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Laurel Pierce

Plays cards like a shark, cooks like a chef, drinks like a sailor

0 · 394 views · located in Newport

a character in “What Lies Beneath the Water”, as played by penelope lemon


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« Name »
Laurel Pierce

« Age »
Twenty six years old

« Gender and Sexual Orientation »
Straight; though at the rate shes going, she could swing either way if it meant intimate, physical contact with someone other than Bageera

« Occupation »
When she returned to Newport she took up fishing, but she's an amateur at best.

« Appearance »
Laurel's facial features are delicate and refined. Her eyebrows are relatively straight and positioned over large, brown, almond shaped eyes. Her nose sits flat against her face but is slightly upturned at the end, giving the illusion that it's more prominent than it is. Gently sloping lips over a pointed chin gives her face a soft heart shape. She feels like her face misconstrues her age and so tries to compensate for her young appearance by acting more mature, albeit a bit unduly at times.

Laurel is short, something she used to hate about herself but has since learned to live with. Her hair is light brown and falls in thick waves below her shoulder blades. It's fine and feathery smooth to the touch. She tends to wear clothes that cover her body, sweaters being her favorite; they give her a sense of comfort.


« Personality »
Passive, kind, desperate, lonely, quiet, eager to please
If there is one thing Laurel seeks, it's companionship. Ever since coming back to Newport, and the incident on the water, she has felt completely estranged from the townspeople (more so than usual) and the lonesomeness is beginning to get to her. She has few people she can call acquaintances, and even then the term is used very loosely. She tries not to resent the townspeople for alienating her, they have every reason to, but at times she finds it difficult to be patient. She tries to insert herself back into the community, but when most people view her as a social outcast, the process can be long and troublesome. Nevertheless, she tries to be optimistic and ignores the suspicious looks she gets behind her back on the rare occasion she does go to the main docks.

Laurel is compliant, soft spoken and at times reserved. She's shy upon first meet but will eventually open up to her happy, go lucky self. Shes's constantly trying to prove her camaraderie to those around her, and can go overboard trying to win someones affections. This may result in her coming on a little strong at times. She's a people pleaser and is continually looking for ways to help others. Her overly thoughtful disposition is likely due to the fact that she never wants anyone to feel like she does; isolated, alone, and desperate for someone to acknowledge the fact that she is trying to fit in.

She has adapted being on her own fairly well. To fill the empty void, she spends her time learning new hobbies. She has a knack for painting, enjoys reading books, learned basic repairman skills, taught herself poker, can pluck a few tunes out on a piano, but most importantly she discovered her love of cooking. She's a typical jack of all trades, master of none.
« History »
It was Laurel and her mother from day one. Laurel never knew her father, her mother never mentioned him and she had no desire to learn about him. He was dead to her but she had no grievances about it. Laurel and her mother lived on the north end of town, in a multilevel house surrounded by grassy slopes, above the cliffs. She loved that house, with the dark green shutters and the sound of the ocean waves against the rock; she loved it until one night her mother pitched herself over the edge of the cliffs when Laurel was sixteen. The case was obviously ruled as a suicide and the matter put to rest. Under aged, devastated and confused, Laurel was sent off to live with some relatives in land locked Utah. She liked living with her aunt and uncle, for the most part, and stayed in Utah through high school but ultimately decided to return to Newport when she was twenty four.

When she returned, she purchased two things; the first was her childhood home. She attempted to turn her old house into a bed and breakfast but in a deadbeat town like Newport, it never really took off. She keeps it running, ever hopeful, and resides in a separated wing of the house. The second thing she bought was an old
fishing trawler from a retiring fishermen. She had the seasoned fisherman show her the ropes of working the trawler before taking it out herself. She manages quiet well on it and has even made herself a nice little profit from her catches, but there are plenty of others who are more experienced than she. She named it the Exodus; for a number of reasons but mostly because it sounded cool.

The incident on the water happened a year after she moved, when she was twenty five. One night, after she had a bit too much to drink, and was too busy wallowing in self pity to be accountable for her actions, she took her boat out on the water and got herself stuck when she ran out of fuel. None of the towns people are quite certain what happened out there, but when Laurel's boat was finally towed back to the docks, the only thing she could seem to talk about was a strange, terrifying, woman in the water. She was taken to the police station, stumbling over herself and rambling nonsense, where she spent the night for disorderly conduct. Laurel doesn't remember much, except waking up with a devilish hangover and her neighbors thinking she had gone batshit crazy on them. Shunned and humiliated, she returned home to find that Bageera was just about the only person left who seemed to be on her side.


« Technical »
Face Claim Alicia Vikander
Dog Breed Beauceron
Color #9494b8
Writer penelope lemon

So begins...

Laurel Pierce's Story


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He was wearing little else than flip-flops, a pair of well-worn shorts and a shirt– not made for the grass and ground of the woods, much less so in the middle of the night as he tried to hurry after the ghostly woman who was no well ahead of him. She seemed to walk without much regard for the branches on the ground, despite being barefoot. Frederick had to find a balance between walking hurriedly, but carefully– he was losing precious time, and his phone refused to make the call he tried so desperately to make.

"Excuse me?" he shouted again, but she was on her way down the hill now, and he lost sight of her for a while. Panic growing in his chest, he broke into an awkward run after her. His speed wasn't greatly increased by this feat, especially as the plastic strap of his flip-flops was pulled tight into the sensitive skin between his toes, forcing him to break as he went down, finally standing behind the small businesses on the dock of Newport.

There was no sign of the girl. He was breathing heavily now– sobered up, but still dulled by the alcohol, from his recent nap, and from the general state of his health. Hands on his hips, he took a deep breath, looking for signs of where she might have walked. Eventually he decided to run out into the street from between two buildings. There was no way she wasn't headed to the docks– though how he knew that, he wasn't sure. Instinct, perhaps– a gnawing premonition starting at the edges of his panic, creating red-hot flashes across his face.

Before he knew it he was standing on the precipice of the asphalt and the wooden docks. He couldn't see a soul– scantily clad young women or otherwise, except a boat pulling up towards the harbour. He didn't recognise the boat, but he soon recognised the face behind the staring wheel as he waved her down.

"Miss Pierce!" he shouted, hoping she could hear him. "Did you see a girl walking by here?"

He was standing on the docks, catching his breath while he looked feverishly around, his eyes eventually drifting to the waterfront. It was impossible, however, as the Exodus came in, creating small waves that would have erased any signs of a jumper. He wiped at his mouth, drawing his hair away from his face as he looked up to Laurel, waiting for her reply.