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Michaline Walker

"Life is only as bad as you make it out to be."

0 · 157 views · located in Jackson High

a character in “What Misfit Truly Means”, originally authored by Naga's Shadow, as played by RolePlayGateway


♦ Michaline Walker ♦

Theme 1 [Michaline]: I'm Not Alright | Shinedown
Theme 2 [Max]: I'm Alive | Shinedown
Theme 3 [Jack]: Miracle | Shinedown
Theme 4 [Macon]: My Name [Wearing Me Out] | Shinedown
Theme 5 [Emma]: Unity | Shinedown
Theme 6 [Rose]: Through The Ghost | Shinedown
Theme 7 [Parker]: Enemies | Shinedown
Theme 8 [Nikoloz]: For My Sake | Shinedown
Theme 9 [Misfits]: Nowhere Kids | Shinedown

"Nothing is basic...only fools think so."

Role: Leader of the Misfits

Gender: Female
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): She has a number of pet names, which include Mic, Mickey, Mouse, Silver, Scarlet...The last two are because of her hair and eyes. And if anyone but her twin calls her "Mouse"....she'll probably pummel them.
Age: Seventeen
Love Interest: Okay, Mic might never actually admit it, but she does indeed, find Jack rather attractive. Yes, he is an asshole. Yes, he can be very rude, forthcoming, and blunt as a dull kitchen knife. But to her, he doesn't hide anything. What you see is what you get. And Michaline likes that, especially in a guy.

"If this were as important as some people thought, we'd have one seriously messed up world. Not that we don't already."

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 124 lbs
Build: Slim | Slender
Hair Color: Sliver | White
Eye Color: Scarlet | Red
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Michaline is covered in tattoos. She has a barcode on the inside of her right wrist, a winged cross on her chest, a dragon on her back and shoulder blades, and a dove on the back of her neck. Most of these cover up one or more scars that she's recieved from the rough treatment of her Uncle. It seemed easier to cover them up rather than explain them with a lie. As for piercings, she really only has one, the dragon in her navel. The ones on her ears are just clips. The right and the left are both dragons.
Description: Michaline has a face with sharp angles, her chin and jaw sharp and outlined. Her eyes are generally sharp and focused, yet always seem to look through whatever she is looking at, like she's seeing something far off in the distance. She has bags under her eyes often, and generally a plethora of bruises on her torso, arms, and legs. The most noticeable ones are the rings around her wrists and ankles. They generally are fresh on Monday mornings, and fade as the week goes on, only reappear the next Monday.
She rarely cuts her hair, and it falls all the way down to the middle of her thighs. It is a silvery white, with shade of grey woven through it. She keeps it pulled back with a purple and black ribbon, which she made from a piece of fabric of her mothers' favorite dress. She was able to salvage it before everything of their parents were taken from her and her brother.
Her physical build is thin, almost malnourished, but puberty gave her a woman's body, to her disadvantage at home. Her waist is small, with her bust line above average than a normal girl her age, and her hips curve away from her waist and give way to muscled thighs. Her height gives her long legs, and her arms are thin and slender. Her face is the only thing that has never been marked by a scar or a bruise. Her uncle often tells her that she's a flower, and has to keep her looking pretty.

Preferred Clothing: Despite the scars and the bruises, Michaline wears a rather short top, with a purple tie and black pants, with purple accent belts. She often wears black with purple trim sleeves, mainly to cover up the scars and bruises on her arms. She has a pair of black combat boots that are the only shoes she wears. She also never goes anywhere without her headset. Not only is it a microphone, but it doubles as a headphone as well. She listens to music a lot, and makes some as well.

"I....have my own set of problems. I don't want to talk about it."

Oddities: Masochism | Michaline thrives on on feeling physical pain, and often will cut herself on her wrists. She also seems to be obsessed with blood, both her own and others. She'll get something of a crazed gleam in her eyes when watching blood run.
Skills: Michaline has an amazing voice, and sings well. However, she doesn't ever sing for anyone, other than her brother. She also is, surpisingly, the star of the tennis team. Who knew, a misfit. But tennis is her escape. Except for the times she's with her brother, playing tennis is the only time she truly feels alive. Though only a sophomore, she's the leading player on the girl's varsity team.
Likes: *Blood
*Being Alone
*Her Brother
*The Misfits

Dislikes: *Uncle Macon
*Physical contact

Hobbies: Other than creating music, or her cutting habits, Michaline really doesn't have any hobbies, unless you count hiding from her uncle.

