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Jack Darling

All in a days work

0 · 248 views · located in Newport

a character in “What Lies Beneath the Water”, as played by penelope lemon


[ Name ]
Jack Darling

[ Age ]
Thirty eight

[ Gender and Sexual Orientation ]
Male, straight

[ Occupation ]
Supernatural hunter and paranormal investigator. He favors his sawed off shotgun
as his weapon of choice, but a good old fashioned exorcism always does the trick.

[ Appearance ]
If there's one thing Jack couldn't care less about, it's his appearance. Being on the road almost consonantly has left him very carefree about his looks. He will often go weeks or months without a haircut and has been known to shave his head himself if it gets too unruly for his taste. His hair has thinned with age, but remains the same raven black it has always been. His eyes are dark brown and so deep set they almost disappear under his brow. He seems to always look like he's scowling, but his eyes hold a tenderness in them that soften his appearance.

His signature look is his mustache and goatee , which he will absentmindedly rub when he is deep in thought. His lips are thin, set below a short, pointed nose. Chasing down werewolves and hunting ghosts has kept him in fairly good shape but taken about ten years off his life. Faint wrinkles are starting to show and Jack hates it. His clothes are a lousy mishmash of things he's collected over the years.

[ Personality ]
Realist, passionate, abrasive, resourceful, responsible
Jack is the kind of man who, when he sets his mind to something, will not be deterred. He throws his whole heart and head into whatever project or person currently occupies his thoughts, to the point of becoming obsessive. When he's focused on a certain thing, he tends to forget the people or situations around him. He's a hard worker and head strong at times. His occupation tends to make Jack a very serious person. He sometimes needs to be reminded to laugh every once in a while. He's got both feet on the ground, and expects others to be the same. He sees the world as is, not how he wants it to be; harsh and unrelenting. His very realistic nature gives him a bit of a temper when people don't share the same ideas he does. He gets frustrated with those who are more impractical, though he's working on being more patient.

Image Image Image

People often joke that Jack is secretly a ninety year old man. He likes things that challenge his mind and so contemplating his place in the universe is probably his favorite pastime. He likes learning new things and wants to be the kind of man with answers to everything. He's a passionate person, and tends to swing through personalities; when he is angry, he's furious, when he's happy, he's elated, when he's in love, he's head over heels. Because of this, he will make rash decisions without fully thinking them through, something that reminds people that Jack still has some growing up to do.

He feels a sense of responsibility towards everything, but especially women and children, he's very old fashioned that way. Being a supernatural hunter gives him a sense of fulfillment, like he's doing something noteworthy with his life. He wants to be the protector and he wants to be the leader. Facing off with so much evil in the world, Jack tries to be a force of good to counterbalance it, though he's never really sure how to go about doing it. He often does more harm than good. He has a forcible personality, but with all the best intentions. Riding the human world of the paranormal is no easy feat so Jack likes to golf whenever he gets the chance; it helps relaxes him. He also loves to tell the story of when he faced off with a shapeshifter in northern Canada armed with only his nine iron. He doesn't have much time for golf though, and always says he'll just have to wait until the next life.

Image Image Image

[ History ]
Jack's childhood was fairly cookie cutter; golfing on the weekends with his father, tormenting his mother during his teenage years, kissing girls, failing classes, playing sports. It wasn't until he was eighteen that he became aware of the supernatural world. He always struggled in school as a boy, so college was never really an option for him. After he graduated, he moved out and began working as an apprentice to an old mechanic who taught him everything he now knows about cars. When he wasn't working, he resided in the loft above the car garage. The old mechanic, lovingly referred to as Doc by Jack, became like a second father to him and rebuilding cars became Jack's life.

One night Jack could hear strange noises coming from he garage, noises that sounded nothing like a car lift. Kicking off his sheets ad grabbing a light, he went downstairs to investigate and what he found has been ingrained in his minds eye ever since. Doc had been working late but he wasn't in his office, he was in the middle of the shop with someone, or rather something on top of him. Jack shouted and the animal looked up and lunged forwards, knocking him into the tool rack across the room. When Jack woke up the creature was gone but Doc's body, or what was left of it, remained. A few days later, a closed casket funeral ensued, and after that Jack found his new calling.

The first few years of being a supernatural hunter were mediocre at best for Jack. He had next to no idea what he was doing, he just knew he wanted revenge on whatever had taken his friends life. He drove from place to place, slaying, exorcising, killing, banishing, whatever demon, vampire or ghost he could find. He spent many nights in the back of his car and many days bleeding out in a hospital. As the years passed, he became a more seasoned hunter, and not nearly as reckless as he was before. He's since become very skilled at what he does.

Being on the road has given Jack a very restless life. He doesn't own very many sentimental items. He drives Doc's old car, a '68 vintage Mustang, and keeps his fathers old golf clubs in the back seat but the sentiment stops there. He's turned into a bit of a cold hearted person, especially after watching his mentor die. Jack has never been good at dealing with his emotions, and he tends to keep people at arms length. He keeps tabs on his family, and visits when he can, but his family is completely oblivious to his dangerous occupation. They're the only people he prefers to keep in the dark.


[ Technical ]
Face Claim Luke Evans
Color 31698a
Writer penelope lemon

So begins...

Jack Darling's Story


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She had the common decency to put her shoes back on as she entered the town, though her feet were still aching a little from the trip. Internally she was cursing the bus driver and his entire company, though a part of her understood that even bus companies had to go with what was good for business, not necessarily what was good for her at that exact time. Still, getting used to a world that wasn't catered to your wellbeing was hard, particularly for someone like Elisha.

Still, she got a little look at the town before she arrived at Poor Murphy's. It was getting dark, but not so much that she couldn't see– though frankly there wasn't much to look at. Tall, dark green trees towered above the long-stretching road. There were few houses, mostly residential ones and a few shops that were preparing for closing time. She gave up on sightseeing pretty quickly, heading instead towards the seaside. The water looked dark and uninviting– there were a few boats in the harbour, none of which seemed inhabited at the moment. Spotting the diner where she was supposed to meet Jack, she picked up the pace, finally opening the door. The breath of warmed up air hit her face as she entered, bringing a smile to her face.

Finally, she thought. Civilisation.

An old man looked up as she closed the door behind her. She gave him a small smile and a nod hello, before turning her head to find Jack by the counter. "Jack," she said, with an air of relief. "Thank the Lord. I just had the worst journey, I was afraid I wouldn't make it. I hope I haven't made you wait long."

Her heels clicked against the floorboard as she made her way over to him. Her look fell to a lobster tank in the small corner, disapproval flashing across her face before her smile returned. "I'm absolutely starving, are you? Have you ordered anything?"