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Emma Laurence

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a character in “What Misfit Truly Means”, originally authored by dreamingreality, as played by RolePlayGateway



Emma Laurence

Theme: Grandloves - Purity Ring


Role: Misfit Other (Female)

Gender: Female
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Emma is a pretty short name, there's really no point in shortening it further.
Age: Eighteen
Love Interest: N/A


Height: 5'1
Weight: 100
Build: Slim
Hair Color: Dyed lavender, naturally blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Where to begin? There's a small heart tattoo behind her left ear, another tattoo of an angel on her right thigh, on her right arm she has a sleeve that has too many tattoos to count, on her left she has a half sleeve of a dragon. All of her tattoos are done in black and white, there is no color. She has a scar on one of her eyebrows where a piercing use to be and both sides of her nose are pierced.


There are many things about Emma's appearance that one would consider "alternative." For one thing, part of her head is shaved on the side and her hair is a very pale purple and reaches the middle of her back - though don't expect it to stay that way for long. She's constantly changing her hair, whether it with extensions, hair color, or haircuts, she very rarely keeps her hair the same way for more than a month or two. In the last year she's gone from black, to teal, to platinum, to pale pink, to half blue half bright pink...and really, there's no telling what she'll change it to next.

With tattoos, it's almost like she's getting a new one every week these days. Most recently she's been working on a huge back piece of a phoenix. It's safe to say she's one of the most heavily tattooed people at her school (though a couple people in her group may have her beat..for now) and she's gotten her fair share of odd looks from fellow students. She's also possesses quite a few piercings: her upper navel, tragus, tongue web, tongue, madonna, multiple piercings on her ears, and two microdermal anchors on both of her hips.

As far as her face goes, she's not unattractive. In fact, she has pretty delicate features like a small nose, a light sprinkling of freckles, blue eyes. You could describe her, almost, as 'elf like.' If it wasn't for her obvious addiction to the needle and hair dye, she'd probably look like your typical blue eyed blonde, girl next door, who looks a little younger than she actually is (which isn't helped by her very short stature and lack of any real curves, unless you count the slight curvature around her bust area.).

Preferred Clothing:

Not since middle school has Emma worn a color other than black and leather is a feature in almost every outfit she wears, be it shorts, vest, jacket, or pants. She's a fan of sheer shirts and will often wear a decorative bandeau bra underneath, or just a regular black bra. She'll never leave the house without a pair of tall "stripper" heels or boots. Her black purse, covered in pyramid studs with a leather fringe, comes with her wherever she goes.



Emma is ambidextrous, meaning she can write with and use both hands equally as well.


- Painting
- Tattooing
- Dying hair
- Make up
- Piercing


- Art
- Animals
- Cosmetology
- Alternative fashion
- Tea
- Nature


- Mathematics
- Judgmental people
- Loud noises
- Arrogance
- Spiders
- Rap music


While tattooing is her profession, and probably always will be, she does paint on the side and considers it a hobby. She also makes a habit of going on walks and hiking, she even volunteers at the local animal shelter.




Bisexual, she cares little about who she sleeps with as long as they’re free of any diseases and fun to fuck: Girl, boy, anything in between.


Contrary to her hard exterior, Emma is generally a very kind and giving person. She cares deeply about people and can often empathize with them. She picks up on other people's emotions really well, almost to the point where it could be considered a talent. She has an ear for listening and does her best not to judge others for their problems or choices. She's also a little bit of a party girl. A little bit meaning she can go to a party on a Sunday night and come to school still a little drunk and giggly with last nights clothes and make up. She's far too trusting for her own good and when she's hurt she can hold a grudge indefinitely.


Relationship Status:

Single. She may have her eye one someone, but you'll never know.


