nervously. “What else do you know about him?”
Well, I’ve heard people call him the Salesman, although I’ve heard it’s just an anagram of his name, I’m not sure how true that is. He’s also a member of the Priory, so he’ll have their support if you go after him.” Jack Dog told Cecilia but it didn’t help her in finding him.
“You don’t know where I’d be able to find him?” She asked, looking up at him, her eyes were full of worry. Not only was this her live, but it was only place these girls could feel safe, Cecilia made a habit of making sure each girl was protected by teaching them how to fight and also acquiring them each a body guard. Here the girls were safe and cared for, if she lost her broking business it’d be very hard to keep the standards up and a lot of the girls would have to be let go and sent out to fend for themselves.
I’d check the sewers, if you can’t find him there, I’m sure the people in the markets would be able to tell you were he is.” Cecilia nodded, the sewers would be her last resort, she’d check the markets and see if anyone there knew him, send her girls out to find him as well and then if both failed she’d go after him, down into the sewers.
“Thank you.” She finally said after a few moments of silence. Jack Dog bowed his head and left the office.

Cecilia stood in her room, by the window, she had pulled the curtains open and was now staring out over the slums. Right now, she was losing business because she didn’t provide her clients with guns just a few girls and she knew her clients would all prefer a gun rather than some fun. Cecilia thought about it for a moment, she could easily project and go down there now, but if he’s a member of the Priory, he’s obviously a Psi and will most likely detecting her presence, especially if he has telepathic powers. Cecilia turned to look at her bed and let out a deep breath, before calling the young girl from earlier in. “Alana?” The young girl poked her head in through a crack in the door.
Yeah?” She asked, smiling at Cecilia.
“Can you send out a few of the girls to find a man who uses the alias of Salesman, get them to check the markets, someone down there is bound to know him.” Alana nodded but didn’t leave the room, she looked nervous.
Thank… Thank you.” Cecilia looked up at the girl and smiled, she then opened her arms for the girl to hug her and Alana ran into her arms, Cecilia felt her squeeze and she rested her head on the teenagers head.
“It’s okay.” Alana pulled away from the hug and ran from the room. Cecilia let out a shaky breath and wiped a tear from her eye as she striped down to her underwear and threw a loose fitting shirt on before lying on the bed and letting herself drift off.

Cecilia sat up and looked down at her physical body, lying so still as if it was dead, if she was in it right now a shiver would crawl up her spine yet when she was projecting she could feel very little in the body. Cecilia looked at the window, there was a slightly reflection that only she could see, her entire form was a ghostly white and translucent, she could be mistaken for a ghost, if only they existed. She was in a white dress, it was held up by two traps on her shoulders and stopped just above her knee and her feet were bare, her hair was loose and down, touching her shoulder blades and swaying slightly. Shaking her head, she quickly lifted herself from the bed and ran for the window, phasing through it and plummeting down towards the fast approaching ground, but she felt nothing as she merely fell through it as if it was air, she stopped as she was in one of the sewer tunnels and followed the mazelike structures and made her way through the sewers, hoping she’d find him soon, she might be invulnerable to physical attacks in this form but the sewers still creeped her out none the less. After a while of searching the sewers, she could hear voices.
"Alright, lead the way to your 'safety'." She heard someone say, assuming they were talking about the Priory she assumed she’d find the Priory by following them, hoping they weren’t telepathic Psi. She quickly hovered after the voice, coming across two men, both exceptionally tall, one blond and the other brunette.


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Samuel stood there as the boy thought. He was waiting, patiently, and mostly still. His foot however, inside a penny loafer dress shoe, continued to tap the stone floor with soft echo's that filled the silent with Bones with a resounding tap. It even had a rhythm to it, but that was beside the point. While they waited there was that noise alongside the silence of a Bones making an eery orchestra.

"Alright, lead the way to your 'safety'."

The man would come straight back to attention and give yet another one of those smiles. He'd clap his hands together and nod once before turning into the slanted pathway that he entered from and walking toward it as he spoke. The English voice filling the empty room.

"Right-o. Follow me then. I promise I'll be quick. Whats your name by the way? You can have mine. I'm Samuel Maccabeus Hawethorn, you may have seen it about."

With that he'd enter the tunnel and towards the top he'd pause. It was more like a jerking and startled pause than anything. He felt something nearby. Moreso, someone. Samuel was a moderately powerful telepath. He couldn't quite find out where this entity was or what it was but he knew something was there. He stayed paused and grinned; a plan soon in mind. Then he carried on into the darkness that was the Bones.

Samuel would lead Jonathan and his follower through the tunnels if whatever was on his tail continued to follow. It was a pathway that took many ups and downs through many broken and beaten tunnels. There were heaps of broken steal and concrete and the occasional gunshot and scream that echoed the labyrinth. Now and then Samuel would stop and noticeably scan the corners of the walls as if peering at something. Sometimes he'd go down these halls and other times he'd avoid them.
It was a long journey. Three or four hours passed by as Samuel tried to make idle small talk and discern small things about the male accompanying him such as age, place of birth, more notably if he were chipped.

That would all cease however as up came the sound of rushing water. Now Samuel's trap would come into place if the entity was still on his trail. They were now well-within the confines of the Priory's haven which was like a telepathic hornet's nest. Xiaoyan and many other telepaths of various levels had a constant watch on the place. Samuel was visibly grinning as he jumped from the tunnel onto bridge of pipes that ran over a chamber of water. Voices were heard below and coming towards them in the tunnel on the other side as well as torch light. Samuel picked up the pace; jogging across the bridgeway before leaping into the tunnel full of light. There he'd wait for Jonathan to meet him as a few people appeared behind Samuel.

"Welcome to the door to of the Priory, friend."

He then quickly thought a message to Xiaoyan. Nearly praying she'd hear it, not out of fear but more out of amusement than anything.

