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Austin Connor

"All you need is love."

0 · 189 views · located in Mistwell Massachusetts

a character in “What Lies Beneath”, originally authored by Paintpoint, as played by RolePlayGateway


Everything I've learned from life can be summed up into three words: Life goes on


Name: Austin Joel Connor
Nickname: Austin
Age: 21
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Occupation: Works full time as a bartender

||Peace and quiet | Jogging | Whistling | Brunettes | Smell of freshly cut grass |
| glasses | Movies | Chemistry | Long conversations||

||Waking up early | Being called by his last name | Gossip | Feeling anxious or panicked | Picky people |
| Drawing | Hats | Crowded places | Greasy food | Cornered or pinned down||

-Austin never wanted any responsibility and tends to brush it aside, along with all other matters tossed his way. This causes Austin to come across as uncaring and somewhat of a recluse, never fully allowing himself to become comfortable with places or people-

-As a young boy Austin was afraid to fully commit himself to, well, everything. His grades and lack of friends through his primary and secondary schooling reflected his unwillingness to put himself at the center of attention. During high school he tried out for many of the sports teams but failed to ever show up to any of the practices. Be it luck or some persuasion by his father, Austin was able to graduate from high school, though he did not pursue an education afterwards-

Becoming obese
-Call him irrational and paranoid, but Austin has Pocrescophobia. This fear of becoming overweight or obese encourages him to constantly work out, eat healthy, and monitor his weight. During elementary and middle school Austin was often teased for being chubby and round, finding it hard to fit in with the kids who were much more skinny and healthy. Transitioning from junior high to senior high, Austin had promised himself to become as healthy as possible. By the end of his senior year, Austin was lean with muscle and any trace of fat had been eliminated. Physically fit and healthy now, Austin doesn't need to exercise and eat right to maintain his current weight and definition, his werewolf metabolism keeps him thin-

||Exercising daily | Personal fitness trainer | Gymnast||


Werewolves (also called Lycanthropes and Loup Garou) are a near-extinct supernatural species of individuals which unwillingly transform into fearsome, and extremely hostile wolves during full moons. Even in their human form, all werewolves do possess superhuman physical prowess. Werewolves are the most dangerous enemies of vampires because a bite from a werewolf can kill a vampire. Werewolves are designed to kill vampires on sight in their wolf form. Though they still hunt human prey when there are no vampires to kill.

• Aren't allergic to silver.

• Can't choose to be either a full fledged wolf or partly.

• Can turn humans by biting them.

• Can kill vampires by biting them and are weakened by a vampire bite.

• Are faster than vampires but are weaker.

-With a deep timbre tone to his voice, it makes Austin a rather decent singer. This talent is mostly for his enjoyment only and rarely sings in front of other people, though there are already enough singers in the city, he'd rather not share-

Physically fit
-Austin is a lean, mean, fighting machine. Like any well oiled mechanism its all about what you put into the engine, making him a health nut. Unlike his singing, Austin loves to share his knowledge with others and is an unqualified personal trainer.

Natural leader
-Despite his reluctance to take responsibility over others, Austin cant help but be the leader every once and awhile. With a reassuring and persuasive voice, he can convince others to agree with him or come to an understanding--


||Quiet | Articulate | Sophisticated | Reclusive | Patient |
|Protective | Warm-hearted | Tolerant||
Austin likes his space, being left alone for hours and hours on end with no interference from the outside world. People will refer to him as a hermit, always holed up somewhere, rarely being seen. Believe it or not, Austin is a night owl, lurking from the safety of his home or workplace and enjoying the peacefulness the dark offers each night. Up all day and night, Austin has an always exhausted appearance, though he keeps a level attitude and energy about him. He isn't easy to anger or upset though is easily amused and entertained.

Challenges, puzzles, and competition can get to Austin's head and will get him riled up faster than the speed of light. His ego can get to him, making him stubborn as a bull, and ready to take on the world with a hand tied behind his back. He won't back down from a fight and this can land him in a lot of trouble, especially when there are pretty girls around. When in this state of mind he likes to show off and can be rather cocky, though it takes a few strong drinks to get him all fired up like this.

Austin doesn't drink often, he finds no need to get fuzzy brained and more stupid, but on the occasion he does, he will go all out. His father frowns upon his recklessness, but there's a hell lot more trouble he could get in. He could care less what his father thinks about him and doesn't plan on living up to any of his expectations. This rebellious werewolf would do anything to get under his dad's skin, though he would never want to shame the prideful old man.

History: Austin had an easy childhood, living with his father Augustus, and growing up with his charming twin sister. As said before he had struggles with his weight as a young child and early teen, though turned his life around gaining self esteem and confidence. High school was a drag, he put in a minimal effort, and was rewarded with below average grades. After high school he had found enough solidity to hold down a small part time job at a grocery store. Surprising his father, Austin worked there for almost three years before being laid off because of the bad economy, and was unable to find another job.

When hell broke loose in their small town, Austin was uprooted from his childhood innocence after being bitten by a wild dog. Little did he know then that the wild dog had actually been a werewolf. The next full moon was his first transformation, at the age of eighteen, Austin was forced to grow up very fast.

Other: Austin gets nervous when in a crowd of more than two and gets overwhelmed easily.

So begins...

Austin Connor's Story