What Misfit Really Means

What Misfit Really Means


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Misfits....every high school has them. The geeks, the nerds...the ones who aren't with the "in" crowd. They have their own little group, and most think they yearn to be apart of the populars, to be one of the ones on top.

But what about the other way around? Most populars think they're weird. They're different...they're "misfits".

But as one girl, the most popular girl in school, no less, is about to find out...

Being a misfit really isn't all that bad.


Leader of the Misfits [Michaline Walker] | As Played by Naga's Shadow
She has her little rag-tag group of friends, and knows where her loyalties lie. A lot of the populars in school think she's weird, and maybe she is. She doesn't care all that much, and turns a blind eye to them. Well, most of the time. She can't help but reach out to the one who's always tried to hurt her most, when she sees she needs the help.

Leader's Brother [Maximilian Walker] | As Played by cha-kun]
The twin of the Misfit Leader, he follows his sister, but knows how to lead if he has to.

Misfit Other [Emma Laurence] | As Played by dreamingreality
The Leader's best friend. One odd thing she's oblivious to, apparently she's caught the Quarterback's eye...

Mifit Other [Jack et Violaine] | As Played by Comrade
Another Misfit, he is the best friend of the Leader's twin, and has a long-standing silent crush on the Leader.

Misfit Other [url][?][/url] | As Played by [RESERVED by ShadowedxLove]

Miss Popular to Nada [url][?][/url] | As Played by ?
She had it all, but lost it all in a fiery accident that took her mother, home, clothes, and most of her personality. She quickly lost her position as Cheer Captain, and soon after that quit the squad. When she reached out to her friends, or whom she had though where her friends, for help, they rejected her. Even her boyfriend, the quarterback of football team. With nothing, she sank into a deep depression. Until of course, a certain Misfit offered to help her...

New Miss Popular [url][?][/url] | As Played by ?
Originally Miss Popular's best friend, she has been waiting on a chance to take her place, and now has it. She's been promoted to cheer captain, and she even has a new boyfriend, the quarterback on the team. Shallow and mean, she harasses both the misfits, and her not-so-best-friend to no end.

The Quarterback [url][?][/url] | As Played by ?
The star of the football team, he's got lots of offers to many different schools, even though it's only his sophomore year. He always dates the cheer captain, so he thought nothing of it moving from one girl to the next. At least until, she came along. He doesn't know here, and also knows that on the scale of Who's-Who, she's off-limits. Yet he can't stop thinking about her...[Misfit Other]

[Credit for Skeleton goes to Jakuri-chan, who was kind and awesome enough to let me use it]

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Character Portrait: Maximilian Walker


Character Portrait: Maximilian Walker
Maximilian Walker

"He won't ever touch you again, I'll make sure of it


Character Portrait: Maximilian Walker
Maximilian Walker

"He won't ever touch you again, I'll make sure of it

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Character Portrait: Maximilian Walker
Maximilian Walker

"He won't ever touch you again, I'll make sure of it

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Re: What Misfit Really Means

Hahaha, it's alright Comrade. And hey, do any of you like Naruto and/or be willing to join a Naruto RP?

Also, I will be very much less active this coming Friday through Tuesday, due to my laptop leaving with my mother. So, unfortunately, I won't be on much other than using my 3DS, which is a pain to type on, so I don't like using it. Fear not, though, I have not abandoned this.

Also, I would like to do a role call. All of you, please let me know via post here in the OOC that you are still here, willing, and able to be apart of this role play. I just want to make sure since it has been quite a while since you all joined, and I don't want this to die before it starts.

Hopefully with Comrades' wanted ad we can get people to play the Populars since they're the only ones left.

Re: What Misfit Really Means

Sorry I kinda fell short on my offer there, Naga. I haven't been very active the past few days (for good reason, I wish to assure you) and, as I am wont to do, being less than the brightest bulb in the box, I completely forgot to post the thread. Then I saw this in my characters tab today and I was like '... well fuck'.

I'll get on that now. Sorry again for that. Was pretty shitty of me.

Re: What Misfit Really Means

I don't plan on letting it die, but if Comerad doesn't get back to me on how the wanted ad is coming, I may restart it. It may even be tonight, I'll be sure to let you all know via PM

And dreaming, we can't start, we don't have any of the populars, or the main character, Miss Popular to Nada. She's the one the roleplay is mainly about. So it makes no sense to start without her.

Re: What Misfit Really Means

Don't let it die folks!

Re: What Misfit Really Means

I dunno. I would say there's four people now, we could just start. xD

Re: What Misfit Really Means

uhm... so is this roleplay already dead?

hmm... here's a thought though... Naga try resubmitting this roleplay, it'll be put at the top of the new roleplay list and we might get a couple of new players to fill the existing roles, although be careful, we might have too many submissions so we may need to either create some new roles, or turn some people away. of course, there's also the possibility that we don't get any new people...

Re: What Misfit Really Means

CK, I love him! :D Just one little thing I forgot to mention, since Max calles Mic "Mouse", she retaliates by calling him "Cat".

But he's absolutely perfect! And anyone is welcome to play more than one character if they wish.

Comrad, how's that wanted ad doing?

Re: What Misfit Really Means

I've submitted Max for your approval, if there are any continuity issues or mistakes, just let me know, and I'll correct them. Otherwise I'm ready to go.

Re: What Misfit Really Means

I'm starting to think that we may have to double up on characters in order to get this rp off the ground, I can play the quarterback if I have to... but I don't like playing assholes... Well not his kind of asshole anyways. Also I have taken some liberties with the other misfits to fit Max into the story, so if you have a problem with what I wrote just tell me and I'll see about changing it for ya

Re: What Misfit Really Means

I'll play dat der misfit brother if you want

Re: What Misfit Really Means

If you don't mind, please ^^"

Re: What Misfit Really Means

Well, that's weird. Do you want me to post a thread in the RPers Wanted for you?

Re: What Misfit Really Means

It won't let me post a link because I'm too new. If only then knew. I've been on this site for years, this is just a new account. Crap.

Re: What Misfit Really Means

I'd suggest posting a thread in the Roleplayers Wanted section myself.

Re: What Misfit Really Means

Lol, the pink made me smile. Well, just waiting on Dreamingreality's misfit, and a friend of mine will e joining as a mistfit...now if we could just find someone to take my twin and the three populars...we''d be set.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Re: What Misfit Really Means

Well, I reckon Michaline's still got the advantage when it comes to the 'fucked up factor'. Jack's just a dude with major mommy issues :v

I did think the pink was a nice touch, though.

Re: What Misfit Really Means

Damn, and I thought Mic was bad. Jack is one fucked up dude. Love him, Comerade! I'll accept him tomorrow after work.