"Hey, boss. I'm home and have a guest... Maybe two..."


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Cecilia watched as the blond man smiled and clapped his hands, before turning on his heels and leading the other man up a slanted pathway, like he knew it well.
"Right-o. Follow me then. I promise I'll be quick. Whats your name by the way? You can have mine. I'm Samuel Maccabeus Hawethorn, you may have seen it about." He finally spoke, his accent English, making Cecilia feeling slightly nostalgic and homesick, a slight smile spreading across her face. She then listened as the two said their names, not really paying attention to the brunette, from the sounds of it he wasn't affiliated with the Priory just yet. She listened to the conversation and continued to follow them until she stopped. Samuel Maccabeus Hawethorn, Cecilia stopped for a minute, calculating the name in her head. She used her finger as a pencil and wrote the name in the air, moving the letters to spell out Salesman. Cecilia immediately wiped the letters away and flew up to the two men, whispering into Samuel's ear.
"You'll find me where men seek comfort, women too. God forbid, that anyone follow you." She whispered cryptically, implanting images of the hotel and an image of her turning around to look at someone, it would show her frame and face, hair and a simple red dress. The image would be blurry but if he managed to find her, the image would clear up and if he ever thought about the image after meeting with her it'd be clear as day, well as clear as day for the people in the shiny buildings.

Cecilia then flew through the sewer roof, spinning like a dancer and flew straight back to the hotel, returning to her body. She opened her eyes slowly and sat up, her head ached a little, something it did when she was detected. "Slimy bugger." She whispered to herself, knowing that he was trying to lead her into a trap. The Priory, most likely full of telepaths and detectors who would have ripped her to shreds because they would have been threatened by an intruder. Cecilia made her way to the wardrobes and changed into a red dress. She then put on some shoes and a necklaces to match, before leaving her room and leaving the room, Alana was still standing at the door, Alana was a low level telepath with some mind wiping capabilities and idea implantation abilities.
"Where did you go?" She asked Cecilia as they walked down the stairs, Alana managed to keep in step with Cecilia as they made their way briskly down the stairs to the lobby. "I felt you projecting." She admitted.
"I went to find him, his name's Samuel Maccabeus Hawethorn." Cecilia told the young girl, how arched an eyebrow.
"I've heard that name before." Alana looked as if she was trying to think, but the thought just seemed to flow from her mind. One problem with her mind wiping and idea plantation, it all muddled into one and she never knew which were her own memories or which were someone else. "I remember now! I remember reading about him in a Psi-CON report, I was meant to arrest him but I never found him. It's like he just disappeared." Cecilia looked at Alana with a confused face, the memory obviously wasn't hers but it was clearly from a Psi-CON operative and he's clearly wanted.

Alana then ran off to try and remember the thought, leaving Cecilia to plan for her guest, he'd obviously be awhile but she needed to plan ahead, she needed to get her girls and her guys ready for a possible fight. Cecilia made her way to her office and called the four girls that guarded the office to come in and asked one of them to gather Cecilia's personal body guards.

Once the 7 had gathered, Cecilia stood in front of them and spoke,
"I'm going to be having a guest coming within the next few days, his name is Samuel Maccabeus Hawethorn. So from now on, every male that comes here must have his name taken." Cecilia paused for them to process this. "If his name comes up, he is to be escorted straight to my office, one of you will come inform me as soon as he is led to you." Cecilia said to the girls. "You can go now, decide amongst you how will do what." With that Cecilia let the 7 guards leave before she opened her weapons drawer and lifted out the claws, placing them onto her fingers, they just looked like rings but they were her best and most discreet weapons, her Colt Junior 25, placed in the thigh holster under her skirt and a dagger in the sheath under her skirt on the other thigh, she was ready for a fight even if their wasn't one, at least she was prepared.


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#, as written by Raidose
Darkness. Sweet, cradling darkness wrapped him, letting him lounge slothfully within his own mind as he slid out of the pilot's seat. Sensations came as faint echoes. The flick of muscle, the sinking plunge. The slight resistance given by tissue as it was pierced. The warm, slipperiness slowly coating the grip. A twist, a pop, and that was all. It all came in passing waves, ushered on by the cackles of his cohort. Scarecrow made this boring little plays so energetic, filling it with so much enthusiasm, that at times it was hard not to share his enjoyment. It was quite infectious. To constantly fight urges, to constantly battle for control, it was simply not feasible anymore. The damage from the war still needed tending to. And then it came, a parting light to his blissful dream. A flittering, feathered figure perched upon his gate to consciousness, a small gleaming bird which still shined for but a moment. The message, though was clear.

Mmmm.... Little birdie.... the malignant being hissed, inching closer with hands of knives. His grinned and chittered as his inched closer, till his advance was halted by the tar at his feet. Groaning, roaring, howling in complete objection as the ooze crawled up his legs and a thousand spindly fingers dug into his flesh. A single massive hand shot up, latching onto his face, prying the mask away from his control. Sinew and tendons stretched and tore till finally the meat surrendered and the mask was ripped from the front of his skull. Another fist of twisting darkness manifested, hurling the manic apparition into the bleak nothingness yet again. Bubbling up from the primeval slime, Oz slid the mask once more over the flesh of his own features, banishing away the architecture of this minds insanity away and bringing back the light of reality. A blood-stained knife in his hand, three more bodies at his feet. Blood attracts blood, indeed.

