Morgan Nova Monroe


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a character in “What Lies Beneath”, as played by MañanaSeeks



Morgan Nova Monroe

"If you take my words seriously than that's your own fault."

|| Personal Information||


Nova, Morgy, or Mo
"Usually I only let people I like use the latter two."

"Jailbait, but who cares?"

  • Breaking Rules
  • Defying her Parents
  • Peer Pressuring Others
  • Dancing
  • Going To Wild Parties
  • Staying Out Late
  • Kids and Animals
  • Playing Drums
  • Her Abilities

  • Being Told What To Do
  • Getting In Serious Trouble
  • Braggarts and Whiners
  • Arrogance Higher Than Her Own
  • Fighting/Yelling
  • Physical and Emotional Pain
  • Abuse
  • People Who Don't Understand Her
  • Bullying

|| Strengths and Weaknesses||


She is extremely fearful of physical pain and has a low pain tolerance. She isn't as mentally stable as she wants and often fears the day she snaps and ends up hurting herself or others. She likes to hide behind a mask of self confidence that isn't really there, but a fake facet of herself that she likes to pretend is real. Because she loves easy she is afraid that people will hurt her more. She is also incredibly afraid of storms, to a point that she goes into panic mode if she is outside during one.

"I'm a fearful person, get over it."


Is self confident in a way that can only be described as she knows what she is doing when she does it, and wont take no for an answer. She likes to make trouble sure, but she also likes to keep out of the trouble herself. She knows how to lie, to deceive, and to steal but those are talents best kept for emergencies. She isn't strong, but is smart and fast. She knows her limitations and knows how far to push herself. Most of all she knows who she is, even if sometimes her brain plays tricks on her she tries to keep her image good,
"I know who I am, the Question is do you know who you are?"


A little Vain and a typical Party girl. She has arrogance flying out the wazoo and doesn't listen to reason or rule. She likes doing things to get her family riles up and tries to live life on the edge. She is a tad addicted to adrenaline and wont often admit her wrongdoings or mistakes. She is no stranger to peer pressure but is actually found to be the one who inflicts it on others. She doesn't have a filter to her words, and will say just about anything to get what she wants.
"Ok, so I'm not a good girl, so what?"











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