Phobia(s): Haphephobia | The fear of human contact. Unless it is from her twin brother, Michaline will flinch and advert any and all contact from other human beings. This is from the treatment she has received from her Uncle.
Noctiphobia | The fear of night. Another fear from her uncle, she fears nightfall, and when not being terrorized by her uncle in its various forms, she will curl up with Max. Her own bed hasn't been used in quite some time.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Michaline is a very introverted person, and other than her brother or her best friend, she won't touch anyone, or let them touch her. She also tends to be very cold and distrusting to anyone besides those close to her. However, with people who truly need help, she will help them, and can be kind to those she opens up to.
In school, she is rather smart, but to her, it means nothing. It doesn't help her position in her home, or get rid of her uncle. It doesn't bring her parents back, or help her twin brother. So for the most part, she pays little attention to the teachers, and barely passes her classes. She cares nothing about it.
At home, she often walks around like a skittish cat, trying to stay as far away from her uncle as she can, but rarely succeeds. Her uncle is a drunkard, and often takes out his anger or sexual needs on his niece and nephew. Michaline has been getting the brunt of the latter of late, and has since ceased fighting it. Her Uncle will often stay over at some woman's house or another Wednesdays through Fridays, nights which Michaline relishes, as it leaves her and her brother alone. Those are some of the few times she truly feels safe, or sleeps at all. Some nights she tries not to sleep, as she realizes that her brother doesn't sleep, even on those nights, as he tries too hard to make sure his sister is safe.
Because of the abuse she has suffered at the hands of Macon, as well as seeing the stress her twin is under all the time, Michaline has sunk into a rather deep depression, and to combat this, she often uses. Meth is her main drug, which it's easy to come by, and easy to hide.

"...Piss off..."

Relationship Status: Single
Family: Kevin Walker | Father | Deceased
Marian Walker | Mother | Deceased
Maximilian Walker | Twin Brother | 17
Macon Blige | Uncle | 32
Personal History:
Michaline and Maximilian were born to Kevin and Marian Walker, who were pleasantly surprised to have twins. They hadn't had any ultra sound or any type of tests, because they wanted the surprise. Even how the twins came into the world was a bit of a surprise. Usually, there is some time between the two children, but as soon as her brother came into the world, Michaline followed him, her hand wrapped around his heel. From that moment on, the two were absolutely inseparable.
As they grew up, they were always together, close in a way only twins could be, and unnaturally close even for brother and sister. They did almost everything together, short of personal care like showers. They would even sleep together, especially if Michaline had a nightmare.
And when they were seven years old, their lives turned into living nightmares. One simple mistake turned their lives upside down. Their parents were driving home late from a New Year's Eve party, with their Uncle Macon watching the twins. It was New Year's, and there were a lot of drunks on the roads. Kevin was reaching to answer his phone when he stopped at a red light. And an oncoming car slammed head-on into theirs. The drunk driver died on impact, and Marian died about an hour later. But their father didn't die until four days after the accident, with his children at his bedside. Michaline held his hand as he died, and she still has nightmares about it.
Mickey and her brother went to live with their Uncle, who, after their mother had died, had begun drinking heavily. It was then that the person who had once been a very kind and loving uncle became a brutal tyrant in their lives, mainly Michaline's. Macon had loved his sister dearly, and her loss was a blow that he almost couldn't stand. Since the actual person responsible for her death was also dead, he took out his anger and sorrow on the only ones he could: Max and Mickey. For the most part, both twins received physical and verbal abuse at the hands of their uncle, which began to escalate when he began to sexually abuse his niece. She was twelve when that began, as she hit puberty early. She looked a lot like her mother, which was what threw their uncle off.
While it was a harsh and difficult burden to bear, Michaline shouldered it all, and was devastated when her brother made a deal with Macon to get their uncle to leave her alone. And he did. For about a month. And then he began attacking her with such a rage far worse that she could have imagined the man possessed. But it was only when her brother was out of the house. From the time she was fifteen until around four months ago, Michaline was subjected to her uncle almost every weekend. He would leave her alone during the week, to save face at the school.
But it was when her brother came home early and caught his uncle with his sister that her brother snapped. Macon spent six weeks in the hospital recovering, and her brother spent a week in juvi and is now on probation for assault. Investigations in their family have begun, and since then, Macon hasn't touched either of the twins. Despite that, however, Michaline is about to get a very big surprise.