His foot shoved the lifeless mass into the rivers of Styx, cursing it to drift endlessly into oblivion. No one who cared would ever know, and no one who knew would ever care. The Bones had a neat way of staying clean. Reavers were territorial, but they were not stupid by any length. More may claim to covet thy neighbor's home, but if they found bodies, they'd be out for blood. Ah, but how easily things could vanish. Another kick, slosh, and splash committed another soul to the ferryman. He leaned back on his heel, feeling the ball of telekinetic energy build up underfoot, before the burst sent his soaring back into the shade of the tunnels. Maybe it was time to pay a visit to the boy, if only to mutilate his perception of reality a bit more. Yes. Harmless, sweet fun. Very well, then home awaits. Boots impacted against stone, puddles parting from the burst of power. A dart of shadow, racing through the tunnels that snaked in and out of the original earth, speeding along till he found something new to catch his eye. This one was odd, ethereal, ephemeral. She touched this would from a dream, lingering about like a wayward spirit. Still she drifted ever searching, nearing the voice D3d LyT3 knew all too well.

"Right-o. Follow me then. I promise I'll be quick. Whats your name by the way? You can have mine. I'm Samuel Maccabeus Hawethorn, you may have seen it about."


Dropping his name so carelessly like that. Idiot.

All the more attention away from us.

Why is he her right hand, again?

Could be that he doesn't have a committee in his head.

As the ghost peered on them, he peered on her. Stalking the stalker, hunting the hunter, till finally she became aware of Samuel's plan. While scaring her away with a virtual telepathic blender was quite clever, it still let her vanish away with who he was. Worse yet, she now had some clue where the Priory was, vague though it may be. So many questions about her floated in D3d LyT3's mind, and slowly they all began to fill themselves in. The more he clung, unseen and unfelt, to her shadow, the more of her memories he was able to peek on. He may have blushed if he could, but still he searched on. A birthday party, and her present was the end of the world. A new family, which eliminated the old. She held few loyalties, only to her and hers. She dipped into things a little girl like her really shouldn't know, and oh how juicy the details. She had a very proud amount of intel, enough to contend with Samuel. Ah.... that was it. Competition. Her and hers. She was a survivor, and a survivor gets by from never having to worry about a competitor. This made Samuel a threat to her, and with her outlook, it made her a threat to the Priory. This night was getting quite eventful.

She did figure out Samuel's trp before it sprang, flying home to her corporeal form. Though her memories of home betrayed that location, and D3d LyT3 had set off nearly an hour before. Lights blurred by in a hypnotic display, lining the tunnels with long, florescent trails of illumination. With each accelerating dash, the space between him and the surface world grew smaller. The manhole cover to the lands above burst open and he crashed back down unto the snow laden asphalt, exploding into a flurry of snowflakes towards his target. With each step, a small circle of snow cleared under heel, launching him through the air before the next lungeing stride. He felt her presence again as she slung back to her body, but by that time he already lay below that very windowsill. He stood next to her as she sprang to life, unbeknownst of the spectral presence. Remaining in silence and she went about the room. The dress was indeed becoming of her. She fastened a necklace around her nape, striking D3d LyT3's curiosity. His fingers traced down the side of her neck, gliding over her shoulder as she made her last adjustments. She never would feel a thing, all information of D3d LyT3's presence blanked out of her consciousness. He brought his hand away as she began to move on. "Hmmm... Nothing."

He walked just behind her, grinning a vile smile that could be only felt rather than seen. He watched as the young one, named Alanawent on about memories she had stolen, which then D3d LyT3 had stolen. He watched as Ms. Wolfe gathered her little protectors around her, and then sent them on their way. It was when she had donned her complement of hidden weapons that she felt the safest, which he so wanted to shatter. But no. He would watch, and he would wait. Her thoughts, her motives, were in a flux. No way to tell how things could proceed, though one could always hope.

Watch, and wait....

Watch, and wait....

Watch, and wait....


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Cecilia sat in the office, she was as prepared as she could be, so at this moment she was simply sitting in her office seat, working on some papers that needed sorted and filed away, a few secrets that need locked up. She couldn't shake the feeling she was being watched, however, her head was still buzzing but that was from the Salesman detecting her, but she could feel something standing over her, watching her every move. Maybe she was just nervous about what was about to go down, causing her to be a bit jumpy.

The two guards watched as the man tried to sneak in, they stopped him and went to ask his name but had a feeling that from the way he was trying to sneak in that he was Samuel Maccabeus Hawethorn. "Mr Hawethorn, I take it." One of them stated, not asking but understandable if Samuel thought it was a question. {b]Come with us.[/b] They ordered, before making their way to the office.

Three of the girls then ran up to Samuel and started flirting with him, distracting him whilst one of the girls ran off to warn Cecilia. The girls got as close as they could to Samuel, touching his chest and arms, complementing his body and facial features. One of the girls started to dance for him, pressing her breast together to make them perkier. They giggled and teased, biting their lips and blowing kisses.

Cecilia jumped as the door opened, He's here, Cecilia. Cecilia regained her posture and nodded.
"Show him in." She told the girl, who closed the door and skipped back to Samuel.
Cecilia stood from her chair and went to the back of her office and lifted the painting down of the wall, revealing a safe. For her, this safe was were she kept her poisons, not because they were precious to her but because the safe was faulty and opened if you just pulled the handle. She took out a sedative poison, it wouldn't kill him, just render him a tiny bit sleepy. Instead of putting it onto her nails, she put it on the blade of her dagger, her plan C, if he didn't listen or back down.
Plan A, talk to him, persuade him.
Plan B, claw him until he backs down.
Plan C, knock him out and give him to Alana to wipe his mind of every secret, every deal and every client he ever had.
Plan D, kill him.

Cecilia heard the giggling of the girls and knew he was at the door, the door clicked and the giggling was louder as the door opened but then she heard a stumbling as the girls pushed Samuel into the room and the slamming of the door, Cecilia still had her back to the door, she let out a breath as she looked over her shoulder to look at the man who had just been thrown into an unexpected meeting, with his rival information broker.