Laurie McKenna - Mother - 38 - Deceased
Charles Laurence - Father - 38 - Deceased
Clarissa Laurence - Sister - 14 - Deceased
Thomas Laurence - Brother - 12 - Deceased
Margaret McKenna - Aunt - 42 - Tattoo Artist

Personal History:

At twenty two Laurie McKenna and Charles Laurence had an unexpected, happy surprise in the form of a pregnancy. They had enough money to support themselves and they were all around good people. When they had their daughter, Emma, they spared no expense at spoiling her with everything she could possibly imagine and loved her to death. Eventually they would go on to have two other children, one girl and one boy. For years all was fine and good, until Clarissa started showing some signs of being...crazy, disturbed, psychotic, however you want to phrase it. At first, it was little things, they'd start finding dead animals in her bedroom and she would be in the corner muttering unintelligibly to herself. Things would get progressively worse, but Laurie and Charles refused to acknowledge what was wrong with their younger daughter, even when she started to become violent with other people. Emma knew something had to be done, but she had no clue what. If she told someone at school, her parents would never forgive her.

Then, one day, everything in her life had gone from hanging by a thread, to completely crumbling around her. She had just run out to do some grocery shopping for her parents on a day with Clarissa was being particularly...fussy. She came back home to a house full of blood and her family's mutilated bodies spread throughout the house...all except for Clarissa, who stood in the corner of her bedroom with a knife in her hand, muttering to herself once again. The fourteen year old was covered in blood, her eyes wild, looking directly at Emma but not really seeing her. It only took Emma a seconds to get her ass out of the house and call 911 in her shocked state. When she left the house Clarissa had begun to stab herself repeatedly in the stomach, and was dead before the police arrived.

Emma was eventually sent to live with her aunt, traumatized by everything that had happened. It took her months before she finally returned to normal and her aunt was very patient, doing everything in her power to make Emma comfortable and happy - going so far as to let her work at the tattoo shop she owned. Emma never speaks about that night, though she's sure everyone knows: it was all over the news after all.


The names of her family members are all tattooed on her somewhere - even Clarissa's.

So begins...

Emma Laurence's Story


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Emma knew that Michaline was probably playing tennis by now and that she should probably be there so they could leave right away once school end...but she had other shit to do. Namely, get paid to do a couple piercings in the school bathroom for a couple of kids who were feeling rebellious. People like that never failed to make her eyes roll, but she never once bitched. It was just a few more bucks in her pocket and she didn't care what parent she pissed off. It wasn't her fault their kids decided that they absolutely had to have matching belly button piercings or nose rings or a second set of lobe piercings. It wasn't her fault that everyone knew she had all the tools she needed to do a professional piercing in an amateur setting.

"You're going to feel a slight pinch," Emma warned and a few moments later she was shoving a hollow needle through the belly button of some sorry ass freshmen. The other girl squealed in pain and it was all Emma could do to keep back an irritated sigh. Normally she was quite nice and polite, but she had little patience for people who thought the pain of a simple piercing was the end of the world. Nor did she have the patience for people who immediately thought they were bad ass for their single body piercing or small tattoo.

"Oh my God, you could have been a little more gentle!" Exclaimed the owner of the freshly pierced belly button. In reality, Emma had been as gentle as she could be. She may have only been eighteen, but she knew what she was doing. She had apprenticed under her aunt for months now and had been piercing herself and others for a couple years.

"That'll be thirty bucks," Emma said, holding out her hand. It was cheaper than the shops price and she very rarely got tipped when she did things outside of work, but it didn't matter. It was more experience under her belt. She pocketed the cash and threw everything away in the trashcan outside of the bathroom: needle, wrapper, gloves, etc.

She reached Michaline's tennis practice just in time to see her pass out. "Holy shit, Micky!" She yelled out and rushed towards her friend's side. "Somebody get the nurse or give her water, fuck. Don't just stare." Idiots. Everyone at this school was a fucking idiot, spare a few.


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#, as written by cha-kun
Ah, it was good to be home! The off-white, oppressive walls that seemed to close in on you wherever you walked, the hot rod red of the lockers which seemed to force you to rush, rush, rush to your next class, and the all-encompassing layer of infuriating teenage angst that seemed to wrap the whole package together. And yet, despite it all, here was this crazy kid, with nothing but a smile on his face and a ukulele in his hands, bopping his way down the hall, in the middle of the hustle and bustle, quite literally going against the crowd. He was simply elated at being back, getting to see all of his friends again. As he walked through the hallway on his way out to the tennis court, he couldn't help but start to play...