So begins...

Michaline Walker's Story


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Emma knew that Michaline was probably playing tennis by now and that she should probably be there so they could leave right away once school end...but she had other shit to do. Namely, get paid to do a couple piercings in the school bathroom for a couple of kids who were feeling rebellious. People like that never failed to make her eyes roll, but she never once bitched. It was just a few more bucks in her pocket and she didn't care what parent she pissed off. It wasn't her fault their kids decided that they absolutely had to have matching belly button piercings or nose rings or a second set of lobe piercings. It wasn't her fault that everyone knew she had all the tools she needed to do a professional piercing in an amateur setting.

"You're going to feel a slight pinch," Emma warned and a few moments later she was shoving a hollow needle through the belly button of some sorry ass freshmen. The other girl squealed in pain and it was all Emma could do to keep back an irritated sigh. Normally she was quite nice and polite, but she had little patience for people who thought the pain of a simple piercing was the end of the world. Nor did she have the patience for people who immediately thought they were bad ass for their single body piercing or small tattoo.

"Oh my God, you could have been a little more gentle!" Exclaimed the owner of the freshly pierced belly button. In reality, Emma had been as gentle as she could be. She may have only been eighteen, but she knew what she was doing. She had apprenticed under her aunt for months now and had been piercing herself and others for a couple years.

"That'll be thirty bucks," Emma said, holding out her hand. It was cheaper than the shops price and she very rarely got tipped when she did things outside of work, but it didn't matter. It was more experience under her belt. She pocketed the cash and threw everything away in the trashcan outside of the bathroom: needle, wrapper, gloves, etc.

She reached Michaline's tennis practice just in time to see her pass out. "Holy shit, Micky!" She yelled out and rushed towards her friend's side. "Somebody get the nurse or give her water, fuck. Don't just stare." Idiots. Everyone at this school was a fucking idiot, spare a few.


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#, as written by cha-kun
Ah, it was good to be home! The off-white, oppressive walls that seemed to close in on you wherever you walked, the hot rod red of the lockers which seemed to force you to rush, rush, rush to your next class, and the all-encompassing layer of infuriating teenage angst that seemed to wrap the whole package together. And yet, despite it all, here was this crazy kid, with nothing but a smile on his face and a ukulele in his hands, bopping his way down the hall, in the middle of the hustle and bustle, quite literally going against the crowd. He was simply elated at being back, getting to see all of his friends again. As he walked through the hallway on his way out to the tennis court, he couldn't help but start to play...

"She wears an orchid in her long, dark hair/Her little smile tells me she knows I care/I love to listen when she plays her song/And she can strum so sweetly all day long/Ukulele girl ooooh/You make me smile/Ukulele girl ooooh/You drive me wild/Ukulele girl ooooh/You rock m-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU FUCKING FREAK!" Apparently the quarterback and his friends didn't appreciate his happy vibes... Ah no matter, and so he continued singing on his way.

"Love you too bro! Heh heh... Asshole... I saw her sitting on the beach alone/Playing songs about her island home/I moved closer so that I could hear/That ukulele ringing in my ear/Ukulele girl, you make me smile ooooh/Ukulele girl ooooh/You drive me wild/Ukulele girl ooooh/You rock my world/ I asked her if she'd play a song for me/I knew that song would set my spirit free/Could she be an ang-..." He stopped in his tracks upon seeing the most beautiful sight he'd seen in almost two weeks.