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#, as written by Raidose
(Collab with Shadow)

Watching and waiting, ever still, ever always. He watched and he waited till the seams of his mentality strained against the burgeoning pressure of his own manic side. To wait and to watch till finally he could wait and watch no longer. The screams and cries of so many voices urged him on, and he was not entirely rejecting. To let slip the blade, to plunge the knife deep down into bone and know the joys of life and loss. Oh no, that would be too sudden, too quick. First a game, a test of will and mind, then trap her in her own little box of a world and shake it till she shatters. Not just her, but the others, too! Oh what a lovely game it could be! The more the merrier, even if the only one reveling in the merriment was D3d LyT3 and his voices three. Such wonderful images he could craft, twisting all of their thoughts and forcing each others fears onto the next. All the loveliest ingredients were here. The strongest guard held deep-seeded night terrors of Ophidiophobia, with two other girls sharing the same fears of Suri and Arachnophobic natures. Rats and Spiders and Snakes, Oh My! And just when it had all come to a boil, D3d LyT3 felt the tapping of a presence that made him groan in annoyance. Samuel the ever-well timed had finally arrived. It only took him a whole two hours.

A writhing smirk cracked across his aged lips, hidden behind his mask as Cecilia laced her blade with the vial's contents. An image of slightly sensual conversation and conniving bribery, of razor-like claws gliding over tender skin, of sedation, ropes, chairs, and that young telepath he'd met earlier, and of course, a subtle, silent knife against Samuel's throat. Her cards were laid out on the table, and now D3d LyT3 eagerly played the bated audience to this little show. She had her back to the door when Sam was "escorted" in, her face only three inches from D3d LyT3's. He watched her eyes twitch and squirm ever so slightly as each new thought was formed, before he peered at the final product in her mind. Other beings fascinated him, even to this day. Though he could grow bored fast, he still loved to watch, to see them act as they did in their own little way. To compare one to the other, and then maybe even to himself. To see what, if anything, in him was human of mind and nature. He did not reveal himself to Samuel initially. D3d LyT3 wanted to see his reaction at it's fullest, and of course to witness the friction it would cause.

And when Cecillia finally turned to greet her guest, Sam played witness to her very own shadow standing on it's own just behind her. No sound nor presence emanated from it, as though his mind knew it not to be real, or rather, was allowed to know such. The shade's silhouette twisted in on itself till it stood well taller than her. It's stance was distinctly masculine and threatening, with it's newly formed eyes betraying it's identity. Samuel was now having a bit of trouble paying attention to both, and much to D3d LyT3's delight as he simply placed a solitary finger to his mouth.


Samuel had shown expert self-control on ignoring the females as they escorted him to the room. But now he was faced with this, the every malevolent image of D3d Ly3t behind a female who'd he'd been brought too. There was anxiety in his eyes for a brief moment before they snapped like marbles back toward Cecilla. Questions now flew through his mind like a freezing river. Why was he brought her? Who was this woman? Why did she give him the image of this place? And why the hell was D3d ly3t stalking her and now telling Samuel to keep the maniacs presence hidden? It at least seemed that way.

It didn't take him long to recompose though, in fact it would have been less than a brief second before his face curled in a cocky, careless grin at both figures really. His arms crossing in front of him in a relaxed and rather non-threatened as well as non-threatening posture. At the same time he silently raised a telekinetic barrier beside him and around his flanks. It would be hidden by his body and hard to notice even by someone behind him. His piercing, almost ice blue eyes darting through the room to take in every detail it held with a quick once-over. One of his fingers instinctively tapping his antique wristwatch with a clip-clip-clip-clip noise as the metal band rattled softly. The first thing that came from his mouth wasn't exactly diplomatic but it wasn't aggressive, rude, or hateful just merely cocky and questioning. His accent now up close most certainly Manchester English.

"Mind explaining why I'm here madam? I hope you aren't trying to set me up as a new client. I don't take to bordellos. Personally more of a Speakeasy fan."

How dull. Pleasantries? Such things could wait. An advantage of being an imminent precog, seeing the four minutes of time he'd be missing in his absence. Though one thing did tick in his mind. The thought that she could pay Sam off or simply erase him.... It was in it's own little way a delightful arrogance, the kind which D3d LyT3 overjoyed in mangling like a kitten with a ball of yarn. It was just a simple thought, but it was one she felt was without consequence. How one motive can speak so much, to say that she did not fear or respect the Priory.... Oh bother. The Priory. Xiao would be ever so cross with him if he performed anything.... unnecessary. Death threats would not be authorized here, sadly. Oh, but there had to be something! He had to rend her safety bubble somehow....

Now there's an idea....

Turn the best tool of a survivor against itself.

Caution into Paranoia....

Greatest asset into greatest weakness!

Psychological warfare.

A harmless prank, you might say.

And Xiaoyan can't get mad at us!

But the message will be oh so very clear....

It has been said that D3d LyT3's smile could peel paint from walls and turn sinners to prayer, that it was a rare thing never seen but always felt. A sudden cold air, the raising of your cackles, an out of place silence. This was no different. No one was the wiser as he slithered out of the room, unlocking the door from the other side through telekinesis. To everyone else, the door had never moved an inch. No sights to be seen, sounds to be heard, or sensations to be felt. This is what made D3d LyT3 a true nightmare, that he could go about unhindered and unfelt nearly anywhere guarded by no more than the waking mind of blanks and Psi alike. He could simply walk right into her personal quarters as if he owned every right in the world. Predictably anyone in the business of appearance would be in possession of a vanity mirror, and as seen in her memories she was no different. D3d LyT3 liked mirrors. he liked them very much. Eyes, it is said, are the mirrors to one's soul, then so too must the humble mirror show the truth. Or perhaps it served only as a tool of hubris. Either way, he still liked this mirror as much as any other, sitting down in front of it. It was strange, to feel one's own being peering back at him, to feel the Dead Lights casting upon his own face and features, to watch them watching him watching back.... It felt like he was teasing them. He let his finger trace out his own eyes on the mirror's surface playfully.

