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Jacob Penniman

"I'm the nightmare you mother told you about."

0 · 256 views · located in Mistwell Massachusetts

a character in “What Lies Beneath”, as played by WolfSpirit



''If you love something let it go, if it comes back to you it's yours, if it doesn’t it never was."

"Appearance and Personal Info"

Full name:
Penniman? Really? Jacob Dexter Penniman

I'm quite easy on the eyes for a 200 year old man 19

Also known as your worst nightmare Vampire

Much better than my actual name Jake

Girls, defenityly girls Heterosexual

Probably helps that I don't eat anything 120lbs

Tall and handsome 5'7

Eye color:
Look into my eyes, sorry just really wnated to say that Emerald green

Hair color:
Lucky me Sandy blonde, tousled

Skin tone:
The best Light porcelain

"My fears and dreams"

  • Listening to music too loudly Love this song!
  • Shaking his head when he is nervous Working on it
  • Talking like he is still in the past How has your day been thus far?
  • Daydreaming Hah, what was that?

  • Fighting I got all day
  • Keeping his feelings to himself Why should I tell you?
  • Stealth I'am a vampire after all
  • Getting people to tell him what he wants I have... ways of getting what I want

  • Blood Dah
  • Humans Mainly for whar runs inside them
  • Girls Who doesn't
  • Running I run as fast as a bullet

  • Rudness Pardon me
  • Hypocrites They have no idea what I have been through
  • Being sick Any more- nevermind
  • Werewolves Don't ask

  • Talking about his feelings I think I love you
  • Talking about his past It would be wise to stop talking right now
  • Keeping his emotions under control It is wise not to rub me the wrong way
  • Blood As soon as I see it, you better run

Getting deeper

...Drop it
Jacob was born in the ninetieth century and was brought up in a wealthy family who everyone knew their names; Jacob was the older of his two sisters and was his parent’s favorite. Jacob got an education while his sister’s for filled their role of looking after the house, at the age of seventeen Jacob called upon to be the husband of the richest man alive. Since it was an arranged marriage Jacob got no say and was forced to marry the spoilt brat, Jacob knew something was different about her, the way she looked at him; even they way she walked screamed she was different. Jacob tried to tell his father that she had been acting strange but his father pushed his concerns aside telling him they where nothing but excuses.
A week later and Jacob was at his wedding, everyone in the city showed up even the peasants and slaves. That’s when Jacobs’s life changed for ever, his bride’s eyes where red and in a blink of an eye half the city had fallen prisoner to a vampire, those who tried to escape died and those who begged for mercy died. Jacob bolted in search of his family, hoping he could get to them before it was too late. Jacob found his father and mother lying dead on the floor their necks where covered in blood as his wife’s dress was now red instead of the snow white it used to be. Jacob successfully grabbed his sisters and hid them inside the church. Jacobs wife came looking for him and no doubtfully found him, Jacob walked up to her and begged for his sisters life, Jacob watched as the monster he knew as Ivy or wife killed his sisters.
Then that’s when Jacobs life ended and he rose as a vampire, Ivy took Jacob to her castle and keep him there as a prisoner. A year after he had been turned Jacob escaped and ran away to his current location, Jacob knows one day Ivy will come for him and kill him and will most likely kill everyone he cares about. Jacob hardly ever talks to anyone and now goes under the name of ‘Jake’. Jacob is still haunted by the dreams of his sister’s screams and all the blood that was shed on the meant to be happiest day of his life.

Theme song:
This explains everything
Artist: MIKA Title: I'm Falling

I'm sitting across from you
I'm watching everything you do
You don't know, you don't know me, at all

My head is above the cloud
Sun rising, they don't meet mine
but I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming of you now

If I told you, what would you do?
Would you make me look like a fool?

I'm falling in love with you
and I'm dreaming of the things we'd do
but you don't know, you don't know me, at all

Full fear of what you might do
I say nothing but look at you
and my heart is, my heart is over you

What am I suppose to do?
Would you make me look like a fool?

Im sitting across from you
You don't know just what I do
But Im dreaming, Im dreaming of you now

Im falling in love with you
But you're dreaming of what I do
When Im falling,
Im falling over now

So begins...

Jacob Penniman's Story