Rose Hathaway was standing at her locker, and for the first time that he'd ever seen, she was completely alone. He steeled himself, "Come on Max... You've got this shit... Initiating the conversation is half the battle..." He took a few calming breaths, and stepped forward with his ukulele.

"H-hey there Rose, I couldn't help but notice you standing here alone... Uhm... Eheh... H-how ya doin'?"

She didn't say anything though, she simply nodded, looked away sadly, and walked in the other direction...

"Shit... Smooth one Max... Tch... I guess I'd better go see what my sister's up to..." And with that he took his ukulele, and shuffled off in the direction of the tennis court.

He opened the door to the outside world and was immediately relieved to be free from the oppressiveness of that horrid building. However, he was immediately overcome with renewed stress when he saw Emma standing over his unconscious sister. As soon as he got over the initial shock he sprinted to her side, cradling her head.

"Mickey! Emma, What the fuck's going on here?! And where the fuck is Jack?!"


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Rose saw Michaline sprint to the bathroom and the soul that existed somewhere deep within fluttered with concern. Rose had never really been mean to the so-called "misfits". She had just gone along with what was to be expected of the queen bee. Deep down, she had always regretted making them feel so terrible because she knew she would never have wanted people to treat her that way. She heard the end of school bell just like the rest of the students and she sighed hopelessly. It was either go back to the group home and hide in her room until morning, or hide in the bathroom where the security guards didn't dare venture. She opted for the bathroom, and made her way along.

On her way, she passed Niko and Parker and felt a lump in her throat at how good they looked together. But a part of her knew the look on Niko's face, and it was a look of fake happiness. If it was even possible for her to feel happy anymore, she would be happy at the fact that her ex-best friend was disgusting her ex-boyfriend. Walking past them, she accidently tripped and fell in front of Niko's feet. Looking up at them in horror, she quickly regained her posture and walked in the opposite direction towards the bathroom at the farthest end of the school, where she knew none of her old friends would be.

She opened the door quickly and slammed it shut, sinking down the wall and covering her face with her hands as tears started to flow down her face. She just sat there and cried as she usually did when something like that happened. Something that she knew they would laugh at her about when they met in private little groups as she used to do. She cried and she let all of her sadness overwhelm her, not realizing that she had accidently picked the bathroom where Michaline and Jack were already conversing.


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Rose looked up abruptly at the sound of voices and trained her tear-filled eyes on Michaline and Jack, two misfits who she had no business hearing about their business. "I don't eat meatballs, you overgrown ogre. And apparently it would take less than a meatball, because I am pregnant!" Micheline announced and Rose looked from both their faces. She gasped and turned to Michaline, knowing her face was streaked with tears and her eyes probably looked wild and frightened. She mulled over what Michaline had said in her mind but could get no words to leave her lips. That was the case with her lately, always crying and never speaking.

She saw Michaline slump against one of the stalls, and recognized the vacant look in her eyes. It was the look that forever haunted Rose's eyes since her mother's death and the abandonment of her so-called friends. She knew what would happen. Michaline would detach herself, just letting shit roll her way and not giving a damn if it ran her over. That's how Rose was now.

Forcing herself to swallow her tears and bring up her voice she hadn't used in months, she looked at Michaline and whispered softly in a voice that was hoarse from lack of use, sounding very far from the old Rose. "Don't." Rose whispered, a tear slowly falling down her left cheek. "Don't let it consume you. Fight against it." With that, Rose's voice was gone again and she let out another sob before closing her eyes and burrying her head in her arms, wishing she could be invisible.


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#, as written by cha-kun
"Jack what the fuck! You can't just barge into the girl's bathroom like that!" While Jack may not have had any tact or shame, Max did, and that is exactly what kept him from entering the girl's restroom to check on his twin, despite his immense desire to ensure her safety. "Mickey! Jack! What the fuck's going on!"

The bathroom's thick walls cancelled out most sounds from within, and the fact that he was able to recognize his sister's voice was a point of some concern, and his worry got the best of him. He quietly slipped inside, and what he saw was not exactly what he had expected. First of all Jack was staring incredulously at Mickey. Secondly he saw Mickey, hand clamped over her mouth, eyes wider than dinner plates. Finally, he saw Rose, eyes wide, cheeks streaked with tears, and sobbing into her arms.