"I~ See~ You~....."


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"Mind explaining why I'm here madam? I hope you aren't trying to set me up as a new client. I don't take to bordellos. Personally more of a Speakeasy fan."

Cecilia noticed the snap of Samuel’s eyes and she did a small check over her shoulders, she wasn’t the only person feeling the presence. Cecilia kept her gaze on the man before her. However, he seemed unfazed by the presence and kept a rather composed and cocky grin plastered on his face. Cecilia listened to him clip his watch patiently waiting for him to ask the questions that must be flowing through his head.

"Mind explaining why I'm here madam? I hope you aren't trying to set me up as a new client. I don't take to bordellos. Personally more of a Speakeasy fan." Samuel asked, his accent tugging at her emotions, making her think of her life before the Dawning.

“No, Mr Maccabeus.” She chuckled lightly. “I brought you here because you’re treading on my toes.” Her sultry purr laced with a Chelsea accent as she took a seat, outstretching her hand to offer Samuel to sit. Waiting for him to accept or decline before continuing.

“We are both in the trade of information, a source of income for both our other activities I’d assume.” Cecilia looked him in the eyes, hoping he’d understand. “I’m not going to put this lightly, but prostitution has very little money in it and I need to make sure my girls are save and looked after, where better than in this hotel with a personal guard?” She rhetorically asked. “But I need the money I get from my information broking to protect these girls and guys. I’m begging, please, give me back some of my customers, it is not too much to ask.”

Cecilia felt a shiver, as the odd presence seemed to leave the room, her connection to the hotel building had grown since the first time she stepped foot in it. Now she was so connected to the building she could see what it had seen and very few people believed that the buildings they entered had eyes so tend not to erase themselves from the building’s memory, a rare one or two have.


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“No, Mr Maccabeus, I brought you here because you’re treading on my toes.”

She was purring at him. Trying to use her charms against him as she spoke. Samuel's eyes merely followed her as she spoke, at this point he seemed rather detached. There was absolutely no emotion crossing his face. If anything, under his guise, he was annoyed and rather bothered by the accusation and the fact she kept on thinking that he was scum enough to fall for her female tricks and the 'lady-of-pleasures-and-sexy-sounds act'.

“We are both in the trade of information, a source of income for both our other activities I’d assume. I’m not going to put this lightly, but prostitution has very little money in it and I need to make sure my girls are save and looked after, where better than in this hotel with a personal guard? But I need the money I get from my information broking to protect these girls and guys. I’m begging, please, give me back some of my customers, it is not too much to ask.”

He considered this, silently thinking. His eyes actually closed as he thought but as they did that shimmering barrier grew more apparent. Thoughts ran through his brain before his eyes opened once more and grazed back on her, iris' locking on hers.

"And how, may I ask, lassie is your business of any more important than mine? Nevermind that though... If you want me to settle on this you'll have to cut me a deal. By the by, stop it with the sultry and seducing act. Its entirely unfitting and makes me rather disinclined to deal with you. Unless like most men I have a leash on hormones."

That cocky grin once again crossed his face as he looked up at her. He was a bold son of a bitch that was sure but not without reason and not without skill to back it up. He slouched into a chair on the side of the female's desk and looked at her with a soft and almost innocent looking cant to his head. He again seemed completely non-threatening and disheveled other than the rather nice suit he wore.

"So... Place a deal on the table and be quick about it. I have places to be and people to meet and I assure you, my time is worth every damn penny in your pockets."


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"And how, may I ask, lassie is your business of any more important than mine? Nevermind that though... If you want me to settle on this you'll have to cut me a deal. By the by, stop it with the sultry and seducing act. Its entirely unfitting and makes me rather disinclined to deal with you. Unless like most men I have a leash on hormones."

Cecilia’s nostril started to twitch, she felt the need to rip the cocky grin from his face or better yet, give him an ever present one, a quick movement and she could have him biting the table and her foot stamping on his head, ‘Welcome to Chelsea, Manchester.’ She thought to herself, but with a deep breath she regained herself.

"So... Place a deal on the table and be quick about it. I have places to be and people to meet and I assure you, my time is worth every damn penny in your pockets."

“No man is ever in full control of his hormones, unless…” She chuckled, “Unless he’s gay, a-sexual or no man at all.” She looked down at his groin and tilted her head, implying he was castrated.

“Look at me getting off topic,” she shook her head and her eyes moved back up to Sam’s face. “I care for those that need care most, I’m protecting those that can’t protect themselves. Whilst all you Priory assholes do is cause more problems for our kind.” She retorted, she had no time for the Priory whilst her girls and guys were subjected to prejudice and hate because of a small number of Psi that couldn’t just face the fact that it was basically the entire Psi that symbolized the Dawning and the deaths of countless millions.

“I have nothing to give you, you stole from me. Why should I pay you for something you stole from me?” She asked him, her patience for Plan A, slowly draining from her. “You must have had family before the Dawning, if they were still here wouldn’t you do anything and everything to save them, protect them from this world.“

She was hoping maybe she could convince him with emotion. “Please, don’t take away the little hope we have left. These ‘whores’ they are my family, I have to protect them, provided for them, please.” Her eyes were welling up, this was real motion but no doubt he would see this as fake, think she was trying to manipulate him into giving back her clients.


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#, as written by Raidose
D3d LyT3 had just finished his little masterpiece in Ms. Wolfe's private quarters when it came to him. This body which he wore, not even worth calling a suit but simply a tool to be used to his own means, still needed the baser necessities any other living being did. These lesser needs often went completely unnoticed by Oz, for he was simply an operator of this abandoned flesh bag since it's owner's passing. One of those needs was rest, and it had been over sixty-five hours since he last did so. He knew this because he'd set a watch on his person for just such a reminder, and in exactly three minutes and twenty-seven seconds, it would go off. In the other room, events that hadn't yet unfolded played out in his mind. Things were not going too smoothly, at least not for a much needed RTB.