"She wears an orchid in her long, dark hair/Her little smile tells me she knows I care/I love to listen when she plays her song/And she can strum so sweetly all day long/Ukulele girl ooooh/You make me smile/Ukulele girl ooooh/You drive me wild/Ukulele girl ooooh/You rock m-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU FUCKING FREAK!" Apparently the quarterback and his friends didn't appreciate his happy vibes... Ah no matter, and so he continued singing on his way.

"Love you too bro! Heh heh... Asshole... I saw her sitting on the beach alone/Playing songs about her island home/I moved closer so that I could hear/That ukulele ringing in my ear/Ukulele girl, you make me smile ooooh/Ukulele girl ooooh/You drive me wild/Ukulele girl ooooh/You rock my world/ I asked her if she'd play a song for me/I knew that song would set my spirit free/Could she be an ang-..." He stopped in his tracks upon seeing the most beautiful sight he'd seen in almost two weeks.

Rose Hathaway was standing at her locker, and for the first time that he'd ever seen, she was completely alone. He steeled himself, "Come on Max... You've got this shit... Initiating the conversation is half the battle..." He took a few calming breaths, and stepped forward with his ukulele.

"H-hey there Rose, I couldn't help but notice you standing here alone... Uhm... Eheh... H-how ya doin'?"

She didn't say anything though, she simply nodded, looked away sadly, and walked in the other direction...

"Shit... Smooth one Max... Tch... I guess I'd better go see what my sister's up to..." And with that he took his ukulele, and shuffled off in the direction of the tennis court.

He opened the door to the outside world and was immediately relieved to be free from the oppressiveness of that horrid building. However, he was immediately overcome with renewed stress when he saw Emma standing over his unconscious sister. As soon as he got over the initial shock he sprinted to her side, cradling her head.

"Mickey! Emma, What the fuck's going on here?! And where the fuck is Jack?!"


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Emma found herself wondering the halls after the Michaline collapse episode. She would have followed everyone to the bathroom, but she really just couldn't deal with the drama she was sure would ensue shortly after. It wasn't that she didn't care, because she did, she absolutely did, she just thought certain things were better left alone. Part of her felt like a terrible friend for it, but she knew that Mickey had enough support in that bathroom. There was nothing Emma could say or do to make it better or worse, she would just be another body crowding the area.

It didn't help that she also had detention. It was unusual for Emma to be assigned to the scholastic version of prison. More often than not that's where she was. Teachers didn't like her because of her alternative appearance and the business she ran at school. Giving piercings to minors on a school campus wasn't exactly adhering to school code and Emma had been caught doing it way more than once, putting her in a position to have detention more often than she didn't. Nobody had the heart to expel or suspend her after everything she had been through. She was the girl with the crazy sister and dead family.

To get the the detention room, Emma always took the longest route possible. Being late to detention was better than never showing up. On her route she would pass the football field, usually right before they would begin practice, and she would avoid all the "jocks" that tended to give her and her friends a bunch of shit. Today, however, she ran face first with her tiny self into the massive Niko and nearly fell after losing balance in her sky high footwear. The boy was an entire foot taller than her and even in her heels she was still quite a bit shorter. "Shit. Sorry." She mumbled, not exactly pleased to be running into someone like him. Emma wasn't fond of people who put social status before being a good human being and Niko, it appeared, was one of those people. Dropping his girlfriend after she lost everything didn't exactly do him any favors, especially when he just snatched up Parker so shortly afterwards.

Speaking of Parker, she wondered where she was - seeing as she wasn't at Niko's side as per usual. Not that it mattered, it was just a curiosity. She considered the fact that maybe they had broken up, but knew that it was unlikely. Being at the top of the popular unpopular food chain was far too important to both of them.