"Ok, what the hell did I just miss?" He just kept staring at them, alternating between each of their faces, "And don't say 'nothing' like you normally do Mickey, 'nothing' doesn't cause situations like this! 'Nothing' doesn't make you pass out on the tennis court!" He crossed his arms across his ukulele, waiting for whatever lame lie his sister was going to tell. He could always tell when she was going to lie, and he could tell when telling the truth would cause her too much pain. He would let her get away with it for now, but he would demand the truth at a later date.

He was also having a hard time giving his sister his undivided attention, he wanted nothing more than to give Rose a hug and never let go... She just seemed so sad... He couldn't help but keep glancing softly at her, and then going back to staring daggers at Jack and his sister for making him worry so much and not giving him a damn good reason!


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Rose peered out of the crook of her arm at the scene that had just unfolded. She had stopped sobbing, and now it was just sniffles as she tried to calm herself down. She looked at Jack, a guy she had thought to be quite the jerkwad before she fell from grace, and shook her head slightly as he told Max, who had suddenly appeared in the room, that Michaline was pregnant. The former her would have laughed and made fun of Michaline for turning into one of those girls. But the new her, the constantly sad and lost her, simply felt the utmost sympathy for Michaline. I mean, Rose was definitely a person who knew what it was like to have your entire world turn upside down in the blink of an eye.

She looked up completely as Michaline rushed out of the room, and as Max tried to touch her, Michaline yelled at him. Poor Michaline... Rose's eyes were filled with sympathy for the young girl, but her voice had already made an appearance today, and all Rose could do was watch her leave. Then, it was just Max and her inside the bathroom and that was...well, Rose didn't really know what that was. Today had already been odd enough for her. Standing slowly, she glanced at Max before walking to the mirror and gazing at her reflection for the second time that day, as if she couldn't even recognize herself.

Her hair was hanging in messy clumps down her shoulders after her falling and crying into it, and her face was red and puffy from the constant tears, echoeing with her washed out eyes still brimming with tears. She bowed her head and sighed, not bothering to act like anything in front of Max. This was who she was now.


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#, as written by cha-kun
"New life is always such a miracle, wouldn't you say?"
"What?" Max was simply confused with what Jack, his best friend besides his sister, sad, I know, had just said to him. During his confusion his sister stood up, hatred burning in her eyes, and when he tried to embrace her, just happy that she was ok, she flinched away, yelling at him, Don't touch me!" Her expression immediately softened as she said, "Just don't, ok?"

Max backed off, "Ok, ok... Just stay safe, alright sis?" and with that she stormed out the door, leaving Max alone with Rose. He watched her as she slowly stood and met his eyes, and all he could manage was a terribly sheepish smile. "Come on Max, it's not like she's some kind of angel... Just because you met her today on the word angel doesn't mean anything... It's just some stupid coincidence..." He looked back at Rose, at her beautiful, fiery, cherry red hair, and in the mirror, he saw her eyes, her beautiful, haunting, honey colored eyes... He sighed, gathering his strength for what he was about to do, and believe you me he was going to need it. He ran his hands through his mop of black hair, and then just tousled it all over again. He straightened his tie, and his hoodie, telling himself to be sure to breathe. This all took a matter of seconds, and when it was over he finally said, "Fuck it."

He strode, less than confidently, over to Rose, wrapped his arms around her in a tender embrace, placed his head on her slender shoulder, and just stood there, holding her for a few seconds that seemed like a blissful eternity. Then, sincerely and for the first time letting down his facade of happy-go-lucky optimism in front of someone other than his sister, he said to her, "I have to go take care of my sister, but... Just, don't give up ok? Life sucks, I know. You feel like you want to die, you feel like everyone's against you, but just know... You're not alone ok? I'm here for you if you want me to be, I care about you, ya' know? I want to see you smile again... Look, I have to go find my sister and make sure she didn't hurt herself or something, but I just wanted you to know, there is still someone who cares..."

With that, he held on for a few seconds more before reluctantly releasing her and starting for the door.