"I have nothing to give you, you stole from me. Why should I pay you for something you stole from me? You must have had family before the Dawning, if they were still here wouldn't you do anything and everything to save them, protect them from this world. Please, don't take away the little hope we have left. These ‘whores’ they are my family, I have to protect them, provide for them, please."

Oh? What's this, real tears? I hadn't thought Hawethorn capable of causing that reaction. Still, this is taking much too long. There has to be a way to.... Ah, yes. She'll do nicely....

The future he'd just seen was still several minutes away, time to spare for him and his new target. Alana..... Her name rolled around in his head a moment in mirth. Such an odd thing, playing with other's memories. Much like how his predecessor use to in his youth... No matter. Her skills made her a viable alternative, so perhaps a little chat may help things smooth over in the days to come.It wasn't hard to find her in this rather compact complex. Downstairs, seven guards, three civilians, and in mid conversation. Perfect.

From Alana's view, nothing had become apparent immediately but there was something.... off. She couldn't name it, but everything just seemed a little slower, like it stuttered for a moment. Her lack of attention made her miss exactly when it happened, but at some point her friends went dead silent. When her eyes focussed back on them, it didn't register at first. They were just sitting there for a few seconds too long before it finally clicked. They were sitting there. Just sitting, breathing, and staring back at her without a word or even blink. One of the guards was patrolling between floors, after first leaving the restroom. He'd walk near the far wall, check in on the second door on the right, smile, nod, close the door, and proceed upstairs. The moment he was out of sight, she could hear the door to the restroom open as the same guard stepped out, repeating the cycle. All the reflective surfaces around her werealso becoming strange, developing such a thick tarnish on them that they ceased to reflect anything, simply being dull and rather alien.

Alana looked down the hallway that she'd came from and saw it nearly pitch black in darkness, a total contrast to the brightly lit one she remembered treading earlier. Looking around, she quickly noticed all the exits from this room were exactly the same, blocked off by total darkness. Her breath quickened, eyes darting around for something, anything normal. This was a dream, there was no alternative. Nothing changed or moved for the longest time. She knew this because all she could do was stare and watch it all, till finally she spotted something different. Alana only noticed it in her quick rescan as a mirror, though it seemed as black as the hallway. When her eyes jumped back to it, there was a.... thing in it. No, not a thing. A person. With eyes. Big, glowing eyes. Frozen in a cold dread, she was fixated on this manifestation, and it simply stared right back at her. Alana could count the seconds, and just when eight had passed, she watched it raise a hand....

And grip the frame of the mirror.

The scream caught in her throat as her new visitor stepped in through the reflection. His steps echoed throughout the room as he moved, taking an age as if in slow motion. It didn't matter, though, Alana couldn't move if she tried. "You saw me" it stated, sounding strangely pleased. "Good. Do you know who I am?" Her hands dug into the cushions of the small couch she was sitting in, trying desperately to push her farther away from Him. "Come any closer and I'll scream!" she yelled at him. Her small amount of defiance shattered when he laughed in genuine amusement. Then came a moment of unawareness, like an involuntary blink, and he was now standing next to her friends. "Have you ever wondered, what it would feel like to have centipedes in your mouth?" His words seemed so strange and out of place it actually silenced her for a moment. What came next, more so. From out of the smiling faces of her prostitute friends came hundreds of them. Legs pushing open their lips and feelers flailing about, crawling up and down their faces. Soon the hundred-legged insects were falling from the ceiling, crawling out from behind the mirror and paintings, and from under the cushions of her seat. She screamed only for a moment before going quiet, feeling what she could only fathom to be thousands of squirming legs inside her throat....

Another instant of darkness flashed, and it was all gone. All of it, every wriggling, squirming bug. Even her living-doll-like friends and that guard set on "repeat". The darkness was completely receded, the mirror was reflecting the world before it, and sunlight shown in through the windows. But before she could feel safe, it dawned upon her that it wasn't daylight outside... "Very good." Those words came in on another blink, back to the blackened hallways and reflectionless world. No bugs, though, or friends, or guard. Only him, sitting maybe a few inches away, staring back at her. Her lips parted to something, anything, but found his finger pressed against them. Her eyes caught the flicker of insect feelers dart from the cuff of his coat for only a second, understanding the message in full. "No more words. Just listen, and understand." His hand retracted from her face as he leaned closer. "The lights are dying Alana, and when they do this great game we're all playing will end. But now you have a role to play, and a very special one."

The confusion was evident on her face, but she kept quiet. "I knew a boy like you once, a long time ago. He liked to watch them, too. The things people keep in their heads. He'd peep in and spy and laugh and giggle, just like what you do. Then one day that boy was taken away, and he became someone else. A man, and a very bad one. He died, and I watched, and peeped, and spied. Sometimes I'd even laugh and giggle. You see, I'm a very bad man, too, and I know what Psi-CON likes to do to good little boys and girls like you and him. They don't like their memories not being secret, so they take us. And we're never seen again. But I might be lying, so I want to give you something...." Reaching out his hand, D3d LyT3 sensed her unwillingness in taking it. "No tricks or games to play today, Alana. Just some favorite moments of a life before. The memories of a dear, dear friend of mine, and some from his friends, too. Don't you want to see?" Tentatively, hesitantly, she touched his hand, though the images she received were a very handpicked few. Memories of pain, screaming, scalpels, and guns. Of experiments she saw as a witness of and victim to. Of raids on homes and hideouts. Lastly, of people being taken, many of them younger than her.