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#, as written by **Ava**
Parker and Niko parted, on their ways to their own things, Niko going to football and Parker going to detention. Parker strut down the hallway towards the art room, that's where detention was being held.
On her way Miss Popular caught up with a few friends, explaining her tragedy. "But no one else you know has a detention?" Parker pouted. One of her friends, Madison walking by her side explained. "Mr. Nigel hasn't given any detentions in like, three months." Another girl cut in. "And Mrs. Bell didn't give any today, she was in a creepy good mood. It was creepy." The 3 girls had linked arms. One might think they where escorting Parker to the class room. As they reached the end of the hall Parker peered into the art room. "Park, you'd be lucky if even another person showed up..." Madison tossed her brown curls over her shoulder, they bobbed up and down as her hair settled. "Okay, we have got to go practice starts in 10." Madison pulled Parker's other friend with her down the hallway, leaving an upset popular alone outside the class room. With a tiny sniffle Parker entered the classroom.
"Parker! Welcome to detention! Today it is you me and...." Mr. Nigel shuffled around his papers, looking for the red detention slip. "Emma Laurence, yes." He left it at that. Parker dropped her pink back pack onto a desk in the front of the room. Then she sat down and with a sigh. "Ugh, bleh. What if she tries to pierce me, Mr. Nigel. She is a serious threat I don't feel comfortable being in the same room as her." She folded her arms and sat up in the chair. "Fine, Parker you can come sit up here, if it makes you feel better." Yes, Parker Fior had played the teacher's pet card. She wasn't normally a teacher's pet. Her grades where proof of that. But at least she got to sit in the office chair and she would most likely play with clay while the hour past. Parker could do what ever she wanted. That's what it's like to be popular.


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Finally, Emma made her way to the detention room. There was one other student in there and it wasn't one that the misfit was particularly fond of. Parker was the everything that Emma hated in the human race. She came in just in time to hear her say "What if she pierces me?" She rolled her eyes and plopped down in one of the seats.

"Oh honey, you couldn't pay me enough. It's sweet that you think I'd waste a needle on you, though." She pushed a piece of her long lavender hair behind her ear before pulling out a magazine filled to the brim with tattoo'd people and their stories. "Besides, if I was going to do that I'd just get my gun and tattoo 'Bitch' right across that pretty forehead of yours. Forgive my language, Mr. Nigel." She would probably get another detention for that, but she was already here for the rest of the year so it didn't really concern her.

Emma was no ones favorite student, at least not to her knowledge. She wasn't exactly a cheerleader with excellent grades and dreams of being a sorority girl. Her life would stay the way it was forever. She'd tattoo people, collect tattoos, give people piercings, and maybe open a shop of her own one day. It was no different than what she was already doing and teachers didn't really admire that. They'd constantly tell her that she was 'so smart and could do whatever she wanted,' but none of them realized that she was already doing what she wanted. She didn't want to be a doctor or scientist. Those things had never appealed to her in the slightest. Not even when her family was alive. If that made people view her as a slacker or a loser, she was okay with that because she knew it wasn't true. Hell, she had a career before most of these people even knew for sure what they wanted to do in their lives.

She thumbed through the magazine, waiting for the hour to be up so she could go to work, then go home and sleep. All of her days were like this, unless she happened to hang out with one of the girls from school, but that was rare. Occasionally, she felt like a misfit among the other misfits, even though she knew she shouldn't. She had a hard time keeping people close and tended to push them away.


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#, as written by **Ava**
Emma Laurence had finally decided too make her appearance in detention. She muttered some bitter words to Parker and took her seat. "How rude" She snapped in Emma's direction then quickly added "At least I have a real future, all you've got is a stupid poking...gun...thing". Mr. Nigel was unimpressed with their behavior. But he was an art teacher and stereo typically he was creative and full of ideas. His face light up watching the girls exchange mean looks. "Both of you, that is enough! I've had it! Every other week I have you two in here and it is extremely unpleasant. You think I like sitting here listening to this?" typical teacher saying they have better things to do... "I'm assigning you both a project." He took out a slip of paper writing down the instructions. "After detention Parker will go with Emma to what ever after school thing she has. Then tomorrow after school Emma will go with Parker." He scribbled down words as Parker gaped at the project. "And every night you will write or draw something that happened that afternoon describing the other person..." He handed the paper to Parker. "Mr. Nigel No!!!! I have cheer after this, I have to go it is mandatory! Mr. Nigel what if she attacks me!" Parker whined and stomped her foot. Her face turned a cheery red.

The bell rung. "Go with Emma, Parker. Go. It's only a few hours."