The connection snapped and she immediately felt like vomiting at what she'd seen, rolling onto the floor retching in tears. "Do you know what that was? That is how Psi-CON operates without anything challenging them. If no one in this city draws their attention away from people like you, then their only priority will become people like you. And..." He lingered off as she finally looked up and beheld the room where her dearest friend was entertaining their guest Samuel. "Cecilia...." he purred. They were both frozen in time, mid conversing. His eyes lowered back down to Alana, seeing her struggle to take it all in. "Out of everyone here, you are the only one who could read memories. My memories, and know them to be true. You are the only one who'd know they were not tricks or illusions. That was life without the Priory. It may also become your future. Take it how ever you may, and...." he droned as time resumed only for a brief line. "I care for those that need care most, I'm protecting those that can't protect themselves. Whilst all you Priory assholes do is cause more problems for our kind."

As soon as that was said, they both vanished. Alana looked up, meeting D3d LyT3's gaze in a cold chill. "Take a moment to compose yourself. Then share what you've learned. Tell her. Show her where exactly she stands, without ignorance to hide behind. She would listen to no one else but you. Though when you wake, the worst of it will be dulled away...." he trailed off again, leaving her to wonder what had just happened before everything faded out.

Alana awoke on the sofa she sat on earlier, being gently shook by her friends. "Alana, sweety, are you ok? You just went out on us!" As the small group consoled the teary-eyed girl, D3d LyT3 watched them from the hall. This was an interesting hand he decided to play. She could turn Cecilia into an ally in time.... though it may also come back to haunt him. He honestly didn't know either way, but to him that simply made it exciting. Still one more thing to take care of. Just like that, all thoughts of her resemblance to that of the original host died as he stalked his way past the guards and back into Cecilia's meeting room. The moment was exactly just as she'd given her emotional speech, and awaited an answer. D3d LyT3 loved seeing these moments play out, but all of it would have to wait for another day. This scene had played out for entirely too long, and besides that, he always loved cliff-hangers.

Memories are always interesting things, our only evidence of our lives and the passage of time. Taking a memory could change a person for life, altering one key fragment from their past. But if memories are of our past, then what keeps track of the present? Where is the dividing line between our perception of what is happening, and our memories of what has just happened? The truth was that this line was a rather fine one, and if any individual with the ability to completely remove a memory were to, say, start removing the memories that were being made this instant, it would leave this portion of time as an invariable blank in consciousness. Not a coma, just simply unaware of every single thing happening to them and around them for the entire span.

To phrase it simply, when Cecilia paused for a moment to wipe the tears from her eyes, she would open them to find Samuel gone. Samuel, in the same fashion, would come to awareness standing beside an open manhole cover.

(Shadow's contribution)

Samuel's eyes opened to him suddenly standing by a sewer grating that was open. First shock ran through him, and then confusion, and then anger. Whoever transported him here just tampered with his business. His gaze soon shifted though, looking around the area he had suddenly appeared in. At this point he had no idea whether he was now in a Sigma trap or if it was the psychopath that was watching the meeting; on that note he had no idea whether it was real or not at the same.

He stood there, thinking, defensive, ready for somebody or something to attack him before closing his eyes, exhaling a deep breathe and climbing down into the manhole left wide open for him.

(End of contribution)

Emotional moment utterly ruined with both parties left in total bewilderment. It really is the little things in life. That one gleaming moment that makes everything so lovely. A solid thump sounded as D3d LyT3's boots impacted the floor, having crawled through an antiquated and slowly degrading ductwork system to his personal bolt-hole. His favorite door in the world. It took D3d LyT3 one whole year to make it. A reinforced steel bulkhead door at the end of a hallway lined with hidden claymore mines. The door is locked by a fifteen-digit key code, which changes randomly every single second. One single wrong number, and all the mines detonate, effectively disintegrating any living thing in the hallway, and locking the door permanently. One whole year. But! This wasn't that door. This wasn't that bolt-hole. This was the one he made in the bar-space in the carcass of a building above the eastward river of the Priory's home. A little more accessible. Well, at least for anyone capable of accessing a hole in the ceiling thirty feet off the ground.

He peered down at the Priory's dying night-life below before checking in. The old oak door wasn't quite as secure as the steel one in his other hide-away, but it was still rigged. Two double-barrel shotguns ready to blast anyone who even jiggled the handle, let alone knocked the door down. Of course, not a threat if you could flip the safety on the guns from the other side of the wall. No lights greeted him when he walked in. After all, none were needed. The door was closed and locked, guns rearmed. Home, sweet home. The clasps to his kevlar arm guards came loose, letting the clunk to the ground along with his shinguards. His coat simply slid from his shoulders, down his arms, and was flung to the side. Guns, knives, clips, grenades, and the holsters for all of them simply undid themselves of seamingly their own accord. The self-sealing collar of his mask hissed with air and the clamps of the back of his head undid, letting him pull the mask free and set it upon the bar counter. His gloves, boots, and bio-weave body armor followed, leaving ivory white skin and a road map of scars.

Lifeless, milky eyes occupied the center of darkened rings. A shaved near-bald head of hair was broken up by spiderwebs of both surgical and concussive scarring. A nose nearly flattened like it'd been broken to dust and back again. A face that looked like it was sculpted by blunt force trauma and a lifetime of abuse, and a body to match. Both emaciated and yet toned to cartoonish standards at the same time, each limb marked with dozens of perfectly carved deep lines, mapping out his entire nervous system. With an autonomous gait he stepped over to the containment case in the far corner. Unclipping the lid, D3d LyT3 opened it to reveal the row of cleaned mask filters within their sterilising cases, being slowly cleaned and made ready for reuse. Unscrewing the used cartridge and fastening it into the empty cased, the lid slid shut as the sterilising agent began the fog up the interior. The aches and pains of the days past usually went unnoticed, though that one in his jaw had been pestering him for a while now. Reaching into his mouth, he managed to pluck another chip of tooth from his already ruined smile. Just one more thing to remind him he yet still lived.

Deep sleep was something D3d LyT3, or more specifically Oz, avoided at every opportunity. Ironic, maybe, that the nightmares would plague him so. More so when the dreams of his fellow occupants sometimes leaked through into his. It'd been too long for a light rest, so the next best option was an induced coma. Byrathine, a modern day resynthesized version of traditional morphine made to be more acceptable by the body to drastically lower the danger of use. Excellent for use in the field by soldiers, and half the chance triggering any allergic reaction. And still it took a normally lethal dose for D3d LyT3 to achieve the desired effect. That damnable awareness of his was always difficult to suppress. To be intimately knowing of every single thing happening around him, or about to be happening around him. So many thoughts and memories, and God above help him when ever he accidentally tapped into Xiaoyan's little network. To see, hear, feel, and entirely know of every grain of wood rotting above him was bad enough, but there will never be a Hell like all those voices. Though finally, blissfully, the edges of his conscious mind faded with a dull numbness. A creeping silence slowly rolled in. He laid down on the hard wooden counter of the bar, a splash of vodka in his mouth to kill the tinge of blood, the open bottle still in his hand....

And the blackness finally took hold.


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Cecilia looked up to see Samuel was gone and she let out a sigh, “Mother fucker.” Escaped her lips, as she made sure it wasn’t just an illusion. Cecilia threw her weapons back in the drawer and slammed it shut. She slumped back into her chair and huffed, she needed to get her clients back and quickly, but how, she didn’t know.

Cecilia fell asleep slumped in the chair and not long after was awoken by a light rapping at her office door. “What?” She moaned, her voice slurred from sleep.
Cecilia?” She heard the familiar voice of Alana ask into the dark room.
“Yeah?” Cecilia opened her eyes and sat up in the chair.
What are you sitting in the dark for?” Alana asked and Cecilia chuckled.
“I wasn’t I was sleeping.” Cecilia admitted to the young girl, rubbing her eyes and yawning slightly, she hadn’t realized how tired she was.
Oh, I’m sorry. Alana gasped. “I can come back.

Cecilia shook her head, but quickly remembered the light was off and spoke up.
“No, it’s fine. Come in, turn the light on.” Cecilia heard the flick of the light switch and then she noticed the redness around Alana’s eyes. “What’s wrong? What happened?”
Nothing, I just… I just…” Alana looked as if she was struggling to remember something but it just wasn’t coming to her, then she looked up. “Cecilia, join the Priory.” Cecilia shook her head, her eyes grew wide and a gasp escaped her mouth, but before she could say anything, Alana grabbed her wrist and shared the new memories.

Cecilia yanked her hand free and she looked up at Alana, tears were streaming down her face. “My friends, my family. They’re all dead because no one would fight back. They tortured me, maimed me and worst of all you’ve done nothing to stop them doing it to anyone else.” Alana picked up a pair of scissors from the desk.

“Alana, what are you doing?” Cecilia started backing away from the girl as she started to lose her mentality, the images and ideas too much for her to handle. “They aren’t your memories, you’re family is still alive, you’ve never been near a Psi-CON facility.” Cecilia desperately tried to remind Alana that they were someone else’s memories and not her own. Luckily it worked, but it caused the young girl to drop the scissors and lift her hands to her head, she fell onto her knees crying in pain.

The door swung violently open and one of the guards came in, “Get Violet!” Cecilia yelled at him, as she cradled the crying Alana, the guard quickly ran off. “Ssh, it’s okay. It’s okay.” Cecilia whispered, stroking the Alana’s hair.

Cecilia waited outside the door, pacing impatiently. She kept hearing constant doors opening and closing, each time she’d look up and hope it was Violet coming out of Alana’s room but it wasn’t.

Cecilia kept the pacing going for a solid hour before Violet finally emerged from the room.
“How is she? Is she okay?” Cecilia asked the minute she saw her.
Yes, she’ll be fine. She just needs some rest.” Violet replied, placing her hands on Cecilia’s arm and rubbing them reassuringly. “And I think you do too.” Cecilia merely nodded before walking up the hall, hanging her head.

Cecilia opened her bedroom door and walked in, her eyes closed as she tried to calm herself down. She shut the door and lent against it, letting a sigh escape her lips as she opened her mouth.

Cecilia gasped at the sight, her room was covered in multi-coloured ‘I C U’s and in the centre all of the now empty tubes formed a large number 9. Cecilia ran over to the number and kicked the tubes away, she looked up into one of the mirrors and where her eyes should be, were two large, solid circles of violet. Amelia let out a little yelp and ran over to the mirror, instead of wiping the lipstick from the mirror she simply pulled it over, the shards of broken mirror flying all across the floor. Cecilia placed her hand on the nearest wall and took in a deep breath.

She was in the room, before it was ever defaced by whatever creep thought he’d get away with it. Cecilia watched the door for the intruder but they never came through. Instead someone walked through her, they’re identity concealed by a trench coat and gas mask, the only thing revealing the identity. The purple eyes.

Cecilia’s breath quickened and she tried to wake herself up, she had heard the legends and stories. The boogeyman. The Candy man. Dead Light. Cecilia could feel her heart beat start to race, why was he there? Why Cecilia? Was he the presence?

She watched as Dead Light defaced the room with his ominous graffiti and then made the number 9 in the middle of the room. Cecilia let out a sigh of relief as she saw him begin to float through the floor but her heart stopped when he paused and turned her neck. His eyes, the bright purple eyes, staring right at her, she knew it was her, could feel him staring at her and he wagged his finger, like a disproving mother, mocking her.

Before Cecilia could do anything, a massive surge of Psionic energy flowed through the room. The surge causing Cecilia to be thrown from the memory and causing her head to throb so hard that she blacked out.